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The procedure should include specific steps an intern takes in the complaint process and be broad enough to cover any and all complaints that may arise for interns e. Click Here. The internship experience minimum hours must be completed in no less than 9 months and no more than 24 months. Clarification: Internships may be conducted on a full or part-time basis. Only School Psychology programs will be accepted at hour or for month internships. It is required that internships provide training that meets the requirements for licensure eligibility in the state, province, territory or jurisdiction in which it is located.

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At least twice a year the internship program conducts formal written evaluations of each trainee's performance. Clarification: The written evaluation process provides comprehensive evaluative feedback to doctoral psychology interns as follows:. The program has the necessary financial resources to achieve its training goals and objectives. Intern stipends shall be reasonable, fair, and stated clearly in advance. Unfunded internship positions are allowable only in unusual and infrequent circumstances. Intern stipends shall be set at a level that is representative and fair in relationship to the geographic location and clinical setting of the training site.

Unfunded or poorly funded internship positions are allowed only in unusual and infrequent circumstances in which the creation of such a position would serve to alleviate a hardship for the potential intern candidate. The "burden of evidence" lies with the program to demonstrate that the lack of funding does not adversely affect morale or quality of training. In addition, training resources should be sufficient to afford the same training for an unfunded or poorly funded position as for fully funded positions.

The payment of a stipend is a concrete acknowledgment that a trainee in the agency is valued and emphasizes that the primary task of the year is educational in nature. Stipends are generally lower than a salary received by a regular employee and implies that there is a significant training component in addition to experiential learning.

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Stipends are equal among trainees unless there is an extenuating circumstance e. This distinction between trainee and regular employee emphasizes that an internship is "an organized training program, in contrast to supervised experience or on-the-job training. Member Login. Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers. Contact Us. Choose a news list Choose a discussion list Clarification : The organization of an internship program is evident in a clear: Statement of the goals and objectives of the training activities. Description of the plan, location, and sequence of direct service experiences.

Description of the training curriculum; i. Description of how the psychology training program is integrated into the larger organization.

The Internship

Clarification: The internship is administered by a doctoral level licensed certified or registered for independent practice psychologist who: Directs and organizes the training program and its resources. Is responsible for selection of interns. Monitors and evaluates the training program's goals and activities. Documents and maintains interns' training records. Interns' primary clinical supervision and role modeling must be provided by psychologists on the program's staff members who are licensed certified or registered for independent practice at the doctoral level and who are: Officially designated as psychology intern supervisors.

Significantly involved in the operation of the training program. Clarification: Internship training in Psychology is primarily based on experiential learning which: Provides psychological services directly to consumers in the form of psychological assessment, treatment, and consultation. Exposes interns to a variety of types of psychological services and consumers. This would include both: Completion of formal academic coursework at a degree-granting program in professional psychology clinical, counseling, school , and Closely supervised experiential training in professional psychology skills conducted in non-classroom settings.

The internship level psychology trainees have a title such as "intern," "resident," "fellow," or other designation of trainee status. Clarification: Internship programs must make available descriptions of their training program which give their applicants and interns a clear understanding of the program in terms of: The program's training goals and objectives.

The program's training methods, content, and curriculum for example, required rotations, sample weekly schedules, or available training seminars.

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The program's training resources e. The sites at which training and services are provided. For programs with multiple sites, clear descriptions are given for each site of services rendered by interns, supervision offered, and involvement of the training director. The documentation would include: Description of formal evaluation and complaint procedures. The program's and intern's responsibilities and rights in the process. The appeal process.

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Description of procedures if interns have grievances about their training or supervision. APPIC member programs are required to issue a certificate of internship completion, which includes the word "Psychology," to all interns who have successfully completed the program. Clarification: The certificate should clearly indicate: a. The Director of Training should sign the certificate.

The certificate of completion for doctoral internships should reflect the program's substantive area of professional psychology, or indicate that the program is an internship in "health service psychology. After your application has been successfully submitted to the system you will receive a confirmation via e-mail. We aim to let all candidates know whether they have been shortlisted several weeks after the closing date of the application. When I submit my application, is the information in my application kept confidential? We keep all applications confidential and do not use them for any other purporses apart from selecting interns.

Your work will depend on the needs of your Directorate. However, interns can expect to be involved in the following tasks:. Please make sure to clearly state your availability on your cover letter and application form. Interns at the OECD do not receive a salary. However, the OECD grants a contribution to living expenses of euros per full month worked. The internship requires you to be in the office 40h per week. Exceptionally, your manager may authorise you to work part-time.

Applicants are asked to state their availability in their online application. Once selected, interns discuss their starting date with their manager.

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The vast majority of internships are available in Paris, France. The OECD does not insure interns. Interns will have to provide proof of medical insurance before they take up duty.

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The OECD does not provide accommodation to interns. In order to be able to apply for an internship at the OECD candidates must: Be enrolled in a full-time degree programme for the duration of the internship in a field or discipline related to the work of the OECD see the List of departments and special bodies for further details. Be proficient in English or French. How do I apply?

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Selection process What are the main steps of the selection process? Your online application You apply online with your CV and cover letter. Screening of the applications All applications are screened and suitable candidates placed on a shortlist made available to OECD Directorates. What should I focus on in my cover letter? What is the interview about and how can I prepare for it? What are the topics of the written test?