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Additional cues taken from Jerry Goldsmith's Alien score were used in the climax of the film when Horner was unable to finish some cues to Cameron's satisfaction.

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The score had a troubled production. Horner expected to have six weeks to complete it but arrived in London to find that filming and editing were still ongoing, and he was thus unable to view the movie, meaning the score had to be rushed through. The final cue for Ripley 's battle with the Queen was written overnight. It was performed by the London Symphony Orchestra and completed in four days. The film's editors reportedly altered the score's chronological flow, sometimes looping, truncating or removing the music and placing it in fragmented form in the film out of context.

It was nevertheless nominated for an Academy Award in But that was about it beyond the popular, energetic live shows. The band started in punk rock, then moved to a twangier sound helped by the banjo and accordion of Stona Fitch.

The music, still hard to categorize, still holds up. It was Chesterman who was the heart and soul of the band. Photo by Wayne Viens. Last November, Chesterman died of colon cancer at age In the late s, Stanfield had the master tapes to unreleased Scruffy the Cat material, and he realized they were beginning to decay. He contacted Weiss and together they digitized the music and cleaned it up.

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The intent was to preserve it, not to release it. The band shopped that final music to labels, but never found a taker. They were just in my closet.

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The Relativity catalog was a little trickier. Even though Stanfield became a lawyer, he and his bandmates were never able to get rights to their music.

They gave up, but a fan on a mission pestered Sony about it over the years. The fan, Eric Bradford, first approached Sony about acquiring rights to the music so he could release it himself but was rebuffed.

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He approached the company again before and after Chesterman died, and Sony finally agreed to a digital-only release and sprang for remastering the albums. Stanfield is particularly proud of the last cuts on The Good Goodbye, recorded for a release that never happened.

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Fredette likes the early stuff, saying that despite the sometimes painful rawness of it, he and his bandmates sound young and ready to take on the world. Fredette stayed in music until health problems, lymphoma, curtailed that.

Chesterman stayed in music after Scruffy the Cat, becoming a prolific writer and peformer in Boston with bands such as Chaz and the Motorbikes and the Harmony Rockets.