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Manage your firm, cases, and clients easily from Clio—and get back more of your day

I shudder to think that there are not insignificant pockets of lawyers out there still dedicated to mail merge, or worse yet, typewriters. But clearly, there are better ways to build documents in this bright future. A document automation program allows you to customize existing templates in a number of ways, including by adding client information. Some vendors will add your templates to their system at no cost, or at some cost.

If you wish to step up to the pay-for-play leagues, The Form Tool is an inexpensive product that integrates with Microsoft Word. HotDocs is probably the granddaddy of them all. Pathagoras is a rising entrant in the marketplace. Smokeball is primarily a case management system; but, its integration with Microsoft Outlook and Word allows users to build and maintain documents, too. LEAP , a new entrant in the United States, but already a big player for case management in Australia, offers practice-area specific forms and document assembly features , to boot.

Document management software. Although most document automation tools feature some level of document management control, generally speaking, standalone document management tools offer more robust versions of those features, or different features altogether. Some major systems in this field include NetDocuments reviewed here , and very price-competitive , Worldox and iManage. At this point, many case management companies are building out better document management tools, so some law firms choose to utilize those features rather than buy a separate standalone package.

My intention was to break out time and billing software from accounting software.

Law Practice Management Software (Alphabetical List)

Pretty much every accounting program has time and billing features, and many time and billing applications feature at least some semblance of accounting features. Obviously, having the ability to track time, and to export that time log to an invoice template that can then be finalized is a good thing. Reporting tools I speak of broadly; but the thrust of the matter is that you should be able to filter for certain information, review accounts receivable, determine billings for individual attorneys, manage collection status, etc.

The tools you choose will, in large part, depend on your tolerance for the DIY lifestyle. The next rung on the ladder would be a computerized spreadsheet tool of some kind. Xero is a QuickBooks competitor based out of New Zealand. In between are business accounting programs like GnuCash which is free and Sage 50 formerly Peachtree which is not. This is before one even arrives at the doorstep of legal-specific time, billing and accounting tools. PCLaw is sticking around. Most case management software systems include some level of accounting functionality, whether built into the systems or integrated with them, potentially through the fulcrum of an API.

The ABA Legal Technology Resource Center maintains a list of time and billing products, which includes some of the traditional standard-bearers. And, if you like your time tracking separate from your billing, there are a number of standalone time capture applications available to lawyers , including those that automatically monitor device time.

Case management software. Case management software sometimes referred to as practice management software purports to be a holistic solution , in that it will wrap the majority of common features for law firm management into a single, accessible package. Generally speaking, case management software includes:. Some of the major vendors have built APIs allowing third parties to write applications for their programs — so, if you want to use QuickBooks, for example, you can use it within your case management system. Some vendors eschew the use of APIs on the theory that a case management system should provide internally, natively whatever features the law firm will need, such that there is no need to purchase any additional software.

There is a clear and ongoing shift to the cloud when it comes to case management.

Learn more about Lawmatics. Case Management Software with billing, document generation, document scanning, faxing, e-mail and transcriptions and much more. Learn more about Legal Assistant Software Suite. Solution to automate billing, client management, timesheet entries, and more. Learn more about Legal CRM. Web and mobile platform that provides a simple system for the practice law business: matters management, bills, calendar, reports, etc. Learn more about Legal Matters. Learn more about LegalXGen. NuLaw, an all in one solution for automating calendaring, case-related task scheduling, and more powered by Salesforce's App Cloud.

Learn more about NuLaw. Manage your law firm with our software including contact management, matter management, invoicing, client portal and more. Learn more about Practice Manager Pro. Practice management software for law offices - includes special functions that automate retail, medical and commercial collection. Learn more about Q-Law. Law Practice Management platform for law firms of all sizes that can be easily tailored for your practice areas. Learn more about Selah Central.

Featured Law Practice Management Software

Practice management and accounting solution designed for the modern law firms that helps with HR, workflow, accounting and more. Learn more about Acumin. Fully integrated practice and case management software solution with time recording, billing, and more. Learn more about Lawman. Internet-based legal practice management featuring calendar, check writing, general ledger, document repository and more.

Best 13 Law Firm Practice Management Software

Learn more about Orion. Learn more about Perfect Practice. Software for plaintiff attorneys; case management, document management, trust accounting, checkbook and more. Learn more about The Plaintiff. Provides the tools to easily manage clients, matters, prospects, billing, financial reporting, profitability, cases, documents. Learn more about LMS Cloud. Specialized solution for lawyers, legal departments and law firms, will help you in the organization and administration of your office.

Learn more about YouWinLaw. Practice management solution for barristers and sole practitioners. Learn more about BarBooks. Cloud based SaaS law practice management for solo attorneys and small law firms.

App4Legal Law Practice Management Software – Introduction

Integrates all of the major office functions of a typical law firm into a single, efficient system. Learn more about CaseLode. Integrates lawyers time billing, calendaring, and tasks, document and practice management systems. Learn more about CompleteLAW. Legal Services: Practice, program and Engagement Management. Learn more about EasyCloudBooks. Learn more about eZManage. Affordable law office software for law firms of any size and case types that does more and costs less than the other leading brands.

Learn more about Geni Law Office Software.

Best 13 Law Firm Practice Management Software | Inbound Law Marketing

Scalable matter management system for legal professionals; web-based access to law practice management tools from anywhere, anytime. Learn more about GoMatters. Complete timekeeping, billing, and CRM for attorneys. Learn more about Horatio Helper. SaaS practice management and legal accounts application for solicitors and in-house cashiers.

Learn more about Interactive. Legal practice management solution that integrates with several Judiciary e-systems to provide a detailed view of cases. Learn more about Jurisnet. Learn more about Law Firm Solution. Cloud based legal practice management solution that is fast and easy to use. Learn more about LawAdvisor Workspaces. Offers all you need to run a law practice from managing matters, documents, clients, invoices, time tracking, and billing. Learn more about LawEnvoy. A powerful single solution designed to enhance the performance of your law firm.

Learn more about LawMaster. Online legal billing, accounting and management software for South African legal professionals.

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Learn more about LawPracticeZA. Learn more about LawWare. Learn more about Legal The Legal Publish Marketing Cloud is an innovative, comprehensive data-driven SaaS marketing automation platform for law firms. Learn more about Legal Publish. Sale your legal services online with our Legal Sale Pro software. Learn more about Legal Sale Pro. Integrate your back office financial record-keeping requirements with your front office case management needs. Learn more about Legalmaster. Cloud based all in one legal practice management platform, that is tailored for enterprise size law firms.

Learn more about LEX Linetime are a specialist provider of case and practice management solutions to the legal sector. Learn more about Liberate. Law office software for time and billing, accounting, contact management, calendar, and more. Artificial intelligence platform for the legal industry that helps with compliance, contract management and other business operations. Learn more about Luminance. Learn more about Matter Management System. Law management solution with powerful features to manage cases, clients, documents, bills, appointments, time-tracking, and more. Cloud-based solution that helps IT leaders and HR managers to manage information requirements and business processes.

Learn more about MindCollect. Simple to use legal accounting, timekeeping and database management software package. Learn more about Perfect Books Online. Manage cases, clients, documents, bills, calendars, time-tracking, reporting, and accounting through this all in one software solution. Learn more about Pracmas. Software that offers mandate and FICA documentation generation, contact records maintenance, document management, barcodes generation.

Learn more about Practice ManagerPro. Learn more about ProVantage Suite. Web-based solution that allows users to exchange and process property sales files online and access digital notary service securely. Learn more about Quai Des Notaires. Easy Soft Legal Software offers comprehensive software solutions for real estate closings.

Learn more about Real Estate Suite. Learn more about RevaTrademark. Affordable cloud-based law practice management software that integrates billing, matter, task and document management. Learn more about Sheriasoft. Solo practitioners and small law firms use this software for legal matter management, accounting, timekeeping, and billing. Learn more about SILQ. Integrated case management and legal accounting system for the legal industry.

Learn more about SOS Connect. The experience discovery system that helps you quickly find the right people in your firm to effectively tackle each unique client Learn more about The Firm Directory. The experience discovery system that helps you quickly find the right people in your firm to effectively tackle each unique client. Manage clients and their cases, contacts, scheduling of work, time records, document generation, and electronic document management. Learn more about The Ombudsman.

Criminal law software; includes scheduling, billing, rolodex, case management, and practice management.

What is Law Practice Management Software?

Learn more about TopDogLegal. Easy to use time and billing software for solo and small law firms. Learn more about TurboLaw Time and Billing. Legal practice management software that includes case and client data management. Learn more about Vakil Desk. Practice management tool designed to handle your files and effectively manage your law firm. Learn more about Wise Owl Legal.

AbacusLaw & Amicus Attorney Case Management Software Solutions

Learn more about Zelican. Law Practice Management software integrates and automates the front and back office activities of legal practices including: calendaring, appointment scheduling, case management, conflict checking, messaging and more. We know business software inside and out. Check out our blog to see what's happening in the world of software. In that time they have grown to well over a hundred customers in Ontario including myself and all my colleagues. I was looking for a complete solution to my practice management and accounting needs.

I tried various other platforms including PCLaw and Clio, but they lacked in usability or functionality compared to CosmoLex. The easy to use interface is really well designed, other products were too clumsy and not as user friendly. Cosmolex fit that bill. I was using PC Law, constantly had tech issues, backup issues and could not use it remotely. I decided to use a cloud based system to avoid the data corruption problems experienced with PC Law.

The CosmoLex cloud based system permits access from any computer anywhere in the world. I can even input time and client expense from my iphone. CosmoLex enables me to cover all accounting and firm record keeping on one platform. I am working with an accounting professional in Canada and she appears satisfied with the response for improvement from your company.

I was looking for an alternative to PC Law. I wanted the software to be cloud-based so it would work on our Apple devices. It is pretty user-friendly.