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Gonja: A phonological and grammatical study. Rongier, Jacques. Schachter, Paul.

Split Systems (Linguistics) Mini-Lesson

A non-transformational account of serial verbs. Studies in African Linguistics: Supplement 5. Sebba, Mark. The syntax of serial verbs: An investigation into serialisation in Sranan and other languages. Sherwood, Barbara. A grammatical description of Nawuri. Porxomovskij eds. Devjatkina ed. Smye, Graham. Soubrier, Aude.

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Wolf, Franz. Anthropos 2. Zimmermann, Johann. Stuttgart: Basel Missionary Society. Export Citation. User Account Log in Register Help. Search Close. Advanced Search Help. My Content 1 Recently viewed 1 An intragenetic typolo Show Summary Details. More options …. Linguistic Typology. Founded by Plank, Frans. See all formats and pricing. See all formats and pricing Online.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include postage and handling if applicable. Volume 22 Issue 3 Oct , pp. Volume 21 Issue 3 Dec , pp. Volume 20 Issue 3 Dec , pp. Volume 19 Issue 3 Nov , pp.

The Serial Verb Construction Parameter

Volume 18 Issue 3 Dec , pp. Volume 17 Issue 3 Nov , pp. Volume 16 Issue 3 Aug , pp. Volume 15 Issue 2 Nov , pp.

Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics

Volume 14 Issue Oct , pp. Volume 13 Issue 3 Nov , pp. Volume 12 Issue 3 Dec , pp. Volume 11 Issue 3 Dec , pp. Volume 10 Issue 3 Dec , pp. Volume 9 Issue 3 Dec , pp.

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Volume 8 Issue 3 Oct , pp. Volume 7 Issue 3 Nov , pp. Volume 6 Issue 3 Mar , pp. Language and Linguistics Hellwig, Birgit. Serial verb constructions in Goemai. In Serial verb constructions: a cross-linguistic typology. Edited by Alexandra Y.

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The Serial Verb Construction Parameter - CRC Press Book

Matthews, Stephen. On serial verb constructions in Cantonese. Meakins, Felicity. The development of asymmetrical serial verb constructions in an Australian mixed language. Linguistic Typology Nordlinger, Rachel. Serial verbs in Wambaya. Language description informed by theory, ed. Reid, Nicholas. Sit right down the back: Serialized posture verbs in Ngan. The linguistics of sitting, standing and lying, ed. Phrasal verb to synthetic verb: recorded morphosyntactic change in Ngan.

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The development of complex verb morphology in the Dravidian languages. Stewart, J. Some restrictions on objects in Twi. Journal of African Languages 2: Tragel, Ilona. Eesti keele seriaalkonstruktioonist On serial verb constructions in Estonian.

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