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The Power of Concentration Meditation Creative Prayer Reaching for the Unattainable. For it is the running that stimulates you. So, what must you do to never stop?

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Set out in pursuit of the farthest and most unattainable goal — the goal of perfection, immensity and eternity. And in the pursuit of this goal you will come across all the other things you desire — knowledge, power, wealth and love. Happiness: A Gift to be Cultivated 2. Happiness is not Pleasure 3. Happiness is Found in Work 4.

A Philosophy of Effort 5. Light Makes for Happiness 6. The Meaning of Life 7. Peace and Happiness 8. Rise Above your Circumstances Develop a Sensitivity to the Divine The Land of Canaan The Spirit is Above the Laws of Fate Look for Happiness on a Higher Level The Quest for Happiness is a Quest for God No Happiness for Egoists Give Without Expecting Anything in Return Love Without Asking to be Loved in Return Our Enemies are Good for Us Well, that is what happens to you too when you give way to chaotic, passionate states — you produce a breath, a current, that disturbs the harmonious arrangement of atoms and electrons inside you.

P AN. How to Melt into the Harmony of the Cosmos 7. Nutrition on the Different Planes 8. How to Become Tireless 9. Cultivate an Attitude of Contentment. As you eat, watch your hand movements so as not to make any noise and to learn mastery and control; make the most of this time to link with the food and send it a loving, grateful thought; this is the most accessible yoga there is, and the easiest. By our act of eating, by our thoughts and feelings, we can extract spiritual elements from the food which will contribute to the blossoming of our whole being.

Another Form of Nutrition 8. Communion 9. The Meaning of the Blessing The Spirit Transforms Matter The Law of Symbiosis. Nor is it emptiness or absence; it is plenitude, a fullness comparable to that experienced by two human beings who love each other very deeply and share something that cannot be expressed in words or gestures. Silence is a quality of the inner life. Silence, the Essential Condition for Thought 9. The Quest for Silence is the Quest for the Centre Speech and the Logos A Master Speaks in Silence The Voice of Silence is the Voice of God The Revelations of a Starry Sky The feast of the nativity — 2.

Birth on the different planes of being — 4. The resurrection and the last judgment — 6. The two trees of paradise — 2. The wheel of life — 3. Beyond good and evil — 4. The wheat and the weeds — 5. The philosophy of unity — 6. The three temptations — 7. Undesirable guests — 8. Suicide — 9. Weapons of love and light — Light your inner lamps. Mind over matter — 3. Fate and freedom — 4. Freedom through death — 5. Sharing in the freedom of God — 6. True freedom: a consecration of self — 7. Freedom through self-limitation — 8. Anarchy and freedom — 9. The notion of hierarchy — The synarchy within.

Light: the essence of creation — 2. Gold is condensed sunlight — 4. Light enables us to see and be seen — 5. Working with light — 6. The prism: a symbol of man — 7. Purity clears the way for light — 8. Living with the intensity of light — 9. The spiritual laser. Human nature or animal nature? The lower self is a reflection — 3.

Methods of escape — 5. The sun symbolizes the divine nature — 6. Put the personality to work — 7. Perfection comes with the higher self — 8. The silent voice of the higher self — 9. Only by serving the divine nature — Address the higher self in others — What is spiritual galvanoplasty? Reflections of the two principles — 3. Marriages made in heaven — 4.


Love freely given — 5. Love on the lower plane — 6. Love on the higher plane — 7. The solar nature of sexual energy — 9. Mankind transformed — The original experiment and the new one — Replenish the earth! The cosmic child. The living book of nature — 2. Day and night — 3. Spring water or stagnant water — 4. Marriage, a universal symbol — 5. Distilling the quintessence — 6. The power of fire — 7. The naked truth — 8.

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Building a house — 9. Red and white — The river of life — Learning to read and write. The unjust stewart — 4. The strait gate — 6. The calming of the storm — 8. The first shall be last — 9. The parable of the five wise and the five foolish virgins — Geometrical symbolism — 2. The circle — 3. The triangle — 4. The pentagram — 5. The pyramid — 6. The cross — 7.

The Book of Genesis says that God formed

The quadrature of the circle. Human evolution and the development of the spiritual organs — 2. The aura — 3. The solar plexus — 4. The hara centre — 5. Kundalini force — 6. The enclosure of the zodiac — 2. The zodiac and the forming of man — 3. The planetary cycle of hours and days — 4. The cross of destiny — 5. The axes of aries-libra and taurus-scorpio — 6. The virgo-pisces axis — 7. The leo-aquarius axis — 8. The fire and water triangles — 9.

The twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve labours of Hercules in relation to the zodiac. Spiritual alchemy — 2. The human tree — 3. Character and temperament — 4. Our heritage from the animal kingdom — 5. Fear — 6. Stereotypes — 7. Grafting — 8. The use of energy — 9. Sacrifice, the transmutation of matter — Vainglory and divine glory — Pride and humility — The sublimation of sexual energy. Know thyself — 2. The synoptic table — 3. Several souls and several bodies — 4. Heart, mind, soul and spirit — 5. The apprenticeship of the will — 6. Body, soul and spirit — 7. Outer knowledge and inner knowledge — 8.

From intellect to intelligence — 9. True illumination — The causal body — Consciousness — The subconscious — The higher self. Art, science and religion — 2. The divine sources of inspiration — 3. The work of the imagination — 4. Prose and poetry — 5. The human voice — 6. Choral singing — 7. How to listen to music — 8. The magical power of a gesture — 9. Beauty — Idealization as a means of creation — A living masterpiece — Building the temple.

The reality of spiritual work — 2. Thinking the future — 3. Psychic pollution — 4. Thoughts are living entities — 5. How thought materializes on the physical plane — 6. Striking a balance between matter and the spirit — 7. The strength of the spirit — 8. Some rules for spiritual work — 9. The weapons of thought — The power of concentrated thought — The foundations of meditation — Creative prayer — Reaching for the unattainable. Harmony and Health Table of contents — 1. Life comes first — 2. The world of harmony — 3.

Harmony and health — 4. The spiritual foundations of medicine — 5. Respiration and nutrition — 6. Respiration: I. The effects of respiration on health — II. How to melt into the harmony of the cosmos — 7. Nutrition on the different planes — 8.

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How to become tireless — 9. Cultivate an attitude of contentment. The danger of the current revival of magic — 2. The magic circle of the aura — 3. The magic wand — 4. The magic word — 5. Talismans — 6. Is thirteen an unlucky number — 7. The moon — 8. Working with nature spirits — 9. Flowers and perfumes — We all work magic — The three great laws of magic — The hand — The power of a glance — The magical power of trust — Love, the only true magic — Never look for revenge — The exorcism and consecration of objects — Protect your dwelling place.

Life: our most precious possession — 2. Let your material life be consistent with your spiritual life — 3. Dedicate your life to a sublime goal — 4. Our daily life: a matter that must be transformed by the spirit — 5. Nutrition as yoga — 6.

Respiration — 7. How to recuperate energy — 8. Love makes us tireless — 9. Technical progress frees man for spiritual work — Furnishing your inner dwelling — The outer world is a reflection of your inner world — Make sure of a good future by the way you live today — Live in the fullness of the present — The importance of beginnings The visible and the invisible — 2. The limited vision of the intellect, the infinite vision of intuition — 3. The entrance to the invisible world: from Yesod to Tiphareth — 4. Clairvoyance: activity and receptivity — 5. Should we consult clairvoyants?

Love and your eyes will be opened — 7. Messages from heaven — 8. Visible and invisible light: svetlina and videlina — 9. The higher degrees of clairvoyance — The spiritual eye — To see God — The true magic mirror: the universal Soul — Dream and reality — Sleep, an image of death — Protect yourself while you are asleep — Astral projection while asleep — Physical and psychic havens — The sources of inspiration — Sensation is preferable to vision. Noise and silence — 2. Achieving inner silence — 3. Leave your cares at the door — 4. Make your meals an exercise in silence — 5. Silence, a reservoir of energies — 6.

The inhabitants of silence — 7. Harmony, the essential condition for inner silence — 8. Silence, the essential condition for thought — 9. The quest for silence is the quest for the centre — Speech and the logos — A master speaks in silence — The voice of silence is the voice of God — The revelations of a starry sky — A silent room. The island of Patmos — 2. Introduction to the book of revelations — 3.

Melchizedek and initiation into the mystery of the two principles — 4. Letters to the Church in Ephesus and Smyrna — 5. Letter to the Church in Pergamos — 6. Letter to the Church in Laodicea — 7. The twenty-four elders and the four holy living creatures — 8. The scroll and the lamb — 9. The hundred and forty-four thousand servants of God — The woman and the dragon — The dragon spews water at the woman — The beast from the sea and the beast from the land — The wedding feast of the lamb — The dragon is bound for a thousand years — The new heaven and the new earth — The heavenly city.

Happiness: a gift to be cultivated — 2. Happiness is not pleasure — 3. Happiness is found in work — 4. A philosophy of effort — 5. Light makes for happiness — 6. The meaning of life — 7. Peace and happiness — 8. If you want to be happy, be alive — 9. Rise above your circumstances — Develop a sensitivity to the divine — The land of Canaan — The spirit is above the laws of fate — Look for happiness on a higher level — The quest for happiness is a quest for God — No happiness for egoists — Give without expecting anything in return — Love without asking to be loved in return — Our enemies are good for us — The garden of souls and spirits — Fusion on the higher planes — We are the artisans of our own future.

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The Mysteries of Fire and Water Table of contents — 1. The two principles of creation, water and fire — 2. The secret of combustion — 3. Water, the matrix of life — 4. Civilization, a product of water — 5. The living chain of sun, earth and water — 6. A blacksmith works with fire — 7.

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Water is born of mountains — 8. Physical and spiritual water — 9. Feeding the flame — The essential role of fire — The cycle of water: reincarnation - love and wisdom — A candle flame — How to light and tend fire — Water, the universal medium — The magic mirror — Trees of light — The coming of the holy spirit — A treasury of pictures.

Youth, a world in gestation — 2. The foundation stone of life: faith in a creator — 3. A sense of the sacred — 4. The voice of our higher nature — 5. Choosing the right direction — 6. Knowledge cannot give meaning to life — 7. Character counts for more than knowledge — 8. Learning to handle success and failure — 9. Recognize the aspirations of soul and spirit — The divine world, our own inner world — Did you choose your own family?

Benefit from the experience of older people — Compare yourself to those who are greater — The will must be sustained by love — Never admit defeat — Never give way to despair — Artists of the future — Sexual freedom — Preserve the poetry of your love — Members of one universal Family. The quest for truth — 2. Truth, the child of wisdom and love — 3. Wisdom and love; light and warmth — 4. The love of a disciple; the wisdom of a master — 5. Truth, the kernel of life — 6.

The blue ray of truth — 8.

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Three levels of truth — 9. Be faithful There is no arguing about tastes — Reality: objective and subjective — The primacy of subjective reality — Scientific progress v. Scientific truth and the truth of life — A fresh view of reality — Dreams and reality — Truth transcends good and evil — The framework of the universe — 2. The divine office of weights and measures — 3. The link with the centre — 4. Reaching for the top — 5. From multiplicity to unity — 6. Building the edifice — 7. Contemplating the truth: Isis unveiled — 8.

Garment of light — 9. The skin — The perfume of Eden — An image can be a support for prayer — The spirit is not held captive in relics — Speak to the spirit of those you love — The sun, the quintessence of religion — The truth of the sun is in giving — The kingdom of God is within. From man to God, the notion of hierarchy — 2.

Introduction to the sephirotic Tree of Life — 3. The angelic hierarchies — 4. The names of God — 5. The sephiroth of the central pillar — 6. Ain Soph Aur, unlimited light — 7. Light, the substance of the universe — 8. The kingdom of God is like a mustard seed — The cosmic family and the mystery of the Trinity — The body of Adam Kadmon — Malkuth, Yesod, Hod, Tiphareth, archangels and seasons — The sephirotic tree, symbol of synarchic order — Yesod, foundation of the spiritual life — Binah: I the laws of destiny - II the realm of stability — Chokmah, the creative word — Yesod, Tiphareth, Kether, the sublimation of sexual energy — The prayer of Solomon.

PAN Cosmic balance and the number two — 2. Oscillation of the scales — 3. One and zero — 4. God transcends good and evil — 6. The white head and the black head — 7. Alternation and antagonism - the law of opposites — 8. The caduceus of Hermes - the astral serpent — Iona, principle of life - Horev, principle of death — The law of exchange — The key and the lock — The work of the spirit on matter - the holy grail — Union of the ego with the physical body — The sacrament of the eucharist — The androgynes of myth — Union with the universal Soul and the cosmic Spirit.

Faith, hope and love — 2. The mustard seed — 3. Faith and belief — 4. Science and religion — 5. Faith always precedes knowledge — 6. Retrieving lost knowledge — 7. A religion is only a form of faith — 8. Our divine lineage — 9. Identifying with God — God is life — God in creation — Rabota, vreme, vera: work, time, faith. Love Greater Than Faith Table of contents — 1. The uncertainties of modern man — 2.

Destructive doubt: unification and bifurcation — 3. Constructive doubt — 4. Let it be done for you according to your appreciation — 6. Only our actions witness to our faith — 7. Never abandon your faith in good — 8. Base your trust on vigilance — Blood, vehicle of the soul — 3. Jesus, high priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek — 7. The man Jesus and the cosmic Principle of the Christ — 8. Christmas and Easter: two pages in the book of nature — 9. The birth of the Christ-child — Jesus: dead and resurrected? Sons and daughters of God are brothers and sisters to all people — Populate the earth with sons and daughters of God.

On the interpretation of the Scriptures - I. The word of God — 2. Marking matter with the seal of the spirit - II. The source of energy — 4. The work of the alchemist: 3 over 4 — The regeneration of matter: the cross and the crucible — The May dew — The growth of the divine seed — The gold of true knowledge: the alchemist and the gold prospector. God, the beginning and end of our journey — 2.

Beginning the journey — 3. Suffering is a stimulus — 4. In the school of life: the lessons of cosmic Intelligence — 6. A commitment to heaven — 8. Forging ahead fearlessly — 9. The light of the spirit should be our only guide — Our place on the cosmic Tree — Patience: its unexpected treasures — And all beings will follow you on this path of joy — Always reach for new heights — So that love will never leave us — Opening the doors to the dream world — The long road to joy — Visits from angelic beings.

The sage lives in hope — 2. Like a shepherd watching over his sheep Protecting the frontiers of our soul — 4. Waiting and staying alert — 5. Seriousness, tears, laughter, celebration — 7. Tongue of iron and tongue of gold — 9. Victory over suffering: the smile of God — Every sacrifice we make engraves the mark of the sun within us — Giving thanks: a source of light and joy — Getting your name written in the book of life — Seated at the banqueting table.

The programme for the day and the programme for eternity — 4. Only the present belongs to us — 6. Before the sun goes down — 7. Passing over to the next world — 8. Unlimited life — 9. The meaning of funeral rites — Our relationship to our family spirits — Serving the divine Principle — Keep walking! On the threshold of a new year. Stani Collection Deepening spiritual practice Bringing Symbols to Life The gymnastic exercises 'The gymnastic exercises we do each morning are a way of capturing these energies and making them circulate.

This is because the geometric figures that correspond to the different movements relate to spiritual forces and entities. When we trace these figures in space, we are attracting the forces and entities to which they are linked, so that they can work in us. Breathing — Three important notes — Description of the exercises — Introduction — Synoptic table — Preliminary remarks — First exercise — Second exercise — Third exercise — Fourth exercise — Fifth exercise — Sixth exercise — Seventh exercise — Eighth exercise — The final greeting.

This book is more than a treasure- house of memories. As we make our way through the wealth of photographs in its pages, we sense that it can support and encourage us in our initiatic quest on the steep road to wisdom. The second birth — The time of trials — The journey in India. Daily Meditations An inspiring thought for every day of the year 22 August: 'A universal remedy exists which restores health and equilibrium to the body.

This remedy is love. Life and love are linked, and in order for life to circulate in abundance, we must call on love. Yes, life is born of love. Where there is love there is life. Where love diminishes death approaches. Every religion teaches us to love the one Being who gives life. This Being who fills the universe can be found everywhere: in the earth, in plants, in water, in air, in fire, in our own bodies, in the sun and the stars, everywhere. Here is a very simple but very efficient way to link yourself to the Lord.

When you want to pray you create an image, that of a multitude of spirits spread throughout the whole world, but who, wherever they are, are in the process of concentrating on the Creator. Through thought, you link with these beings so as to pray with them Yes, it is the chase that stimulates you. It is in the quest, in the pursuit of a goal that you find happiness Yes, a universal family is possible!

That proves that you still have some work to do to bring your ideas down onto the physical plane. And on this matter which came from it, spirit works to bring forth innumerable forms of life. Spirit and matter are two aspects of God himself' Ref. Onlookers would have seen some coming towards them and others moving away from them, and they would have concluded that they were going in opposite directions.

But if they could have seen this scene from above, they would have noticed that all of them were going in the same direction and doing one and the same work Meditation, prayer and ecstasy are all forms of breathing. The yogis and ascetics of India in particular have a deep understanding of the importance of breathing. Their intensive investigations have led them to realize that all the rhythms of our organism can be harmonized with the rhythms of the cosmic breath.