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In addition, there are illustrations to assist comprehension. Luca and I are huge fans of comics. There are all sorts of comics: for children, for adults, and all types of genres. The most well-known comics have been translated into many languages. You can view the selections of comic books in foreign languages on Amazon. Educational or self-help books make it possible for you to kill two birds with one stone: learn about a topic that interests you while improving your target-language skills.

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I also read lots of books on language-learning methodology and memorization. Look up topics that interest you and that may be useful to your professional life e. The other advantage to these books compared to novels is that they are easier to read. The writing style is simpler, and the vocabulary is limited to the subject field less vast than in novels. In addition, you will have double the motivation to read these books because you will be improving in two areas at once.

I also recommend that you check out books that have been adapted into films. First, you can watch the film in its original version using our method , then start reading the book. This will make the reading easier because you already know the story.

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Here is a list of books that have been adapted to film for French. Here is our selection of great books 0rganized by language and by level that you will enjoy reading and that will help you make significant progress in your target language. Jules and Camille are twins, even though they are nothing alike. Help Jules and Camille find their missing friend! The baron of Sigognac is a noble who runs off with a group of traveling actors. He falls in love with a young actress named Isabelle. However, an insolent duke wants to seduce Isabelle, so the baron has to challenge him!

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The awarded games L'as d'or The Spiel des Jahres. Game Book.

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Game Literature and Artbook. Press Plato Ravage. Little selection from the Philiboyz to play with the kids to play with family to play with friends to learn about the modern games for expert players to play in pairs to play at the aperitif for a great time of fun. Les Blogueurs. Cooperative Games.


Our selection for the professionnels. Selection from the Philiboyz. Cowboy Bebop CCG. Dragon Ball. Naruto Boruto: Card Game. Pathfinder - Adventure Card Game. Warhammer Age of Sigmar : Champions. Introduction to Rpg.

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Roleplaying Game - PDF version. Books Cthulhu Nephilim Polaris Shadowrun. Naval warfare. Aerial warfare. Press and Novel Specialized Press Fictions. Accessories Gaming Accessories Sceneries Playmats.