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The game contains construction cards , created by mixing upper and lower parts. Each opponent in a stage must be defeated 5 times to unlock the next stage. After this, opponents can continue to be battled for more points and card drops. After defeating DarkNite five times, the player is given the password for the ending credits and an additional Dark Stage appears, with Yami Yugi as an opponent.

The opponent for that stage can be changed with a password. Tristan Taylor. Joey Wheeler. Mai Valentine. Mako Tsunami. Yugi Muto. Espa Roba. Rex Raptor. Weevil Underwood. Seto Kaiba. Simon Muran Paradox. Isis Ishtar Ishizu Ishtar. Heishin Slysheen. Yami Yugi. Marik Ishtar. Yami Bakura. Each time the player wins a battle, they are awarded with a construction card part. There are parts in total, divided into lower parts and upper parts.

These are divided into two groups, with each group having 70 lower parts and 70 upper parts. A lower part and an upper part from the same group can be combined to form a construction card, resulting in possible construction cards in each group, or construction cards in total; parts cannot be combined between the groups, nor can two lower parts or two upper parts be combined with each other. Constructed cards can be previewed before they are actually created, allowing the player to review their options before sacrificing parts to get the cards.

Players can change the upper body parts from this menu by pressing the up and down buttons and change the lower body part by pressing the left and right buttons. While the card construction mechanic itself only appeared in Dark Duel Stories , seven constructed cards were featured as regular cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!

See a Problem?

Duel Monsters 4: Battle of Great Duelist ; one of these cards was then printed in the OCG , and subsequently featured in further video games. The Deck can be altered, and a Deck Capacity limit can be chosen, on this screen. Allowed limits are , , , and The option to take a card from the opponent's chest after winning a battle was removed in this game. When trading they must specify which game they are trading with.

Only cards existing in the game being connected to can be traded. A trade cannot be conducted unless the player has over 50 cards that are lower in Deck Cost than their Duelist Level. From the trade menu, the player has three options, "chest", "check card" and "exchange card". The player must open the "chest" menu and select which cards they wish to trade.

They can review the cards they have selected in the "check card" screen. The cards are traded when each players selects "exchange card". Communication Fusions can be conducted by trading certain cards. The records screen contains the player's name, communication battle statistics, Duelist Level and Deck Volume. The player can change their name. Names can be eight characters long. The Japanese version of the game allows kana characters to be used. The English version allows the 26 letters from the English alphabet in upper or lower case to be used.

There are seven non-card passwords: one makes Solomon Muto give an extra card after each battle, one allows the credits to be viewed, and the other five are for switching the Dark Stage opponent. There are also unusable passwords , which display the message "Can't record password!

Try a different password. The game does not use rules from the Yu-Gi-Oh!

An Intense Look Back at the Griffith Park Fire of

Official Card Game. It uses the rules from its predecessor Yu-Gi-Oh! The player's initial Deck Volume is It can be altered using these methods, until it reaches the maximum of New games start with a Duelist Level of Each card has its Deck Cost printed on it. Although, there is logic that can be used to otherwise determine a card's Deck Cost. The following cards are Limited , meaning the player can only have a single copy of it in their Deck. He went to suit up. The Dominion battlecruisers sent drop pods crashing into the facility.

Under the command of Nova , they fanned out, looking for Kerrigan. One of the teams found her, but Kerrigan used her psionic powers to kill her attackers. Kerrigan reflected how the killing would never stop until Mengsk was dead. Raynor snapped her out of it by reminding her they had to leave, and would have to fight their way out. He tossed Kerrigan one of her attackers' weapons , and despite the 4 years of absence, Kerrigan instinctively got back into the game. The pair set out to make their escape. With the aid of the Umojan forces, the pair fought their way through the facility, taking out everything the Dominion threw at them.

Nova was able to send them down to the sub-level, where not only did the pair have to deal with an impending lockdown, but the now feral zerg that Kerrigan had spawned. Still, they wouldn't be stopped, and kept moving. They reached the base's tram station, and after fending off more Dominion forces, they arrived at their destination—the shuttle bay. However, Dominion forces had taken control of it, among which was the Archangel.

The vehicle destroyed the bridge connecting the bay and the tram terminal, separating the pair. Raynor told Kerrigan he'd find another way around while Kerrigan and the Umojans were left to take the vehicle down themselves. The Archangel was destroyed, but Raynor contacted Kerrigan—he was cut off, and he told her to take his ship.

Kerrigan initially refused but Valerian, who was by now on the Hyperion , told her that he'd send a team to extract Raynor. Kerrigan agreed to take the ship, but warned Valerian not to mess things up, and that Raynor better not die on her. After a trip through warp space , Kerrigan docked with the Hyperion , now above Phaethon along with a number of other allied ships. Arriving on the bridge however, she found Raynor to be absent. Valerian uneasily explained that they hadn't been able to extract Raynor. Kerrigan lashed out, using her psionic powers to choke Valerian, ignoring Horner's demands for her to stand down, and sending the Umojan marines who tried to intervene flying against the walls.

What made matters worse was the arrival of the Dominion Fleet , which opened fire and continued firing, even after Horner told them that Valerian was on board the Hyperion. The distraction was enough to get Kerrigan to let go of the prince. But despite Horner's plan of leaving the rendezvous point and circling back to pick up Raynor, Kerrigan wasn't interested. As the rebel fleet warped away, she took the dropship down to the planet's surface.

Dominion ground forces were already there however.

We need you!

Not only were they out in force, but they had set up a Drakken pulse cannon. Kerrigan knew that if Raynor warped into the space above the planet, it would shoot him down in an instant. Out of options, Kerrigan took control of a brood under the command of broodmother Naktul.

The creature welcomed her "queen" back to the Swarm, but Kerrigan wasn't interested. The zerg were a means to an end, nothing more, to destroy the cannon and the Dominion forces guarding it. Both the cannon and the terrans were destroyed, yet Kerrigan was uneasy, as she found herself slipping back into her old persona. A zergling entered the dropship, and Kerrigan quickly grabbed her rifle and aimed at the zergling's head.

The zergling backed away. Kerrigan tried to contact Raynor, but instead picked up a UNN broadcast. It declared that Raynor had been captured and killed, before showing a triumphant Mengsk declaring that the war was over. The zergling that entered the dropship earlier approached her and looked at her eye-to-eye. Distraught, and with nothing left save vengeance, Kerrigan embraced her darker nature. Thus, she turned to the zerg. Kerrigan took the dropship to a leviathan.

There, she met with the creature Izsha , a creation of hers from her days as the Queen of Blades. Kerrigan wanted the Swarm to move on Korhal, but as Izsha informed her, the Swarm was in disarray, the broodmothers vying for control in light of the power vacuum Kerrigan's de-infestation had created. It was a situation Kerrigan resolved to rectify. The following section contains timeline information which isn't necessarily in chronological order.

Kerrigan quickly brought Zagara to heel on Char , [] and then led an assault on Warfield's base, decimating it. When Kerrigan remained silent, Warfield called her a traitor, condemning her for abandoning her humanity over revenge. After asking how many innocents she murdered, and how many more had to die and still being met with silence , he reminded her that she was throwing away what Raynor had done for her and asked her what he would think of her actions now.

At this, Kerrigan became enraged and brutally finished off the general, but nonetheless withdrew her forces just as they were about to finish off the evacuees too injured to fight back. Kerrigan traveled to Kaldir , to reclaim Nafash and her brood. Unfortunately Nafash had been killed by the protoss, who quickly tried to alert Shakuras of Kerrigan's weakened state.

Kerrigan stopped the first attempt, [] during which a protoss scientist named Lasarra was captured. Letting Lassara be teleported to the ship, Niadra erupted from her body and, using the organisms stored on board, was able to overrun the ship. Niadra was left to her own devices. During her resurgence, Zeratul had boarded Kerrigan's leviathan and after a brief scuffle, was able to convince her to travel to the zerg homeworld of Zerus to claim the power of the primal zerg.

Kerrigan was skeptical of the prophecies, but agreed in order to gain the power she needed to kill Mengsk. Though suspicious of Zeratul's motives, Kerrigan's desire for revenge compelled her to take his advice. During this time, Kerrigan was attacked by the primal zerg, who regarded her Swarm as "corrupt". Kerrigan's forces fended off the primal zerg attackers, and successfully awakened Zurvan.

Zurvan informed Kerrigan that the fallen xel'naga Amon was responsible for enslaving the zerg and corrupting them through the hive mind as part of his plot to destroy both protoss and zerg and remake all life in his image. Zurvan also explained that the few zerg who escaped Amon's influence became the primal zerg, and that Kerrigan must allow Zerus to remake her if she was to claim the power of the primals.

Despite knowing that her humanity would be lost again, Kerrigan agreed to this. She allowed Zurvan to lead her to the first spawning pool where the zerg had first evolved. Against Abathur's advice, she entered the pool to begin her transformation. Before sealing herself within a chrysalis, she ordered her minions to defend her until she either emerged from the chrysalis or was dead. Upon returning to her leviathan, Kerrigan was met by Dehaka , a primal zerg pack leader who wished to join her Swarm, pledging to serve her in exchange for new sources of essence.

Kerrigan accepted Dehaka and his pack into the Swarm. Although Yagdra , Kraith , Slivan and their respective packs fought viciously against Kerrigan's Swarm, they were ultimately no match for the reborn Queen of Blades. After collecting their essences, Kerrigan was confronted by Zurvan, who initially acclaimed her for her victory. He then turned on her, with the intention of consuming her essence; explaining that he had "no allegiance but to self.

With her mission on Zerus complete, Kerrigan ordered Izsha to prepare the leviathan to return to the Koprulu sector. Kerrigan's broodmothers delivered a communicator, and, on cue, a message from Arcturus Mengsk was delivered. Mengsk told her that Raynor was alive, but that if she brought her Swarm to bear against Korhal or him, Raynor would be killed. Kerrigan couldn't sense Raynor, but swore that she'd rescue him, and set a course for Dominion space.

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Kerrigan was contacted by an unknown entity, who claimed to know of Kerrigan's desire to topple Mengsk. The figure told her that her chances of defeating Mengsk were nullified as long as his hybrid were alive and that defeating them was a top priority. Kerrigan tracked the figure to Skygeirr Station , and upon arrival, she questioned its identity.

It revealed itself to be an infested Alexi Stukov. He told her that Narud was in fact a shapeshifter who "had worn many faces over the years" and served Amon. Stukov claimed that Narud had made him into whom he was and that he was the victim of countless experiments by Narud. To this end, she utilized infestors to spawn infested terrans at the garrison's complement. The terrans used gas to wipe out the infested, but there was a delay between each usage of the gas. In the end, Kerrigan's zerg destroyed the garrison and then entered the lab.

On the lower level of the lab, Narud unleashed eight hybrid dominators to psionically sap Kerrigan's life. They were defeated, as was the Dominion garrison entrenched at the same level. Kerrigan then ordered the Swarm to flood the remaining levels of the lab and eradicate everything within. Narud personally tried to kill Kerrigan with a null-zone, which Kerrigan countered with her own.

Narud drew power from several xel'naga temples located throughout the level. With Kerrigan locked in combat with Narud, Stukov was left to lead the zerg to destroy the temples. The protoss attacked the zerg, reinforced by hybrid reavers , but ultimately, the zerg prevailed. Eventually, Stukov deactivated all of the xel'naga temples and Narud lost the null-zone battle. Morphing first into Raynor and then Kerrigan's pre-infestation form, he nearly killed her with a psi-blade but in turn, Kerrigan fatally wounded him with her wings.

Before dying, Narud told her that Amon was alive, and that she would encounter him soon. Kerrigan was brought back to the leviathan to be healed. She revealed what she had learned from Narud, that Amon was alive, and was a threat to the zerg. Once Mengsk was dealt with, they would have to face him in turn. Kerrigan made contact with the Hyperion. Matt Horner and Valerian Mengsk were shocked to see that Kerrigan had returned to her zerg form, but agreed to help her find Jim. They learned that Jim was being held aboard the prison ship Moros which was currently docked at Atlas Station.

Kerrigan launched an assault on the Moros and boarded it. Mengsk attempted to kill both of them by triggering a self-destruct without the crew's knowledge, but Kerrigan was able to use her leviathan to stabilize the section where Raynor was being held. Kerrigan gave him his gun, put it to her forehead, and told him that he was both the one who swore to kill the Queen of Blades and the one who believed in her. She asked him if he still believed in her.

After some hesitation, Raynor fired Yet for all that, he couldn't, or wouldn't, hit her. Kerrigan told Raynor that she would always love him, but he coldly declared their relationship was over. With Narud and his hybrids destroyed and Raynor saved, Kerrigan ordered the swarm to invade Korhal.

The swarm surrounded Korhal with dozens of leviathans, preventing reinforcements from getting through. Kerrigan's first priority was to destroy Korhal's planetary defenses. She had Abathur devise the bile launcher , a modified virophage that could destroy the defense cannons from a long range. However, the launchers themselves had to be planted on the surface.

Thus, Kerrigan unleashed millions of drop pods upon Korhal. Though many were shot down, a sufficient number landed on the outskirts of Augustgrad. Kerrigan herself entered the fray and secured the landing site of the bile launchers that eventually destroyed the Dominion defense, allowing the rest of the swarm to land and drive the Dominion into the city. At this time, Mengsk activated his newest weapon: The Psi Destroyer. This device emitted a field that could kill the zerg through their psionic connection to a hive mind.

Having anticipated this, however, Kerrigan, sent Dehaka and his primal zerg who had no hive mind connections to take out the Destroyer's power generators. The swarm then eradicated the dormant weapon and its defenders. On Prince Valerian's request, Kerrigan slowed her invasion to let Korhal's civilians evacuate unscathed. The zerg encountered heavy resistance from the Dominion's elite guard, who possessed enhanced weapons, as well as the Odin.

Unexpectedly however, Raynor and the Hyperion came to Kerrigan's aid. With the combined might of Raynor, Zagara, Dehaka and Stukov, Kerrigan eradicated Mengsk's defenders and breached the palace. She ordered Zagara to take command of the swarm while she entered the palace to deal with Mengsk alone.

Inside the palace, Kerrigan cut her way through Mengsk's final defenses and made her way to Mengsk's office at the top where the emperor was expecting her. He brought his last weapon to bear: the xel'naga artifact, though this time he planned to use it to destroy her directly. Mengsk used the device to disable and torment Kerrigan while gloating, calling Kerrigan his greatest failure.

Unfortunately for the tyrant, his gloating allowed Raynor to intervene in the nick of time; he crushed the control for the artifact and threw Mengsk across the room. Enraged, Kerrigan impaled Mengsk to the wall by his shoulders and after a final bitter exchange of words, overflowed him with her psionic energies. Mengsk exploded violently, blasting a massive hole through the wall behind. Though she departed Korhal immediately following Mengsk's death, she thanked Raynor "for everything" he'd given her before she left. Her vengeance fulfilled, all that remained for Kerrigan was to send the Swarm against its true enemy, Amon.

Kerrigan took the Swarm away from the Koprulu sector as part of her attempt to find Amon, [] hoping to avoid the coming oblivion that awaited the galaxy. Kerrigan led the zerg against a Moebius Foundation base which had fallen thrall to the mind control of hybrids within the facility.

She was contacted by Zeratul, who told her that the Foundation had kidnapped Khalai that he wished to save. Kerrigan refused to call off the attack and told Zeratul to stay out of her way. The base and its defenders were destroyed, but not before Zeratul and his allies were able to free their breathren. During Amon's war against the denizens of the Milky Way , Kerrigan was attacked by a hybrid reaver , which was able to gain the upperhand over her. She also encountered Artanis during the conflict. Despite the initial hostility between them, Artanis, knowing that Kerrigan was somehow important, spared her life and even helped kill another hybrid reaver that heavily wounded her in a surprise ambush.

During this time, their hostility seemed to abate somewhat.

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Despite the intervention of Amon's servants in the form of Moebius Corps , Taldarim and hybrid forces, [] the pair eventually fought their way to the shrines and then to the xel'naga chamber, where they discovered, much to Artanis' horror, that the xel'naga had all been slaughtered by Amon. She witnessed Amon reveal to Artanis that he was building a new host body for himself using the possessed Khalai he had acquired through corrupting the Khala with his rage and malice and the Overmind's body, forcibly merging them into a new physical form on Aiur.

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  6. Kerrigan and Artanis fled the Void rift opened in the chamber, and she helped the protoss reinforcments sent by Vorazun destroy the Void crystals powering the rift, closing it. Artanis contacted her afterwards, saying that they needed to work together to stop Amon, Kerrigan regretfully told him that her forces needed time to replenish themselves, as they had suffered greatly in the recent battles, and thus could not aid the protoss. Instead she offered Artanis advice, gather allies to his cause to oppose Amon and destroy his armies piecemeal to weaken him.

    This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions , and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline. Kerrigan fought alongside fellow commanders against Amon's forces throughout the End War. Two years after [1] Artanis's reclamation of Aiur, Kerrigan had rebuilt enough of her forces to assault and kill Amon in the Void. A voice from the Void called out to her, one that she sensed was benevolent. He told Kerrigan that he could merge his essence with hers, in a bid to defeat Amon.

    Despite Raynor's pleas, Kerrigan agreed to do it, hoping to atone for her past sins. As Ouros began the essence transfer needed for her to ascend into xel'naga form, Raynor, Artanis and Zagara provided military protection from the legions of Void entities and even void thrashers Amon sent against them to stop the transfer. Ultimately however, with the combined might of all three races and Kerrigan's new powers, the transfer was successful.

    Kerrigan willed that Zagara should take command of the Swarm from now on, telling her to "remember our lessons". Confronting Amon, she slew him, telling Raynor in her last moments to flee. At this point, he saw or believed he saw Kerrigan return, appearing as she had prior to her infestation by the zerg.

    Whether real or not, Kerrigan asked him whether he was ready to "get out of here," to which Raynor responded positively, exiting the bar. Kerrigan's fate remained a mystery within the Dominion. Only a few people knew of her battle with Amon, and they remained silent. After her ascension, she granted the Zerg Swarm under Zagara with the freedom of choice, and free will among the Swarm's broodmothers.

    In addition, she gifted Zagara with the essence of the xel'naga, allowing her to spread life to other planets through the creation a creature independent of the Swarm made from xel'naga essence, the adostra. She had Zagara promise her that the Swarm would not assimilate the essence into its genome, a promise she would keep, but that Abathur would see as a betrayal. Years after the End War, Niadra remained loyal to Kerrigan's final directive to destroy the protoss, even though she never heard her voice again since overruning the Daelaam Ark.

    Niadra led her brood into conflict with the Terran Dominion and Daelaam. Sarah Kerrigan appears in StarCraft in two forms: that of a terran ghost and as an infested terran. Kerrigan is available as an announcer for StarCraft II multiplayer. Sarah Kerrigan's portrait is available for players who complete the Liberty Completionist: Brutal achievement.

    Her cheerleader portrait is available upon completion of the Back to School Feat of Strength reward. The Kerrigan skin in Overwatch. Kerrigan in her Primal Zerg form is available as a hero in Heroes of the Storm. Kerrigan appears as a playable faction in StarCraft: The Board Game , commanding the purple zerg faction. In the game's Brood War expansion, Kerrigan herself is deployable as a infested terran hero. Kerrigan in her terran ghost form is available as a skin for Widowmaker in Overwatch , for those who log in between March 6 and April 3, The skin has Kerrigan's ghost designation No.

    Erroneously, the unlock message for the skin calls Kerrigan "one of the Dominion's deadliest ghosts. Due to ghost conditioning, Kerrigan was an introvert from a young age [9] and arguably remained aloof when freed from Confederate control. Rather, Kerrigan in her Queen of Blades persona was Kerrigan under the influence of some devastating forces such as zerg mutagen.

    After her de-infestation on Char, Kerrigan was angry and conflicted, feeling like she was being pulled in many directions at once. That practically everyone in the Koprulu sector wanted her dead also affected her emotions. However, her hatred of Mengsk remained, [] albeit contrasted with her continued love for Raynor. Her reversion to human form by Raynor allowed her to finally develop an identity for herself, though found her emotions torn between a man that she loved Raynor and a man that she despised Mengsk. Sarah Kerrigan was an extremely powerful terran psychic.

    At a young age she fried her mother's brain accidentally with psionic powers [15] and demonstrated telekinetic abilities. Kerrigan was uniquely suited to controlling zerg even before she was infested. In experiments conducted with captured zerg specimens, the Confederacy terminated the other ghosts involved in the project because only Kerrigan could get the results they wanted.

    Prior to deinfestation during the Second Great War, she was at least an order of magnitude more powerful than PI level 10, [] possessing a "class 12 psi signature". Upon the transfer of Ouros's essence, Kerrigan gained immense psionic might, able to wield celestial energy as a cohesive beam and send it out as a wave of energy. Kerrigan was a Confederate ghost and underwent the usual harsh ghost training. She was especially good at using knives, [8] [18] firearms, and driving vultures , and was skilled enough in martial arts to kill a terran officer by kicking him hard enough to break his neck.

    When working with Duran, she often relied on him to come up with strategies, but was more than capable of creating her own complex plans. Sarah Kerrigan was infested by the zerg as part of an experiment. Her new appearance was personally designed by Abathur, though the process was painful. Her stature increased, and she gained an armored carapace, claws, and "wings" usable as weapons and effective against psi-blades.

    Kerrigan was also able to cloak , despite no longer wearing a ghost's hostile environment suit. Kerrigan's full psionic potential was initially suppressed by residual ghost conditioning. By the time the first Overmind had been slain, Kerrigan was powerful enough to gain control of approximately half of the Zerg Swarm [54] and seize the mind of Raszagal [55] without even setting foot on the same planet. By the Second Great War , Kerrigan had gained a psionic implosion ability.

    She also had very swift regeneration; a wing severed by Zeratul on Ulaan regrew in seconds. As the primal Queen of Blades, her psionic might was unrivaled by any being. Chris Metzen has described Kerrigan as alongside Jim Raynor the "loneliest person in the universe. Kindregan considers her to be the most complex character of the StarCraft setting. Despite her important role in the StarCraft storyline , the character of Sarah Kerrigan was not conceived until the middle of work on the first campaign of the original game. This was in turn a reference to the character of Tanya from Command and Conquer , which was seen as a rival to StarCraft.

    Kerrigan was given the role of a covert physic warrior. Metzen further worked on her character and fleshed out her relationship with Raynor. Likewise, her subsequent infestation was a late development decision. Kerrigan's role was expanded upon for StarCraft: Brood War , in which she became the primary antagonist. In the first game, Kerrigan in both her forms was voiced by Glynnis Talken-Campbell. She has described Kerrigan as being harder to voice than the medic which she also provided the voice for due to the role requiring her to "bring out her inner warrior.

    With StarCraft II , Kerrigan's design was established by Blizzard's cinematic department, and while the game design team was allowed a degree of latitude with how she'd be portrayed in the game engine, the design had to remain faithful to the high-resolution version. In-game, her athletic proportions were very subdued when viewed from a distance, and her feminine features did not stand out enough to clearly present her as a female character. A quick resolution to this for the real-time artwork was increasing Kerrigan's breast size and the width of her hips.

    A drawback of the design was the zerg-arms that protrude from Kerrigan's back which interfere with her silhouette and distracts from her slim waist. Creating the in-game version of Kerrigan was a balancing act between readable, overbuilt proportions while maintaining strong feminine features. The in-game model was reiterated numerous times to get the balance right. Campbell initially voiced Kerrigan in the game. However, a new voice director at Blizzard replaced her with Tricia Helfer , and the lines were re-recorded. It was speculated that Kerrigan at least during Heart of the Swarm has two personalities, one as Sarah Kerrigan, the other as the Queen of Blades.

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    Brian Kindregan speculated in an interview that if Kerrigan's Queen of Blades persona still remained after her de-infestation at the end of Wings of Liberty , it would end up taking over. The development team initially wanted Kerrigan's "primal zerg" model to be wildly different from her Queen of Blades form.

    However, the cinematic team did not have sufficient time to redesign Kerrigan with so many cutscenes propelling the story, and the need to synchronize with the cutscene teams means that such a wild redesign was impossible. Kerrigan's redemption arc was not planned by Chris Metzen during the development of StarCraft. Similarly, Brood War "wasn't the place for it" in his mind. Between Brood War and StarCraft II however, Metzen's opinion on Kerrigan and villains as a whole began to change, as the idea of villain redemption became a concept close to him.

    He reasoned that the Queen of Blades was not who Kerrigan truly was, that she had always been manipulated by one power or another. The exploration of this idea ran through the three installments of the StarCraft II trilogy. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Armies will be shattered. Worlds will burn. Now at last, on this world , vengeance shall be mine. For I am the Queen of Blades.

    Contents [ show ]. Pity and weakness are synonymous. Remorse is forbidden. Compunction is forbidden. Do you understand? They unleashed it. It killed, and it didn't care. I killed, and I didn't care. What are you talking about? They cut his damn head off, Arcturus! And we can't find it! The sick bastards took it with them! Main article: StarCraft: Uprising. You are here as a guest of the Sons of Korhal. My name is Arcturus Mengsk. Main article: StarCraft Episode I.


    I haven't even said anything to you yet! I just don't think anyone deserves to have the Zerg unleashed on them. I know things have happened fast, but it's true. And I couldn't bear the thought of anything happening to you. But I can't just sit on the sidelines. I have to put myself at risk, just as you do. I can't help but think that maybe we shouldn't have gotten involved. Don't ever say that. Main article: Battle of New Gettysburg. I know about your past. I mean, I've heard the rumors. I know you were a part of those experiments with the Zerg; that Mengsk came and saved you, but you don't owe him this!

    Hell, I've saved your butt plenty of times. It suits you sometimes. Just not I don't need to be rescued. I know what I'm doing. The Protoss are coming to destroy the entire planet, not just the Zerg. I know that because I am a Ghost , remember? Once we've dealt with the Protoss, we can do something about the Zerg. Arcturus will come around. I know he will. Good huntin'! Did it know that it was preparing the very instrument that would help to bring about its own destruction? Hell, did the Confederacy know? Would I know?

    I lead. Fortunately, the creature is still in its infant stages. It can't control the Swarm yet, but Daggoth and the others still have control over most of the Broods. The two Cerebrates you killed here were part of Daggoth's forces. Look, I don't need to tell you all what might happen if that thing reaches maturity. I can guarantee you that should it awaken, it'll take full control of me just like it did before.

    I don't want that to happen, and I'm pretty sure you don't want it to happen either. The Zerg you've killed here and the Overmind which you've come to collect As is our mutual friend Lieutenant Duran. You see, Admiral My associates and I intend to make sure that your reign is short lived. Well, the UED has done it. They've tamed the Overmind and now control most of the Zerg broods in this sector. That's why I've asked for your help. I want to defeat them because if we don't, they'll clamp down on this sector, and enslave us all!

    You know I'm right Jim. You've studied the history of Earth, you know what the UED's agenda is. Taking control of the Zerg is only the beginning for them. I demand to know why you've taken our Matriarch. I stole her to get to you. You see, I need you and your brethren to kill the Overmind for me. The only way I had of assuring your cooperation was to take away that which you value most. However, I give you my word that once you've killed the Overmind, I'll allow her to return to you.

    And not all of your little soldiers or space ships will stand in my way again. Obedience or oblivion. That is why we fight. Whispering from the stars? The galaxy will burn with their coming. But what's she after? If that damned artifact does what you hope it does they won't hesitate goin' through you to get to her. I remember. Billions dead That was not you. WR Prospect voice. Fukai Blue B English version, voice.

    Baki English version, voice. A's Cousin Blue B English version, voice. Mubi English version, voice. Show all 48 episodes. Bible Action Jesus. Show all 18 episodes. Yashiro Isana English version, voice. Weismann Show all 13 episodes. Show all 57 episodes. Franklin voice. Various English version, voice. Wild Geese Member English version, voice. Teddie English version, voice. Tomura English version, voice.

    Detective Ikeda voice. Show all 20 episodes. Kiyotsugu voice, as Sam Regal. Number 16's Holder English version, voice. Chills English version, voice. Detective Ikeda English version, voice. Vampire Security Guards English version, voice. Atsuki Mirai e Kakeru Tamashii!!

    We need you!

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