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Another story told of his great loneliness. The only person who could see the invisible warrior was his sister. As much as he loved her, he longed for a wife. He vowed he would not marry until he found a maiden, someone besides his sister, who could truly see him. He used a trick to weed out the liars.

He had his sister lead each maiden towards him as he headed home, pulling his sled. Oh yes, nearly all replied. And what is he pulling? His sled they answered. Everyone knew that! Share this link with a friend: Copied! Or when my ovaries felt they were about to combust from all the cuteness going on. It's a rollercoaster for sure but a ride you'll love, won't forget and even go back for 5ths,6ths.

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The side characters are such a big part of her stories you cant not mention them. I love them all but there are times you'll want to throttle them on Steve's behalf. The connection between them all is truly magical and written to perfection. You feel like your apart of their crazy disfunctional family, feel every emotion with them and root for the happy ending. There's alot going on In the backgrounds that doesn't override the "romance" happening or take anything away from the stars of the show however it does have you wondering where Teresa will take it.

I'm curious All round though I loved it and want more. I know I'll no doubt have withdrawals waiting for the next book to arrive which makes me sad cause I'd happily read one of her books everyday. View 2 comments. Oct 13, Rosa Maria Garcia rated it it was amazing. Totally 5 Stars This book was just as fantastic as the other ones in the series?

As the series goes on there is so much action, mayhem, family love, and steamy love scenes with awesome characters. Loved it when each book picks up where the last one ended! I'm so happy that this is not the end of the series and I can't wait for, Ronan and Kira's story.

Sep 13, Heather andrews rated it it was amazing. Sep 27, Amanda Gard rated it it was ok. Lackluster at best. Okay, you can't spend 10 books showing what an idiot a person is, and then attempt to show said idiot as a badass romantic leading man. Steve has never been my favorite character.

He's made me laugh literally 2, maybe 3 times at most in the series so far. Mostly TG has just shown him to be a weak, blubbering idiot. This novel does absolutely nothing to change my mind.

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It feels forced, has a ridiculously weak storyline with a "new big bad", and just feels all around like it's g Lackluster at best. It feels forced, has a ridiculously weak storyline with a "new big bad", and just feels all around like it's gone off the rails. Mira is a weak, slightly whiney leading lady who strangely has a baby ie a plotline that adds nothing to the story nor furthers the plot in any way.

There is absolutely NO passion in this story, and the MCs confess their love after no meaningful interactions. TG now brings witches onto the scene, which I don't have a problem with in general, but it was a forced, boring, and truly worthless addition to the overall series. It's exhausting, and not in a good way. Basically, the newest addition to the Protectors series tells me that TG may just be done with the series, or perhaps she no longer cares. You don't really get to touch base with any of the older MCs.

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They're just around for window dressing. Although TG contrived this whole plotline that fractures relationships and causes strife, it is literally out of character and just forces drama where there doesn't need to be any. And then we don't really see it resolved, we just hear about it in passing. And then we have to read in detail about "sharting" and changing poopy diapers literally more than there are passionate interludes between the MCs. At the end of the day, all this tells me that I need to be done with the series, because the series I once loved is gone.

This addition was ultimately a waste of my time and money, and while I liked Ronan, I have no desire to read more about the cranky, rude-for-no-reason sister of the h. I received a copy of this book for an honest review. Every time I think I know my favorite warrior Teresa writes another book. I loved watching Steve grow form a boy to a VC Warrior like no other. He is still his funny crazy self but now he has someone he is responsible for and he will not let her down.

Mira makes one heck of an entrance lets just say bullets were flying a I received a copy of this book for an honest review. Mira makes one heck of an entrance lets just say bullets were flying and lives were about to change. There is so much going on in this book between curses, revenge, spells and mates being brought together. The connection Steve has with Mira and her family is heartwarming.

Then to watch the Warriors have to deal with some stinky situation was hilarious. This little guy is going to be something special…oh what am I saying he already is something special. There was a conversation between Steve and Mira about roller-coasters and man did my mind get flooded with wonderful memories at the mention of Kings Island.

I loved watching Steve grow from the crazy kid to the VC Warrior. Her heart quickened its pace, her stomach squeezing painfully at what would never be, and still, that picture right there was something she wanted more than she wanted her next breath. Steve swore tight then and there he was going to make sure she did anything and everything she ever wanted to do. That would be his goal in life. Sloan had given him a gun with a silencer on it. He had been practicing and was almost a dead shot like Jill. Sep 24, Connie Penn rated it it was amazing.

Steve grew up! Wow just WOW!! I have always thought of Steve as like a younger brother and watching him grow up in each book has been awesome!! What a wonderful man he has grown into and a good badass as well!! I must say Teresa has left me wanting so much more at the end of this one. It's not a cliffhanger, but watching everything start to unfold in this one and knowing there is more and I mean a LOT more coming in the next one. Makes me want it NOW!!! Sep 18, Vicky rated it it was amazing.

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Review: Waiting for this book was like waiting for Christmas morning to arrive. Steve was just a teenage half-breed and scared. I have always loved him. When the mood got heavy, he was there with his jokes. He can always make you laugh do ants have balls? One of the things Teresa does well is the banter between the characters. And, besides, reading them all is doing yourself a favor. This is a big thumbs way up for me. Teresa Gabelman Sep 19, Myst rated it liked it Shelves: ebook-chal , para-world , new2me , flightsfantasy , pick-fantasy.

The things the young kid was saying was never really expanded on so I always felt like I'm missing something. A short explanation was given to a few of the women but why did the kid get nothing? Really felt like it dragged the story down as a new to me reader as I didn't get it. If it was explained he's some sort of seer that would have solved the problem or at least give me something to ponder about. The gang is Mc but like a motorcycle gang? I think I missed most of this jumping in at this book The things the young kid was saying was never really expanded on so I always felt like I'm missing something.

Vampire related romance is hit or miss but this was interesting. Not much Vampire related things going on in this. View all 3 comments. Sep 20, Robin Toy rated it it was amazing.

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Epic read I don't know how to put into words on how good this book was. My little brother grew up into a hot bad azz invisible warrior! From the Jared and Sid show classic as always to Sloan the grumpy boss man to Ronan with his whip and the classic Steve and his 'steveisims'. The storyline was incredible, Teresa creates a work of art with her stories. You'll laugh and cry at the same time but you won't want the story to end. I would highly recommend this book series to everyone. Sep 19, Shell Newcomb rated it it was amazing.

The one Warrior I've have been wanting and waiting to see come to book and WOW Teresa you made me laugh made me say oh no he didn't just say that Since Damon watching all these badass Warriors I was wondering how Steve would grow and boy he has grown up, but still has his same wit and goofiness Teresa never ever fails to make The Protectors one amazing series book after book she makes The Protectors a 5 STAR Series.

Teresa I applaud The one Warrior I've have been wanting and waiting to see come to book and WOW Teresa you made me laugh made me say oh no he didn't just say that Teresa I applaud you you on Invisible Warrior Dec 28, Dmcl rated it it was amazing. The metamorphosis of Steve over the course of this series has been a wonder to behold. He retains his goofy essence, but has risen into the role of VC Warrior like no other. This story is such a great read I could not put it down. Teresa Gabelman has really put her heart and soul into this book, and while I eagerly await the next installment about Ronan and Kira, I feel really satisfied with this book and am just going to bask in that for awhile.

Sep 24, Tara Vega-tempesta rated it it was amazing. Who can not love Steve, he is always getting himself in trouble but has a heart of gold, great book, love all the characters!! It makes you laugh crying and makes you think!!! Definitely a must read!!!!! Oct 07, Laura Johnson rated it really liked it Shelves: single-parent , friends-to-lovers , sexy-swoon-worthy , strong-heroine , witty-bs , dual-pov , slow-burn , paranormal , alpha-vampire , suspenseful-sexy.

I'm a huge Gableman fan. This story saw one of my favorite characters coming of age while still keeping his quirkiness. Loved it. May 23, Lee-anna Dunk rated it it was amazing.

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Arrhhh i think this would be my favorite book yet. I love steve he wears his heart on his sleeve he loves with everything he has and he is hilariously funny.. Sep 20, Maryellen Mantione banzhaf rated it it was amazing. Teresa you knocked this book out of the ballpark!! I didn't want it to end!! I guarantee it!! You are one very talented author!! Jan 09, Kiki Jones-Lopez rated it really liked it.

Steve has been so great in this series. I'm so happy for him in this book. Sep 19, Lisa Guertin rated it really liked it. Steve's story! We finally get Steve's story and it was worth the wait. In addition to learning more about our Invisible Warrior, we meet a new bad guy. Sep 19, Marsha rated it it was amazing. Invisible badass did not disappoint.. I was pleasantly surprised how Teresa wove his story and how the other characters always come into play.. I like to keep getting glimpses of how they all fit together as a team..

This book had twists and turns that made this more enjoyable. Great read Teresa and thank you for changing my mind.. Oct 30, Joanne Mountford rated it it was amazing. I have never laughed some much while reading a book, yet still found the story to be intense and gripping at the same time.

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Obviously I am going to say that this book is a must read for all paranormal lovers, but more than that. I think readers that have never picked up a vampire book should start reading this series. It will take you quite by surprise. Boy the warriors in this series will melt your heart as well as your knickers. Steve has always kind of been invisible to everyone even before his power come to fusion. Yes, he has kept many a spirits up with his one liners. He has the wickedest sense of humour.

Sometimes even unknown to him. But he has always buried a lot of his feelings, biting back what he really wanted to say or do. But by God does that change when Mira comes into his life. Mira and Kira are witches that need the warriors to protect them whether they think it or not. Bossman, Sloane has always has his work cut out for him trying to keep his warriors in check. Steve is proving to be more than just a boy. Sid and Jared will forever been the jokesters of this group. There are so many wonderfully hot warriors they will keep you busy for a while. What am I saying?!

None of the VC Warriors are to be messed with. They are a family and family look after each other to the death. I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey thus far with, The Protectors. I look forward to reading so many more books from this series. Sep 19, Kristi Metcalf rated it it was amazing.

We have watched Steve grow from a angry half breed to a fully turned warrior. Mira is pregnant and in labor when she meets Steve and the warriors for the first time. She also has brought a hail of gunfire to the warrior compound. When Steve meets Mira and helps her give birth to her daughter, he is a totally different person, like they were who he was waiting for a his life. Mira, her sister, and now her daughter are the last of the Dragon Fly coven and the one who is their mate are cursed to die, they also have a wizard that their ancestor bound trying to kill them off. I love how Gabelman introduced the witches to the series, love new characters!!

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I also adore how before he would even think about going to Mira with his new feelings he went straight to Leda, from the Lee County Wolves, to break things off even though they were friends more than dating. This is how a real man does things, not by text and not start another relationship before ending the current one. Steve, Mira, and their daughter Drew are going to be a great family!! The way Steve is with Drew is amazing to see, right from the start he knew that these two girls were his.

Oct 26, JodyL rated it it was amazing. Love Steve's story! Love the fact that Steve is coming into his own. He still is a smart Alec and says the wrong things at times, but he started standing up for himself. All he needed was someone to care for and who cared for him. Mira came into his life with bullets flying, literally. She was in the back seat of a car, in labor, with people shooting at her and a social worker friend of Nicole's. Steve turned invisible and went to the car to help her. When two men were caught, they shot themselves Love Steve's story!

When two men were caught, they shot themselves n the head before they could be interrogated. When the shooting stopped Slade came out to the car and Steve sat behind Mira helping her as she gave birth. Her sister, Kira, came looking for her right after the ambulance took Mira and baby to the hospital. When a dark magic cloud started to come down from the ceiling in the hospital and Mira chanted a few lines. She had to tell them she was a witch. Her and her sister told the Warriors that there was a warlock who was after them to kill I them because some ancestor of theirs bound his powers.

The only way he will get them back is to kill out the Graill family line. Kira, Mira and now baby Drew are all that is left. If he gets his powers back he will take over the world. He is the one behind all the half breeds, Crimson Rush and every thing else the Warriors are fighting against. Steve stayed by her side and baby Drew's through everything, and there is a lot that happens to all the warriors and their mates. The best parts involved Drew and Steve time.

They are hilarious!