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Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

What could be worse tha Investigating a naval flight trainee's death in a plane crash, which has been listed as an accident but is suspected to have ben caused by sabotage, Nancy finds her chief suspect in handsome fellow trainee Crash Beauford. Visiting the nation's capital for a sight-seeing vacation, Nancy is alarmed when a priceless Mayan artifact disappears from the Beech Hill museum and finds her only clue in a strange note containing a red handprint. Trying to determine who has stolen a sacred ancient artifact belonging to an Australian Aborigine tribe, Nancy, Frank, and Joe become entangled in a land dispute feud between the tribe and the owners of an opal mine.

Who let the air out of the soccer ball? WHo added salt to the water on the sidelines? Who put the red glop in the goalie's soccer shoes? It's gooey. It's gross. It's not fair. Soccer is supposed to be a kick. But somebody's being a But not like this, not under these ci Even Velma Ford, the queen of the silent screen Esme Moore, America's hottest romance writer, has come to River Heights, and the rumors are swirling. She's written her autobiography, a book of true confessions, and the scandals are sur Nancy and her friends are practicing for the big ballet recital.

They're so excited -- and nervous, too. Especially Bess. She loves her beautiful mermaid costume, but she can't seem to learn the steps. Vacationing in Washington state, Nancy and Ned discover that the owners of the Alpine Adventures guide service have been victims of a terror campaign and Nancy must go to the top of Mount Rainier to solve the case. When crime crashes in, Nancy finds that the money may be fake, but the danger is all too real! Bess has gotten a real surprise for Christmas: two crisp new twenties that turn out to be fake. Her aunt, who works at River Heights magazine, unwittingly When Nancy, Bess, George, and Nancy's housekeeper, Hannah Gruen, travel to San Francisco to help Hannah's friend renovate a charming old Victorian mansion, they encounter possible ghosts, a legend of hidden gold--and greed Her neighbor is Ellen Mathieson, a professor whose study of painter Josephine Solo has sudden Christmas is coming, and Nancy's third grade class is having a Secret Santa exchange.

That means cards, candy, and a special gift for everyone. Everyone except Nancy Drew! Is it a mistake? Is somebody just being sill After her close friend Bess vanishes while working at the hot new Razor's Edge dance club, Nancy Drew risks her own life to find her missing friend, but the case soon becomes complicated by the murder of the club's DJ. Nancy Drew and the Hardy boys find unexpected mystery and terror in Hollywood as they cope with deadly sabotage, crazed fans, and an obsessed stalker targeting television star Marla Devereaux.

A few days at Emerson College is just what Nancy needs. After a long summer of travel, she has a lot of catching up to do with Ned Rebecca Ramirez's birthday is just two days away, and she's having a slumber party. She made the invitations herself, with rainbow ribbon hair clips and everything. But now the invitations are gone. Somebody took them. And the Volunteering on a hospital ship that brings medical care to South America, Nancy begins to suspect that someone is using the ship to transport illegal cargo and must track down the clues before her own health is risked.

Helping her friend with summer fieldwork at Block Island, Nancy comes across the murdered body of hustler Tom Haines, whose seedy dealings stir up a whole island of suspicion for Nancy to dig through. But before the first pitch is thrown, Nancy Drew comes to the aid of Sean Reeves, the star pitcher of the River Heights Falcons, when his young daughter is kidnapped and the price of her release is for him to lose the championship game.

When her boyfriend is injured under mysterious circumstances during a trip to Yellowstone National Park, Nancy arrives on the scene and uncovers a criminal plan to steal the park's native animals. In a carnival of crime, Nancy finds nothing is what it seems. Nancy has come to Riverfront amusement park at the invitation of famed illusionist Adriana Polidori. Having inherited the park after her uncle's tragic death, Adr When an old friend summons Nancy Drew to Arlington, Virginia, to help her locate her missing father, a top scientist, Nancy teams up with Frank and Joe Hardy to solve the perplexing mystery.

When there's trouble in River Heights, Nancy answers the call. Nancy has volunteered to work the phones for the Help Is Here teen hotline--a crisis-control center for those with troubles at home, at school, in love. But she receives one call that But soon after their arrival, Nancy Nancy journeys to an island of dreams set in a sea of beauty. Supermodel Martika Sawyer has invited Nancy Drew to the grand opening of Cloud Nine--her health spa and resort on a private Caribbean island. But there's serious troubl On the trail of a teddy bear thief, nancy unwraps double-dealing and double crosses!

Bess is working during the Christmas rush at Beary Wonderful, a toy and teddy bear shop, when the holiday season takes a sudden scary turn. The owner's prized colle The play's the thing and Nancy's the star. Famed actress Evelyn Caldwell has put her career and her money on the line.

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Her ambition is to transform a Connecticut barn into a big-time theater. But the play she has i In a world of lace, silk, and chiffon, Nancy finds that murder is made to order! Beau Winston is a hot name in fashion, and he's invited Nancy Drew into his New York studio to find out who is stealing his original designs. But now he has suffered a A bike trip in the country leads to a dangerous twist as Nancy's ride takes a sudden, nasty turn.

After catching a jewel thief in the act, Nancy hopes to steal a little time for herself. A three-day bike ride with Ned, George, and a group of Emerson Everybody's talking about Marcy Chicago's hip new teen TV talk showand Nancy has tickets to see it live. When host Marcy Robbins grabs the mike and goes on the air there's sure to be plenty of fast talk and shock-filled fireworks. But the biggest su She agrees to take the case of an amnes Nancy lends a hand in a local election -- where issue 1 is murder. River Heights is about to elect a new mayor and every candidate will have to take a stand on crime.

Searching for missing jewels, Nancy finds the perfect setting for murder. An urgent message from Bess draws Nancy to beautiful Carmel, California. Fading movie star Joanna Burton has accused jeweler Marcia Cheung of replacing the diamonds in her ne Terry Alford, a top television veejay, is starring in the hot new Broadway-bound rock mu An Elizabethan festival has come to River Heights, and Nancy has joined the troupe as a lady to the queen's court. Aside from the music, dancing, costumes, and feasts, there are Nancy goes behind the scenes at the circus and finds big trouble under the big top.

Adopted as an infant, Natalia i After inviting Nancy, Ned, and Bess to a sailing regatta near his family's estate, Andy Devereux--co-owner of a boat-designing company--is arrested for murder, and Nancy investigates to clear his name. Nancy, Bess, and George are spending a week at the exclusive Spa Solaire outside Tucson, Arizona -- a place for relaxation, rigorous exercise, and complete beauty make When the accountant of Riverview's hot new comedy club is sent to jail for embezzlement, Nancy is convinced that he has been framed, and she goes undercover at the club to catch the real crook.

Shana Edwards, a recent graduate who has made a big splash in New York, is ret Undercover as an investigative reporter, Nancy Drew attempts to find out who is trying to do away with WRVH-TV anchorman Hal Taylor and finds that the station is rife with greed and corruption. While on vacation in Hawaii, Nancy Drew meets up with Frank and Joe Hardy, who are working undercover in the islands, and together they investigate a murder with sinister implications for the Honolulu's legendary Grand Hawaiian Hotel.

Having worked hard with Nightingale, Colleen Healey is worried when someone tries to hurt the champion horse right before the Midwest International Horse Show, and she calls on her friend, Nancy Drew, for help A weekend at the estate of the late author Dorothea Burden turns into a mystery case for Nancy Drew when some jewel-encrusted figurines are stolen from the safe and the late author's editor is found dead. On vacation on the Greek isles, Nancy, Bess, and George are horrified when someone steals their passports from their hotel room, and soon the trio of friends is in hot pursuit of terrorists.

The golden horse is a very special kind o Her mission: protect Judy Noll, Bureau trainee, daughter of a powerful senator, and apparent target of But the sheer pl Nancy's European summer is getting hot. First stop: Romance. Destination: Danger! Nancy, Bess, and George are off on a continental adventure into the gorgeous heart of Europe: -- Switzerland.

And gorgeous is just the word for jet-setter Franz Haus Lacey becomes concerned when Katie steals Lacey's boyfriend and then begins hanging out with Lacey's best friend, and Brittany tries to save shy, overweight Phyllis Bouchard from becoming the victim of a cruel joke. When strange grease fires, vandalism, and poisoned food plague the proprietors and customers of the hottest restaurant in town, Nancy links the incidents to the vault of a nearby mansion and the Dragon's Eye Ruby. The teen sleuths team up in Tokyo, Nancy investigating the smuggling frame-up of an elderly lady, the boys looking into the counterfeiting of Amsa electronic devices, and the young detectives soon realize the cases are linked.

With Nancy's best friend George set to compete in the big race in Chicago, Nancy goes to the Windy City, where she finds herself involved in finding the person who has been sending death threats to top runner Annette Lang. The town is rich in history, and Vera wants to preserve a piece When the environmentally conscious curator of the National Aquarium in Baltimore turns up dead, Nancy investigates to determine whether the killer was an illegal polluter or a jealous associate.

As the junior class luau approaches, Samantha Daley is upset that her boyfriend is using a computer to match couples for the dance, while Emily Van Patten acts to prevent her father from dating one of her teachers Nancy's in California to investigate a series of break-ins at the home of her father's friend Terry Kirkland. A Vietnam vet, Terry came away from the conflict with But the action behind the scenes is far more chilling than anything on camera.

Somebody is secretly determined to turn the film into a fl Paula de Jagger is a Dutch foreign exchange student staying with Nancy's neighbors, the Moorelys. Paula is smart, pretty, and popular, but something is very wrong. Lately she's be When Nancy Drew attends homecoming weekend at Emerson College, she comes to the aid of second-string quarterback Randy Simpson, who faces not only the responsibility of the starting line-up but also a series of death threats Undercover at Brewster Academy to investigate a grade-changing scheme, Nancy must find out who has penetrated the school's computer and is extorting money from students in exchange for upgrading their records But the higher they climb into the remote and rugged Ro The c Oakwood Inn's Chocolate Lover's Festival--held to raise money for the Tagley family's faltering inn--becomes the scene of attempted murder when TV star Brock Sawyer, the former boyfriend of Mrs.

Tagley's daughter, bites into a tainted truffle The innocent invitation turns ominous when Claudia's roommate Veronica turns up His World Hunger Rock Tour is being attacked by a rash of vicious pranks that threaten to shut down the charity event. They're conducting an intense manhunt for a pair of big-time cat burglars.

And they're sure the da When Nancy's boyfriend, Ned Nickerson, looks into insurance fraud as part of his job as an insurance company investigator, the perpetrator ends up dead and Ned's prints are on the weapon, a situation that requires Nancy's intervention It seems a mysterious figure called the Black Knight wants to forc Nancy attends the funeral of a local millionaire -- and finds that greed dies hard Carson Drew's client Clayton Glover is dead, but a controversy is just coming to life.

The million-dollar question: Who will inherit the businessman's riches? Why would anyone want to destroy a wildlife refuge? Blame has fallen on disgruntl Nancy meets her match -- in the game of love and in the art of crime. Nancy's in Chicago to cheer the Emerson College basketball team, led by co-captain Ned Nickerson, against their archrivals. But she can't believe her eyes. Has Ned saved his sli While Brittany Tate scours the River Heights Country Club in search of the perfect boyfriend, junior class treasurer Ellen Ming turns to Nancy Drew for help in clearing her father's name from a charge of embezzlement Nancy spends a winter weekend on campus -- and finds that crime is on the curriculum Ned invites Nancy, Bess, and George to Emerson College's Winter Carnival for four days of nonstop skiing, skating, and sleigh riding.

But a jewel heist on campus pu Friends of George's parents invite the girls to visit their rustic retreat in upstate New York. With its riding stables and canoes, the resort seems a dream come true. But before Nancy can hitch up her hiking boots, she disco A private train will take the elite group fr Nancy and her friend George are delighted to accompany Carson Drew on a trip to Anchorage, Alaska, to visit shipping magnate Henry Wilcox, but Nancy must investigate when Wilcox is accused of smuggling ivory and George is kidnapped Karen Jacobs doubts her boyfriend Ben's feeling for an old flame, Lacey Dupree blames herself for Rick Stratton's accident, and Nikki Masters falls for exchange student Niles Butler, as the three girls discover the stormy paths of love When River Heights is lulled into a false sense of security, Nancy sets off the alarm The exciting world of law enforcement is the subject of a high school career fair, and Nancy is a guest speaker.

But the real excitement begins when speaker Tom Ha Nancy journeys to the elegant historical city of Charleston, South Carolina, to visit famed gothic romance writer Amelia Beaufort. The writer has a disturbing tale to tell -- disturbing because An ultrachic modeling contest draws Nancy into a beauty of a mystery A major modeling agency, a designer clothes company, and a popular teen magazine promise to make one girl's dreams come true. All are sponsors of the Face of the Year contest -- an America's Cheryl Pier Nancy goes in search of a missing painter -- and uncovers a new twist in the art of murder Nancy's summer in the chic Hamptons beach resort is growing hotter by the day.

She's seeing more of Russian dancer Sasha Petrov, and she's not sure if it's What more could Nancy and her friends want? Maybe a touch of romance and a dash of Nancy's in San Francisco to help Ned's uncle, architect Robert Franklin, investigate a series of suspicious fires at one of his construction sites.

Digging into the ashes, she uncovers one very disturbing clue: a bracelet be Nancy joins the Hollywood in crowd and finds crime is all the rage Nancy and Ned are off to Southern California to visit Josh Kline and his younger sister, Rachel. But when Rachel disappears from her high school commencement, Nancy learns that the g Nancy has just four days to catch the artful dodger, or Lila will have to forfeit her entire collection!

But the s Nancy goes to the Kentucky Derby -- where death is the dark horse. The favorite is Toot Sweet, but during a workout an accident nearly takes the horse' Nancy tackles a case of foul play on the football field When waitress Cynthia Tyler is accused of stealing and is fired from the popular restaurant Touchdown, Nancy goes undercover to find out why.

She discovers a connection between the missing mone Brittany Tate is involved in an increasingly steamy relationship with a college student, and Lacey Dupree is working on a far-fetched plan to raise money to buy a car--a plan that involves the newest sensation in rock music The safe at the Bentley Bank has turned into the unsafest place in town. And when Nancy investigates a series of safe deposit box break-ins, she walks into a vault full of trouble.

Whatever the burglars are after, it's not cash Nancy stalks some missing jungle cats -- but finds a human animal deadliest of all! To help clear George's boyfriend, Nancy takes on a baffling case at the River Heights zoo. Four wild cats have vanished, and Owen Harris, a handsome grad student wor When a con artist enters the picture, it's Nancy who gets framed! A beautiful young woman in nearby Mapleton has been bilking the members of a posh country club out of thousands of dollars.

The extortionist's name, according to the victims, is Nancy Nancy, Bess, and George have been invited by their former grade-school teacher June Braden to spend their vacation on the coast of Maine. Miss Braden's brother, Karl, was recently lost at sea and is presumed dead, but his da Ecstatic over her new boyfriend and her role in planning the halftime show at the homecoming football game, Nikki Masters finds her joy tempered by Tim's chilly behavior and Brittany's schemes of sabotage Major rock star Brad MacDougal is shooting a big-budget video at fabu Nancy, Bess, and George are determined to get away from it all so they decide to spend a week at a secluded cabin on Wisconsin's Lake Minosha.

But where Nancy goes, trouble is sure to follow. A knock comes at her door, a gir For New condition books in our store; You will be the first user. You will be the first to open the book cover. For Used condition books in our store; It shows signs of wear from consistent use, but it remains in good Blond, blue-eyed, and beautiful, year-old Nikki Masters has looks that can kill -- and now the police want her for murder Nancy's summer vacation is going just fine -- she can hang out and spend time with Ned.

All that changes when Vanities, a When a handsome teen idol comes to Nancy's hometown, crime grabs the spotlight Film star Brady Armstrong is in River Heights for the premiere of his newest movie at the grand old Century Cinema. When Nancy's friend Bess decides to go backstage to But a valuable pair of brooches that were going to be sold t Nancy does some dangerous dancing when she encounters a supersmooth deejay Handsome deejay Jon Villiers is the hottest thing in town.

All the girls who crowd the trendy new club Moves are crazy about him. But Jon has eyes only for Laurie Weaver, and The hottest rock station in town has just gotten a little hotter -- and somebody's going to get burned. Nancy, Bess, and George are listening to Dan "the Wild Man" Wildman's show when there is a loud crash on the air, a call for Trevor Callahan, a young doctor, is being blamed for his future father-in-law's sudden death after heart su Everyone's geared up for spring break, including Frank and Joe Hardy.

The b When a rock idol becomes the invisible man, Nancy makes a guest appearance Superstar Jesse Slade has been missing for three years -- until Nancy spots a clue on the videotape of Slade's last concert. She and her friends George and Bess fly to Califo Nancy sails into a tropical tempest of movie stars and murder A plea for help takes Nancy to the magical island of Tahiti. Bree Gordon has received disturbing letters that claim her movie star mother's death years before was no accident. Bree's fami Nancy stalks a poisoner through Chicago's high-fashion jungle After receiving a series of death threats, hot young fashion designer Kim Daley calls Nancy Drew to investigate.

At first it seems like a simple case of jealous rivals. But suddenly the c Nancy learns that Tammy Calloway, a former rodeo champion, has received threats that her horse Renegade will be destroyed if Tammy comes out of retirement to compete in the annual Fourth of July rodeo Someone who knows too much is dying to tell all Nancy is urgently summoned to Washington, D. When Nancy arrives on Capitol Hill, the senator -- fearing her office is bugged -- escorts Nancy to th Once on board the Emerald Queen, a beautiful widow named Nina da Silva seems to attract his attention.

The problem is, Nin Nancy's high school reunion party turns up an old flame -- and ignites a burning feud Wendy Harriman, the most popular cheerleader in Nancy's class, invites her old schoolmates to a beach party. But the reunion stirs up much more than memories. A treasure map leads Nancy Drew into a network of passageways underneath Shady Glen Cemetary, where she discovers clues to both a recent outbreak of robberies and the location of a long-lost fortune in gold Nancy goes to L.

A priceless miniature portrait of Napoleon has mysteriously exploded in Book List: titles. A Star Witness. Nancy Drew Clue Book - 3. The Magician's Secret. Nancy Drew Diaries - 8. A Musical Mess. Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew - Sabotage at Willow Woods. Nancy Drew Diaries - 5. Once Upon a Thriller. Nancy Drew Diaries - 4. Mystery of the Midnight Rider. Nancy Drew Diaries - 3. Curse of the Arctic Star.

Nancy Drew Diaries - 1. Strangers on a Train.

Bright White Clay that Stays White when Dry

Nancy Drew Diaries - 2. Ticket Trouble. Lights, Camera, The Circus Scare. Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew - 7. The Case of the Sneaky Snowman. Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew - 5. Close Encounters. Nancy Drew Girl Detective - Pit of Vipers. Scream for Ice Cream. Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew - 2.

Sleepover Sleuths. Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew - 1. En Garde. Missing: Nancy Drew. Lights, Camera Without a Trace. Nancy Drew Girl Detective - 1. Danger on the Great Lakes. Nancy Drew Mystery Stories - Mystery By Moonlight. The Crime Lab Case. The Clue on the Crystal Dove. Dinosaur Alert! Trash or Treasure? The Key in the Satin Pocket. The Chocolate-Covered Contest. It's No Joke! The Case of the Captured Queen. The Ghost of the Lantern Lady. The E-Mail Mystery. Mystery on Maui. The Case of Capital Intrigue.

Process of Elimination. Operation: Titanic. Nancy Drew on Campus - Royal Revenge. In the Spotlight. At All Costs. Otherwise Engaged. Exhibition of Evil. Strange Memories. Nancy Drew Case Files - In and Out of Love. In Search of the Black Rose. The Wedding Day Mystery. Whose Pet is Best? High Stakes. Islands of Intrigue. A Question of Guilt. The Baby-Sitter Burglaries. Wicked Ways. The Treasure in the Royal Tower. Secrets of the Nile. On Her Own. Nancy Drew on Campus - 2. The Best Detective. Nancy Drew Notebooks - 8. New Lives, New Loves.

Nancy Drew on Campus - 1. The Teen Model Mystery. Anything for Love. Dead on Arrival. Danger Down Under. Kiss and Tell. Moore Linden. Fangio A Very Nice Cat. See Me for Me. Teya Peck Mike Nelson. Burns Like Fire Dangerous Creatures. The Bone Wall. Ayesha Ayesha. Valentine Renehan. Nighthawk Nighthawk. Michael James Alexander. When Lightning Walks about. Derry Stockbridge.

All Things? The Seventh King. Out on the Full. Tiffany's Addiction A Wsa Novel. Race Relations A Matter of Color. Knight Fall Champion Chronicles. Escape from Saigon A Novel. Dolphin Drone A Military Thriller. James Ottar Grundvig. Professor Paul O'Brien.

Concert performance of the new Between the Lines musical!

FantasticLand A Novel. Motional Blur A Novel. Human Solutions A Novel. An African Rebound A Novel. The Secrets of Roscarbury Hall. In the Moment Part Two. In the Moment Part Three. Megan Weber Hogan. When she hears a baby crying, she discovers, too late, what the family was having for dinner.

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Heather Brewer's Shadow Children deals with the ever-popular and familiar fear of the dark. Dax is convinced that his younger brother, Jon, is exaggerating when he begs to sleep with a light on, insisting that the shadows will get him in the dark. Dax doesn't believe Jon until he sees Jon being pulled into the closet by the shadows. Fear is highly recommended attention to any library collection. Reluctant readers may gravitate toward R. Nocturne by L. Wizards of the Coast, Availability: New and used.

Flannery Lane is a 15 year old girl who possesses the power of great magic, not that her over-protective Uncle Anatole will allow her to use it, though he is a powerful wizard himself! That is, until her uncle is suddenly incapacitated by a curse. Now Flan finds that she is the only one who can perform the magic necessary to ward off the vampire suspected of break-ins and the disappearances of young girls in Wicker Street.

After all, what else could be responsible, given that a gorgeous new-to-town vampire hunter has implored her to create a powerful talisman to guard against the undead? Flan must hope that she can defeat the vampire before she becomes its next victim. Limited only by a few sentence fragments and slight predictability, Nocturne is a highly engrossing, satisfying, and quick read. Harkrader does an excellent job of giving the fantasy world of the novel life and depth and presents us with characters that fit well in that world, but that we, as readers, can fully identify with.

Particularly satisfying is the strong female protagonist who is not afraid to speak out against the stereotype of the clumsy, faint-hearted heroine. Recommended for readers aged and for public library YA horror collections. Zombiekins by Kevin Bolger , illustrated by Andre Brecha. Razorbill, Available: New. When Stanley, unaware that Zombiekins has awakened, brings it to school, chaos ensues as it escapes and starts infecting the students.

Stanley and his best friend Miranda race sort of to survive the onslaught and transform the zombies back into students. Zombiekins looks like the kind of book fans of the Captain Underpants books would love. Stanley is regularly victimized by the school bully, with even his best friend totally indifferent to his situation. Stanley is also shown as clueless and slow, especially compared to Miranda. Even his attempt at heroism is a failed joke. Upper elementary kids might go for the overall cutesy-creepy feel of the story, which is effectively reinforced by the illustrations, but the story comes across as very mean-spirited, and upper elementary kids get enough of that from their peers.

Zombie loving adults, though, will find a lot to enjoy. Adult zombie lovers, though, may want to check this out! Contains: violence, bullying, destruction of property. Dragonbreath by Ursula Vernon. Dial, Ursula Vernon has a winning recipe with her Dragonbreath series. Fast-paced, fantastical adventures combined with situations the average kid can relate to, a comic book style, and a dose of humor are a perfect match to beginning independent readers, reluctant readers, and five year old boys. Big Eddy, the komodo dragon who terrorizes the school, singles Danny out at lunch, and his teacher, Mr.

In the first book, Dragonbreath , Danny flunks his assignment on the ocean, but his teacher gives him a second chance- one more night to get it right. Of the three volumes, this is my favorite. Volume two, Attack of the Ninja Frogs , introduces Suki, a Japanese exchange student who is constantly getting ambushed by ninja frogs. Danny, a huge fan of ninja movies, takes her on the bus to visit his grandfather in mythological Japan, where they discover that Suki is the reincarnated queen of the ninjas.

Chaos, involving ninjas, samurai, and a volcano, ensues. In volume three, Curse of the Were-wiener , I cheered the return of the vicious potato salad. All the students except Danny, who brought his lunch, start growing hair between their scales and acting strange I was a little lost on this one. Since when are hot dogs hairy? Unfortunately, in this case, Danny does not have a mythological relative he can go to for help.

Wendell, bitten by a were-wiener, clearly needs help, fast. The hunt for a solution includes risky searches of the school kitchen, a nighttime adventure in the sewers, rats, and a battle with the alpha-wurst. Of the three books, Curse of the Were-wiener is the scariest and freakiest- rats in the school cafeteria are much more of a possibility than ninja frogs from mythological Japan.

However, Vernon approaches the story with creativity and humor and uses color effectively to communicate the menace of the were-wieners, with their red eyes. Readers of the first two books expecting more of the same should probably know that Curse of the Were-weiner has a slightly darker flavor. After all, once you get past the covers and the sensationalistic name, this is, in fact, a reference book, one with the power to fascinate just about anyone, complete with a table of contents, detailed index, and compelling color illustrations.

Facts about food, art, and science, world records, the supernatural, and weird weather abound in this book. As tempting as Enter If You Dare! Anyone who doubts the intelligence or reading ability of those who read the book, though, had better think twice. Designed to draw kids in and respectful of their ability to soak up information, Enter if You Dare is a great tool and a fun book that all kinds of kids will enjoy. Contains: mentions of decapitation, cannibalism, and the supernatural, and disturbing images. Aldwyns Academy by Nathan Meyer.

Aldwyns Academy is a school of magic, an academy that every young aspiring wizard wishes to go to. Well, all of them except for Dorian. He wants to be a great warrior like his father, but his mother, a powerful sorceress in service to the king, wants him to follow in her footsteps and has pulled a lot of strings to make sure that happens. The only one who seems to have any faith in him is Caleb, an unlikely half-orc wizard in training who has no other friends.

Together, these mismatched heroes will discover why dire wolves, bugbears and ghosts are invading the school grounds and threatening the academy. Aldwyns Academy takes off running and continues the high-adventure marathon from the first page to the last. The author also does a fine job of presenting a moral lesson in the form of Caleb, the half-orc child. Children who love fantasy stories are sure to like this one. Reviewed by: Bret Jordan. Zombies falls into this trap. The book presents images of video games such as Left for Dead and Dead Rising, and shows the covers of George Romero movies, which are rated R.

In short, images are shown of products that are not appropriate for kids, and given the reading level, it could easily end up in very young hands. While Xtreme Monsters: Zombies has plenty of colorful and gross imagery that kids might enjoy, librarians will want to be aware of its content, and elementary school media specialists might want to pass on this one.

Once Upon a Crack - [Crack] ll 5x19 - 5x18 ll Sisters- Ruby Slippers

Penguin Group, ISBN Meet Olive, an 11 year old girl new to the neighborhood whose family has just moved into a mansion with quite a past. When Olive dons them, she learns there is far more to the strange, dark paintings that seem permanently affixed to the walls than she thought — she can actually step inside and enter the paintings. In one painting, Olive meets Morton, who, along with three guardian cats, helps her discover the true nature of the sinister Aldous McMartin and his granddaughter Annabelle.

Olive inadvertently releases Annabelle from her painting, and now Annabelle is intent on bringing Mr. McMartin back to life so he can reclaim his mansion at the expense of Olive and her family. Beautifully detailed illustrations are interspersed throughout the story, adding to the highly descriptive narrative. Reviewed by Kelly Fann. Penguin Young Readers Group, Benjamin Franklinstein Lives by Matthew McElligott and Larry Taxbury intertwines history and science to create a very light-hearted tale about Benjamin Franklin reappearing in the 21st century and his subsequent friendship with his neighbor, Victor Godwin.

Ben believes his Custodian has woken him to do the work of the Modern Order of the Prometheus, but there is no Custodian in sight, only Victor, a young scientist in the making. Lively dialogue, humorous situations, and fantastic illustrations create an entertaining read in Benjamin Franklinstein Lives. A Vampire is Coming to Dinner! Each page gives one of the rules and the page then folds out to show a devious little boy in process of breaking the rules, to the dismay of the visiting vampire.

All is well at the end as both child and vampire appear in a surprise popup, having a good old time! The art is clever and the mischievous little boy tormenting the vampire by breaking every rule is sure to get giggles out of children as they appreciate the sight gags. Contains: Rampant rule breaking! Ghost Dog Secrets by Peg Kehret. At the encouragement of a ghost dog, he starts to bring food and water to the German shepherd, and soon realizes that the dog is being abused.

Peg Kehret does a great job of capturing the emotions of a dog lover. The ghost dog subplot was an afterthought at best. Kehret does a good job of navigating the moral gray area that is sometimes associated with rescuing neglected pets. The discussion of animal abuse and rescue was a little heavy-handed at times, but it does have a lot of good tips for animal lovers.

I do recommend this book for children that love dogs, but not so much for children looking for something spooky. Review by Cherylynne W. Available: New and Used. Brief, simple text accompanies color photographs of children in the garden planting and taking care of the pumpkins as they grow. The candid photos will draw young readers into the story, and there are some good opportunities to talk about gardening, plants, and the life cycle- Pumpkin Circle is about much more than Halloween.

Young readers may just love the pictures, though, especially in the last few pages, which show creatively carved jack-o-lanterns glowing in the darkness-a wonderful finish for the life of a pumpkin, as the cycle starts over again. This is a perfect preschool read aloud that can also be enjoyed independently by children in the early elementary grades.

Candlewick, ISBN The other letters appear throughout the book representing different creatures and items of Halloween. Kontis includes some alphabet book in-jokes, as when the letter J apologizes to the jack-o-lantern for picking another word, saying "J can't always be for jack-o-lantern". Q, always a hard letter to get creative with, successfully breaks the mold, and S and X come up with an imaginative pairing. Unfortunately for the letter B, booted from his early place in the alphabet, other letters keep stealing his costume ideas.

The letter P is a pirate, with the same costume as B's buccaneer; Y's yeti is identical to B's Bigfoot. Readers will cheer and jump when B finally gets the last word! AlphaOops goes a step beyond the typical letter representing a word in that the letters themselves have been given some personality. It is a wonderful read for kids who have become acquainted with the alphabet and is engaging enough that parents will enjoy sharing it with their kids.

Once Halloween has passed, children and adults who love this book will want to check out the first book in the series, AlphaOops: The Day Z Went First. A few months ago, he could only look at the pictures, but now he can read a lot of the words, and he will look at, talk about, and try to convince me to read the recipes and make them… right away! The introduction is dramatic and hooked him immediately, and the pictures are gorgeous.

Other recipes that did allow the kids to participate a little more were still trickier that we thought they would be- when we tried making "Funny Bones" we discovered that it's a lot more difficult to dip pretzels with marshmallows in melted chocolate than it sounds. We had fun, but our final product looked nothing like the picture! Still, there are a lot of suggestions on how to create a creepy-but-not-too-creepy spread for a Halloween party, and the author's "mom-sense" attitude meant that I felt a lot more comfortable trying the recipes. Ghoulish Goodies contains creative and easy to read recipes, attractive pictures although we would have liked to see more , and some simple ideas that could really impress guests at a Halloween party.

It's a lot of fun to look at and to read. Unlike a lot of Halloween "idea" books, the recipes really are something you can see kids enjoying. But for the recipe-impaired, don't be deceived into thinking that the author's recipes are quite as "easy" as they look. If your kids like to cook, and like Halloween, they'll get very excited about Ghoulish Goodies. My son was thrilled to see us review it here. Just make sure to supervise closely, both for safety's sake and to intervene if the level of frustration gets too high. Recommended for families and for cookbook collections in either the children's department or general nonfiction collection in the public library.

Librarians, make sure you seek it out for your Halloween displays. Not only are these titles in high demand for older children and teens, but they are an incredible storytelling resource. Finally, there are some truly creepy and scary tales about ghosts, witches, shapeshifters, and the supernatural. More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark has longer stories. Many of them have sudden endings.

Scary Stories 3 continues with more detailed and sometimes complicated stories. The volume wraps up with a couple of mildly funny stories. All three books have detailed notes and bibliographies provided by the author. With just a few strokes and some shading, Gammell ups the scare level considerably. Tormented, skeletal faces, ragged clothes, distorted and indistinct figures, glowing eyes and teeth, empty chairs, empty baskets, empty clothes The Scary Stories Treasury i s highly recommended to libraries and readers who do not already own copies of the Scary Stories books, and recommended as a reference volume for school and public libraries.

Appropriate, based on maturity of the reader, for grades 4 and up. Contains: Violence, gore, cannibalism, deception, the occult, witchcraft, murder. Review by Kirsten Kowalewski. Adam Gidwitz connects several of the stories from the Grimm Brothers and original content by following two children with very familiar names- Hansel and Gretel- on a winding, terrifying journey.

While some of these stories will seem familiar, and there are predictable elements, there are still plenty of surprises along the way. Most of them are interesting and fun, and blend well into the original tale. Parents may want to read ahead. Gidwitz shows obvious enthusiasm for these stories as both a reader and as a storyteller and teacher who has thought about and seen for himself the impact these stories have on children. Grades It shows the magical equipment that will be needed before approaching a dragon, along with what is required once the dragon accepts the young girl or boy as an apprentice.

Each type of dragon is carefully examined to let the young apprentice know what to look out for and what not to do. This guide is a well thought out book about dragons that is presented almost like an enlistment guide for a dragon academy, told from they Dungeons and Dragons mythology standpoint. I could easily see this book being handed out to prospective Dragon Riders a generation or two before the story of Eragon was written.

It reads like a factual textbook, though far more interesting. Twelve questions are asked and the results are presented on the next page where the child can see which dragon best fits him or her. Finally, each page is loaded with artwork that is sure to interest anyone who loves to look at dragons. This book covers almost everything a young monster-hunting wizard might need to know before going out on a weekend of adventure. It tells what supplies the young wizard will need and gives detailed instructions on how to make things like staffs, wands, potions, clothing and backpacks.

Helpful camping tips are also provided for when the young wizard finds himself in the outdoors or in a dungeon. Not only are tips provided, but also detailed instructions are given as to how to create a lamp, put together a campsite, finding food, avoiding traps and navigating.

Rotruck has done an excellent job of putting together one of the most entertaining instructional books I have yet seen. Not only are the activities illustrated, but the book is packed with original illustrations and images pulled from the later editions of the Dungeons and Dragons rule books. Availability: New and Used In. Can Derek and Ravine help Abigail before something truly awful happens to her? Or to them? Those who read and loved the first book will definitely like this one, too. Special note for series readers: I recommend reading this series in order.

Review by Stacey L. Jitterbug Jam practically begs to be read aloud. It succeeds on its own merits- the illustrations, and even the physical book, take a backseat to the narrative. The illustrations and design of the book are absolutely worth exploring, though. Using a variety of styles, Alexis Deacon creates a vision of a monster world that will suck the reader right in.

Background colors are muted grays, yellows, browns, and greens. The monsters would blend in, too, without the heavy lines that separate them from their surroundings, and their clothes, which pop out with color. The placement of the words and illustrations on each page accentuate the narrative. For example, the illustration on the first page is a small picture of our narrator, Bobo, surrounded by empty space. Speech balloons provide an informal approach to dialogue that will be familiar to those comfortable with a graphic format as well. Jitterbug Jam is the story of a little monster hiding from the boy under his bed.

Evin is a mischievous young man living in a small village who dreams of excitement and adventure. He and his friend Jorick soon find more adventure than they bargained for when gnolls ransack their village and kidnap everyone. Nothing is what it seems, as friends become strangers, and enemies become allies. Monster Slayers is a book for young readers. There is a purpose in the shallowness though, one that should catch the reader by surprise as the plot twists and morphs into surprisingly good story.

The author does a fine job of creating creatures that the young reader will easily be able to visualize. Older readers who are fond of their Dungeons and Dragons days will remember those times as they see the rogue in Evin, the fighter in Jorick and the magic-user in Bet. Read it! They have had a lot of fun looking at the pictures, hearing the story, and chanting the words, though. The customer appears to float, rather than walk, and then he inserts a straw into one of the books and begins to suck on it!

Once he notices the boy, the customer makes an abrupt exit, and when the boy discovers that the words have been sucked right off the pages, he quickly gives chase. Venturing into the cemetery, the boy realizes he has encountered a vampire! Luckily, the vampire, named Draculink, has developed an allergy to blood, and the only food he can digest is ink, sucked from the pages of a book. Of course, Draculink's inability to drink blood doesn't stop his urge to bite, and he turns the boy into an ink drinker as well, inspiring an ironic, insatiable desire for books.

This darkly funny early chapter book will be a favorite of any teacher, librarian, or parent who has ever tried to reach a child who dislikes reading, and the fast moving plot, believable voice, humor, and mild scariness will appeal to many reluctant readers. It's a perfect short read-aloud for a younger child who has developed an attention span for longer stories than those found in picture books, and the first book that, between the action-packed story and evocative illustrations, actually created a physical reaction in my son- he ran around with his tongue sticking out, demanding a straw, for at least an hour, and begged to hear the story again.

If you can find a copy, The Ink Drinker is a must have for any library collection and nearly any reader. Highly recommended for all libraries. The Fox River flows for miles through Wisconsin and Illinois, and when Donna Latham announced that she was writing and collecting ghost stories from the surrounding towns, area residents reached out to share their tales.

Others, like "Another Cup for Willa", about a woman who is visited by the ghostly presence of a dead friend on her birthday, are personal recollections. Often the two seem to overlap. The first story, "The Train Track Ghosts" is one of these. The storyteller's voice is so vivid that you can almost see him sitting on the author's porch, but underneath the trappings of the tale he tells is a recognizable urban legend.

The quality of the stories vary. Others feel awkward- although the plotting is good, the author frequently uses complex vocabulary, and her attempts at dialogue and writing in dialect often seem forced. Latham also chose to illustrate her book with a strange and cluttered collection of clip art, which is distracting and interrupts the flow of her stories. However, she does a good job of fitting in local history and background without overwhelming the narrative, a difficult thing to do, and does a nice job at establishing the setting for her stories, so she accomplishes what she set out to do rather well.

While Ghosts of the Fox River Valley is an interesting read, there isn't enough new material here to recommend it for all libraries. However, public and school libraries and local history buffs in the area Latham describes in her book ought to take a look. In particular, school libraries and upper elementary or middle school teachers may want to consider it in connection with teaching to social studies standards that focus on local history and language arts standards focused on speaking, listening, and writing, as Ghosts of the Fox River Valley is a good resource for beginning an oral history project.

Beyond possible uses in the classroom, the same kids who love Alvin Schwartz's Scary Stories books will love having ghost stories set in their area available to them. Recommended to public and school libraries and local history collections in the area of the Fox River Valley. The Nose by Nikolai Gogol , ill. It's not just any nose, either, it is the nose of one of his customers, a self-important bureaucrat named Kovaliov. Terrified to leave the nose where it can be connected to him, Yankelovich sets off to hide it, but his furtive behavior attracts official attention. In the meantime, Kovaliov wakes up to discover he has no nose.

Covering his face with a handkerchief, he starts down the street, where he spots his nose, dressed as a fine gentleman and high official. Kovaliov hesitates to approach a social superior, even a former appendage, but he wants his nose back and confronts the nose, who denies any connection with him. Eventually a police officer returns the nose confiscated from Yankelovich, but it won't stick to Kovaliov's face!

Kovaliov is unable to show his face in public without ridicule, shutting down his social ambitions, as the nose-posing-as-officer has become a sensation. Then one day Kovaliov wakes up to find the nose back on his face, firmly attached. Anyone looking for logic or narrative structure in The Nose will be disappointed. The pieces don't fit together neatly It is nightmarish in some ways- finding a nose in his breakfast must have been pretty stomach-churning for Yankelovich, and when he abruptly disappears from the story the imagination finds ominous ways to fill in the blanks.

Gogol is an important figure in Russian literature, with a talent for the surreal who wrote in a different time and a different context, and he wasn't writing for children. The setting, names, and characters may seem alien to many children, the vocabulary is advanced, and the social satire will probably fly over kids' heads. But when it comes down to it, this is one giant, horrifying, absurd joke about a nose, and kids definitely get that. Reading it out loud, it is almost impossible not to at least giggle.

  • Nina, the Bandit Queen.
  • Something Beautiful!
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy?
  • Carolyn Keene;
  • Gennadij Spirin's illustrations will make certain that kids get the joke. Many pages are framed with incredibly detailed drawings of St. Petersburg, Russia, the setting of the story, and observant readers will spot the bizarre giant nose in its plumed hat traveling the streets in its elaborate horse-drawn carriage. Everything in the full page illustrations seems slightly exaggerated, so the most absurd elements aren't jarring, and readers won't even realize how far they are suspending disbelief until they are well into the story.

    Spirin's representations of the nose are amazing. Some of them seem very cartoony, but in full uniform, the nose does appear to be its own person, so to speak. And, in fact, this book has been used to teach upper elementary students about personification and figurative language. Although it's a picture book, very young children won't be ready for it, but elementary and middle students may enjoy it, especially with some guidance.

    It's also a good choice for older students looking for a nonthreatening introduction to Russian literature, and readers of any age who like a touch of the bizarre. Jeff Szpriglas has created a guide to fear. Phobias, superstitions, killer animals, monsters, cryptids, scary movies and more- Szpirglas examines them all in Fear This Book.

    The book is much more than a list of fears, though. The author also explains the physiological and psychological reactions to fright, and details experiments and therapies that have been used to understand fear. Silver Dragon Codex by R. Mirrorstone, Jace, the young high wire acrobat must help Belen, a beautiful dancer, acquit herself of the charges being brought by a white robed mage from Palanthas.

    Surely the beautiful young girl cannot actually be a silver dragon in disguise Jace, Belen, and a few others from the circus head off to determine the truth behind the story. Along the way they are confronted by werewolves and a chimera, and the truth turns out to be far more complicated than it first seemed.

    I say this is the weakest entry so far because the other stories in the series are well thought out and all of the varying story lines are wrapped up neatly by the end of each book. I find this to be important in a YA novel. The Silver Dragon Codex leaves many things unexplained, and also suffers from problems with continuity and weak writing. I also found this book to be a bit darker than the others, and for some reason it came across a bit dull. Perhaps it is because the characters are less likable than the ones in previous novels, or perhaps the problem is the overly complicated plot.

    Although this is an okay book, and readers following the series may want to try it, it is nowhere near as good as previous books in the series. Contains: Fantasy Violence without gore. R eview by KDP. The Gates by John Connolly.

    How to Find That Book You've Spent Years Looking For

    Poor little Samuel is not having a good time. His parents have recently split up, he's very smart but tends to annoy or creep out most adults, and he perplexes most of the kids his age. He decides to go trick-or-treating 3 days early in order to show initiative and he and his little four legged pal Bosworth stumble across the beginning of the end - a bored uppity couple and their equally bored friends. When boredom overtakes the Abernathys they decide to give the dark arts a try - mix in a few scientists who are trying to create an artificial black hole a few countries away and you have the opening to the gates of hell.

    It may sound a bit far-fetched or over the top, but readers will find themselves engrossed by sweet little Samuel and his wonderful dog. Not to mention the demons who are having a harder time at this taking over the world thing then they expected - I mean no one ever tells demons to look both ways before crossing the street. I laughed, I smiled, I enjoyed this book from beginning to end. But at the same time I really felt that this was a novel for adults, thinking back on their pre-teen years.

    With a splendid use of the English language and a dry but light sense of humor, the author has written a fun book that many will enjoy. Review by KDP. The Composer is Dead is a pretty sophisticated picture book. The humor, vocabulary, and need for context are not simple at all. My four year old, who is in the target audience for picture books, loves music, and always wants me to identify the individual instruments in orchestral music, was totally baffled by the story.

    What are musical notes and what do they look like? What are the names of the percussion instruments? What does a conductor actually do? What are all those names at the end of the book? The illustrations were often confusing. Which silhouetted instrument in the illustration is an oboe and which is a clarinet? Who are all the dancing people and why are they dancing? What makes The Composer Is Dead really interesting is the audio CD that accompanies it, which actually plays music by the individual instruments as the Inspector interrogates them.

    This was fascinating and really brought the story to life. Recommended for elementary and middle school libraries. Aladdin, ISBN: What beasts, you ask? Why, your standard run-of-the-mill trolls, goblins, gryphons, and fish-headed giraffes. Ulf also happens to be a werewolf.

    His friends include the human vet, a fairy, and a giant. They work together to keep bad guys from hunting and hurting various mythical monsters. In this book, the bad guys have rounded up some young trolls and are planning on hunting them for sport, so Ulf and the rest of the RSPCB head off to figure out what is going on. Think of the violence along the lines of reading Wile E. Coyote attempting to catch the Roadrunner- it sounds far worse then it actually is.

    Most of it is actually rather silly and will garner giggles from the young ones. The book is written in a large typeface that will be appealing to many of the younger crowd, and there are occasional drawings that are quite good. The book is a fast read, and there is a lot of action jammed into a short number of pages, so as an adult, expect for it to whiz right by. As far as characterization, there really isn't much.

    Ulf is a boy who wants to be included and to help, his curiosity and sense of adventure gets him involved in something he was told to stay home from, and in the end he saves the day. The morals of the tale include not judging others, not harming animals, and that everything has a right to live. In the end this is a quick read that kids a bit young for the Harry Potter will enjoy. Many adults have a vision of childhood as a time of innocence, but children have a dark side. Children push boundaries to provoke reactions- to find out where the line really is, and who cares enough to keep them safe.

    Where the Wild Things Are is the story of Max, a little boy with a big imagination who is sent to his room for making mischief, and finds himself in a strange world where he easily overcomes the terrible Wild Things and becomes their king, the wildest of them all. The words are almost unnecessary- it all takes place in the imagination. The story resonates with many children but it is a journey to a dark and sometimes frightening place, and very sensitive kids may not be ready for it.

    You never know, though… my own four year old, who is afraid of goblins and sleeps with his lights on, listened quietly and examined the illustrations carefully. Highly recommended for children of all ages, and an excellent choice for reading aloud. By Phillipe Goosens Clarion Books, Only Sarah can hear and see the ghost, but its mere presence gets in the way of her relationship with her parents.

    Seeing them in a cloud around Sarah, though, it hits home that even little lies add up to a lot of misery. Available: Used. Anne Rockwell once again presents an accessible text aimed at preschoolers and kindergarteners. The same class that appeared in Show and Tel l Day , also a collaboration with her daughter Lizzy, is now preparing for the school Halloween parade.

    The illustrations are colorful, with a gentle humor, and complement the text well. The illustrations are a dead giveaway that readers should expect a tickle to the funny bone. There is a lot to see in the illustrations for those readers who really want to take the time to look. But the illustrations are just part of what makes the story work. Halloween Night will probably be most appreciated by kids in grades Review b y Kirsten Kowalewski.

    Hassan, illustrated by Betsy Bowen. Dhegdeer is a monstrous cannibal woman endowed with incredible strength, speed, and hearing, whose evil ways have cursed the lush Hargrega Valley in Somalia, turning it into a desert wasteland. She builds a hut next to her house to lure and trap unwary travelers needing shelter and water, and enspells Bowdheer, a jar in which she stores human flesh, to alert her if anyone touches it.

    As she looks for food for the weary travelers, she accidentally bumps into Bowdheer, who wakes a very hungry Dhegdeer.

    The Cracked Slipper Series

    Dhegdeer is a character from Somali folklore used to scare children into good behavior. Vivid colors are painted in broad strokes over black gesso, giving the illustrations a shadowy feel. While figures are outlined in black, they are indistinct. No child would want to see that face in person! This book is a project of the Minnesota Humanities Commission and Somali Bilingual Book Project, which is intended to preserve heritage languages there is a considerable Somali population in Minnesota and increase English literacy skills for refugees.

    As a bilingual title, the same text appears in both English and Somali on facing pages, and can be enjoyed in either language. Teachers may find possible curriculum connections with this book as well. Highly recommended for folktale collections in the public library and in elementary and middle school library media centers. Mirrorstone, ISBN: A Practical Guide to Vampires presents itself as a nonfiction handbook compiled by a vampire hunter and enthusiast.

    The author describes their habits and haunts, and gives advice to the reader on how to track and hunt vampires, and survive to tell the story. The pages look yellowed and stained, and there are handwritten notes throughout. A Practical Guide to Vampires is visually impressive. The illustrations are beautifully done and dynamic in nature, and will capture the attention of even reluctant readers. Interest in this book is not limited to kids, though. Adults with interest in vampires may also like it, and will note some dry humor that more literal minded kids will miss, as well as an oblique reference to Twilight.

    A Practical Guide to Vampires works just fine as a stand alone title, a handsome and compelling addition to the growing collection of handbooks to the supernatural. Highly recommended for elementary and middle school library media centers and general public library collections. Contains: references to blood-drinking. Stargazer Publishing, This book has it all- secret tunnels and talking animals, mad science and real monsters.