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With it was a briefcase, in which were papers detailing an imminent Allied invasion of Greece. As the British had anticipated, the supposedly neutral government of Fascist Spain turned the papers over to the Nazi High Command, who swallowed the story whole. It was perhaps the most decisive bluff of all time, for the Allies had no such plan: the purpose of 'Operation Mincemeat' was to blind the German High Command to their true objective - an attack on Southern Europe through Sicily.

Though officially shrouded in secrecy, the operation soon became legendary in part owing to Churchill's post-war habit of telling the story at dinner. Note: Duff Cooper's son, Lord Norwich, has contributed a fascinating preface which explains the genesis of the combined volume and includes recent revelations about the true identity of the mysterious Major Martin. US edition published May There can be very few people who have not heard about the WW II deception story which has become known by the haunting phrase:.

Many of you have seen the film of that name, and many of you have read some of the books written by those who were intimately involved with what has been described as:. The following pages will contain an assortment of odd details, snippets of information, and revelations from some previously classified "TOP SECRET" documents, regarding the closely kept secret of the true identity of the body used by British Naval Intelligence and MI5 in to dupe the Nazis into believing that the planned Allied landings in Southern Europe would take place in Greece and Sardinia, instead of the intended island of Sicily.

In a now celebrated strategic deception ploy code-named "Operation Mincemeat" , and which within a mere 10 years had become known as "The Man Who Never Was" , the body of a dead man was kept on ice in a London mortuary for an uncertain period of time, and then dressed in the uniform of a Royal Marines Major and given a false identity. From there the submarine headed for the southern coast of Spain, where the body was placed into the sea just a short distance from the shore near the town of Huelva in the early hours of April 30th Attached to the body by the type of lock and chain device used by bank couriers at the time, was a briefcase containing several forged documents which the Allies hoped would quickly fall into the hands of a Nazi agent known by British Intelligence to have been working in the Huelva area at that time.

This agent was believed to have been on good terms with the local police and armed forces of the then fascist regime of dictator General Francisco Franco, and the great gamble of "Operation Mincemeat" was the hoped-for probability that both the briefcase and its contents or at least copies of them would fall quickly into his hands. As anticipated, the body was soon discovered, and while some versions of events claim it was washed ashore, other versions maintain that it was picked up by a fishing boat before it had actually beached. Either way, the outcome was that both the body and the attached briefcase containing the misleading documents were taken into the custody of the local Spanish authorities - as would be normal practice.

Then began the long wait for the British Intelligence officers who had thought up the plan, and a good synopsis of the sequence of events was published in the magazine "After The Battle" , issue 94, pages 31 - 33, one of who's writers, Roger Morgan, had conducted investigations into the true identity of "The Man Who Never Was" which has lasted almost 20 years from about Entitled "The Story So Far Code-name "Trojan Horse" later changed to "Mincemeat".

February 04 : Inquest confirms death by phosphorous poisoning. The same day the XX Committee was informed that a suitable corpse had been obtained. Plan approved for implementation with the false identity of 'Major Martin'. April 17 : Body placed in special container packed with dry ice and driven from Hackney Mortuary to Holy Loch, Scotland. April 30 : Body carrying misleading documents released into sea and washes up on Spanish coast near Huelva.

May 01 : 'Major Martin' buried in the local cemetary. July 10 : Success of Allied landing in Sicily partly attributed to deception plans. In came the publication of the book by Lt. Commander Ewen E. Since that time a wide variety of people have made it their business to investigate the true identity of 'Major Martin', and for an equally wide variety of reasons.

And this new website, which has been set up by a member of the immediate family of Glyndwr Michael, will begin a thorough review over the coming weeks and months of as much as can be found that has been written and broadcast since including many recently declassified documents about the ficticious 'Major William Martin'. The results will appear on these pages. It will also confirm the identity of the body used by British Naval Intelligence, in conjunction with MI5, as that of Mr Glyndwr Michael, who was born in Aberbargoed, South Wales, on January 4th, , the son of Thomas Michael and Sarah Ann Chadwick later Michael , and who died in London on or about January 28, , in circumstances which have yet to be honestly explained by those who later used it.

Recent claims that the decomposing body of Glyndwr Michael had been substituted at the last minute for that of a 'fresher' corpse of a sailor killed in the tragic explosion aboard the aircraft carrier, "HMS Dasher" - which occurred on March 27 , just a month before the OK was given for "Operation Mincemeat" to begin - beg some very sinister questions:.

And could this be the real reason why Ewen Montagu had refused to name Glyndwr Michael throughout his lifetime? He reiterated his offer to Richard, who does not accept, when an image of Jacob appeared, covered in blood, appeared. After this appearance, the Man in Black quickly departs Richard with a promise that they will meet again very soon. The Substitute. In his drunken state, Sawyer accepts the appearance of a seemingly ressurrected John Locke in stride. Surprised at this, the Man in Black asked how Sawyer could respond like that.

Sawyer indicates that strange things are so commonplace that he doesn't even notice any more.

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Along the way, the two encounter the younger version of Jacob, although Sawyer is able to see the apparition, much to the surprise of the Man in Black. The Man in Black gives chase to the specter, although he is apparently unable to catch and confront Jacob, because he soon returns to Sawyer and the two continue their trek to the cave. Upon reaching the cave, The Man in Black walks over to a balancing scale which has a black rock representing himself on one side, and a white rock representing Jacob on the other.

He removes the white stone from the scale and throws it out the cave's entrance, indicating to Sawyer that was an "inside joke. He then crossed the name of John Locke from the wall with satisfaction. He explained to Sawyer - also a candidate - that the candidates were possible replacements for Jacob as protector of the Island, but quickly added that the Island did not need protection. Claire reveals to Jin that she has been hanging around "John Locke". Claire's mental condition has seriously deteriorated and it appears that she has the "sickness" that Rousseau's science team came down with.

Dogan sends Sayid to kill the Man in Black using a ceremonial dagger, however The Man in Black convinces Sayid to return to the Temple and deliver a message.

Who's the Man? [Original Soundtrack]

The message was that anyone was welcome to follow him, however anyone remaining in the Temple at sundown would be killed. Sayid was then to kill Dogan and his number two Lennon, which he does. True to his word, the Man in Black enters the Temple grounds at sunset, in the form of the black smoke, and kills all who remained loyal on the Temple Grounds. He also freed Kate and Claire who were being held together inside the temple. The Man in Black then frees Ben who is found in shackles back at the original beach camp of the Flight survivors, digging his own grave. Ilana planned to put Ben into that grave for his murder of Jacob.

But the Man in Black offered Ben safety and a means off the Island. Ben initially accepts his offer, however, Ben who had been seeking redemption decides to remain with Ilana after she forgives him for murdering Jacob. Returning to his own camp, The Man in Black gets everyone moving.

When confronted about what happened in the Temple, Locke answered that "the black smoke" killed everyone, while neglecting to mention that he was, himself, the black smoke. The group finds a clearing where they will make camp for a while, while the Man in Black plans his next maneuver. He sends Sawyer to Hydra Island on a reconnaissance mission, revealing that he knows Charles Widmore and a team of people are over there. Back in his camp, The Man in Black is forced to break up a fight between Kate and Claire, after the latter had attacked the former for "kidnapping" her baby. He is forced to slap Claire to settle her down, and he then places her in a "time-out" to cool off while he comforts Kate who is seriously disturbed not only by the attack, but by the state of mind she sees in Claire as well as Sayid who is showing signs of emotional deterioration.

Sawyer returns from his mission to Hydra Island, and reveals that Charles Widmore is there, he has a submarine with a locked door inside and sonic pylons and the fact that Sawyer made a deal with Widmore to betray the Man in Black, which was apparently a ruse. The man in Black thanks Sawyer for his honesty and loyalty. Elsewhere, Richard Alpert who had left the Man in Black in favor of Jacob years previously, was having a crisis of faith and expressed a strong desire to return to the Man in Black. In response, the Man in Black approached Richard.

However, as he discovered he was too late to re-claim Richard. He looked on as Hurley - who could communicate with the dead - facilitated a conversation between Richard and his late wife Isabella. Richard appears to agree and leaves with Hurley. Returning to his camp, The Man in Black has a discussion with Jin, in which he reveals that to get off the Island he and all the remaining candidates must leave together. When Jin reminds him that Sun, also a candidate, is not there, he tells Jin that he's working on that. Leaving Sayid in charge of the camp, The Man in Black goes across the Island to the beach camp to talk to Sun who has resumed care of her garden.

He tells her that Jin is with him, but she does not believe him and flees. He returns to his own camp where he finds everyone unconscious. He asks Sayid what happened, and learns that they were attacked by Widmore's camp and they have taken Jin. The Man in Black returns to his own camp, having left Sayid behind to see what's going on. Sayid discovers that Widmore has brought Desmond Hume back to the Island, The Package because Desmond seems to be the only person who can survive a certain threshhold of electromagnatism - a talent they want to use to save everyone.

Happily Ever After. Later while the Man in Black is dealing with the camp's impatience to get moving again, Sayid returns with Desmond. Sending Sayid back to the camp, the Man in Black takes Desmond for a walk. As they walk, they encounter the apparition of young Jacob again. The Man in Black tells Desmond to ignore the boy, but he is obviously growing more frustrated by his presense. He and Desmond approach a well, much like the wells he used to dig in ancient times with his acquaintences. Without being specific, he told Desmond that these wells were dug by people looking for the reasons for the magnetic fluctuations around the Island.

Then he throws Desmond into the well and leaves him for dead. On his return to the camp, all of the remaining candidates unexpectedly show up to talk to him. Everybody Loves Hugo. He and Jack then have a conversation where Jack expresses distress at the fact that the Man in Black is wearing Locke's face, and that he doesn't know what The Man in Black is. He tells Jack that the reason he looks like Locke is because Jack brought Locke's dead body to the Island. He then reveals to Jack that it was he, in Christian Shephard's form, who led him to the Caves just after they crashed. White Rabbit , and that all he's ever wanted to do was to help everyone, including himself, to get off the Island.

He adds that they can all leave the Island, however, there is the condition that they must all leave together. The two start to head back to camp, when the Man in Black calls out to Claire who had been following them. He allows the two - who now know they're siblings - to catch up with one another. The Man in Black is visibly pleased that all of the Candidates were together and seemed to be on board with his plan of leaving the Island together.

The Last Recruit.

The Man in Black denies knowledge, and Widmore's team drops a artilliary strike as a warning. Immediately, the Man in Black tells everyone that they're headed to Hydra Island. He sends Sawyer to get The Elizabeth and to rendezvous with them at the beach. He sends Sayid back to the well where he had dropped Desmond to ensure that he was dead, using a promise to reunited Sayid with Nadia to keep him obedient.

When Sayid returns and tells him the job was complete, he accepts it, although he appears suspicious that Sayid is lying which he is. Arriving at the rendezvous point, The Man in Black and his followers find Jack alone, and Jack informs him that Sawyer, Kate, Claire, Sun, Frank and Hurley have taken his boat, and will not be returning.

Missiles then start hammering the beach. The Man in Black carries Jack to safety. Sayid disables the electricity powering the sonic pylons in the cage area which allows The Man in Black, in the form of Black Smoke, to incapacitate and kill the candidate's captors while Jack frees them and begins leading them toward the Ajira Plane, although Jack has expressed his intention of remaining on the Island, he is willing to help everyone else escape. Scouting ahead, the Man in Black reaches the Ajira plane before everyone else, killing two of Widmore's men.

Who Is Paul’s “Man of Sin”?

Examining the plane, he discovers that it's wired with C-4 and will explode if it's turned on. He then changes his plan to escape on Widmore's submarine. The group approaches the submarine and begin boarding. There's a brief fire-fight between Widmore's team and the Candidates and Locke. Although Jack did not plan to board the submarine, he is forced aboard as Kate is shot in the shoulder and he needs to administer first-aid. After the confusion, everyone except for The Man in Black and Claire are either dead or on the submarine.

Inside Jack's backpack was a block of C-4 rigged with a timed detonator that the Man in Black had placed there. It is revealed that he never intended to have "everyone leave together", but it was his plan to kill everyone so that he could leave the Island at all, so he tricked everyone into a confined space with a bomb. Sayid, however, sacrificed himself to save everyone, although the submarine sank, killing Sun and Jin in the process. The Man in Black is aware that his plan was not successful due to his continued inability to leave the Island. The Candidate.

Upon arriving at the barracks, Richard confronts the Man in Black who converts to smoke and slams into Richard without hesitation, sending him flying into the jungle. He approaches Ben who informs him that Charles Widmore and Zoe were in the closet inside. Widmore instructs Zoe not to speak to the Man in Black, at which point The Man in Black slits her throat, claiming that she was no use to him since Widmore forbade her to speak to him.

He asks Widmore why he's there. Widmore promises to answer him provided Widmore's daughter, Penelope is unharmed after he escapes from the Island. The Man in Black agrees, but as Widmore is telling the Man in Black what he wants to know Ben shoots Widmore, explaining that Widmore does not get to save his daughter, since Widmore is responsible for the death of Ben's daughter, Alex. Regardless, the Man in Black got the information he needed, and he intends to use Desmond to destroy the Island.

What They Died For. Upon arriving at the well where he dropped Desmond, Ben and the Man in Black discover that he's no longer there. Sawyer, also arriving to free Desmond remarks that someone had beaten both of them to the punch. The time for deception now past, The Man in Black freely admits his plan to destroy the Island and kill all the Candidates to Sawyer, who reveals that there are no more candidates as Jacob's position has already been filled.

With that revelation, he lets Sawyer leave without pursuit. Having previously offered Ben the leadership position on the Island after his departure, he offers him instead a means of escape with him as the Island will be at the bottom of the ocean. The then two follow Vincent 's paw-prints back to Rose 's and Bernard 's home where Desmond was recovering.

Desmond agrees on the condition that The Man in Black never harms the two. The Man in Black agrees. The three men search for the ex-candidates and their new protector. When the Man in Black discovers that Jack was the new protector, he was somewhat surprised that Jacob would choose him, as he was "too obvious". Jack indicates that he wasn't chosen, he chose himself. He then indicated that he would follow the Man in Black to the Source and then he would kill him, but saved the "how" as a surprise.

The End. Jack indicates disgust at the fact that the Man in Black is disrespecting the memory of John Locke by wearing his face, but assures him that he's not fooled by it. After Desmond did his job, and the light in the source turns red, Jack and The Man in Black get into a fistfight where a punch to the face by Jack draws blood.

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  • The Man in Black is shocked to see himself bleeding. He hits Jack in the head with a rock and flees, as the Island begins to quake. The Man in Black returns to the cliffs over The Cliffside Cave and gazes at the Elizabeth, his final chance of escape. As he begins his descent, Jack appears and calls Locke's name. As the two fight, the Man in Black appears to gain the upper hand and stabs Jack in his side. The two continue to struggle, and The Man in Black ends up on top of Jack trying to force his knife toward Jack's throat and he taunts him by telling him that Jack will die for nothing.

    At this point, Kate Austen appears and fires a bullet into his back. As the Island continues to quake he tells Jack that he's too late. Jack then kicks The Man in Black over the side of the cliff where his is confirmed dead. The Man in Black is able to manifest himself as various deceased individuals and a form of black smoke. He is also able to mimic animals as well. It is unknown how he performs this transformations, and a transformation is never seen on-screen from one form to another. The Man in Black also appears to be able to scan the mind of individuals. When he came face-to-face with Eko Tunde, various images from Eko's memory could be seen flickering within his smoke form.

    He also appears to have knowledge about Jack and John Locke's past that he wouldn't have access to, without being able to use the memories of Christian Shephard and John Locke. The original Man in Black. Jacob's brother. This was his original form before he was "killed" by falling into the Source after a fight with Jacob. It is also the form he kept at least until Ricardo's wife. The Man in Black appears in this form to Richard, as he was trying to manipulate Ricardo into killing Jacob. Jack Shephard's father. The Man in Black first appears to Jack and leads him to The Caves where Jack finds fresh water, and cargo that had fallen out of the plane.

    The Man in Black appeared in the form of Yemi in order to manipulate Eko. He first appeared inside Eko's tent, setting it on fire. Later Yemi appeared to Eko at the Beechcraft and told Eko that he must atone for his sins.

    The Man Who Sold The World - Nirvana -

    When Eko answered that he has not sinned, he has only done what he needed to do to survive, the Man in Black revealed that he wasn't Yemi killed Eko in his smoke form. He asked Locke to help him. Ben apparently did not see or hear any of this, despite the fact that he was standing right there. The Man in Black implores Locke to stop Jack from allowing the men on the boat to arrive.

    The Man in Black's motive for doing so is most likely that he wanted either Locke or Jack to kill the other. Locke, however, was simply another form that the Man in Black was using at the time. The Man in Black took on the form of a Medusa Spider and bit Nikki, resulting in her paralysis, and death at the hands of the other survivors.

    It is unknown why he killed Nikki, as he usually only kills when there is something gained by the victim's death. This is the first form we see of the Man in Black. It is his secondary form after falling into the Source. The Man in Black - at least in his smoke form - appears able to read people's memories. While "passing judgement" on characters, their memories are sometimes visible within the smoke as he surrounds the one to be judged. When reading Mr.

    Eko's mind, a sequence of images appear, between flickers of lightning-like flashes. The images include:. A similar event takes place when Ben voluntarily summons the smoke monster to pass judgement upon him after he allowed Alex to die. Alex, along with Charles Widmore, appear in Ben's memories and visualized within the Smoke.

    It is unknown what criteria, if any, are used when the Man in Black passes judgement on individuals. Most likely the criteria are based solely on the individual's potential usefulness in helping the Man in Black escape the Island. As well as reading the minds of others, The Man in Black appears to be able to project himself into people's dreams as well. He appears both to Locke and Eko in dreams and hallucinations to guide them toward The Pearl Station?

    Cabin Fever. The Man in Black is approximately years old during the main story arc of the series.

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    He appears to be free of disease and signs of aging. He is also invulnerable to gunshots and presumably stabbing weapons. It is undetermined if The Man in Black possesses superhuman strength while in his human form. It is implied that he has ordinary strength, as Jack Shephard is able to engage in hand-to-hand combat with him without undue difficulty. It should be noted, however, that during this fight both Jack and The Man in Black were handicapped by the stone being removed from it's receptacle in The Source.

    This removal seemed to inhibit any special abilities which Jack or the Man in Black possessed before it was removed, and after it was returned. However, The Man in Black did not appear surprised by a loss of strength during this battle - although he was visibly shaken when Jack drew blood, which indicated that he was currently vulnerable. In Smoke form, the Man in Black possesses strength that far surpasses any human strength.

    He can effortlessly uproot trees during pursuit and he can destroy victims by ramming into them, or by grabbing them and slamming them into other objects such as trees or the earth. Eko The Cost of Living. Similarly he threw Richard Alpert hundreds of feet through the air with no apparent effort. The Man in Black, however, is far from omnipotent. During a pursuit of Juliet Burke and Kate Austen, they activated the sonic fence, and as he tried to penetrate the barrier, he was blocked as if there were a physical wall there, and flattened against it, before fleeing into the jungle howling.

    Left Behind. Instances of characters escaping The Monster include Kate hiding in a thicket after he killed the Oceanic Flight pilot Pilot - Part 1 and when Kate and Juliet eluded the Monster by hiding in a thicket of banyan. Danielle Rousseau claimed that hiding in banyan thickets could provide protection from the Monster Exodus - Part 1. There are several events which imply that The Man in Black may not cross a threshold which is defined by ashes.

    The Temple was surrounded by a perimeter outlined in ash, and it prevented the Man in Black from entering the grounds. Similarly, Jacob's cabin was surrounded by a similar perimeter. After he is shown to be inside the cabin, it is pointed out that the ash barrier had been broken, which indicates that the ash barrier must be complete to prohibit his entry. The Man Behind the Curtain. The Man in Black can still cause harm to someone that is protected by an ash barrier.

    When Bram encloses himself within an ash circle in the Temple, The Man in Black causes part of the ceiling to fall on Bram, which knocked him out of the circle, and allowed the Man in Black to attack him directly. The Man in Black appears to dislike explosions, even if he's not directly vulnerable to them. As he attempted to drag John Locke into an underground cavern, Kate dropped a stick of dynamite which she threw at him.

    The Man in Black immediately released Locke and fled into the jungle. Exodus - Part 2 Subsequence contact with explosives seemed to have little effect on him beyond annoyance, however. The Man in Black appears to be bound by rules set by Jacob. More accurately, by the protector of the Island.

    In his youth, Mother had explained to him and his brother that she "Made it so you cannot harm each other. The fact that the Man in Black is prohibited from leaving the Island even years after the death of Mother and his corporeal body reinforces this. Jacob appears to have the power to release The Man in Black from the Island, but refuses to do so.

    The Man in Black is forbidden from killing Jacob, and he is also forbidden from harming Jacob's Candidates for succession, although he can cause a chain of events which results in Jacob and candidates' demise. He manipulated Ben into killing Jacob, and he set in motion the sequence of events which culminated in the explosion of Widmore's submarine which resulted in the deaths of Sayid Jarrah , Sun and Jin. As well as being his origin Across the Sea , The Source a.

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    After lowering Desmond Hume into the source, where he removed a stone plug from the pool in the center, the Man in Black, as well as Jack - the current protector of the Island - became vulnerable and both suffered mortal wounds while the plug was removed. The entity known as The Man in Black does not have a confirmed name.

    In the initial casting call, the character was referred to as "Samuel" and this name has been used by many to designate this character, however, the name Samuel - although unofficially confirmed by E! Ben Linus adopts this name, but he probably does so only as a matter of convenience to communicate with the survivors, as he indicates later that he and The Others have no name for the creature. The Man in Black, however, does not like being called The Monster, as he reveals to Ben when Ben refers to him as such in his presence.

    Lockdown Cerberus is a reference to the entity in Greek Mythology which guards the river Styx to prevent the souls of the dead from returning to the land of the living. Cerberus is most often depicted as a vicious three-headed dog. Danielle Rousseau referred to the entity as a Security System , which is how she introduced it to the survivors.