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This beautiful story has been passed down through the oral tradition and we've interviewed multiple Haudenosaunee storytellers to bring you the same version members of the Haudenosaunee heard as children. Support the show at Patreon. A rhyming, singing salesman comes to town, fast talking about his miraculous cure-all known only as Snake Oil.

Is the traveling Doc telling the truth, or is there something else going on with his miracle cure? Listen to find out, and get ad-free episodes at patreon. Mick Munter is back, and this time he's on the hunt for the legendary Bigfoot! If you want more Mick, you're in luck, he now has his own show! Just search for Mick Munter Monster Hunter wherever you listen to your podcasts! A slightly spooky story from Old English folklore. The moon decides to explore a swampy area known as the Carland, but the monsters who live their don't want to let her leave again.

It's up to a lucky traveler and a nearby village to set her free! A rhyming story poem based off the old fable of the Lion and the Fox. It's fun and great for younger kids especially! Get the show ad-free at patreon. Little Boshi wants to be a samurai more than anything, but he was born just one inch tall! Can the little guy accomplish his big dreams? Listen and see! Ancient Athens, shining beacon of Greece, has been completed, but it has no name.

The God Poseidon and the Goddess Athena compete to see who will win the patronage of the city. Animals are gathered at the Moringa Grove for a truce, but how will they fare when the vultures turn the striped animals against the spotted and the spotted against the striped? A take on the classic fable. What happens when you try and play both sides? Can the bat convince the birds and beasts that she's totally on their side? Find out! BTW, Bats are totally mammals Ad-free episodes at patreon. Dog King, Pickles, Rambo and the rest of the gang are back for another adventure.

How does Dog King keep his alley kingdom cool during the hottest days of summer? Listen and find out! A traditional creation myth from the Tupi-Guarani indigenous people of Brazil. A girl wants to be a star, but will the moon help make her wish come true? Dave wants to be the best knuckleball pitcher of all time, but bad news gets in the way. Inspired by the Taoist story of good and bad news.

Have a happy 4th of July! You've heard of the ride of Paul Revere? Well, he wasn't the only one! Happy 4th of July! Sometimes growing up is scary, especially when you have to leave your old home behind! Listen as Jasper the hermit crab and his friends try to find new shells to call home as they grow. The classic tale of the leaky pot, performed with some fun added songs.

Sometimes what feels like a terrible flaw is actually a blessing in disguise! A fun take on the classic story of the Three Little Pigs! Fun songs throughout and a great final message. Support the show and get ad free episodes at patreon. The classic fable of the Emperor's seeds. An old story that illustrates the value of honesty, even when it's not the easy thing to do.

The thrilling conclusion to Soft: The First Dog! Mazzy and Soft are nearing the end of their journey, but will they be able to make it through their most difficult challenges yet? In the deepest darkest river of the jungle Doonadoo, there lived a wild crocodile who mainly loved to chew. Listen to his song! Support the show and get commercial free episodes at patreon. We cover Paul's most auspicious birth, his tremendous size, and how he met his friend Babe the Blue Ox.

Get all our episodes ad-free at patreon. Recommended for ages 7 and up. Mazzy and Soft, the young wolf, come together in the wake of the fire and start out across the ancient plains of the ice age. They're in search of their families, but they aren't the only ones. Recommended for ages 7 and up, here's the ancient story of how the first dog was tamed.

A young girl, a fierce wolf pup, hardship, friendship and more, all set in 15, BC. An updated take on the classic story of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. This time around, his sister Penny is along for the ride, giving more gender representation and a fun new dynamic on this timeless tale. In a strong young tree, some squirrels are arguing about whether or not to let in their neighbors in need. Walls are built, hearts are broken, and lessons are learned. The classic fable of the wind and the sun, updated with some fun songs.

Ultimately you'll learn that you get further with kindness than with violence! Patrick's Day. Weird Australian slang and some St. Paddy's magic. A parrot in the city meets some new friends. The friends want to change him, but he learns the hard way that you can't make everyone happy. Support the show and get ad-free episodes at patreon. The classic story of Rapunzel, the girl with the long hair stuck way up at the top of a tower by an evil witch. Includes fun songs and an updated ending. The thrilling conclusion! This time, Grace is out to stop a galactic mega-corp from destroying a moon to build their sub-light pipeline.

Amazing Grace is back. This time, she's out to stop a galactic mega-corp from destroying a moon to build their sub-light pipeline. The strange but true tale of the origin of Valentine's Day. It all started way back in the third century with a Christian Bishop named Valentine and a Roman Emperor who wanted to outlaw love. A weird sea shanty about a pirate ship full of birds. All kinds of birds. The captain is a cormorant though. Because it went best with captain. Also, he already had the hat.

A short take on the classic fable about the cunning fox and the vain crow. The moral of the story? Don't be fooled by flattery. The story that inspired the tradition of Chinese New Year. Nian the Beast has been terrorizing a small village, and it's up to one young girl and a wise old man to save the day. Koo the cat thinks that the moon is a particularly tasty looking mouse. Will she be able to catch it? It was late in the great halls of Asgard. The gods were sleeping Thor, God of Thunder, strongest warrior to ever walk on earth or in the heavens, was having an argument with Loki, god of fire, and cunning trickster.

It had started off innocently enough, but Loki knew just how to get Thor angry. In fact, it was one of his favorite games. It is much better to be clever than it is strong. Jillian Jayes has become something greater than herself, but has she bit off more than she can chew? Find out in the conclusion to Book 1 of The Brilliant Firefly, our serial superhero story!

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Two kids are given a strange gift one New Year's Eve. We take the beautiful but largely forgotten fable by Emilie Poulsson and update it for a modern ear. It's the perfect story for kids and adults on New Year's Eve! As far as fairy tales go, this is a strange one, but very interesting too! Part 3!

Jill and Specs investigate the mystery surrounding Grampa Jack. The deeper they dig, the more troubling it becomes. We hope you are enjoying our take on the superhero genre! Part two of our superhero origin story. Jillian Jayes was a normal girl.

Variations on Favorite Stories: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Well, not really, but don't tell her that. She loved nothing more than judo, skipping school, and watching the superheroes fight crime all over Gigacity. But when her father is killed by super villains and her mother insists they move out to the country, she's forced to adjust to small town life. It's tough going, but she soon learns that the smallest towns can hold the biggest secrets. Part one of our superhero origin story. He runs! Can you catch him? You Can't, it says so in the song.

Its the Thanksgiving Pie-Off, where a brother and sister see who can eat more thanksgiving pies. What kinds of pies? Key Lime? Also in there. Maybe it would be faster if you just listened. A Little Red Hen is busy, and no one wants to help her make bread. When the bread is done, they all change their tune, but the Little Red Hen is all business. It's our take on this classic story, with fun songs woven throughout.

God is sending a storm to wash away the sins of man, and Noah has been chosen to carry out very specific instructions. One of the most famous Christian stories, and one of our favorites. Support the show at www. The classic fable of counting your chickens before they hatch, combined with a version of the Irish folksong "The Rattlin' Bog. Sing along if you can! A little bonus poem about Halloween being over.

It's fun! Leave us a review on iTunes to support the show! His mother was a dog. His father was a king. Know what that makes him? By the way, he's king of the dogs. This episode is ridiculous but the Dog King theme song may be our best work ever. Support the show by checking out our weekly sponsors and hitting patreon. Halloweeen time! Here is an only-slightly-spooky take on the Legend of Sleepy Hollow with original songs! The Headless Horseman is coming Ichabod Crane finds out!

Leave us a review on iTunes, it really helps out :. A boy, a cow, some magic beans and an unruly giant. Listen to Jack and the Beanstalk ad-free and support the show at patreon. In light of the impending election and the information coming to light about the candidates, we are re-releasing our updated take on the Emperor's New Clothes. Thanks for Listening! The classic story of the Princess and the Pea, retold with a fun song at the end! Max Goodname is back!

Classic Bedtime Short Stories

This time around, some dwarves have dug too deeply and awoken an ancient evil. Will Max, Wallace, Corly and their new friends be able to save the day? A bonus episode! In honor of Shel Silverstein's birthday, we've written and recorded five short and silly poems for you. A poem about a war between the Peanut Butter and Jelly Kingdoms.

It has songs about sandwiches! When a young boy moves from Dublin to a sleepy little village on the Irish coast, he finds new friends, new myths, and some strange magic. Get the book on amazon and support the show at patreon. The classic myth of Icarus, the boy who flew too close to the sun. Guess what, it doesn't work out for him this time either. Neddy is the biggest fish in the small pond, and the biggest bully too. One day she tries to see what life in the big pond is like. Lessons are learned. Songs are sung! There's a drought in the savanna, and tensions are running high between the striped and spotted animals.

The mice have gathered and need a plan to stop the cat! One mouse has a plan, but is anyone brave enough to pull it off? Support the show and get our ad-free archive at Patreon. A King wishes for everything he touches to turn to gold. Adapted from the Hawthorne version of this classic Greek Myth. An updated take on the Emperor's New Clothes! Support the show and have your child's name read at the beginning of an episode at Patreon. The classic tale of Little Red, a wolf, a grandmother and a woodcutter.

The moral? Don't talk to strangers! There is a happy farm with happy farmers and happy animals and one sad dog. The dog doesn't feel useful Spoiler alert: he's useful after all. An original lullaby, guaranteed to make grumpy babies calm and calm babies sleepy. Do you like giraffes? This one has giraffes in it! The thrilling conclusion to the sage of Amazing Grace! Listen now and don't forget to support the show at Patreon. A schoolyard artist, a schoolyard bully, a magic piece of chalk, and a very real T-Rex. This week's contemporary fairy tale is full of fun, danger, and magic.

Safe for kids of all ages, but the T-Rex roar can be a little scary :. In the tradition of Shel Silverstein, here's a fun poem about deciding what you want to be when you grow up! A young man is shipwrecked in the middle of the Pacific ocean. He finds himself saved by an unlikely creature, one with long coral hair and a shiny Subscribe and leave us a review on itunes!

Goats, trolls, and some serious gruff. Listen to our take on this classic Norwegian fairy tale!

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Who will win in the great race between the tortoise in the hare? Place your bets, and then listen here to find out! Enjoy the new version of the classic tale told in rhyming couplets! It's one of our favorite stories and we hope you'll love it too. Making shoes can be tough work, but we all get by with a little help from our handy, tiny, magical friends! It's another new twist on an old fairy tale classic. We can't tell you which, it will ruin the surprise!

This week, we want to tell you the story about the origin of Hanukkah. This is a story from the Jewish Faith, and it's well loved all around the world. We hope you like it! This week, we want to tell you the story about the origin of Christmas. A new story that deals with how we see ourselves, what we are, and what we wish we could be. Give a listen and support our show at storiespodcast. Hungry kids, hungry witches, houses made of candy and charming songs.

Listen to our version of the family classic Hansel and Gretel, and support our show at storiespodcast. A mighty lion and a humble mouse. They're very different, but that doesn't mean one is better than the other. Listen to our take on this classic tale for fun songs and a big heart. One little girl, a handful of pumpkin seeds, and some halloween magic. Listen to the episode now and support us by going to patreon. This week we tell you a spin on the classic story of the ugly duckling.

Remember everyone, beauty is only feather deep! Support the show on patreon. This week we have the classic cautionary tale. You can cry wolf all you want, but what happens when you come face to face with the real thing? One has been working all year saving up food for the winter. The other is a grasshopper. Learn the value of hard work and foresight in our version of this classic fable, and support the show by going to patreon. Listen to this episode featuring the classic Three Little Pigs or we'll huff and we'll puff and we'll blow your house down :. And check out GoPlayPretend. Stay tuned for that update!

These books are curated and hand-picked by Amazon Book Editors and are sent out monthly, or bi-monthly or every three months — you choose. This link to Amazon Prime Book Box provides all the details plus an adorable video starring children talking about their love of books — so cute! I encourage you to check it out! Each gorgeous page enthralls the reader with beautiful illustrations, magically intricate pop-ups, and glitter. Seven mini-stories make this book easy to divide into seven different, quick-to-read bedtime stories, promising your child seven nights of magic.

The Very Ticklish Tiger by Jack Tickle, , published by Sandy Creek ages 3 and up — this delightful pop-up book is written in rhyme for the very young. Bright and colorful, it entertains youngsters with beautiful pop-ups of jungle birds and animals. Journey to the Moon, A Roaring, Souring Ride by Lucio and Meera Santoro, , published by Little Simon ages 3 and up — this fabulous pop-up book takes children to outer space over land, sea, and sky.

Each fantastical page mesmerizes culminating on the moon filled with aliens. Written in rhyme, this classifies as bedtime stories that are quick reads filled with wonder. Every page has multiple pop-ups that delight and every page is a story in itself. Give this as a gift hand-in-hand with one of the multiple versions of Disney movies available on The Jungle Book.

Disney Fairies, Fairies in Flight by Andrea Posner-Sanchez, , published by Random House ages 3 and up — when you open the first page, two fairies launch into flight. Attached with clear plastic strips, the fairies bounce around the beautifully-illustrated page with every slight movement of the book making this a delightful addition to your bedtime stories collection for fairy lovers.

Here are Disney movies about fairies , mostly Tinkerbell and other movies about fairies. All of these adorable bedtime stories have bugs, waterfowl, animals, birds, and butterflies that pop out through the covers that magically reduce or increase, in some cases in number as you turn the page.


All are recommended for ages 3 and up. Me with You by Kristy Dempsey, illustrated by Christopher Denise, , published by Philomel Books — written in rhyme, this beautifully illustrated book tells the charming tale of a grandfather and granddaughter portrayed as bears. Out of print, this book is only available through 3rd-party sellers. The Three Little Pugs and the Big, Bad Cat by Becky Davies, illustrated by Caroline Attia, , Tiger Tales — a parody of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf, with photos of pugs and illustrations of the cat and surroundings, this book will have you and your child howling with laughter at the antics of the pugs and the big, bad cat.

Each charming tale of the little lovable bear who loves marmalade more than anything peeks into his quirky personality. Hard to believe he is now more than 50 years old! Disney Adventure Stories, A Treasury of Tales including stickers , , Disney Press — 19 bedtime stories of favorite Disney characters, this easy-to-read book has beautiful, full-color Disney illustrations on every page. Only available from 3rd-party sellers. Disney Winnie the Pooh, 5-Minute Stories , , Disney Press ages 3 and up — 12 bedtime stories about the much-loved bear with classic Pooh illustrations.

Every pop-up page has a sound that will elicit questions from your child. A great way to get two amazing books for the price of one, it combines the classic retelling of The Little Mermaid followed by the lesser-known delightful Japanese tale of The Magic Shell. I bought each of these books separately, which you can still do to, but this link is to all three sold as a set :. What Do You Do with an Idea? What Do You Do with a Problem? What Do You Do with a Chance?

A great way to incorporate bedtime stories into your nightly ritual that you create along with your child. This box set is also good for road trips; even older children can participate by taking a story and putting pen to paper. Including the history of the Mission, this is a story of young Juan, a boy who lives at the Mission and Old Julian, the Mission gardener and bell ringer, and their love of the swallows who return every year from their second home in Argentina.

I actually bought this book at the gift shop in the Mission San Juan Capistrano several years ago on a mission no pun intended to learn how I could discourage the swallows from returning to our house. We are blessed with hundreds of swallows who return year after year to our home, but they make quite a mess. They do have similar sets at a lesser cost, but this link is to the actual set I own.

You can also buy these books individually. A true treasure, every book elicits joy. I have to share a personal story here about Peter Rabbit:. He kinda looks like Peter Rabbit. We are reading Peter Rabbit in school. Can I take him to show-and-tell? And, Princess P borrowed my Bernadette Halloween skeleton doll to take to show-and-tell and never brought her back, either.

He sways back and forth nodding his head and reads from his book in a British accent. We the Princesses and me spent the next few hours curled up on their bed in their guest room reading silently from the book as the bunny read it to us out loud over-and-over-and-over.

Getting My Wings

The bunny reads the story almost word-for-word from the book. Both the Dragon and Mother Goose have videos on Amazon so you can watch those short videos to see how they work and hear their voices. Now back to The Complete Peter Rabbit Library; this book set of bedtime stories includes the following titles this list includes links to the individual books for your convenience :.

  1. Dal Ponte allInfinito: The Way of the Cross over the Brooklyn Bridge (Italian Edition).
  2. Carrying Grace to Santiago: A Daughters Journey.
  3. Overcoming Lust in a Sex-Crazed World.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit. The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin. The Tailor of Gloucester. The Tale of Benjamin Bunny. The Tale of Two Bad Mice. The Tale of Mrs. The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher. The Tale of Tom Kitten. The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck. The Tale of The Flopsy Bunnies. The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes. The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse.

The Tale Pigling Bland. The Tale of Samuel Whiskers. The Tale of Ginger and Pickles. The Tale of Little Pig Robinson. The Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit. The Story of Miss Moppet. The link above to this set is not the exact set I have from , but an updated version from There are many other books with this title which are not stories from What-a-Jolly Street.

Most of these don't list an author, some list an illustrator. Whitman published books with this title in at least , , , and , many with variant cover art. It is possible that Whitman issued this book annually with different cover art, changing the copyright information only when content information changed. Here are some examples that I've found, all of them Whitman except for the first one.

Bonner, Mary Graham. Illustrated by Florence Choate and Elizabeth Curtis. NY: Frederick A. Stokes, Brown cloth with pictorial paste-on. Hardback C2. Paperbound, 8. Typically 3 stories per page, and occassional full-page ilustrations in black and white. I'm uncertain of that cover artist.

Anthology Finder - Collectible Children's Books | Loganberry Books

Lowe, Viola Ruth. Illustrated by Corinne Malvern. Whitman, , Hardback, pages. Sankey, Alie. Illustarted by Erwin L. Illustrated by Janet Robson.

  • Emotional Clearing: An East / West Guide to Releasing Negative Feelings and Awakening Unconditional Happiness.
  • Magical Bedtime Stories: Goldilocks & the Three Bears by Arcturus Publishing | eBay.
  • The Motorhome Murders.
  • Hardback, 7. Illustrations in black and white and two-tones, pictorial cover and matching dust jacket. Whitman on dj spine. Whitman , most common cover.