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I found myself a love so great, Sometimes myself I pinch Until now I didn't think this was possible, You make lovin you a cinch! I Would Live in Your Love Poet: Sara Teasdale I would live in your love as the sea-grasses live in the sea, Borne up by each wave as it passes, drawn down by each wave that recedes; I would empty my soul of the dreams that have gathered in me, I would beat with your heart as it beats, I would follow your soul as it leads.

I never felt this way before Now here you are at my door We have a connection That will always be. It would take me forever To list the reasons I love you For all seasons.

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As the years pass My love grows more For you my dear Are special to me. It is like a love story The relationship that we have I count my blessings For how lucky can I be to have you as a husband. Through kisses, hugs and daily talks, Nothing can make me stay away. But it is nice to have one day, When only our love is on the mind.

A time to share our feelings of love, While our fingers intertwine. But one thing never changes, My love for you, I cannot ignore.

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There are days I feel this is too much, And I don't know what to do. But let's face it, who are we kidding, I want nothing else but you! Your smiles, hugs and goofy looks, You make me happier than I have ever known. Life before you must have been very dull, I don't remember much before you came along.

My life never mean't very much to me, You have given me purpose, I now belong. A loving partner to come home to each day, A wonderful marital bliss. Blessed am I who received this gift, Bless am I indeed. Help me to share my gratefulness, You my love are all I ever need.

You are more than I have ever deserved, I cannot even comprehend. I love you more than I probably share, May you understand and see this truth. I always have and always will, Now in my prime, started in my youth. When I am with you My world is so bright I feel like nothing more is due You bring sunshine and light. Together we are, together we will stay Nothing will break our promise of love Forever and forever and another day Our love will continue in heaven above. But now the years have past And our love continues to grow stronger It has grown so very vast I'll love you forever and even longer.

Higginsworth There are many types of love that abound: For our children that demonstrates our adoration. For our sisters and brothers, they are the special others. For our parents and their accomplishments. For our friends on them we can always depend. For our neighbor should never be a labor. For our wife is a big part of our life. But above all is the love for God that all men are called. We sometimes face winds that are strong But you and I face them together all along. And our family is like the branches of the tree Most of the time happy but at times they disagree.

And even as we age we continue to grow Just like each season even when it snows. We have learned how to bend With each storm that sends Challenges and disappointments That seem to have no end. But each year we find that our leaves they do bloom And our love for each is like the best perfume. Your love warms my heart like the rays of the sun; Happy anniversary to my own special one.

Touch Me Here : Passionate Love Letters for the seasons of Love by Robin McDougal (2008, Paperback)

There are also love poems on the following pages: birthday love poems. Short Love Poems. Valentine love poems. Here's an anniversary love poem describing a long-term relationship that is not only still happy, but keeps getting better and better. Each anniversary finds us happier; You are my light--my moon, my star, my sun. You show me what real love is all about, You fill my life with pleasure, joy and fun. As time goes by, our love grows stronger still. I prize our anniversaries because Each year I fall in love again with you.

You can customize our anniversary love poems to your personal taste. If you don't want to use "ecstasy," you might use "security" or "serenity. I know that I can cope with what life brings, As long as I wake up to see your face. I look at you and I still get a thrill. Our marriage is the best thing in my life; I love you deeply, madly, and I always will. Anniversary love poems sometimes use metaphors and words that appeal to the five senses. This anniversary love note is like that.

The Lake The beauty of the lake is always changing, With the light, the weather and the season. Yet each change holds a splendor all its own, Each viewing precious for its own reason. In sunshine, golden stars dance across the water. Moonlight shines a beacon in the peaceful night. The wind causes whitecaps to erupt and roll, While calm brings assorted reflections of light.

The water has a new costume each day, Perhaps gray or green, aqua or blue.

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Though each view is different, the lake is the lake, Lovely in its every color, mood and hue. My thoughts of the lake remind me of you, My wonderful, loving partner in life. Through sunny days and stormy times, We've stayed together as husband and wife. Your love is my beacon, my star and my light; All your colors and moods are precious to me. You make every day an enchanting delight, And I'll love you for all eternity. Happy anniversary, sweetheart. With you at my side, every experience is beautiful! This anniversary love poem shows strong, solid love that is also passionate.

It's also a marriage love poem. Your sweet devotion never, ever fails, No matter what I say or what I do. Sometimes I wonder what I ever did To deserve someone as wonderful as you. I want to touch you, kiss you and much more; My passion for you cannot be denied. Together we are satisfied and blessed; Our marriage is the very, very best. So Much Time, So Much Love So much time has passed, my love, since we met and married, so much love each hour, day and minute.

Passion, yes, and also tender looks, casual caresses, fond words filling my memories with pleasure forever. With you, sweetheart, every year, every anniversary, is the best one yet. I wish every marriage could be as loving as the one this anniversary love poem describes. Karl wrote this for Joanna. When I look up and see you, my love, My whole world is filled with pleasure. Through all the years we've shared, my love, You've been my greatest treasure. The sun shines brighter when you're near; The air seems fresher too. Everything that's dear to me, Seems perfect, because of you.

The years go by, it's anniversary time, My love for you keeps growing. The pleasure it brings to be by your side, Holding hands, makes me feel like I'm glowing. So my love, on this special day, Please believe what goes on in my heart. Know that it's true; I really love you!

And I've loved you this way from the start. Anniversary love poems sometimes reveal things about the couple they are written for. This anniversary love message, which is also a marriage love poem, is probably for a couple who has been together quite awhile. How could I know it would bring such joy Just to cuddle my head on your shoulder. So many things bring happiness now, Like a rub on the back or a smile, And my feelings for you are stronger today Than they were when you walked down the aisle. When I was young, my fondest wish Was a marriage that could be this good. Anniversary love poems do not always rhyme.

Here's an anniversary love message that is a prose poem nonrhyming , suitable for a wedding anniversary poem or a marriage poem. Note that you can change the title.

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If you don't like the phrase, "Dear One," use something you do like. Dear One Dear one Years ago when we met, I fell in love with you. Nothing has changed; I love you still When you're not near me, I feel an emptiness that I can't seem to fill.