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The only solution: steal it back! Between stage-handing a play at the local brothel and avoiding their law-enforcement roommate a sentient robot , they grow into a real team.

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A real Dyfed-style Hive. The law enforcement robot, meanwhile, is busy detecting a series of thefts and murders. Agents from a rival law enforcement group, however, bump into her investigation and create problems that she could really do without. Rhiannon and her Hive have mastered space travel. Sort of. Should she charge towards the fleet, or scurry back into international space as fast as her craft can go?

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Who was your favourite character to write across the series, and how have they grown? What was the hardest chapter to write? What can we expect next from you? Anywhere but here.

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Oh, and some sheep. Enter to win paperback copies of the complete Hive Queen Saga, plus a cover art poster! Southard Janine A. Like this: Like Loading Related Posts. Coming Soon! Ingi IngiRKSnob. Giselle XpressoReads. What do you think? They averted it with ants and bees, though the former was still a terrifying Hive Mind like the termites.

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  4. Dos días de mayo (Inspector Mascarell 4) (Spanish Edition);
  5. Robert A. Heinlein 's Starship Troopers. Worker and Warrior Bugs are controlled by Brain Bugs. If a Brain Bug is killed, the Bugs under its control die too. There are also Queens but their sole purpose is producing eggs, in fact Bug colonies that are invaded will kill their queen to prevent the Mobile Infantry from capturing her. His does have limited extent and requires waypoints in the form of specialized undead — he telepathically links to the commanders, who link to the cavaliers, who link to the mindless and flesh golems.

    However, when the link is broken, mindless don't become any less dangerous. They just shamble towards the nearest living humans, seeking out sustenance. In David and Leigh Eddings's The Dreamers quartet, the enemies are poisonous bugs in widely divergent forms who are controlled by a queen. The queen becomes more human as the books, er, "progress. The hive-minded clan of hunting cats discovered in the last two books are led by a hive king named True-Of-Voice.

    It's really a title rather than a name, because when the leader dies, a new one becomes True-Of-Voice. The entity called Spore in Galaxy of Fear is plant-based. It puts its core into one person and shoots vineline strands out of their eyes and mouth to bring others into its control , and the others, instantly turned, can turn still more.

    If its primary host, the one with the core, is killed and there isn't another nearby to take it, all of the other hosts are freed from its control. However, the primary host is not in charge. None of them are. Spore has access to its hosts' memories but they don't participate. Firestar actually loses a life in battle with the rats, and then his Spirit Advisor Spottedleaf tells him " Not many, but one.

    Then cue the typical Stephen King mind screw about a third of the way through when the characters learn said creatures have a shared hive-mind consciousness and insane telepathic powers. From that moment on they're referred to as "Phone People" instead, since they're dangerous but hardly incapable of thinking. She's the reason the zombies are all genocidal jerkasses. The Sword of Truth shows a mriswith a race of Lizard Folk with Chameleon Camouflage Hive Queen , a sentient, dragon sized creature communicating through pheromones.

    It is mentioned by one of the mriswith that the previous queen had just died and was eaten by them. She is later shown to lay hundreds of melon sized eggs within hours. In Worm , Taylor has the rather appropriate power of controlling bugs; she shares their sensory inputs and can direct her entire swarm as if it were an extension of her body.

    At the climax of the story, she gains the ability to control people in the same manner. The Wandering Inn : The gigantic hive queen of the Antiniums is able to change the memories of the hive mind. When a certain member died, his memories were still present in all Antinniums, but if the queen had just wished it, no Antinium would have known he had ever existed.

    Everyone there moves in tune with IT's pulsating rhythm, to the point where children in Stepford Suburbia even bounce balls in time while standing in the driveways of their identical homes. Yammosks in the New Jedi Order are a downplayed form of this. The individual Yuuzhan Vong absolutely have free will, but the telepathic yammosk also called a "war coordinator" for this reason can synch up with entire battle groups in combat, feeding them orders and information and allowing them to function in eerie unison and sometimes serving as bond creatures to Vong commanders, sharing information with them directly and allowing the commander a high level of personal control over the battle.

    And while killing the yammosk won't break the Vong entirely, it will definitely hurt their morale and seriously impact their ability to work together until order is restored whether by another yammosk or more conventional means. Live Action TV. Wist from Lexx infested her minions with "satellite worms," which were "no more separate from their queen then your blood cells are from you. Her followers become extensions of herself, and she even refers to them as "Body Jasmine". The Cyber-Controller in Doctor Who might qualify, depending on how much of a Hive Mind the Cybermen are portrayed as having in a given story.

    The Cyber-Leader, on the other hand, is simply a function of the Hive Mind and destroying it simply results in another Cyberman being designated Cyber-Leader. Very late in Falling Skies , we find out that the aliens occupying Earth are controlled by a single Queen— so, conveniently, our heroes can destroy the entire enemy invasion in the last fifteen minutes of the series.

    Tabletop Games. The Melissidae bloodline in Vampire: The Requiem are basically vampires as this, using unique takes on Mind Control powers to reduce any and all humans around them to a Hive Mind of "drones" under their complete control. The name is taken from the Latin name for "Honeybee". They were founded by a rather deranged woman who wholeheartedly believed in The Evils of Free Will , and the sourcebook makes no bones about calling out what they have as being "an obscene perversion of nature, even before you account for the soulless undead abomination at its center".

    Partial example from Warhammer 40, : the Tyranids are controlled by a Hive Mind that coordinates the trillions of Tyranid creatures like cells in a vast, living body. It has no centralized "Queen" that we know of, and the mechanics of the Hive Mind are subject to debate both in and out of universe. That said, it's possible to disrupt the Hive Mind by destroying the "Synapse Creatures" that transmit its will to the rest of the swarm, such as the Hive Tyrants that serve as dangerously capable battlefield generals, or especially the Norn Queens that churn out the countless Tyranids like living factories.

    Destroying such creatures in no appreciable way damages the greater Hive Mind, but it does make the undirected Tyranids revert back to animals — albeit animals engineered to be the ultimate killing machines. There's also The Swarmlord, who's spawned to take down an enemy persistent enough to resist the Tyranids. It has the highest degree of free will of all 'Nids, but most importantly, the lore states that there's only one Swarmlord. It can be killed, but it will simply be respawned with its memory intact and likely take care of whatever tactic was used to take it down, ensuring It Only Works Once , and it's been stated that The Swarmlord can be spawned by any Hive Fleet regardless of distance.

    As such, it is the closest thing to a personification of the Hive Mind. In both ways, however, they're much more similar to an actual insect queen than a true Hive Queen , and neither species has a Hive Mind. The former manages to subvert even that, in a sense— Illithid tadpoles can survive outside of an Elder Brain's pool of nutrients, but it mutates in the process, becoming a creature called a Neothelid.

    These creatures are fully sentient, and posses Psychic Powers like their more normal kin, but are also roughly the size of a dragon, so they can't pull off Puppeteer Parasite gig very easily. The Formian Queens are a more straight up example. Primus, the godlike ruler of the Modrons is similar to the Borg Queen this way, just not as evil or destructive.

    Its ability to absorb the life-force of any slain modron and replace it immediately makes the modron race nearly undefeatable unless Primus itself is killed. And they can even recover from that , although should it happens, the whole race is thrown into chaos until a new Primus evolves from one of the four Secundi, and its first action is to stabilize the disorder that has occurred. The Slivers in Magic: The Gathering have a Sliver Queen, but like all the other Slivers she's a specialized breed, her specialty being, of course, reproduction. Unlike the other Slivers, however, she appears to be unique.

    The Slivers survive and function fine without her when they're reconstituted by the Riptide Project , but apparently she was something of a check on them, as they rampage aimlessly and in flavor text seem to crave some sort of direction at the same time, eventually resulting in the creation of the Sliver Overlord , which despite the male name is a more straight example of the trope. Finally, it's implied they eventually form a true hive mind, discarding both Overlord and no longer needing a Queen, as the Sliver Legion Subverted, however, in that the Grue Hive Mind can exist without the Grue Unity, since protean Grue already have individual personalities of their own that coordinate the relatively mindless Drones.

    It's just substantially harder without the Meta-Mind's massive telepathic potential, and thus one of the agendas of the Unity sans Meta-Mind is to round up enough Grue to reform it. And the Paragons setting has the adventure "Unity", wherein an entire small town comes under the control of a psychic Hive Mind , with the original psychic in question being a Hive Queen.

    Though, this is a borderline example as the Queen in question is comatose. Which is hardly typical of real scorpions, but who knows what demons are like Earthdawn supplement Creatures of Barsaive. Greater Termites have a queen who controls all of the worker and soldier termites in the nest. Video Games. Starcraft A gigantic brain-like entity called the Overmind functions as the collective conscience of the Zerg Swarm. There are also lesser control nodes called Cerebrates, which have their own personalities and opinions, but are absolutely incapable of defying an order from the Overmind.

    The Overmind and the Cerebrates all have a physical form, but they can re-incarnate into new bodies when they "die". Some Protoss are able to use a special energy that can block this reincarnation and finish them for good. It is, of course, one the main plot points in the game and its expansion. Down the chain, the Cerebrates control the Overlords, who themselves provide "control" as opposed to Terrans' supplies and Protoss' psi to a specific hive cluster over a given area in addition to acting as handy air transport for Zerg ground units.

    Ironically, while the Zerg also have creatures called "Queens," the Zerg Queens have nothing to do with control of the Hive Mind and are merely another assimilated species. The Zerg Queen is, however, slightly closer to real insects in function; its job involves watching over the hive cluster and spawning various parasites. And then there's Sarah Kerrigan, who assumes Queen status and title in the expansion pack after the demise of the Overmind.

    She also changes the theme of the Zerg race somewhat: brutal and monstrous as they were while under the Overmind, the original objective of the Swarm was to assimilate all organic life into itself and thus become perfect , an objective that was carried out without prejudice or malice. Kerrigan, on the other hand side, is actually Evil with a capital E, scheming, betraying and engaging in quite a bit of sadism along the way, actively using the power of the Swarm to get revenge against those who have wronged her, and put her in a position of power over the local portion of the galaxy.

    Also, the expansion demonstrates how the killing of the Overmind is a great blow against the Zerg, but by no means impossible to recover from, as it is discovered that Cerebrates can physically merge together to form a new Overmind. In Starcraft II the Queen unit has changed a bit, now they spawn additional larvae for hives and have a minor command role.

    And it turns out that Kerrigan replaced the Cerebrates with enhanced Queens called "Brood Mothers", in one mission of Heart of the Swarm a single Brood Mother spawns several zerglings without the use of a hatchery. The Aparoid Queen in Star Fox Assault controls a race of mechanical beings that, not unlike the Borg, seek to assimilate other races and technologies. Halo has the Gravemind — serving as the Hive Queen for the Flood.

    This was designed as a bit of a villain upgrade, however, as it explains how a bunch of unorganized "space zombies" could overthrow the Forerunners. Essentially, although individual Flood act as savage, mindless zombies, they are all actually under the direct control of the Gravemind once the Flood attains enough sentient biomass to build a Gravemind, allowing for strategy and tactics to be used against its enemies; this "Coordinated" stage of the species's developmental cycle is stated to be the point at which the Flood becomes truly dangerous.

    The physical body of the Gravemind is depicted as a gigantic talking "Venus flytrap" built from thousands upon thousands of consumed corpses in Halo 2 , while in Halo 3 , though it is unseen but not unheard aside from a brief appearance from a few of its tentacles, it is upgraded to Ultimate Evil status.

    World of Warcraft sports the Scourge, an army of undead rendered mindless or enthralled depends on the type by the Lich King. Notably, one of the player factions is the Forsaken, who are sapient undead who have broken free of the Hive Mind. The Forsaken have a queen, Sylvanas — but she's not a Hive Queen , merely a leader in the more traditional sense of the word. There are hints in the Cataclysm expansion set after the defeat of the Lich King that Sylvanas may be moving closer to this trope and generally becoming more and more like the one who did this to her. The Silithid of Ahn-Qiraj play this trope straight—not only do they have a hive mind mentality controlled by leaders, they are actual insects.

    Hive Queen - TV Tropes

    Their leader, C'thun, is an Old God, who has several high-ranking Qiraj at his command to issue out orders. The hive extends all the way down to insect-like creatures that are barely sapient, but still follow the hive mind. While C'thun was the first example of this seen in WoW, the other Old Gods seem to also be hive queens.

    The Faceless Ones seem to follow the orders of the Old Gods much like hive workers, and members of other races can be driven to insanity to serve the Old Gods. Gears of War : The locust queen. The chapter in which she is met is called 'Hive'. Vespiquen command and control the hive of mostly male Combee, which is contained within her body. There are three attacks in-game that uses this: one sends a swarm of Combee out to attack, one heals Vespiquen's health, while another increases her defense. BioWare loves this trope.

    In chronological order: Jade Empire has a cannibalistic mother demon that you kill by knocking over pillars so the roof collapses on her. The rachni queen is not causing the rachni to attack you; that's due to them being raised away from the queen this is compared to a human growing up alone in a closet , and the earlier Bug War was caused by them being made Brainwashed and Crazy by either the Reapers or the Leviathan , and the Collector General is being possessed by the Reaper Harbinger, who has assumed direct control.

    Dragon Age has the Broodmother, who serves as a bloated Mook Maker that creates loads and loads of darkspawn, but with one exception don't actually control the darkspawn themselves. On the flipside, the Archdemon seems to have some control over the minds of the darkspawn horde, directing them to band together and attack the surface world to create a Blight event, but he doesn't create the darkspawn.

    She's a massive, immobile supercomputer who runs the factories that build turrets, who's also hyper-intelligent and nearly omniscient within the facility. Male Zuul in Sword of the Stars are the centres of their coteries, and killing one will destroy the Hive Mind it shares with all its females and prevent them from sharing consciousness with each other. Hatoful Boyfriend has, in Holiday Star, the King-or more properly, the wandering soul of Kazuaki Nanaki, maddened from loneliness and betrayal and transformed by his overwhelming desire for friends who won't betray him into an Eldritch Abomination composed of all the souls tricked on to Holiday Star, who he assimilates into his own consciousness.

    All the "citizens" you meet are avatars of the group mind he controls, and completely subservient to him. An odd example where he's also convincingly played as a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds due to his overwhelming fear of ever being alone. However, for all practical purposes the Kreegan leader is King Xenofex, and while the Hive Queen appears to play an important reproductive role as well as implicitly helping coordinate the mindless Kreegan hordes, the intelligent Kreegan all appear self-willed and independent of her.

    Sigma in Mega Man X is a male version. In the Kirby Dark Matter Trilogy , Zero is the core of all Dark Matter , and its goal is to spread his will by assimilating the galaxy by possessing the planets with Dark Matter. Mass Effect has the rachni queen, a species of intelligent insect aliens, which were inspired by the Bugs from the aforementioned Starship Troopers , who have been around for quite some time.

    In the past, they've been driven mad by sour notes , and have a bad reputation for being used as invasion forces.

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    Due to Genetic Memory , the rachni queen of this cycle is actually quite peaceful, as if she is let go in the first game, she promises to disappear from the galaxy at large, a promise she keeps. She returns in Mass Effect 3 , having been captured by the Reapers. If she's freed, she pledges her full support to stopping them, another promise she keeps.