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Oh yeah, in the spring and summer I do white beans with a million herbs, because I have a big herb garden. This is, I think, a Deb Madison extract. Add the herbs, chopped or minced, depending on which herbs you have and whom you are serving, to the hot beans just before serving. So fragrant. Serve with garlic toasts. People are always impressed. So much bean love!

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Not too shabs. I actually made a pasta dish last week, sort of inspired by that soup you miss so much, with sausage, kale and white beans in a light tomato sauce. Another white bean-lover here! I love to make bean soup and also toss it with broccolini or broccoli rabe along with garlic, olive oil and red pepper flakes. Thank you: this was dinner tonight moments after you posted European time zone! Trifecta of wondering what to make, this recipe popping up on my feed reader, and having all the ingredients on hand.

Plus, interesting enough techniques that I was curious processing the sofrito, and the garlic rosemary oil and easy enough that I could make it quickly. I made it with small shells, which were just right to scoop up the sauce and shelter a bean cutely. I love white beans too and i am obsessed withe the white bean and prosciutto salad at le pain quotidien — has an amazing pesto vinaigrette over it.

Beans with pasta is one of my culinary mental blocks, but I should give this one a try. It hits a lot of the nice winter-food notes: hot from the oven, a little spicy, solid but not leaden. I was at a dinner party a few years ago where the appetizer served was a white bean and avocado dip flavored with garlic, lime, salt, and cilantro served up with pita chips. This recipe is perfect! This looks great! I love white beans too! A staple recipe of mine is to mix a can of rotel, a can of white beans, toss with a pound of pasta and top with feta. Packaged up it makes a yummy lunch at work.

Everyday Food has a couple of great tuna and white bean bruschetta type things that we love. I also like a Jamie Oliver recipe from his Italy book that sautes garlic and rosemary or other herbs together, then mash in some white beans, add a glug of vinegar and smear on toasted bread. I never liked white beans until I found myself in a restaurant in Florence called Fagiole. Every table was ordering these amazing looking white beans so I had to try them.

Of course, they were amazing. I love, love beans. In an otherwise mediocre cookbook on Mediterranean soups, I found a great and simple recipe for a hearty bean and tomato soup that is really more like a stew that I make all the time. I miss tomatoes in the winter so I like that I can use canned tomatoes and sundried tomatoes with great results.

I have used all sorts of beans in a pinch but white beans are my favorite. Dice white parts of leeks and red onions very course and loose is fine. Cook in a few T olive oil for ten minutes, allowing them to soften but not brown. Add garlic and cook minutes. Finely chop softened sundried tomatoes I use dried tomatoes so I throw in the water I use to soften then for broth. Add these and canned tomatoes, beans and broth to onion and leeks. Simmer for 20 minutes. Add dill, salt and pepper to taste, and cook about 10 more minutes.

Serve with crumbled feta on top and a slab of really good bread. Love beans with tomato anything. Smells delicious just reading it. What pasta do and your readers use? I tend to prefer Barilla. Louis for the book tour! And at Left Bank Books, which is the only place it should be. My cooking buddies and I will see you there!. And tacos are even iffy there. A pasta with white beans and rosemary sounds just about perfect to me.

I have been a long-time follower of your site, and recently started experimenting with veganism because it feels amazing. Sheer unmitigated bliss in a bowl. What an amazing degustatory event those beans will be in our coming winter season…I can see them in all kinds of guises and treasured for the slow food scrumptiousness that they represent.

The beans and potatoes are wonderfully crispy and I usually finish it with balsamic and parmesean. Your cassoulet yeah I add the sausage on top is another favorite! For lunch the next day, I put everything in a quesadilla with feta cheese and ate them with a yogurty dip. So good I may make everything again just to put in quesadillas. This sounds like such a hearty, yummy dish. I love simple flavors with big impact like this!

Going to have to try on a chilly night sometime soon! My husband taught me how to make an awesome white bean curry that can be made with either lamb or skinless chicken thighs. Soak and simmer beans until cooked, throw in some lamb or chicken, lots of madras curry powder, tomato paste, salt, and simmer until done. Awesome with tabbouleh! White bean cakes, make very small with all the yummy additions your mind will do better than mine, serve warm off the griddle with aghast ketchup. A meal for all the ages. I always make it with the jack cheese.

Red beans and rice is a Cajun standard. Their trick is to over load the dish with spices. It might be worth a try. The food network has a good recipe on their site, which utilizes red wine vinegar for a nice tang. This plus the steaks and my addition of spinach sauteed in the hot pan after the steaks are done is a super quick meal that my husband and I love!

Food for thought…. Oh my! I love beans—especially white beans. My favorite thing to do with them among the many is just a basic dip: white beans 1 can to 1 clove of garlic , pureed in the food processor; olive oil to desired consistency; white wine vinegar and salt to taste. Three of us devoured it with no leftovers.

Olive oil, garlick, swiss chard, white beans. Saute, add a cup of chicken broth with teaspoons corn starch and lots of balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper and eat with chuncky, toasted bread. You can pair it with grilled veal, pork, lamb…add the grilled meat to the veggie mixture so they can boil a bit together to blend the flavors…. Definitely making this next. This pizza by Chef Chloe is awesome! I am clearly not the only one drawn to Cookbooks on white beans. Minestrone is also a good spot for white beans. So… Michigan? You were great, I wish you could have talked more.

It sounds like the recipe is calling for something different than cannellini or great northern white beans. Just want to know what to look for at the store. This looks like the perfect winter pasta dish! The only pretty successful experiment I had with white beans was a random salad I made up that mixes:. If you like small white beans, this is your recipe. Deceptively simple, but ohhhhh so good! I make a yummy dish called Moroccan White Beans. Love it! Thanks for your recipe. My friends and I put together an order for Rancho Gordo beans about every 6 months to share the shipping costs.

And there are itty bitty cubes of fried potato in it too. Yay, white beans! Wishing you all the best. You may have had this, as I know you have Russian family, but if not, lobiani — Georgian bean-filled bread — is delicious. Very much in love with your white Staub! This recipe sounds delicious! They are more curries to my mind that very confusing word , rather than soups or stews, and can be served with rice, pasta or possibly Indian, possibly thin flatbreads.

The sauce can involve preserved lemon or tomato, but if the veggies are roasted with garlic and lemon zest, I may skip the sauce altogether. My sister needs to patent her garlic, frozen, non-dry coconut and tomato gravy. Excuse me if this has been suggested by others, but what about a traditional French cassoulet? It can be quite time consuming to make, but the results are well worth the efforts with beans, chicken, and sausage. I just checked out your book at my local library — and have been pouring over it all afternoon.

With the very finely chopped vegetable and pureed bean mixture, this is a bit more interesting than I thought just from reading the title. It sounds great! Deb — each year our company sends out a holiday greeting card with a list of books for our customers and business associates to select a gift from. I suggested your book for the list and it has been the 1 choice. All of a sudden I have this thing for white beans. Where did it come from?

I adore beans and I know others have suggested it but they are more versatile than soups, salads, hummus, etc. Chocolate cookies with black beans!! If you want to do dried you could do thyme, which is more intense dried than its fresh counterpart and I LOVE with beans and pasta. Deb — have you done cassoulet? The way I do it is basically LOTS of white beans, good sausage, lots of garlic and onion, and a bread crumb crust on top and baked. It is fantastic.

Pass me a spoon! I could eat that all week long. A staple for me is white bean dip…really simple. Dip with vegs or on crostini with some roasted red pepper…maybe anchovy.

Thanks for the great ideas! Or blended into hummus. I really like this creamed polenta with white beans and spinach. I add bacon because, well…. I love to mix white beans, tuna, red onion and kalamata olives with some Balsamic Vinegrette. Serve over salad greens. Soooo good. They top a pizza crust with garlic oil, white bean spread, fresh mozzarella, sliced red onions, pesto, and fresh spinach.

It is delicious! I made a similar dish once in about 25 minutes by using a naan as crust. Then she toasts slices of day-old baguette and tops with the fragrant beans. Its also very delicious on homemade pizza with white soft cheeses and a green such as basil or spinach as a topping. I also make a white bean dip with rosemary, olive oil, and garlic. My favorite thing to do with beans, usually cannellini, is to saute a bit of garlic in some oil, then add beans and vegetable stock and whatever herbs I happen to have on hand, usually a fair amount of thyme, and serve the beans sans liquid on toasted slices of baguette.

Then, cherry on top, a side of braised baby bok choy. Just tried this tonight and it was suuuuuuuuuuper delicious!! Change the chickpeas for white beans. Very good and easy to do. I made a spectacular white bean soup just last night… and this one will have to use the rest of the beans this weekend.

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Maybe if they had added some chocolate and bacon it might have been better. This recipe looks amazing, but I am writing to document a sad development in my relationship with you and your blog. I am a few years older than you and while I have loved your blog, both cooking and personal life, for many years, the typeface of the text just keeps getting smaller. And smaller. Speaking of white beans — I recently made your pancetta, white bean, and chard pot pie sans pancetta and it was out of this world delicious.

Seriously, amazing. One of our favorites is from Deborah Madison — white beans and kale on toast. You rub raw garlic on the toast, pile it with your white beans and braised kale or mixed greens, and then drizzle olive oil and sprinkling of gorgonzola or parmesan cheese if you have it. Another variation we love is to put the kale and beans on brown rice and then top with a fried egg. My mumma used to make this in a little blackened pot over an open fire, it all added to the flavour.

And Erica, I shall be trying the kale idea, that sounds very interesting, we have cavolo nero to try it with. Pasta e fagioli, classic italian peasant dish. And, the Mexican refried beans, best made, IMO, at home with small pink beans, often called pinquitos. Beans cooked until soft, drained save a bit of the water , pureed—or mostly—in the processor, adding in water to taste. Needs salt at some point. I recommend them in any pasta dish with chard and tomatoes, broccoli rabe, kale, or fennel. When left to my own devices for dinner, I may or may not have eaten a bowl of just white beans with garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, and whatever fresh herb I have around.

You can use any bean in a falafel or panfried patty. Indians mostly do this with a dried green pea, with mint chutney on the side. You might also be interested in Indian uses for bean flour — pakoras, crepes, kadhi. The normal bean flour is besan, or chickpea flour, but you can buy other bean flours or have them ground.

On the Italian end, what about socca? PS — Not my favorite, but Indians also make a fudge type dessert out of beans; besan ladoo is gluten free. I make a pasta with white beans, roasted tomatoes, garlic, and fresh basil during the summer and it is really delicious. This looks fantastic. I love that this is super filling with all the creamy beans and pasta going on there.

Totally agree about finishing a pasta dish by dunking the pasta in the sauce. I almost always do that because I want my pasta to taste of something! So many new eban recipes to try soon! Sounds great, will definitely have to give this one a try! What really set me off there though were these Anatolian stewed white beans I had in Istanbul a few years ago…The place I had it has been making the same thing in the same spot in what looked to be the same pots ; for literally several hundred years and thus was by FAR the best Ive had it, but Ive been working from recipes on almostturkish.

Id love to see what you could do with some of them! The garlic-vinegar drizzle, as weird as it sounds, definitely gives is a really interesting and unique flavor that I love. My mum used to cook white beans simply in water with an onion, bay leaf and peppercorns and garlic; after soaking overnight. Then she would serve them with roast lamb. I always loved them. As a further comment on your dish I believe that beans are best combined with some carbohydrate such as pasta for maximum access for our bodies to their protein. I love black beans, cooked with cumin, garlic, coriander and chilli and stuffed with a handful of cheese and some peppers and onion in a quesadilla.

I would eat this every hour if I had the chance. Erin — Beans are a legume. What more could anyone want? Leslie: It appears to me that any small white bean Navy, Great Northern, or Cannellini could be used with equal success. Just select the one you prefer. One of our favorites we call Truck Stop Beans. After the beans are cooked, drain juice and reserve.

Taste the broth and season to taste. Put into a 9 x 12 casserole dish. Place bacon on top, cover with foil and bake at for minutes. Yummy, yummy served with cornbread. Oh my God! Actually I love beans of all kinds! I was always that weird kid eating more beans than french fries or chicken nuggets. My go-to use for white beans is to puree them with a bit of olive oil and lemon juice and then add them to drained canned white albacore tuna instead of mayo!

It is heavenly spread on top of some warm crusty bread. I highly reccomend it! Deb; I make a wonderful side salad for lunch that goes next to a lovely sandwich. It is drained white beans, good extra virgin olive oil, chopped fresh rosemary and parsley, a bit of fresh lemon juice, sea salt, and pepper. Better than cole slaw except for your broccoli slaw , chips, or french fries. This was my favorite dish as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

To make it, take equal parts dried bean kidney or the like and dried hominy. Cover with water and cook until tender I like to use my crockpot — there should be really no water left. In a skillet, saute a thinly sliced red onion and salt generously — cook until the onion is really brown. Then add one sliced, chopped tomato — and cook until the mixture is a soupy, tomato goop. Also add coconut milk — either fresh or from a can. Stir, add more salt to taste — and enjoy.

It is hearty, and oh-so-delicious! Thank you. I can practically smell this dish from here. That finishing oil is brilliant. I love rosemary and recently made a rosemary maple syrup for french toast. Fresh herbs are the bomb. This looks delicious! I wish I had put beans out to soak today. Nothing like an easy, healthy meal for a Friday night! When I was in Greece a few years back with my siblings, we were constantly trying to order enough vegetarian side dishes to sate my non-meat-eating sister.

We both fell in love with fava, which is basically a mashed bean dish. They make it with yellow split lentils, I think, not fava beans as I originally had thought based on the name tricky. Like a vegetarian cassoulet. It truly inspires me. Thank you for this recipe and for the pasta-making tips. You said you loved artichokes and white beans, so what if you combined them? I literally just made this idea up in my head so I have no idea if it would be good, but it sounds good to me — artichokes, white beans some slightly mashed, some left whole , lots of flavorful cheese and garlic, pooled with olive oil and served with big hunks of bread for dipping.

Second, this dish looks gorgeous. Filling, hearty, and nutritious without being heavy. I made this recipe from Finny Knits at least once a month. I made this last night. I love pasta and beans and this just sounded amazing. It did NOT disappoint. What a gorgeous recipe. I know white bean hummus has already been suggested, but there is a white bean spread in Super Natural Every Day by Heidi Swanson that is lovely with lemon and olive oil and rosemary.

I eat it by the spoonful when I make, ahem, a few too many white beans. It works well in the food processor or with an immersion blender if your only making a little at a time. Thanks for another great recipe! I add carrots and kale into the mix as well. White beans are a favorite of mine for replacing flour in fudgier baked goods- they make a great brownie or cookie cake base.

I pureed the beans but they are now drowning in the rest of the liquid, should I let it simmer some more? Warm some chopped garlic, rosemary and lemon zest in a bit of olive oil. Add your drained beans and mash them together. Serve as you would mashed potato -alongside steak, sausages, chops or chicken, with a salad on the side, and a super quick and easy dinner is served. Or you can make it even looser with some pasta water, and stir through pasta. Add whatever green suits you -we like broccoli and peas, with or without chicken.

My favorite soup for now. White beans smooshed up with a can of tuna add some chili powder and cumin makes a great crunchy taco filling! BTW loved the lentils, kale and sausage from earlier. I love Smitten Kitchen! I grew up on pasta e fagioli, so my love affair with beans started when I was a little kid. One of my favorite pasta and bean dishes is one I came up with many years ago.

I always use radiatore so that the ruffles in the pasta catch the creamy no cream involved! I can get it on the dinner table in less than 30 minutes after I get home from work. I am the proud owner of your cookbook. Any book tours scheduled for the Chicago area? Looks fabulous…. Luscious food and clean kitchen. Deb, I share your obsession with both white beans and artichokes! My favorite thing to eat—which I make at least once a week—is pretty much an elaborate Mediterranean salad.

Simmer beans in 1 clove garlic and olive oil, with other spices as desired. Add artichoke hearts and chopped tomato. Cook a hearty grain separately, like farro, couscous, or quinoa. When cooked, toss the grains in the beans. Add olives, red onion, lots of lemon juice, and fresh greens like arugula and herbs. Eat all of it. I make a Greek Panzanella salad with bread, feta, tomatoes, basil, red onion, Kalamata olives, bell peppers, and white beans. And our other favorite, I totally forgot, is a recipe found on Simply Recipes.

Saute a buttload actual measurement of white or red onions in your Dutch oven, add spicy Italian sausage out of the casing I use turkey , brown it, add a few cloves of garlic, and then two heads of chopped kale. Add a cup or more if needed of chicken or vegetable stock, cover, simmer five minutes, add a few glugs of Balsamic vinegar, and then toss in the white beans.

After more minutes serve. I was also eyeing this recipe for crostini too. And finally, Although this is technically a soup, mine ended up more like a bowl of beans, grains, and greens. The orginal recipe is for chickpeas, but white beans would work nicely and it freezes beautifully. Thanks for being fabulous, love your website and adore your book! Also have you tried doing this with white beans instead of chickpeas? I had white bean hummus last night and it was such a fabulous alternative to butter! You could use up some beans in that :. White beans are so satisfying — perfect for the winter.

This recipe looks fantastic! Wow — they loved your book! It was a fun interview. Are there no Southerners in this bunch? Make a pan of cornbread, a bowl of cole slaw. Chop an onion. Split a piece of cornbread, spoon beans and broth over. Generously spoon chopped onions on top, and serve with a side of cole slaw. Please, please, please Deb, try the beans this way just once! These are the two of the most common ways white beans are served here in Miami.

Since it was black beans I also added a little oregano and chili powder to the sauce. This was delicious, thank you! Also, as I made the sauce, I thought if it was thinned out a bit it could stand on its own as a thick soup over a hunk of baguette. I am looking for the recipe from Mark Bittman? Can someone help? Love your cinnamon raisen bagels…but onto the white beans.. Madhur Jaffery has a cookbook called World Vegetarian. It has a recipe for white beans with rosemary. I use navy.

I can not begin to tell you just how valuble this cookbook is for any bean lover. The white beans with rosemary is fabulous! Try it ,you wont be sorry. I fix in iron dutch oven along with turnip greens,brown rice and corn bread and sliced onions. I made the kale orecchiette last week and it was beautiful and I made this pasta with the chick peas though tonight. LOVE white beans, this whole recipe sounds like the perfect winter meal. When I first stumbled across that post a couple of years ago, I thought, hmmn, dill? Permanent place in my rotation.

Page in Sunday Suppers at Lucques — mussels with white beans and cavolo nero aka kale — has become a regular at our place. I use it all the time. Very tasty! Pasta and peas, Pasta and lentils, Pasta and chickpeas, Pasta and escarolle, Pasta and broccoli, Pasta fagiole — that was all we ever ate! Funny thing is, now that I've grown up, become a very good and adventurous cook and eater!

I always go back to these comfort foods, and find them to be VERY healthy as well. In our house, my father in law lives with us and suffers from Celiac disease, so cannot have wheat gluten. I use brown rice pasta for everything, and it is really excellent! If you cook it perfectly, with an al dente finish, it is amazing. He loves Pasta fagiole, so this looks like something he will adore!

I looooove beans. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. This was absolutely amazing. I did add a few shallots, but otherwise, I made this as is for dinner last night for my famil—y and my brothers and husband who are pretty picky eaters asked me to double the recipe next time. It was just full of the best tastes!!! Everyone exclaimed it was delicious through moans and full mouths. Olive-oily, garlicky, heat from the peppers… so very excellent. The family consensus was that this is a keeper. And, I ate the leftovers for breakfast.

One of the best bean dishes I have made recently are plantain pancakes. I cook very ripe plantains, smash them up with some cooked or canned beans red lentils work good but any starchy bean will do. Add in some chiles, cilantro, onion and lime juice. If the mix is really thick I add some veggie broth too If I cook the beans I cook in veggie broth. Then I dollop the mix into a frying pan with a tiny bit of oil cooking spray works too. I serve with avacado, tomato salad and lime.

I was just in Florence and this recipe reeks of the flavors. I paid all of 2euro for 12 beautiful purple artichokes that we later enjoyed steamed with melted butter. The vendor said he would open a shop here when he heard how willing we were to pay for ingredients!

I became a rosemary convert on my trip after eating the golden rosemary potatoes. Looking forward to trying this recipe scaled down for just us two! Braised gigante beans. Beluga lentils braised in wine. Lentil salad. Greens of your choice raab, mustard or turnip greens have been my favorites sauted with toasted garlic and red pepper flakes, add beans, broth and pasta. Makes it into a soup, but you can add only a cup of broth instead of 4 and skip the pasta. Finish with lemon juice or vinegar of your choice. Add kale on top. Salt and pepper.

Optional: add mozzarella cheese on top of the beans. Maybe a sprinkle of rosemary. It makes a nice white pizza! Could also be an empanada. I have no other ideas for white beans, because I believe this is the white bean recipe of my dreams. Lurv beans. In dips even more so. I like them in brownies. I know right. But good. The Nigella Lawson mash is mentioned several times, and I too whisk it with a little water to lighten it not a part of the original recipe. I made this for dinner last night.

My family loved it : I added some vegetable broth in place of some of the water and threw in a little Pinot Grigio I happened to be drinking to deglaze the pan. Mmmm definitely looking forward to the leftovers for dinner tonight. Lo-and-behold, I had onion, carrot and celery celeriac, actually , already cooked with semi-dry read, can replace tomato paste chopped tomatoes.

I threw them in the food processor, pulled a container of chick peas out of the freezer and cooked it all up. Of course, celtic sea salt over the top. Best of luck on the book tour! This looks great. One of my favorite recent bean recipes was the farro with roasted leeks recipe from the NYTimes food page like last week or the week before.

I generally make risotto-style beans with gigondes or butter beans, but it should work well with any bean that cooks to a creamy texture:. Soak a pound of beans overnight. Saute an onion and as much garlic as you care to peel and slice in olive oil. I do not believe this can be overgarlicked. Repeat, as if you were cooking risotto, until the beans are creamy textured.

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The starch from the cooking liquid will bond with the oil to make a sauce. Stir in a cup of stewed tomato if you have some, a dollop of honey, a splash of lemon or red wine vinegar, and more thyme or marjoram. Salt to taste. Eat with crusty bread and a green salad. It makes very good leftovers. At some point I wanted to make the recipe, but had no working oven, and discovered I liked the resultant texture better cooked when it was cooked this way. It is fiddly, though. I found some navy beans and white kidney beans at the store but nothing labeled white beans.

One of my favorite cookbooks: Pasta Verde Judith Barrett still available inexpensively on Amazon has vegetarian recipes to please anyone — even meat eaters. Place in food process and puree until desired consistency, adding hi quality evoo, fresh garlic put through a press, salt and pepper to taste. Nice high protein vegan mashed potato substitute. One of my favourite ways to make them is to dress them with olive oil, some pomegranate juice, mint, parsley and garlic.

I serve that as a main dish, with roasted vegetables with zatar. I adore white beans— during garlic scape season I make an amazing dip that lasts about 5 minutes in my house. I love this recipe, thanks! This was fantastic! I was a little skeptical — we are solidly carnivorous, but this won me over! In any case — delish! I kept the key flavors but simplified the process a little.

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I was trying to use a pot of white beans, though, so I used those instead of lentils. It was so good and healthy! I tried it later with the lentils, but liked it so much with beans that it has been one of the few recipes that I have regularly repeated. First LOVE your cookbook.

Bought it for myself for Christmas…my husband was a little surprised when I opened it and thanked him ;-. I will be making this recipe pronto. There was a small Itallian place, north beach area of San Francisco that always had old Itallian men who looked like they could be connected sitting in the bar. They served amazing food. The original family sold it years ago, it was never the same and it died. Took years, but I finally finessed a respectable copy.

Enough good quality extra virgin Olive oil to cover the beans. Eat this on good fresh or toasted Itallian bread great sponge for the yummy olive oil , Use it as a dressing of sorts for a salad, great with roasted chicken or just eat it with a spoon. SO yummy……. I followed this recipe to a T however it is more like a vodka sauce. And I mean once the tomato paste was added it became orange.

You cannot discern the beans from the sauce at all? Not sure what happened. Maybe someone already said this, but Nigella Lawson has a recipe where she uses white beans instead of noodles in a stir fry. This looks yummy AND for once I have all of the ingredients in the house! Thanks for sharing so many tasty recipes. I make my own and always have some on hand. I think it would add some flavor to the dish.

This is a great play on the Bon Appetit recipe! I just made it and my husband and I will be eating leftovers for a week! A great recipe to baptize my new food processor, and it inspires me to try and play around with all the recipes I cut out of magazines. Normally love all your recipes but this one was a bit of a miss for us.

I use hot turkey Italian sausage, canned white beans, and throw in a lot of spinach at the end. I think you would like it. It was delish, easy and economical. The rosemary oil added so much flavor. It was genius. Mmmm… White beans! This turned out fabulous. It was a wonderful winter dinner. Perfect for a cold evening to warm up. The flavors melded so perfectly. I served it with some grilled chicken and a salad of mixed greens. We have even added sausage for large groups of meat eaters.

I love beans! My go to lunch is quinoa with kidney beans, usually with yummy herbs and feta. And I got my family to eat Vegan! Very flavorful and I love how light it is! The rosemary oil was fantastic too! While I do love it, this was a scrumptious change from my regular recipe. It was absolutely delicious. My family loved the change. I think the rosemary really gives it a hearty, earthy taste. Beans are great to incorporate into desserts — for instance, white beans in blondies — unconventional but add a great filling quality.

They are great lunchbox addition for my little grader schoolers and a handy late-night snack for my husband. Also, have you ever cooked black eyed peas by themselves, very slowly, until they are silky soft and creamy? Then put in a little salt and butter and eat over a split piece of hot cornbread, like a gravy almost. Bonus points for garlicky cooked greens on the side splashed with vinegar and hot sauce. Also, I make a homemade BBQ sauce the recipe is meant for leftover meat in my cast-iron frying pan.

Put the pan in the oven at for up to an hour, stirring occasionally. Fab with baked corn from the same oven and a really crisp green salad. I make a white bean pie that is always a big hit at Thanksgiving. I use navy beans with lots of sugar and spices, and the result is like a more subtle version of pumpkin pie. I got the recipe for it from Epicurious. Actually, the history behind white bean pies is pretty interesting.

Waitrose is a British supermarket. Have you used English measures for this version? Alex — Nope! It will be out Feb. While the U. More info here. Made this yesterday and a big hit with both the adults AND the kids, one was 18 months old and managed to say YUM, the other a 9 year old that had seconds!! Definitely keeping in the repertoire! Hi Deb, I have been a lurker on this site since I stumbled upon it years ago.

I just purchased your cookbook and after 2 years of grad school, finally have time to cook for myself again. So fragrant and delicious. Beans and squash are such a great combo. This was delicious! I just thought it would be prudent to state that you should, under no circumstances, save the garlic oil on the countertop maybe even at all, to be safe.

Serious food poisoning alert. Stay safe! This is a perfect recipe for tonight pot luck! I have all ingredients in my pantry expect parsley. I have a lot of arugula in our green house so try to use them for parsley. How do you think? Though she crisps them after cooking in the oven to make waffle chips, I eat them straight off the waffle iron. The texture of these waffles is a revelation.

Airy, yet creamy. Totally agree about white beans, rosemary, garlic and olive oil! I had to write about my favorite white bean recipe after seeing this. Overall, super delicious and interesting flavors— the rosemary and parsley made for a really interesting dish! Well, it is absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for this excellent recipe!! With a warmed-up tortilla. Personally, I like to make a stew with Italian sweet and hot sausages, white beans, kale, and crushed tomatoes served over rice. The beans really help flesh out the meal allowing me to get fewer sausages.

I made this tonight — just added a dash of lemon juice on mine to round out the flavor. Maybe its because I used canned beans, or maybe because my food processor is a bit worn down, but I feel like this dish was a bit bland. I try not to use a lot of salt in my food but felt like this recipe really needed it. Maybe just some parm will help??

My husband made this for dinner tonight and we loved it! It soaked up the excess sauce, without making it dry and the flavor was great. I made this tonight but started with dried chickpeas leftover from an earlier posted hummus recipe. I highly recommend. Three standbys with white beans, all simple and good enough that I make them regularly for my toddler:. I really appreciate the recipie. Attractive photos which force me to make it. Its easy recipie for me to make. I am big fan of pasta so soon i am gonna try your recipie. Gratefull to you for such a lovely recipie to share.

I made this version for my Italian husband who very rarely will admit to liking a dish that is not made in the traditional manner that he is used to , and he also loved it. The addition of onions, celery and carrots gave the dish a heartier taste. I loved it with the pennete, but my husband said he would like the ditalini better…. Over the many decades that I have eaten this dish, I have never liked elbows with this. Try broken pieces of spaghetti sometime.

My husband also wants me to mention that with chickpeas, try a wider pasta, such as trenette, broken into pieces. And I must mention how much I love your cookbook. Already enjoyed several recipes and watching out for your book tour as I would love to have you sign it. I ran home and made this BA pasta dish as soon as I saw it like you! Those tiny little pastas called my name. A little funny. Garnish with slice of orange and an orchid blossom if you have one on hand.

Combine all ingredients except nutmeg and garnish and shake with crushed ice. Grate nutmeg on top and garnish with pineapple wedge and cherry. Combine all ingredients except black spiced rum and shake with crushed ice. Float black spiced rum on top and garnish with lime wedge and cherry. Barbeque lovers are often staunch proponents and defenders of their favorite preparation, favorite meat, and favorite sauce—or lack thereof. Just as there is an entire range of styles of barbeque everything from pulled pork with slaw to smoked chicken to a plate of burnt ends , there is a whole spectrum of barbeque sauces.

Many of you may be unfamiliar with this particular variety of sauce, as it is a North Alabama specialty. But, it is a staple of almost every barbeque restaurant in the area and has found its way to our tables and local grocery store shelves. White sauce is a tangy condiment made of mayonnaise, vinegar, salt, and pepper.

While that might sound a little odd to the uninitiated, those in the know are evangelists for the stuff. Eventually, his food became so popular that he quit his job at the railroad and opened a proper restaurant. Want to know when to shake and when to stir or the perfect cocktail for celebrating the fathers in your life? Read on. But what I think of when I read that is what most people take for granted in a cocktail; the water. Besides booze, water is perhaps the most important ingredient in any cocktail, imparted usually through the use of ice.

The correct proportion of water in a drink can help make it more palatable. Too much simply waters it down. So how do you get it right? Cocktails are made in more less two manners—shaken or stirred. With one simple rule, you can look at the ingredients of a cocktail and know which method is preferred. So here it is; if a cocktail has fruit juice or syrups, shake it.

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If a cocktail is only comprised of spirits, you stir it. Everyone loves a good margarita on Cinco de Mayo—but here are a few options that will carry you through the rest of the summer in high style. I catch myself feeling sorry for inanimate things every now and then. You know, the chair in the living room you never sit in, the vegetables people love to hate, and tequila. I set out on a personal mission to make up for all that disdain and rediscover how good a margarita really can be when made with simple, fresh ingredients and good-quality tequila.

In the process, I discovered a variety of ways to punch up this spirited concoction into new drinks. They can be light, bright, and delicious. Better yet, these tequila cocktails are the perfect warm weather cocktails. Here he provides us with both hot and cold options that are delicious and simple to prepare—for one or for a whole group. When most think of tea and cocktails, the first thing that comes to mind is a good hot toddy. For me, a great cocktail must have balance. This most commonly comes in the form of balancing boozy sharpness with sugar and citrus, but even that can still fall flat on the palate.

Think of a well-balanced cocktail like your favorite meal in a restaurant. The spices and seasonings enhance the main ingredients that make that dish so memorable. When it comes to cocktails, freshly brewed black, green, and herbal teas can impart bright herbal notes and bitter tannins that supplement just a few simple ingredients and compliment many spirits. Much like the punches of yesteryear, these new tea cocktails can also be made in large batches for entertaining—or just a lazy weekend afternoon on the porch with friends.

Just be sure to always start with fresh, high-quality teas and chill them prior to making iced cocktails. In December of , we started playing with bitters. Today, we explore how craft meets cocktail with Jesse Goldstein. Read on to learn how to make variations of your own of cocktail bitters and how to use this relatively simple ingredient to add complex layers to your own drinks:.

There are really two classifications of bitters: digestive bitters like Campari are sipped neat or on the rocks after a meal; concentrated tinctures of cocktail bitters often referred to as aromatic or potable bitters like Angostura are used in drops and dashes in many classic and modern craft cocktails. But the more I looked into bitters, the more fascinated I became with their history, their variety and, eventually, the process of making them myself.

Though modern Americans are only recently regaining an appreciation of bitterness, our ancestors once embraced the taste of bitter flavors. Bitters were originally developed for medicinal purposes, with a history traced as far back as ancient Egypt. The proliferation of distilled spirits and an obsession with pharmacology led to even more concentrated varieties in the Middle Ages.

The use of bitters for ailments continued for generations, often used as preventative medicine for everything from seasickness to heartburn. Bolstered by the renaissance of craft cocktails, bitters have been gaining steam amongst cocktail connoisseurs for the past few years. These purveyors are joining classic bittering ingredients of gentian, quassia bark, dandelion, or wormwood with ingredients more commonly found in your kitchen spice cabinet. Vino or Moonshine? Both, please. The two attended culinary school together in Charleston, South Carolina, and refined their skills in Italy.

They compare their partnership to the dynamic of being in a band; they feed off one another for ideas and are always discovering inspiration together.

Cabbage Rolls / Polish Gołąbki - Easy to Follow, Step by Step Tutorial

The cookbook is a manifesto of sorts that establishes the greatness of duplicity in heritage cooking. At the root of their success is the fact that they simply love to play and work and learn and cook together. They share their stories revealing the secret to their success and the gospel of food according to these good Italian boys. Each dish represents a new discovery and a step on their culinary pathway.

The funky fusion dishes are as beautiful as they are humble. Recipes for basic dishes like their famous boiled peanuts and pizza dough each have unlikely nuances that bring Italian and Southern American cuisines together. In anticipation of upcoming holiday celebrations, we asked Jesse Goldstein, our cocktail contributor, to come up with a couple of new twists on classic sparkling cocktails. Celebrate responsibly and come back for more great cocktail recipes in the new year.

Gone are the days that the only options at your local wine shop are cheap, sweet bubbles or expensive French Champagne. These days you can find many amazing and affordable varieties of Italian Prosecco, Spanish Cava and California sparklings. Adding a splash of cordial or a special garnish turns up the flavor of your bubbles and makes it more memorable and delicious for your guests. If using fresh cherries, freeze them first. This helps break down the cellular structure of the fruit and makes for better flavor absorption.

Place the frozen cherries in a small jar with the pineapple juice, brandy, and Cointreau. Seal and refrigerate overnight. Often, these treats included puddings. After a bit of research, I discovered that figgy pudding is actually more cake-like in form. It is similar to modern-day Christmas puddings and plum puddings, and—like it or not—is a cousin to the unjustly maligned fruitcake. Yes, classic figgy pudding includes a good dose of rum and brandy—perfect for warming chilly carolers. For about two days leading up to Thanksgiving dinner, I can guarantee that there is nearly always something either going into or coming out of my oven, and aromas both sweet and savory waft throughout the house.

You can find quite a few delicious seasonal recipes in their catalogue conveniently sorted by holiday , including this offering from North Carolina-based chef Vivian Howard. All joking aside, these components, when paired with a green bean dish and side of sweet potatoes, would compose a perfectly balanced Thanksgiving plate all by themselves. This post originally ran on November 12, My daughter Maggie has been decorating the house for Thanksgiving this last week. In fact, she went directly from Halloween to a strange mixture of Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled into one.

Yes, our holiday tree is up and mostly decorated. All this festiveness—along with the sound of too loud holiday music and too many left-over pumpkins—has moved us directly from unicorn costumes to Thanksgiving delights. My friend Stacy orders tamales from Texas to celebrate the holidays. I have an uncle that believes pilgrims would have preferred steaks and potatoes so he spends the day grilling.

At the farm, we eat a load of Gulf seafood in Low-Country Boil style off of a wooden board across the tailgate of the truck. I am also somewhat of a traditionalist at heart and delight in the staples—no Thanksgiving comes without dressing. I actually have always had a strong dislike for the most revered of Thanksgiving desserts. Then, I tried this recipe. We have reached that time of the year when, even in Alabama, we have to accept that winter has arrived. While there are many things to celebrate during colder months, the early frosts are the hardest to embrace.

Of course, this was in my early college years back when I felt very grown up ordering Rum and Coke. This month, we offer our second installment on creative cocktails from Jesse Goldstein on the often overlooked of beauty lavender as a flavor. Hopefully you will be inspired to experiment with your own infusions to create spirits with complex, but delicious, flavors.

Take Chartreuse for example: infused with more than botanicals, Chartreuse has been made by the Carthusian Monks in the French Alps since The flavor of lavender has never really caught on in this country, though for centuries it has been used around the world as an herb and condiment. Please watch Juliette of the Herbs. While it often finds its way into an abundance of scented candles, lotions, and soaps, all too rarely does it find a home in our food and drinks. Jesse will be sharing stories of Southern culture and the spirits that surround it. Look for a cocktail recipe each month—including traditional mixed drinks and their modern interpretations.

One of my favorite things as a kid was going to the local volunteer fire department potluck suppers with my family. Luckily our tastes change as we grow older. These days I prefer my salads without colored gelatin and cringe at the thought of how sweet that punch was. Punch has an incredible history that goes back hundreds of years. Long before the invention of the cocktail, spirits were consumed socially in the form of punch. Made in large batches, punches were ideal for celebrations of all sorts. Times have changed, but punches still have a place at a party.

A good batch of punch takes time, effort, and the investment of good spirits that good friends are worthy of. Anyone who has ever attempted to serve — and certainly travel with — deviled eggs knows that eggs resting on an ordinary plate will end up smashed, flattened, or in the floor. As a child, I would rush to the buffet table at every church dinner to get the biggest egg. As an adult, I ration out only one on my Thanksgiving dinner plate, but have been known to sneak extras when no one is looking. But—at heart—the deviled egg itself is not particularly fancy and has many incarnations.

These days, I like them all. The basic deviled egg is hard boiled, shelled, and halved. Each half is filled with a scoop of the hard-boiled yolk mixed with ingredients like mayonnaise, mustard, and pickle relish and served cold. Each family seems to have their own variation that might include vinegar, paprika, chili powder, or even kimchi or Sriracha chili sauce. The last day of summer is officially September 22 nd , but Maggie started back to school weeks ago. As the long days wind down, we must begrudgingly say farewell to peach season. This year, I found myself with an abundance of peaches throughout the summer.

Whenever I swiped the last one from the counter to eat in my oatmeal, another batch would show up on my doorstep. Into the house that bag would come. The moment of anticipation and joy of standing over the kitchen sink—house perfectly silent—and biting into the soft flesh, savoring the moment as juice runs down my arm…for me, this is the essence of summer. All peach lovers know that peaches develop their sweetness and flavor while on the tree.

Once they are picked, they just get softer and juicier. Stay away from peaches that are firm and look for those who yield slightly to gentle pressure. Peaches that are green around the stem are not yet ripe; shriveled skin means the fruit is too old. You can store firm peaches at room temperature. Once they begin to turn soft, put them in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator and plan to eat them soon. If you find yourself with too many peaches, you can freeze them peeled and sliced and keep them for up to 6 months. James Beard award-winning chef and restaurateur Anne Quatrano is enthusiastic about food and community—passions I admire and write about often here on our Journal.

Anne was raised in Connecticut and attended culinary school in California, where she met her husband and business partner, Clifford Harrison. After school, they relocated to the East Coast, but decided to journey to the South in the early s. Anne had family from Georgia, and Atlanta seemed like the perfect Southern city to make their home-base, as it was becoming a cultural and culinary hub at the time.

Much to our delight, Anne has released a book of recipes celebrating the South, sustainable food, and life on the farm. Summerland: Recipes for Celebrating Southern Hospitality focuses on eating seasonally, and each chapter is associated with a specific month, kicking off with September—perfect timing. But the brightness of the mint with the warmth of the bourbon is just as appropriate for the fall. While there—in addition to the yoga sessions, sauna time, tub soaks, and hikes—I was treated to a mini juice cleanse for a few days.

And though I recommend consulting your doctor before embarking on your own juice cleanses, I must say that I walked away from the experience feeling healthy and refreshed. I returned from my trip, bought a juicer the next day, and it has changed my life. Diann from Gray Bear walked me through the juicing regimen which always seemed a bit complicated and demanding for me.

She taught me to: simplify, use ingredients that I like, experiment with combinations, and taste as I go to come up with an array of variations. After a few weeks, I also discovered that these fresh fruit and vegetable juices also lend themselves to delicious cocktails. Since the dinner, there have been several requests for the recipe.

Break out your juicer but juice—and drink—responsibly. While the colors that can be produced by mixing paints are limitless, we primarily work with the following base colors: opaque black, transparent sand, opaque blue, pearl silver, opaque red, opaque white, opaque yellow, opaque sky blue, pearl red, and forest green. By mixing these colors, we create all of the hues and shades that help define our patterns, stencils, and collections. We have also discovered that a basic garment featuring a subtle stencil adds texture and delicate details to our designs.

Many of our Studio Style DIY customers and workshop participants have asked for these unique combinations of textile paint; below, we share recipes for some of our most popular colors. You can find everything you need to create your own stencil and spray kit in our online store. These collections often present an air of nostalgia, using old-fashioned techniques, offbeat ingredients, and occasionally include really great anecdotes. They are—in their best versions—a direct reflection of the region of their origin and an admirable labor of love.

The recipes are seldom fancy, and most often highlight the kind of meal that is made in an average kitchen on an average evening by an average cook who finds an epiphany of enlightenment in a great recipe. Even more captivating is the community cookbook filled with family recipes passed down from prior generations and lovingly shared with the community at large. Caxton Press in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania published what is believed to be the very first charity cookbook in , during the time of the Civil War.

Moss , was filled with foods common to that era, like leg of mutton, mince pies, johnnycakes, and hasty pudding. The book was sold to provide funds for field hospitals and aid wounded soldiers. Many, like the ones I was given by my mother, grandmothers, and aunts , are overflowing with sense memories of a location and an era. While similarities exist among the cookbooks, there are distinct differences between what the women of the Virginia Eastern Star were making in the s and the dishes prepared by the late s Junior League of Coastal Louisiana.

Regardless of the when and the where, there is copious information on what the mostly women were like in each specific time and place. The ingredients tell a story of rural vs. If a recipe called for a pinch or a handful, you might assume that the writer was a seasoned home cook who learned passed down recipes and perfected dishes by taste, not by measurement.

As The Factory continues to grow and host events , we openly welcome her simple approaches to creating an experience through collective, potluck meals. Now, we want to share those inspirations and insights with one of our lucky readers. Blueberries have made their way to peak season here in Alabama. While they have many health benefits, their taste and convenience are equally valuable. Ever since Maggie and I planted a bush in the backyard, there are days that we eat them by the handful.

We debut our monthly menu curated by Peabody award-winning chef Vivian Howard. His dedication to locally-sourced ingredients is something we value highly here at Alabama Chanin, and it was wonderful to see and sample his work at The Factory. A big hit of the evening was the Hot and Hot Tomato Salad, a fresh and colorful take on an old Southern favorite: succotash. Guests watched in awe as Chris and members of the Alabama Chanin team put together mouthwatering layers of the tomato salad.

The special version of the salad presented at our dinner was topped with fresh Alabama Gulf shrimp and bacon , and served with fried okra on the side. Nothing tastes like summer quite like a fresh, home-grown tomato. In fact, I embark on a tomato sandwich diet each summer. But, it can be difficult to source really great tomatoes — just another benefit of buying local produce and knowing your farmer. Unfortunately, most tomatoes that you find in chain grocery stores are there because they survived the journey; they were the toughest and able to maintain nice color and shape in transit. When you take the time to find quality ingredients, they shine on their own, without too much fuss.

Allison Kave, a truly creative baker and expert on all things pie related, credits her mother with her passion for food. Growing up, Rhonda had a rather unexciting childhood filled with canned and boiled vegetables and she wanted more nutrition and excitement for her own children. Research into various cuisines led to a love of chocolate, which inspired her very own confectionery shop.

Like some of us, Allison did not find her calling immediately. Her route to the culinary life modeled the circuitous path her mother took. So, she asked: Why not make pies? We all have different definitions of comfort food—the dishes that make up those meals that leave our bellies and our hearts full. They are the dishes you crave when you are far from home; a hankering for something familiar and soothing. Curious to know what other comfort food recipes from the kitchens of racing existed, we tracked down a copy of the book on Ebay.

Foraging is the act of searching for and gathering wild food. Perhaps you remember learning about nomadic hunters and gatherers in grade school—these early societies moved from place to place, following animals, fruits, and vegetables in order to sustain life.

Modern humans followed this way of life until about ten thousand years ago, when agriculture was developed. Modern foragers often look for food in their surrounding environments, and do not move from camp to camp like their predecessors. In fact, foraging has become a livelihood for some—by sourcing wild food resources for restaurants, chefs, markets, and the like.

Below, The Kitchens Sisters share their discovery of modern-day forager Angelo Garro and his hidden kitchen. Davia and Nikki are two of the most genuine and real women I know. Without their dedication to telling the real story, I would not be the person I am today.

Route 66 changed my perception of storytelling in the autumn of I remember the first moment I heard their tracks; in the third story of a rented house on a square in Savannah, Georgia. Just like that my life changed. Davia and Nikki met and began collaborating in the late s, hosting a weekly radio program in Santa Cruz, California. Their name was taken from two eccentric brothers—Kenneth and Raymond Kitchen—who were stonemasons in Santa Cruz in the s.

Dinner that evening was a disaster, and The Kitchen Sisters were laughingly born. Oral histories heavily influenced their style of radio production. Regardless of topic, Davia and Nikki find a way to build community through storytelling. For several years now, Alabama Chanin has drawn ideals from the Slow Food movement Slow Design is rooted in the tenets of the movement —a philosophy we share with Blackberry Farm. It is no secret that Southerners love green tomatoes. We fry them, pickle them, stew them, bake them in pies, and even write books about them. Readily available at the beginning and ending of each summer season, this under-ripe fruit has a firm flesh and an acidic, sour taste—which allows them to be used in an array of dishes.

The chefs at Blackberry Farm suggest selecting medium-size green tomatoes, since larger ones can have woody, inedible cores and clumps of bitter seeds. We borrow the flavor and textures of the traditional accompaniments to fried catfish- tart lemon, creamy tartar sauce, and fried hush puppies- and present them in an untraditional way: Green tomato stands for lemon to provide the acid, buttermilk mayonnaise and cheese provide the creamy richness of the tartar sauce, and the flaky crust that holds it all together stands in for the hush puppies.

The lard and the buttermilk contribute flakiness and great flavor to this pie crust, but the real secret to its tenderness is the rolling method. Folding the dough onto itself and rolling it out several times forms thin layers within the dough. When the fat melts in the heat of the oven, the evaporation of moisture contained in the tiny space between the layers forces each layer to rise, just like in puff pastry.

As promised, we are sharing our favorite recipes with you; this week, a twist on a simple spring salad. Each month, we will feature seasonal dishes on our menu from chefs or restaurants that share our values of celebrating place, artisanal craftsmanship of all kinds, and, simply said, good food. In the upcoming year, The Factory will host brunches, dinners, book signings, and even cooking and cocktail workshops with an array of chefs. A few years ago, I made an extraordinary trip to Blackberry Farm, located in beautiful Walland, Tennessee, on the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains.

From making biscuits to hosting an upcoming Weekend Away Workshop, my relationship with Blackberry Farm has grown over the years. My Gram Perkins passed down several recipes to me through the years. I keep most of them in a recipe book my mother compiled of family recipes. One of the simplest and most beloved recipes she gave to me was for egg salad, featuring homemade Fourteen-Day Pickles also known as sweet or bread-and-butter pickles. I think of it as one of the ultimate comfort foods.

When I was a child, Gram Perkins often served it to me as a summer lunch or afternoon snack. I have vivid memories of sitting in her kitchen, watching her prepare her famous egg salad sandwich for me—always with extra pickles in a jar on the table. After my Gram Perkins passed away, my granddaddy, lovingly known as Perk , continued making the famous Fourteen-Day Pickles. My mother carries on the family tradition today by gifting pints of these treasures every holiday season.

Egg salad is definitely better with this homemade version but there are great bread-and-butter pickles available on the market today that you can use for your homemade egg salad. We recently taste tested the Blackberry Farm version and found it delicious. A sister to tuna and chicken salad, egg salad is a nice option for those looking for a simple lunch, packed with protein. Stop by for lunch and try it served open-faced on house made ciabatta. While the sewing participants stitched and chatted, the food preparers fried up some chicken, steamed collard greens and made pot likker , then baked the most delicious Lane Cake.

At each meal, Angie explained the history of each dish and its significance within Southern culture. She self-published a cookbook called Some Good Things to Eat in and included the recipe as one of her featured desserts. Lane Cake is a white, layered sponge cake originally designed for 4 layers iced with a frosting that includes coconut, raisins, pecans, and bourbon. It is often found in the South at receptions, holiday dinners, or wedding showers. Boasting a deep and rich citrusy flavor, blood oranges are considered to be among the finest dessert oranges in the world and are at their seasonal peak right now.

These oranges are quite sought after by most bartenders—they are only ripe for a few months each year. The perfect pairing with a range of spirits, we chose to mix ours with Cathead Vodka. Tip: Blood oranges will only last a couple of days at room temperature, so we suggest refrigerating them; they will last up to two weeks that way. As a Southerner and a cook, I often find myself included in lively debates about regional cuisine, long-winded discussions of the dozens of types of barbecue preparations, cornbread recipe swaps, or conversations on the perfect biscuit dough.

Those of us who love food treasure the dishes we were raised eating and love to swap recipes and tips. Truthfully, the origins of chicken stew cannot be traced. And, no one can explain exactly why it is so specific to this region. I remember being told by an aunt that, once upon a time, chickens were kept for the eggs they produced. As with many rural households, you made the most of what you had and, logically, a stew fed more mouths than one fried chicken.

Most likely, as with most regional foods, the recipe was created when poverty crossed paths with farmers, native people, and West African-style dishes. We are intent on staying true to foods that reflect our roots, incorporating traditional Southern elements into decadent dishes. Moon pies are treats that fit the criteria of being both definitively Southern and decadent. For those who have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing one, a moon pie is a sandwich cookie consisting of two layers of a soft graham cookie, a marshmallow filling, and a flavored coating, typically chocolate.

The first Moon Pies were made by the Chattanooga Bakery in and were based upon requests from hungry coal miners. In celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Georgia whom we have written about before lived and worked in Montgomery, Alabama, and was a true servant to the cause of the movement.

She worked as a midwife, as well as a cook at the National Lunch Company. After Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to leave her seat on a bus in December of , a group of black ministers and community leaders formed the Montgomery Improvement Association MIA —and initiated the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Led by Martin Luther King, Jr. Outspoken and feisty, Georgia let her disapproval of the discriminatory bus drivers be known—an action that got her fired from her job at the cafeteria.

When that happened, Dr. King and other leaders helped her set up a restaurant in her home kitchen. Georgia was well-known around town for her fried chicken, pork chops, and stuffed bell peppers and often served these and other dishes to Dr. King and fellow supporters of the boycott. She even hosted secret MIA meetings there in her kitchen. The Club from Nowhere often set up shop in beauty parlors, Laundromats, and on street corners in downtown Montgomery. Both black and white supporters of the boycott were able to contribute anonymously. The Club from Nowhere used the money they collected to buy gas and station wagons, which were used to transport people to and from work during the boycott.

It garnered a following rather quickly for the innovative ramen dishes and simple, but incredibly addictive, pork buns. Headed by Christina Tosi, Milk Bar offered a menu that consisted of familiar sounding sweet treats cleverly graced with the creative edge the brand had come to be known for. Cornflakes were steeped in milk and sweetened to make cereal milk soft serve, and were mixed into cookie dough with marshmallows and chocolate chips to create a rewarding cookie with an extra crunchy, sweet and salty flavor.

There is one food tradition that seems to cross all social, ethnic, and economic boundaries in the South: iced tea, particularly sweet tea. But, why is iced tea such a staple in Southern homes? The history is more complicated than you might think. Tea was introduced to the United States in South Carolina where it was grown in the late s. In fact, South Carolina is the only state to have even grown tea commercially. It is believed that French botanist and explorer Andre Michaux imported it, along with many unique varieties of flowers. Iced tea began appearing in American cookbooks in the early s, first as alcoholic punches.

These first punches were made with green tea, rather than the black tea commonly used today. Households began to keep iced tea on hand when refrigeration became popular — and with it, ice. The first known version of iced tea, as it is prepared today, was printed in in a publication called Housekeeping in Old Virginia. Recipe author Marion Tyree wrote that green tea should be boiled and steeped all day. The winter holidays seem to evoke the strongest food memories from many of us. Certainly there are family Thanksgiving dinner traditions, and the plethora of other delights that come with the rest of the season — pumpkin pie, homemade eggnog, savory soups, and gingerbread cookies.

When I was a child, potato candy was one of the treats that only made an appearance in the days and weeks before Christmas. It is hands-down the strangest of holiday treats, but perhaps the delicacy was more delicious as the wait from year-to-year seemed immense. To those who have never eaten potato candy, the concept may seem a bit odd. But those who have eaten it know that it is incredibly sweet, much like fudge or caramel. In retrospect, perhaps this dessert is reserved for the holidays because it contains so much sugar.

It is possible that the adults chose to ration the candy in order to contain rambunctious children. I know that I am guilty of that. The Alabama Biscuit Company is changing the way people perceive and eat biscuits. Jonathan Burch of Birmingham, Alabama, has developed a delicious and healthy recipe for biscuits using organic sprouted spelt flour, aluminum-free baking powder, and organic Celtic sea salt.

The biscuit mix is now a favorite of the Alabama Chanin team. For many Southerners, ambrosia salad is a dish often associated with holiday potlucks or aunts and grandmothers. It occasionally gets a bad rap, along with the often-maligned fruitcake, but when prepared correctly it can be light and delicious. The dividing line between love and hate seems to be one ingredient: coconut. But, this much is clear — ambrosia salad absolutely must include coconut. Ambrosia salad also has a bit of an identity crisis. It is a fruit dish so, depending on preparation, it can be light, like a salad. My family always placed it in a different spot in the buffet line, depending on which aunt had prepared the dish.

All of those things are certainly true for me. When I was young, Thanksgiving was one of my favorite holidays. The air is always clear and crisp in these memories. I can recall running across the farm hills and valleys with dogs and cousins, the smell of barn hay, and the full stomach, distended from too much pie. But, as we get older, our tastes continue to change. These days, I find that I crave them more than ever. The flavor can be sweet, even complex, and I am looking for more ways to incorporate them into our meal rotation.

Here, I share some of my favorite, easy preparations for adding pumpkin to your table. Pumpkin soup is, outside of pumpkin pie, perhaps the most common recipe available. Sugar pumpkins also known as pie pumpkins or any of the smaller varieties are tastier but, depending upon size, you may need to prepare more than one.

Her first cookbook , which features a foreword by Natalie and is full of amazing Southern and Greek-inspired recipes , was released last year. Tasia has been crafting new recipes, teaching cooking classes, working on a second book and, most recently, she opened a new cheese tasting room at their flagship storefront in Elkmont, Alabama. Tasia notes that her goat cheese can be used as a base for many of her recipes, as well as a substitute for mayonnaise, sour cream, cream cheese, and butter. The possibilities are endless. The results were richer and creamier than a traditional potato salad.

And a bit of leftover goat cheese was devoured atop fresh pumpkin bread with some local honey. Decadent and delicious. We frequently talk about the heirloom aspect of our hand-made clothing, the timeless design and lasting quality that allows for an Alabama Chanin garment to be worn for years and, in some cases, passed along to a younger family member. Perhaps a perfect example: my daughter, Maggie has been wearing the above dress for five years and counting. Made with our organic cotton jersey in Butter and Natural, the dress has been through about a million washes and worn on too many occasions to count.

No longer a dress but a summer top, she will not give it up. It has been over three years since the Deepwater Horizon oil spill devastated the Gulf Coast and, in turn, the livelihoods of many. The Alabama seafood industry was practically devastated, but is rebounding with determination and the support of restaurateurs and loyal customers. Because of the salty gulf water, Alabama seafood means fish, shrimp, crab, and oysters.

The beautiful images here are of postcards Alabama Gulf Seafood published and consequently inspired this post. Kevin Gillespie grew up in Locust Grove, Georgia, outside Atlanta, with nine cousins within five years of age living five hundred feet from each other. While his parents worked, his paternal grandmother watched the kids, cooking three meals a day so the family could always sit and eat together.

The family supported him one hundred percent, even when he turned down a scholarship to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to attend culinary school at the Art Institute of Atlanta. Almost every tale focuses on family and the person who introduced him to a new food or way of cooking.

Nothing is too fancy and every component is easy to find, no matter what part of the country you live in. We are pleased to welcome back friend and writer, Phillip March Jones , who we have convinced to join us as a regular contributor to this Journal. Phillip will be writing about art, visual design, music, food, and travel. This week, Phillip shares a photo essay of and a delicious recipe from his new favorite restaurant, County Club, in Lexington, Kentucky. After all, we spend about fifty percent of our time out there. Most common indoor and outdoor household paints contain volatile organic compounds VOCs.

VOCs contain a variety of chemicals, some of which give off noxious fumes and may have short term or long term adverse health effects. According to the EPA, levels of some VOCs are 2 to 5 times higher inside a home than outside; when you are painting or stripping paint in your home, particularly in older homes where lead paint may have been used in the past, indoor levels of VOCs may be times that of outdoor levels.

In thinking about my outdoor living area, I wanted to investigate additional ways to paint more safely, and came across two options that I could possibly make myself: whitewash and milk paint. Whitewashing, which many of us remember from Tom Sawyer whitewashing the fence in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, was commonly used for years because it is inexpensive, can be homemade, and homeowners could use ingredients they had on-hand, improvising their own recipes.

It is still used in rural areas to protect wooden surfaces like fences and barns, or by designers who want to give furniture a rustic look. Then, ingredients might be added to thicken or strengthen the mixture, like flour, glue, sugar, soap, soil, or milk. It is a goal of mine to have as many sit-down dinners with Maggie — and our guests — as I can each week.

My summer garden continues to grow and I am so anxious for those first tomatoes my favorite part of summer. Keeping Maggie, and all of those other things in mind, you can imagine that I was intrigued by a cookbook called, One Pan, Two Plates. There is little waste if you follow the recipes as written. Plus, I have found, with prep time included, you can be sitting down at the dinner table well within an hour. We work hard, and we like our rewards. Our latest grenadine-inspired libation is the Alabama Sour with a Sunrise flare.

The classic recipe calls for an ounce of red wine floated atop the whiskey sour. Grenadine is denser than whiskey, causing it to settle on the bottom of the glass, hence the vibrant red, sunrise effect. We love it. This year, we have new plans in the works. In the February issue of Southern Living , an article featured a handful of chefs from Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, and of course, Alabama, who are preserving southern cuisine in new and reimagined ways that reflect the changing landscape and demographics of the contemporary South.

These Real Women are making tremendous inroads, and doing it really well. Make a donation and get good magazine. For Marimekko Week , we wanted to make and eat one of the delicious Finnish dishes on the Marimekko Feeling Festive blog. Armi Ratia has been an inspiration to so many, myself included, for decades. The clean lines and graphic look of Marimekko patterns are both simple and exciting to the eye and the bold, bright colors exude confidence and happiness.

I feel a distant kinship with Armi and the Marimekko process. There exists a shared desire to create beauty in things that will last a very long time. That colorful simplicity of Marimekko design finds its way into the Festive blog recipes. This Carrot Butter was well loved by our staff on a very cold, grey day. We spend a good bit of time in the kitchen, planning meals and testing out new recipes to share, while I spend evenings trying to please the taste buds of my picky eater. Use it to tie fresh herbs in a bouquet garni or bouquet garnish see recipe below or wrap bacon on the outside of your roast or bird.

I also use my twine for tying up birthday presents and pony tails—and stuffed animals at my house are often doctored with bits of twine. You might also try making our Knotted Necklace with this twine. It is thinner than our Cotton Jersey Pulls but made in the same way. Tar balls continue to wash up on shore as we wait patiently to learn how much BP will pay in restitution.

Friend and Chef Chris Hastings of Hot and Hot Fish Club in Birmingham, Alabama, has played a significant role in supporting the industry, spearheading a campaign with the Alabama Seafood Marketing Commission to bring awareness and support to Alabama Gulf seafood, and sharing recipes like his Alabama Bouillabaisse with the reading public. We try to share a staff lunch once a week here in the studio. It gives everyone a chance to sit down together, laugh, and share ideas. We are, after all, a family of sorts. But sometimes life gets in the way, and we were unable to coordinate our time; however, we decided to have a Greek lunch in her honor anyway.

I love tzatziki, and even though cucumbers are not technically in season yet, we fortunately have a local organic farmer with a solar powered greenhouse — Jack-O-Lantern Farms — and were able to acquire some Alabama cucumbers for the tangy, yogurt dip, as well as greenhouse-grown tomatoes and south Alabama eggplants still beats vegetables trucked in from Mexico.

We have been working with indigo-dyed cotton jersey for years now. While investigating recipes, I remembered a text message I received last fall from friends A. Mason and Jeff Moerchen about an indigo vat they created in the woods of upstate New York. Here they share the story of their vat:.

Our collaboration with Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Handcrafted in Napa Valley, the grenadine arrived just in time for our latest addition: the Alabama Chanin Cocktail Napkin. Yeast Rolls can be such a source of Southern pride that even the best cooks shy away from these elusive delicacies. My grandmother made the best yeast rolls in the county, maybe this entire country. Although, I suspect that half of Lauderdale County would say that their grandmother made the best.

Perhaps you feel the same. The truth is that there are just about as many recipes as there are grandmothers. A Google search reveals recipes with shortening, recipes with lard, and recipes with butter. Last week, I had the pleasure of eating yeast rolls from the queen herself, Sister Schubert. One of our great local schools, Riverhill, hosted a luncheon with Sister and one of our great local chefs, Betty Sims.

I get lost in the thousands and thousands of captivating images and creations shared daily on Pinterest. On said food blog, there is a recipe for Pink Deviled Eggs, vibrant and saturated with a deep pink-purple hue. Perhaps this pin fits better with Reds Carmine, Rose, and Pink? While you might not pass this recipe down to your daughters, it was fun to make, look at, and eat. This post published last Wednesday in the midst of technical difficulties that lasted more than a week. We are deeply proud of this collaboration, adore all things Jack Rudy, and want to be sure that everyone gets a chance to meet Brooks up-close or at least closer.

In our community, this three layer cake is traditionally topped with a cream cheese icing — although I have seen it with buttercream, chocolate, as well as with a combination cream cheese and chocolate icing. I prefer the subtle tang in the cream cheese version, with or without the commonly used addition of chopped pecans or shredded coconut. On Monday, Sara wrote her thoughts on fashion and designing for real people with different body types. Even though media representations might make you feel differently, the fact is that women come in so many beautiful shapes and sizes.

This is a deeply important and significant subject, and will be a recurrent theme for us this year. Our journal is a platform to share our views and opinions on any matter of the body and mind , and we always encourage you to share your own stories and thoughts in the comments section. Although I have spent years cultivating my backyard garden, honing my cooking skills, learning how to shop in my small community grass-fed local meat from here, fresh vegetables from there , rice in bulk, milk from only one store in the community — on Thursdays only.

Yes, years have been spent on this orchestration. She has a sweet tooth of the worst kind. These days, they have stopped making up excuses and just go, on a regular basis. They will visit one of my twin aunts and grandmother with a dozen. This child of mine would eat jelly toast at every meal if I would let her. For a change of pace, she would like biscuits or pancakes. To her, the ingestion of one-quarter of a freshly picked, crisp apple is worthy of a trophy and, as far as she is concerned, that trophy should be of a bowl of ice cream not sorbet. I go through phases where I just tell her to go hungry.

She will, after all, eat those peas if she is starving? Peace Chicken. The funniest part is that the first time I made this dish, I was simply trying to clean out the refrigerator; just about everything went into the pot. It never crossed my mind that she would eat it, let alone like it.

This year saw our Journal take a more structured tone and we devoted particular days to particular topics. It was quite a feat of organization since we also run the production office, online store, design, pay bills, and as I mentioned on Monday, also manage this Instagram , Twitter , Tumblr , Pinterest , and Facebook.

Erin joined the team full-time early in the year, Sara continues to make this stuff worth reading, we planted the garden again , and we got cooking. In our family as many families in my community , today will be celebrated with Hog Jowl , Collards, and Black-eyed Peas although you might want to try the Three Sisters with some root vegetables. This holy trinity of the South supposedly brings us health, prosperity, and love along with our famously thick waistlines. Tomorrow is gratefully another day and we will take care of our waistlines then….

And while I use rosemary year-round, this evergreen bush is readily available in the deep of winter, when all the other herbs have died back. Perhaps for this reason, there is something about the flavor of rosemary that just feels like the holidays. Rosemary flavored vodka has recently become a bit of a staple amongst our friends. Rosemary vodka is also delicious with a bit of Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.

Small Batch Tonic or in your favorite Bloody Mary recipe, but the possibilities are endless. If you have a great idea for a rosemary cocktail, be sure to let us know in the comments section. Apples, sweet potatoes, autumn squash, turnips, rutabagas, leeks, and greens of every shade—I await the fall garden and all of its bounty each year with as much eagerness as the changing of the leaves and the relief from blistering Alabama summers.

Root vegetables are at their prime this time of year and their heartiness is a beautiful accompaniment to braised meats. A meal of slow-cooked beef or pork alongside a simple roast of beets, potatoes, and turnips is my way of welcoming the season. Autumn squash, with its wonderful versatility, may find its way into a bisque or pie.

And no fall meal is complete without a serving of greens—collards, mustards, turnips, kale, cabbage, spinach, etc. She, like so many Southern women, has never met a stranger and can spend an afternoon discussing recipes, bourbon, and the weather, with genuine ease and enthusiasm. Construct garments by combining the first 10 ingredients, adding love and care.

Once constructed with love and care, smoke embroidered dresses with hickory. This is the wood most commonly used for barbecue in our part of Alabama because it is the most plentiful. As luck would have it, burned hickory produces a subtle flavor and color in pork and dresses, respectively.

It made sense to us to use the same wood to smoke our homegrown garments well, as much sense as it could make to smoke a dress, anyway. Like a pig, dresses require a low temperature and lots of finesse. Once you get the fire going, smoke your dresses at a temperature close to degrees for about 18 hours.

Oxford, Mississippi awaits. Vinegar is a necessity when it comes to giving barbecue its glory. Good barbecue has a char, a pit-borne crust, and a rich, tender interior that yearns for that jolt of peppery vinegar. I will not speak to the Mendoza Line of barbecue sauce, where vinegar yields to sweetness. I will not debate the merits of mustard or tomato, for the sauce I will share with you has both, but neither is dominant. I will not regale you with arguments about how whole is better than finely chopped.

Or how ribs pale in comparison to brisket. Or how I think baby back ribs are a red herring, a cut sucked into vacuum bags in the deep recesses of a factory in China to be sold many moons later at a chain restaurant in the suburbs of Hoboken. I will tell you of the sauce I love. Food trucks are practical on several fronts when considering the state of our economy — they offer value-driven meals and are relatively inexpensive start-ups. Plus, our current society has become accustomed to eating on the go, which has also contributed to the movement.

As the days grow shorter and the nights become chillier, I find myself craving an evening around the fire. In my family, I am a renowned fire builder. I have spent hours with a friend in our community talking about techniques, fireplace designs, and wood. Make sure that you are a safe distance from structures, trees and bushes.

Whether a hose, a bucket, or any other vessel, make sure that you have water to put out the fire or to use in case of emergency. Modern homesteading sounds like an oxymoron; I prefer to think of it as a simple lifestyle adapted to contemporary times. Technology has made leaps and bounds since the s when the Firefox series was written.

We do and make things differently now, but often times seek the very same outcome. On Monday, we shared an article on Facebook that further discusses criticizes? Apple Butter, like most food, is a good example of this shift from making a product in the traditional way to producing in a more convenient manner. Apple Butter was a staple in my home growing up and my daughter has a new-found love of the spread.

Here you have the full interview with a small disclaimer and the recipes for the full menu we cooked that day:. She earned the moniker a dozen years ago after baking her signature buttery discs for a group of hungry strangers while on vacation in Venezuela. That same generous spirit is one of the defining principles of her business practice —she recently introduced a line of table linens at a more accessible price point than the rest of her wares, and she makes it a point to employ local seamstresses and pay them a living wage.

Pasta with Pesto Cream Sauce — Kevin & Amanda

Last month, I had the incredible honor of hosting a studio visit from three amazing women who have inspired me for years. On a beautiful summer day, Rosanne Cash , Gael Towey , and Maira Kalman arrived in Florence for a two day sewing workshop and adventure. The idea for the trip was hatched on a spring afternoon in New York City and I can hardly believe that it actually happened. With incredibly busy schedules, these three women cleared their calendars, bought their tickets, organized their lives, picked up their daughters, and headed south.

I spent an amazing afternoon with Gael talking about all things design and inspiration… that post will be coming in the next weeks. The bread pudding recipe below was a favorite with the entire crew, our Alabama Chanin team, and the photo above a favorite with our Facebook followers. The warm months in the south are a little extra-warm for us in the studio, so we are always looking for an excuse to cool down- even when having our afternoon coffee. What better way to cool down your afternoon coffee than with ice cream? She always had a knack for making me feel special, pulling out her best dishes, even when it was just the two of us.

This summer has been hard on my garden. Many of my herbs have simply withered away, and my tomatoes have been scorched in the harsh sun. From Alabama Stitch Book , page One day when I was feeling a bit down, my friend Jen Rausch called. She told me I was allowed 20 minutes of self-pity, but then I was to get up and get on with my work. A few hours later, Jen arrived at the office with a tray lined with a beautiful tea towel, which held a china bowl, a jar of warm soup, and some homemade whole-wheat crackers.

I will always be grateful to Jen for that sweet gesture. These recipes are fitting for most any occasion and come with little prep-time. Preheat the oven to about to degrees Fahrenheit. Blend or beat the liquid ingredients, and pour them over the dry ingredients in a bowl. Mix, then roll out the dough on the bottom of two large baking sheets to the edges. Bake for about minutes or until crisp and golden brown. My son Zach has a beautiful way of adapting traditional recipes in his cooking. For our studio lunches, he makes a salad with handmade, moist farm cheese crumbled on top.

We also enjoy it probably too much with fresh baked bread and crackers. Farm cheese got its name because all of its ingredients could be found on any farm. This very simple recipe can be made with just a few ingredients from your refrigerator: milk, buttermilk, and lemon. My refrigerator is always stocked with organic milk. I have lemon, which I use for hot tea. And buttermilk often lingers after biscuit-making endeavors on the weekends. The added convenience is farm cheese is fast and easy to make. It requires no special equipment, except cheesecloth. Every summer in our part of the world is hot, so hot that you barely want to move.

And this summer seems particularly, endlessly hot. By the end of August, we will all be looking forward to the coolness that comes with fall. The book is a delight to the senses, filled with simple recipes using common popsicle ingredients like strawberries or cherries, and not-so-common ingredients like cucumber and violet, or honeydew and ginger. Reading through, it is hard to decide on which recipe to make first. In March, Kristy shared a few of her favorite simple syrup recipes , which are a flavorful way to smooth your favorite cocktails. Though gin is not my spirit of choice, the ginger and mint made this by far my favorite drink of the summer.

As posted this morning , I have a particular love for ginger and I love to put a splash of this ginger syrup into a glass of Prosecco. Ginger is such a versatile flavor that plays well with almost any spirit. Combine the ingredients in a pot and simmer for about 5 minutes. Remove from heat and let steep for 10 more minutes. Strain off the ginger with a fine mesh strainer and set aside.

Cool the remaining syrup. Combine ingredients in a shaker with lots of ice.