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Korneta, Mattie. Bernardine Dohrn and the Women of the Weather Underground.

Weathermen: Inside The Free-Loving, Bomb-Planting Radical Group

Lekus, Ian. Lemisch, Jesse. Vol: XI-1Whole : Summer Accessed February 27, Varon, Jeremy.

Weathermen - Gut You

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Notes From the Underground

The New Weatherman's Cookbook. In the face of impending climate crises, environmentalists are becoming increasingly polarised in their ideas and beliefs. Bio-Conservatives argue for a curbing of consumption, a return to Nature and are suspicious of new technologies. Techno-Progressives on the other hand adopt an optimistic trust in progress, and promise to solve problems with newer and better technologies.

Eventually known as Smash Monogamy, the program scheduled mass orgies with the intent of making the relationship with the group the only one that mattered. After an orgy in Columbus, Ohio, member Gerry Long recalled:.

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And there were people fucking and thrashing around all over. The room was like some modern sculpture.

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They were all moving up and down, rolling around. Along with drugs, the Weathermen encouraged sexual experimentation with both genders.

How the Weather Underground Failed at Revolution and Still Changed the World

But after several months, the orgies were stopped. In truth, the rampant spread of STDs was the nail in the coffin. Dozens of people suffered from gonorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease, and crabs.

In the meantime, the Days of Rage continued. Though many members were arrested and bail tallied in the millions, the Weather Underground had rendered enough damage to get noticed.

A documentary about the Weathermen shows how far we’ve come since the ’60s.