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Rain came into English from the French reyn in the early middle ages. The compound version, rainwater , has been in use in English since the 12th century. It seems possible to us, therefore, that Rainwater not only describes where the family got its water, but is pejorative. That is, it describes a family without access to a water source — so poor that they had to save up rain water. Many of these old records render the name as Rain worter. Hence, the name might have originally meant Rain-bucket. If you try saying Rainworter, you will find it surprisingly difficult to avoid rendering it Rainwater.

The Origins of the Rainwater name

We consider the migration of worter to water the most likely origin of the name. If the simplest explanation is the most likely, this is it. Lem H. Rainwater son of Irl C.


Rainwater, Jr. According to this theory, the name became Rainwater through a process of slow evolution.

Regan means rain in Dutch, causing the name to be rendered Rainmorter in some of the early English records see the Rainwater Marriage page. Morter seems to have become Worter, and then Water, probably through mispronunciation or misspelling by court clerks. Numerous English records exist confirming that the name has been spelled Raynemorter, Rainmorter, Rainworter, Rainwater, Reignwater and so on. What seemed like a promising theory at first, seems less so upon further investigation.

It supposes that in 18th century Virginia, a woman named Rains or Rainey married a fellow named Waters and they combined their names to form Rainwater. This naturally ignores the fact that such name merging was not a common thing to do, then or now, and that moreover, there is no evidence to support the idea.

Verzeichnis:Englisch/Ähnliche Wörter Englisch–Deutsch

A letter from sent to the late Mary Kate Bradford, a Rainwater researcher of the previous generation, remarks that the unnamed writer has spoken heard the Rain-Waters story from Bristow Rainwater. While there may be actual native Americans whose present day surname is Rainwater, the question being asked here is whether the Rainwaters of two centuries ago were of European or Native American origin.

There seems to be a great romantic attachment to the Native American theory, that has no basis in fact so far as we can determine.

In fact, I have found only 10 Native Americans surnamed Rainwater — three Cherokee in the census and seven Lakota Sioux in the census. Stockholm 3 July — Everything we buy has a price.

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None so more than in the form of water. But who is really paying the price and where does the responsibility of consumers and companies lie?

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