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Keywords: Orales Melanom Hund Mistelextrakt. Extrakte auf Basis von Viscum album L. Somit ist dieser therapeutische Ansatz es wert, vermehrt bei der adjuvant zur Strahlentherapie eingesetzten Behandlung des OMM in Betracht gezogen zu werden. Die verglichenen Gruppen waren jedoch klein, divers und nicht konsistent hinsichtlich aller prognostischen Parameter. Background: Canine oral malignant melanomas OMMs are characterized by rapid growth, local invasion, and high metastatic rates.

Viscum album L. The aim of our study was to investigate if an adjuvant therapy with VAE might be a potential treatment for OMM, with special regard to survival time and side effects. We compared the development of OMM size and survival time. Two patients showed adverse effects of VAE: One patient showed 1 day of self-limited fever, and in the other case we had to reduce the dosage to a less concentrated VAE series 0 because of fatigue, which then disappeared.

Conclusions: VAE represents a safe treatment and seems to improve the survival time in dogs after radiation therapy of OMM, making it worthwhile for being taken into consideration as OMM therapy. However, the compared groups were small, highly diverse, and inconsistent in all prognostic parameters, so that a prospective study with a larger study population might be of interest.

Die Patienten sterben ohne Therapie innerhalb kurzer Zeit an Metastasen. Deshalb ist neben der Chirurgie und Bestrahlung eine nebenwirkungsarme, systemische Therapie erforderlich [ 1 , 2 , 3 ]. Es werden folgende Stadien unterschieden [ 5 ]:. Behandlungsstandard ist eine radikale chirurgische Resektion. However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use.

This abstract may be abridged. No warranty is given about the accuracy of the copy. Users should refer to the original published version of the material for the full abstract. All rights reserved. A Response Surface Analysis approach to the consequences of intellectual self-knowledge and self-enhancement. Narcissism in action: Intrapersonal and interpersonal dynamics.

Dental Age in Southwest Germany A Radiographic Study

Personality and emerging peer relations: Behavioral expression and interpersonal perception processes. Studying with a narcissist: How agentic and antagonistic aspects of narcissism shape social relationships over time. Individual differences in how ideal partner preferences and partner perceptions guide dating decisions. Personality and romantic relationships: Towards an integrative process approach.

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Interaction in action: Einfluss von Extraversion und sozialem Kontext auf Geselligkeit in realen Interaktionen. Eine differenzierte Perspektive auf den narzisstischen Selbstwert: Fluch und Segen zugleich? Glaub an dich, egal wie dumm du bist? Hutteman, R. Nestler, S. Wahl nach Ideal? Strong but Fragile: Self-Esteem in Narcissists. Louis, Missouri, June , Intra- and interpersonal consequences of crosssituational variability in self-esteem, affect, and behavior.

How ideal partner preferences and partner perceptions guide dating decisions. Sind Schauspieler wirklich selbstverliebt? Gerlach, T. Stopfer, J. Wolff, C. The social consequences of personality: New insights into mediating processes. A more differentiated look at narcissistic anger experience, regulation, and expression in social relationships: Disentangling the effects of admiration and rivalry.

The development of peer relations: Personality, interaction behaviors, and interpersonal perceptions. Accurate judgments of neuroticism at zero acquaintance: A question of relevance. A response surface analysis of the effects of personality self-knowledge on popularity and life satisfaction. This poster received the first prize of the Poster award of the European Association of Personality Psychology.

Processes of trait self-esteem development in late adolescence: The role of state self-esteem and social inclusion. Interactive effects of Dark Triad traits and ability on "getting ahead" in social groups.

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The accuracy and social consequences of narcissism perceptions: The case of CouchSurfing. Narcissism and romantic relationships: The differential impact of admiration and rivalry. Chair Carey, A. Narcissism and the use of personal pronouns revisited. A more differentiated look at narcissistic anger experience, regulation, and expression: Disentangling the effects of admiration and rivalry.

Personality and the development of peer relations: Mediating interaction behaviors and interpersonal perceptions. Lawless, N. Who Attains Status? Similarities and Differences Across Social Contexts. Symposium at the 12th meeting of the section Differential Psychology and Psychological Assessment of the German Psychological Society Greifswald, September, , Beurteilung des wissenschaftlichen Erfolgs von Professoren anhand standardisierter Fotos.

Introducing a laboratory based and an experience sampling study]. Trackig the lens: Integrating lens model and eye-tracking research to understand the accuracy of personality judgments. Processes of self-esteem development in emerging adulthood in the context of international mobility. The Good, the Bad and the Narcissist. Interpersonal effects of narcissistic self-enhancement. Personality and interpersonal perceptions at zero acquaintance: A lens model approach.

GMS Journal for Medical Education

A lover or a fighter? Narcissistic popularity unmasked. Neyer, F. The predictive validity, judgeability and consequential outcomes of personality: A multisource approach. Krause, S. Assessing liking with the affective priming task: A bona fide pipeline to interpersonal attraction?. Nave, C. How personality can be a truly behavioral science. How do people know how others view them? Processes of meta-accuracy at zero acquaintance.

CIO View - Evaluation of the German election

Narzissmus und soziale Beziehungen: Ein zweischneidiges Schwert. November Magner, J. Selbstwirksamkeitserwartung, Resilienz und ihre Wirkung auf Schlafverhalten. Poster at the Mannheim, Presentation at the September Workshop at the Was macht Selbstaufwerter sexy? P, Nestler, S. Ein indirektes Verfahren zur Messung gegenseitiger Sympathie in Kleingruppen. November, Personality and meta-accuracy: A social relations model approach.