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Welcome to Vulcano, where all dreams begin.

With time, many have been completely eroded. Others have been taken away by the owners of local villas to place them in their gardens. I am still baffles as to why the local authorities have allowed this to happen. The eroded lava stone took the shape of a dinosaur.

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The final stop will be Gran Cratere. Most people start hiking in the late afternoon, and while during the fall the temperatures will be pleasant especially if you get a nice marine breeze , this is not a hike you should underestimate on warmer days. From the top, you can see all of the Aeolian Islands archipelago — Lipari and Salina, really close; Alicudi, Filicudi, Stromboli and Panarea in the distance.

On a very clear day it is also possible to see the northern coast of Sicily and Etna. It takes less than one hour to reach the main crater, known as Caldera de La Fossa. The caldera is huge, with a meters diameter. The last eruption here occurred in , but there are plenty of fumaroles that eject steam.

A splendid view of the Aeolian Islands during the Gran Cratere hike. The fumaroles are mostly composed of sulphur, which gives the terrain its red and yellow color, and which fills the air of the typical acre stench. The best way to overcome the smell is to walk through the fumaroles wearing a mask make sure to carry one. Even with that protection, the smell is nauseating.


Once at the top, the views are even better. You can see the port of Levante, where all boats dock, and Vulcanello and the Aeolian Islands on one side; and Piano, one of the villages of the island, on the other. The fumaroles in Vulcano: the yellow of the rocks is due to the sulphur — which also makes the air smell like rotten eggs. Vulcanello, the Valle dei Mostri and Gran Cratere can all be accessed for free and without a guide, though having one will obviously make the experience more complete with information and tips.

Valle dei Mostri can be reached on an easy 30 minutes walk from Porto di Levante the largest village, where the hydrofoils to the other islands and to Sicily depart from and it is well signaled. The entry point to the path to Gran Cratere is located at around 10 minutes walk from Porto di Levante. The hike to Gran Cratere is short and not too demanding, but wearing and carrying the proper gear is always recommended.

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  • Vulcano Aeolian Islands.

A scarf or, even better, a mask is needed if wanting to walk through the fumaroles. As with the rest of the Aeolian Islands, there are plenty of sleeping and eating options in Vulcano island. I arrived there at the end of 6 weeks of hectic travels, so I felt the need to pamper myself and opted to stay at the marvelous Therasia Resort. Click here for the latest rates and here for reviews.

Therasia Resort Sea & Spa Vulcano: book from the Official Website

The style of eruption seen on the Fossa cone is called a Vulcanian eruption , being the explosive emission of pyroclastic fragments of viscous magmas caused by the high viscosity preventing gases from escaping easily. This eruption of Vulcano was carefully documented at the time by Giuseppe Mercalli. Mercalli described the eruptions as " A typical vulcanian eruption can hurl blocks of solid material several hundreds of metres from the vent. Mercalli reported that blocks from the eruption fell into the sea between Vulcano and Lipari, and several that had fallen on the island of Vulcano were photographed by him or his assistants.

Volcanic gas emissions from this volcano are measured by a multicomponent gas analyzer system, which detects degassing of rising magmas before an eruption, improving prediction of volcanic activity. This is mainly due to condensation onto the slopes of the volcanic cone and water-rock interaction buffering. At the Census, Vulcano had a population of residents, living in three localities - Vulcano Porto, Vulcano Piano and Vulcanello.

Since Vulcano island has volcanic activity, it is a place where thermophiles and hyperthermophiles are likely to be found. In fact, the hyperthermophilic archaea Pyrococcus furiosus was described for the first time when it was isolated from sediments of this island by Gerhard Fiala and Karl Stetter. The island appeared in their myths as the private foundry of the Olympian god Hephaestus , the patron of blacksmiths. Their myths noted two more of his foundries, at Etna and Olympus. Similarly, the Romans believed that Vulcano was the chimney of their god Vulcan's workshop and, therefore, named the island after him.

According to the Roman myths, the island had grown due to his periodic clearing of cinders and ashes from his forge.

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  5. They also explained earthquakes that either preceded or accompanied the explosions of ash as being due to Vulcan making weapons for their god Mars for his armies to wage war. The motion picture Vulcano released in the U. An asteroid is named for this island, Vulcano.

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    The American attorney and writer, Richard Paul Roe, asserts that the play The Tempest by William Shakespeare is set on the island of Vulcano, [9] rather than the more authoritative interpretation that the setting was based on reports about Bermuda in the Americas and a hurricane encountered there.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The next stop on the tour is the neighboring and appropriately named island of Vulcano, which, with its crater and thermal activity, is a memorable destination. Take advantage of its geological activity and enjoy a mud bath and a paddle in its thermal waters.

    Departure to Milazzo early in the morning, boarding and departure for Lipari. The first stop is at the port Marina Lunga.

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    7. Around midday departure from the harbour of Lipari and circumnavigation of the island admiring enchanting bays and steep cliffs, with a large variety of colours. Arrival at Vulcano and visit of the ancient Grotte dell'Allume, time at disposal for lunch optional , to visit the mud baths and thermal waters for which the island is famous.

      Arrival at the port of Milazzo and return to Taormina around 7. A minicruise to discover the Aeolian Islands famous for their lush vegetation and the typical Mediterranean architecture. An opportunity to visit one of the seven islands, Vulcano, spending a full day. Departure from Taormina by coach at 7. After landing in Vulcano around Mud baths not recommended for pregnant women and children.

      On the return, navigation along the coast viewing the "Rock of Papa Giovanni".