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This began to change after Dynasty xxI, when even religious texts began to use hieratic. Demotic from the Greek Demos, popular, the people was a further evolution of hieratic writing, adopted during the late period.

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Demotic, a very rapid form of. The widespread introduction of demotic script is generally dated to bce, and was favoured particularly for legal, business, and literary texts. Demotic was developed in the north of Egypt and was used throughout the country after the conquest of Upper Egypt under Psamtek I. The oldest known example of a demotic papyrus dates to the 21st year of Psamtek I and is from el-Hiba — Like hieratic it was always written from right to left. Demotic script is noticeably more cursive than even hieratic, having little or no resemblance to the original hieroglyphic symbols, although the underlying principles of the writing system are the same.

In fact, Demotic does not look too dissimilar from contemporary forms of arabic script. Currently, we believe that between the seventh and fifth centuries demotic was used only for administration and officialdom.

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Dating from the Roman Period, it provides details of her expectations about how he was to care for it. The institute's museum collection includes a number of items containing the Demotic language, such as a tax annuity and a reproduction of the Rosetta Stone which was partially written in Demotic.

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This marriage annuity, written in the Demotic Egyptian language, provides information on how a husband agrees to provide for his wife. The flowing script was used in Egypt from about B. UChicago Give. Enter Search Below Search.

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The University of Chicago. A strong group of scholars Europe had been the center of gravity for studying Demotic before work began on the Demotic Dictionary. Community Word of the day Random word Log in or Sign up. Popular; pertaining to the common people: specifically applied to a certain mode of writing used in Egypt for epistolary and business purposes from about the seventh century b.

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Also called enchorial. Pertaining to a people developed beyond the tribal stage and including individuals of various kindreds or nationalities.

See Enchorial. All rights reserved. Examples Perhaps the richest insights into the predominantly rural social environment of pre-revolutionary Greece are contained in demotic verse, much of which was composed, sung, and transmitted to subsequent generations by women.

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Arms and the Woman: Just Warriors and Greek Feminist Identity Depictions of women in demotic song largely reflected the harshness of rural life and the specific predicament of women within its social and economic structure. Arms and the Woman: Just Warriors and Greek Feminist Identity The word, which means "of, relating to, or written in a simplified form of the ancient Egyptian hieratic writing," is spelled " demotic " - without the "k.