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Yes he was betrothed to Anne de Bretagne, but he never had 6 wifes only one, actually. As for Fedrik de Nemours And so on. To be fair, even Dumas was known for romanticizing grandly his characters, so I'm not sure that it can be considered as a flaw. I thought I'd point it, anyway, because I'm an History nerd sorry about that. Seriously, lost enough, aren't you? Okay, I'm annoying. I stop here. But then, I must point that I have not the sufficient knowledge to judge if the way the characters speak can be considered as accurate for s I have to admit that I have many doubts, because it appeared rather modern to me.

Now, what I can judge are the mistakes when French language is used. Of course it was rare - Thanks Mortain! At all. One might argue that I make grammar mistakes in English as well, and it's true sorry about that. But the fact is, I'm not publishing a book, but writing a review. But let's talk about the characters , shall we? Her mission? To protect the Duchess, Anne de Bretagne, while unraveling the layers of treason the young ruler faces. In a word : Ismae must use her talent to figure out who is plotting against the duchess, including her closest support, Gavriel Duval.

Well, I haven't much to reproach her, to be fair. Indeed I could understand her decisions, and contrary to some many? On the contrary, she thinks before acting, and if she IS long to realize some facts DUH , I can't say that she's blinded by love, as she wonders why and who and how is right all the freaking time. She didn't trust Gavriel on sight for Mortain's sake! I didn't care so much about her either. In my opinion her monologues lacked of sincerity and believability, as I often found myself wondering Who thinks like that?

Every thought is too neat, and I never really felt her struggle , question - I was told so, but never get the feeling, you know? He is nice, kind, but has the bad habit to order Ismae around. Yet he is nice. And, you know, he is Well, okay, mostly dull. As the rest of the story, everything felt too mild to me, and no, my heart never missed a beat.

Lack of strong feelings indeed. Yes, so-called , because we are told that they are the villains in this story, but never really shown, or not enough, in my opinion. Take d'Albret, for example. Oh, yes, he seems really disgusting, but what does he really do? To me, the only real villains are Ismae's father and her previous husband. Indeed even if they exist , except for the beginning, the other characters fall into the background pretty fast, unfortunately.

Personally, I'm eager to learn more about Beast how awesome is that name, by the way? It's pretty obvious that the cons overtake the pros by far. Now, as I did enjoy my reading still, I decided for a three that I can't help but find quite generous. For more of my reviews, please visit View all 21 comments. Feb 09, Robin Bridge Four rated it really liked it Shelves: stars , kick-ass-heroines.

This one is more Political while the next in the series has a lot more action. Still Assassin Nuns are always interesting. Original Review: This is an interesting YA novel as it is set in the s so it is somewhat historical but at the same time fantasy. There is royal intrigue, plots, strange customs and dangerous women. Ismae has been marked since birth. She is a daughter of death better known as Saint Mortain. Daughters of death it seems are beautiful and have some other worldly qualities to them.

She is saved from an arranged marriage and sent to a convent for daughters of Mortain. After years in the convent the time had finally come be sent on her first assignment. She killed a man that might have repented his past transgressions and was trying to clear his name for Brittany the country not the girl. To figure out who is plotting against Brittany she must set off to court with Gavriel Duval where she can use her gifts to assess who is plotting against Brittany and the Duchess Anne.

I liked that there were complex characters in this novel. No one was all good or all bad. Even our heroine is sorely misunderstood. She can tell when someone is about to die or sense them after they have died. But she is feared as death is feared. Gavriel too is complex dutiful to the core but sometimes he goes against the norm for what he thinks is right even if it brands him a traitor to his sworn saint.

The romance that eventually grows between them is sweet and takes its time to blossom. He sees Ismae for who and what she truly is and never tries to change her. I felt so bad for Anne, she has to marry to make an alliance to keep her kingdom that is on the brink of war but some of her suitors are treacherous and if wed she will surely die soon after so they can control her kingdom.

The story was so interesting and watching Ismae grow into a bold woman was fascinating. I loved how she came to better understand Mortain and the two sides of him better throughout the book to realize possibly that being an assassin was not all he wanted for his daughters. Incredibly unique heroine. View all 5 comments. Shelves: starred , fantasy , why-the-hype , , romancelandia , ya , mythopoeic , 4.

When I saw Kirkus give a starred review to the 4th book in this world and make it sounds so enticing, with all the court intrigue and assassinating, I got super excited and thought maybe this would be the case when I try an old DNF and love it and have a whole new set of fantasy books to gush over and look forward to. But NO, "Grave Mercy" is still too shallow and pedestrian for my taste. Absolutely love the premise, which reminds me a bit of "The Cruel Prince. Original review I don't know, for a book that received so many starred reviews it is oddly superficial and immature.

Maybe too much of a romance? Not interested in finishing. View all 34 comments. Sep 30, Rachel Reads Ravenously rated it really liked it Shelves: paperback , fantasy , ya-fantasy , young-adult. There, she is schooled in the art of being an assassin and dedicated to carry out his work. For years she is trained in many different ways to kill a man, and when she becomes 17 she is sent on her first assignment. Fairly soon Ismae is wrapped up in a mission to help the Duchess of Brittany, and forced to work with a man named Duval, who also does not want Ismae's help. I really liked this book, but it fell short of that something special that would make me love it.

Ismae is a very compelling character, if a bit ill-prepared for the assignment she was given. Duval was interesting as well, but I never really felt as if the reader really got to know him. The relationship between him and Ismae could technically be filed under slow-build, but it felt forced to me.

I wish more time had been spent building their relationship because it very much felt like it went from "I can't trust you" to "We will do our best to be together in the future" in a matter of 50 pages or so. The aboutface was too quick for my tastes. It was done very well, but I grew a bit tiresome of it by the end of the book. The book also promoted important aspects such as to think for yourself, second chances, and first impressions are not always correct.

All very important themes for a ya novel. I am very excited to read Sybella's book next, I feel like she would be an incredibly interesting character. PS: view spoiler [ I think the fact that Ismae literally saved Duval with her magic vagina is fucking hilarious. If only we all had that ability hide spoiler ] View all 47 comments. This is a long drawn out book and I wasn't bored not one time Ismae's mom tried to rid her in the womb with poison from a herbwitch and all of this did was give her a scar and make her a daughter of St.

When she is older her dad sells her to a horrible man who was trying to make her do her wifely duties, but once he saw her scar, he was terrified. Everyone that knew who she was, was terrified of her. The abess of St. Mortain Convent brings Ismae into the fold and trains her as an assassin for death. She is trained in poisons and weaponry. I love it! I freaking love it! Sorry, I digressed! The misericorde is only one of her weapons of choice, she uses a garotte in her bracelet, crossbows, knives, you name it. She is bad to the bone! She is sent out on missions to kill people that have the marque of Mortain on them, this is like the go ahead to kill them, they are evil.

She is allowed to kill in self defense as well. She is sent on a mission with Gavriel Duval to help protect his sister, who is Duchess Anne. They find they are up against a lot of traitors, and bad people all around. I mean, it seems like you can't trust but a few in this book! Ismae isn't interested in men, she thinks they are vile creatures. Anyhoo, she starts to have feelings for Duval and I think it is so awesome.

They are actually perfect for each other in their bad assery!

I think the point is that people are irrational and don’t make

I can't stress how much I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Plots, schemes, weapons, killings, etc. If you like all of that stuff, I think you will like this book View 2 comments. This book was outstanding. You have all the fun elements- a young "kick-ass" female assassin gifted by the God of Death, a potential love interest, court politics, revenge, mistrust, and so on. Watching Ismae go from a naive young girl, who blindly follows, to a smart thinking young woman, was the best part of the book.

I loved this book. While not the prettiest of reviews, it gets the point across! View all 33 comments. Oct 29, Gail Carriger rated it it was amazing Shelves: ya , fantasy , historical , coop. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

The series premise: three girls from different backgrounds are deemed daughters of death and taken in to a mysterious convent where they are trained as assassins, called death's handmaidens. Each is then sent from the convent into the politics of late s Brittany where they find self confidence through love, purpose, and place in society.

The writing: rich period color, first person perspective, strong voice, some graphic violence, modest sex scenes, excellent heroic counterparts, complex poli The series premise: three girls from different backgrounds are deemed daughters of death and taken in to a mysterious convent where they are trained as assassins, called death's handmaidens. The writing: rich period color, first person perspective, strong voice, some graphic violence, modest sex scenes, excellent heroic counterparts, complex politics.

Close accepting friendship between girls and women, betrayal by adult role models. Grave Mercy is about Ismae, an abused peasant girl, for whom a convent is salvation and her devotion to her god, Death, a redemption and a means to self actualization. Ismae is sent into the high politics of the time to unearth betrayal, learning along the way what she must question and who she must become. She is learning about herself as she learns about her world, and what kind of place and path is open to her.

A series of trials to be passed? It is the well-tempered blade that is the strongest. The romance that develops between her and the man she is supposed to watch is part of her own journey learning to trust not just men but herself: in her heart, in her abilities, and in her judgement. I adored this book. So much so that I entirely forgave it some initial world building and historical exposition.

This was front loaded, once through the beginning chapters to Ismae's first kill and the introduction of the hero the pace picks up considerably. I wanted more of the assassin training, because I like the school aspect of most books well, duh, I wrote a whole series about this but I can understand why it wasn't there or was cut out. I enjoyed the journey and the characters even though I didn't personally relate to them but I liked them both much more as they are set into motion, on the road and into the city and politics.

However, I wonder if, LaFevers is playing parody with that trope in her connubial culmination, as Ismae literally saves Duval with her body. Nov 10, Giselle rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc-physical , age-young-adult , genre-historical , own , , bought-in-store , from-publishers , 5-star.

An unsolicited Advanced Reader Copy was provided by the publisher for review. Quotes have been pulled from an ARC and may be subject to change. What more could you want? Ismae gets rescued by a priest from a future with an abusive husband. The two journey to the convent, and is trained by the church to do St. She slowly gathers the trust and respect of her fellow mentors and is finally ass An unsolicited Advanced Reader Copy was provided by the publisher for review. She slowly gathers the trust and respect of her fellow mentors and is finally assigned on a mission.

Nun assassins trained in combat, and poisons, and seduction?? This was a well written book. Ismae is not your average female protagonist. And the way she hones her powers to take down a life, amazed me. I enjoyed reading Grave Mercy! Assassin nuns and girls who are trained by Death itself?? Yes sign me up! I love the story and the main character. Seems like a start to a great trilogy. I enjoyed reading about Ismae's adventures and I love how she developed as a character. There's action,there's a bit of slow-burning romance which I definitely liked,there's a lot of scheming and there are many interesting historical facts.

The supporting characters are very interesting - Duval,the Duchess,Sybella etc. Yes,the writing and the world-building aren't perfect but I really con 3,5 stars Such an interesting read. Yes,the writing and the world-building aren't perfect but I really connected with these characters and I had a great time reading about them. Plus,the story really is unique and captivating. The Duchess seriously needs the Lord's help,though,she's in a difficult position.

A really good book with a lot of potential. View all 6 comments. Buddy reading with Kelsey My Dec tbr twin This is really going to be a short review, based on the fact that 3 stars review are just so hard for me to write most times and also I didn't enjoy this book even though it was okay. As glad as I am that I enjoyed this book, I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed. The book lacks action, in depth depictions of things that happened in the book,some things were just too rushed for my liking.

I love the politics and scheming in the book, even though I Buddy reading with Kelsey My Dec tbr twin This is really going to be a short review, based on the fact that 3 stars review are just so hard for me to write most times and also I didn't enjoy this book even though it was okay. I love the politics and scheming in the book, even though I predicted most, I still enjoyed the scheming a lot. The world building is average, it was just okay. The book is written in the first person point of view of Ismae the MC. Despite some of her cringing thoughts I still enjoyed her narration and the dialogues in the book.

The characters are a bit bland. Ismae and Duval was okay and the rest was more of a filler than an actual character. I expected more from Anne and the other nobles but got nothing. The plot is no where near original but the author did a good job with the book. View all 4 comments. Shelves: hybrid-multiple-genre , historical-fiction , general-fantasy-and-mythology , young-adult , alternate-history-or-future.

A history of paraphrased reader responses to Grave Mercy. Love the historical setting! This is boring. The romance is a nicely handled but I wish there was more. I hate that there's even a romance in this book. No, really? Is this book still going? I could eat up every single word on the pages! Maybe there's a few parts which drag but I'm still really liking it.

Forget this. I'm done. Polarizing books are nothing new. In fact, I'm almost wary of a popular book if there isn't A history of paraphrased reader responses to Grave Mercy. In fact, I'm almost wary of a popular book if there isn't an ample amount of criticism to temper a mass amount of glowing reviews. So of course, I get to be one of those people who can't come out of the gate with a strong opinion in either direction. I didn't love or hate this book. There were parts that I loved and parts I didn't.

I agree with every person who thinks Grave Mercy could have been so much more. This chick was going around and offing people as an agent of Death. I was expecting something a little more epic. Am I right? In all fairness to the story, I don't think an entire book of assassinations would have gone over well. Could the body count have gone up at least a notch or two? But I can't say that Ismae wasn't assassinating anyone either. I weigh the choice that is no choice at all. To be removed from the world of men and trained to kill them, or to be handed to one like a sheep.

Not unlike how I felt while reading Lies of Locke Lamora , I found myself wanting to skim ahead to the action. It's not that anything was wrong, but I have a mind which tends to wander. If I'm having to wait around for people to come to decisions on things, I drift off into thinking about what I need to cook for dinner. Which I did. We had spaghetti tonight. It was nothing fancy, but I also baked a cake because I had some free time on my hands. Mind wandering. The amount of romance was actually perfect for me.

I didn't think it was too much or too little. Duval is what made the second half of the book entertaining. Men of mystery and intrigue are always appreciated. It was that pesky middle section which had me struggling to pick the book back up. I'm not sure what could have been done differently but the pacing felt skewed somehow. I hear Sybella's installment book 2 is quite a bit better, so I will be looking forward to it. Even with some complaints, I still enjoyed watching an assassin nun at work for death, so I'll be heading back to this world at some point.

Many of you know that I can't seem to avoid noticing random things in books which make me laugh. Here's my latest find : The two men draw together, silent but deadly , as their companion writhes on the ground. View all 29 comments. Don't you love when by some weird luck you discover a book that manages to surprise you? And it is not even kind of a book you would usually read? That is exactly what happened to me - first two books of His Fair Assassin trilogy were available on NetGalley, I saw both countless times on my friend's blogs or social network's profiles and I just couldn't miss an opportunity to read them myself.

The story. Young girl escapes from unwanted marriage just so she would become professional assassin tr Don't you love when by some weird luck you discover a book that manages to surprise you? Young girl escapes from unwanted marriage just so she would become professional assassin trained by nuns. Seriously, how can you resist reading something with premise like this?

It screams "girl power". But there is something that, in my opinion, skyrockets Grave Mercy into "epic-ness". Although, it is labeled as young adult, you have a feeling as if this book is "ageless". I didn't have usual issues when it comes to young adult fantasy. World building was believable which is a big deal considering that this is a historical fiction.

Author herself points out that she had done extensive research and that many of characters are historical figures including thirteen years old Anne. Fourteenth century is so different from our own time and being a child was a privilege not a basic human right and - as I used to remind my students in many occasions - back then, being teenager meant that you are adult with all responsibilities that come with that.

Ismae, Sybella, Annith, Anne and even those who are supposedly negative characters, are the most amazing women I fantasy I have read about.

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Strong and opinionated, with enough strength to fight for their believes and, at the same time, like any other human being flawed and tempered. Man who knows what he needs to do protect those he love, reluctant to let anyone in and, when he finally does, loyal and honest. Saint Mortain. The most intriguing part of the story. I have so many things to say about this, but I won't because that would spoil Grave Mercy for you. I will just say that I was impressed how author put together ancient believes and character development giving us convent full of nuns and young girls who serve Death.

Read what Tanja thought about Grave Mercy here.

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View all 12 comments. Apr 25, Natalie Monroe rated it it was ok Shelves: boooring , when-sparks-don-t-fly , great-start-hated-the-rest , not-as-good-as-i-expected , girl-squad. I walk in His dark shadow and do His bidding.

Serving Him is my only purpose in this life, and I have let my annoyance drive that duty from my mind. I will not let that happen again. It's got an interesting historical background and assassin nuns. I'll just let that sink in. Unfortunately, the premise doesn't hold up.

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The beginning is the best part. We open with Ismae being married against "I am a handmaiden of Death. We open with Ismae being married against her will to a much older man. The convent rescues her and she's subjected to a poison test before discovering she has the ability to be a handmaiden of Mortain, god of Death. Then we go through a time-skip and everything goes downhill.

I don't mind that we skip the training, but the plot just drags and drags.

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