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There's been a shift in the nonprofit industry toward quality over quantity and engagement over acquisition. To develop stronger relationships with supporters and a more powerful brand, organizations need to give constituents a greater return for their investment. Your website often serves as a first impression for your nonprofit organization. Are you charming the socks off first-time visitors or leaving them uninterested in your cause and uninspired to give? Asking for money is tough. But what if the person your asking is a corporation they are people, you know.

Talk about being nervous… Sitting in a board room and asking for money from a business can be intimidating. But this is just what our guest, Carolyn Appleton, does for a living. Carolyn shares with us her experiences working with nonprofits and how she helps them find donations from businesses. You can learn more about the course on the Ultimate Crowdfunding Course page.

The reason most people hate fundraising is because they hate asking people for money. And this is where the problem lies. And this is just not true. Hmmm… gotcha you thinking yet? Successful fundraising requires strategy, timing, planning, data and relationship building. She has worked in the nonprofit sector for 30 years and with Foraker for 17 years. She has served on a variety of boards and worked as a volunteer in arts, environmental and human services organizations. Rank 1: Kae Whitaker. With a family to contribute to, and a 6 figure income to replace, I had to quickly figure out how to make this media monster work in my favor so I could create the comfort for my husband to continue to support my dreams of wanting freedom from the misery!

Rank 2: Adam Wilber. Adam provides corporate entertainment nationwide. While not travelling the US and Canada performing, lecturing, and keynote speaking on creativity, design, and imagination; Adam can be found outside in nature with his family and friends. Have you got in place a multichannel welcome and nurture series to receive and steward your new donors? Our panel will get you started.

Rank 2: Fiscal What? With Gail Perry. In this episode fundraising expert Gail Perry argues that pushing your board members to fundraise is a big mistake. She suggests a better approach Once in awhile you read a book that really sticks with you and changes the way you think. For me, one of those was "Give and Take" by Adam Grant. Rank 57 in Non-Profit category. Read more. Share this podcast:. School is never out for the Pro. This podcast is filled with great information, advice, and strategies for raising more money and having more fun with your next fundraising event.

Listen, learn, and increase your results!

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Thank you Events with Benefits. Helpful tips for nonprofits. Good information for anyone in fundraising and development. Best Episodes All Episodes. Examples of thinking outside the box for exclusive auction lots Tips to capture the second high bidder or underbidder competing for an item How to market to the top tier of spenders in the room The importance of messaging in pulling off a fund-a-need Where to cut corners - and where to invest Apr 17 Oct 09 The biggest pitfall event planners face hint: it involves knowing your audience!

How to wield the volunteer "multiplication effect" to multiply event attendance Why ticket sales are higher for a first-time event than the third year - and 2 ways to beat the plateau The benefits of having more than one event chair, or a Senior and Junior chairperson The "Volunteer Matrix" of every volunteer task that needs to be done at a fundraising event Tips for professionally loading and displaying auction items Grab a notebook and make sure you're ready to jot down these invaluable secrets!

Aug 21 Jun 11 Mar 12 What is a nonprofit fiscal sponsorship? When startups should partner with established nonprofits Tips to foster growth and scalability like a skilled board How social enterprises diversify revenue How to integrate social impact with fundraising events for success Aug 07 How benefit auctioneers set themselves apart from other auctioneers How to create a fundraising road map to meet your event revenue goals Top tricks to extract funds Extra revenue generators: Warm-up activities, social media photo ops How to juggle a live and silent auction in your program Mar 20 Topics include: How are fundraising events changing?

How can you appeal to younger generations? Feb 20 Learn how to: STOP "doing auctions and events" - and start doing real philanthropy Stay close to your donors Focus on audience development Hold a successful weeknight event Procure more event sponsorships and build your sponsor network Mar 26 May 08 Apr 30 Mar 05 Rank Ep Laurie Hochman - Auctria. Overview of auction technology Tips to sell more tickets and registrations How to use Snapchat geofilters and Facebook ads for event promotion The best way to expedite checkout at the end of the night Apr 10 In this interview, she points out what she has observed and learned through working with organizations over the last 11 years about: Saving money and time with the right online solution Engaging busy volunteers and reducing turnover Paying for your website and more with local ads Easily-corrected mistakes you could be making on your website Jul 10 In today's podcast, Janus shares a few of her findings, including best practices to: Boost the survival rate of your nonprofit Test Ideas Fund Experimentation Measure Impact Tell stories with purpose Her new book, Social Startup Success: How the Best Nonprofits Launch, Scale Up and Make a Difference , is a playbook for nonprofit organizations to get over the revenue hump.

Feb 05 How beginners can get started with grant writing What information you need to collect before asking for a grant Top questions every grant application asks How to find potential grant sources May 22 Sep 11 In today's session, you'll learn: How to find potential event sponsors and effectively communicate your mission Examples of well-matched sponsors with event types Best ways for nonprofits to prepare to reach out to "low-hanging fruit" sponsors What events are starting to lose steam and drop off in popularity Sep 04 In this episode, we cover Mar 27 Beginner's tips for Facebook advertising, video posts and more How to use social strategies to improve email campaigns Featured Topics.

Best Interesting things Podcasts. Show all. Best Relationship Podcasts. Boards are entitled to delegate tasks to committees, officers, staff, or in certain cases, professionals, but only if they perform sufficient oversight. Oversight is commonly exercised through policies and procedures so long as the board ensures that the policies and procedures are actually followed. Common oversight mechanisms include review of financial statements and the annual Form as well as the implementation of various governance policies.

Popular governance policies for nonprofits include conflict of interest policies, executive compensation policies, travel and expense reimbursement policies, whistleblower policies, etc. Difficult tasks that require more time and focused attention can be delegated to committees. Common governance committees include those designed to oversee finances, investments, audits, and compensation.

No one owns a tax-exempt non-profit.

Branding Best Practices and Pitfalls to Avoid

No one committee, director, or individual can control the organization. The executive committee, if one exists, is typically charged with acting on behalf of the board when the board is not in session and cannot be easily convened. The chair does not have the power to override decisions of the board. Similarly, the founder may act as the chief executive and run the day to day affairs of the organization.

The founder may also sit on the board, but even founders serve at the pleasure of the board. The board has a duty to review the performance and set compensation for the chief executive and if necessary, censure or even terminate the chief executive. Micro-managing Staff. Board members who cross this line are undermining the authority of the chief executive to their own detriment and should be prepared to quit their day jobs. Similarly, staff should not invite micromanagement by asking the board to take on day-to-day tasks that the staff should be handling.

"Storage Auction Tips" The PitFalls of A Bid and Hold"

The size and budget of smaller organizations necessitates some blurring of these lines, but board members and staff should know their roles and attempt to adhere to them as much as possible. Avoiding The Hard Questions. However, group think rarely leads to sound decision-making. Often, the most valuable board members are the ones who, calmly and respectfully, speak their mind. It is important to set a tone that encourages a free exchange of ideas, both good and bad.

Open, vigorous discussions about key issues should be encouraged. Insufficient Conflict Management.

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If a conflict of interest is with an insider, their family member or business, its not enough to simply disclose the conflict and have the disinterested directors approve the transaction. In such cases, the disinterested members of the board need to consider alternate arrangements that do not give rise to a conflict of interest. If after considering alternatives, the board still finds the transaction with the insider is in the best interest of the organization, then the board should carefully document the basis for the decision and the fact that the interested director did not participate in the deliberations or vote.

The best practice is to follow the procedures outlined in the intermediate sanctions regulations to properly analyze and document the proposed transaction. Directors that hail from the for-profit world often assume nonprofits operate in a less-regulated environment.

What Types of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Are There?

In reality, the opposite is true. Tax-exempt organizations enjoy an array of tax and other benefits.

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To ensure those benefits are not exploited, Congress and local governments have imposed additional legal requirements that tax-exempts must follow. It is essential that directors of tax-exempt entities be aware of the various federal, state, and local laws that apply to the organization. Many directors are unaware whether they are governing a private foundation, a public charity, a supporting organization, or another form of tax-exempt entity, all of which are subject to different limits on their activities.

Board members should understand, at a minimum, the penalties they face for overpaying key employees or other insiders, for engaging in excessive lobbying or political activities, for accommodating tax shelter transactions, for making egregious bad bargains on behalf of the organization, the impact of failing to pass the public support test, etc. Ebay's automatic system means you don't have to keep re-bidding every time someone places another bid. If you enter your maximum bid "up front", Ebay will keep bidding the minimum necessary so that you remain the highest bidder until that limit is reached.

The seller and other bidders won't know your maximum bid until someone else bids more. Once your bid gets equalled or exceeded, the website will let you know. It's then up to you if you want to make another bid. Bear in mind that if you bid early it could provoke a bidding war and mean a higher price at the end. It's easy to get carried away in a bidding frenzy and spend more than an item's worth.

Automatic bidding means you can enter your maximum bid well before the end of the auction. You can then leave it until afterwards to see if you won - avoiding the temptation of making an extra last minute bid. Whatever you bid, make it an odd amount. When an item has a "Buy it now" option, it means you can purchase it right away for the amount listed without waiting for the auction to end. It's useful if you are in a hurry for an item or think the final price could get higher through auction. Some "sniping" websites claim to place your bid at the very last moment to help you snatch the deal from fellow bidders.

However, you have to enter your account details for the auction site which could pose a big security risk. There is also no guarantee that the "snipe" will work. Ebay doesn't endorse snipes and say they don't recommend that anyone shares their user name and password with a third party. Even if an item is listed at a fixed price only, you can try contacting the seller directly to make a lower offer.

You're more likely to succeed at getting the price down if you can offer something in return - for example, if you're buying more than a single item from that seller. You should still complete the sale through the auction site. Just ask the seller to change the price listed, or create a fixed price if there isn't one already. It's against the rules to make a deal outside the site, but it means you won't have the same protection if something goes wrong. With all bidding, being patient and understanding the auction process is key.

Some Ebay users have written advice on bidding including this guide to different strategies. Shill bidding is when the seller gets other people to bid on an item they don't actually want in order to increase the price. A number of sellers have been caught doing it on Ebay and prosecuted for it. If you suspect something, you can check the bids and retractions on an item by looking at the bid history.

Look out for bidders with little or no feedback and multiple small bids when no other bids have been made. Another sign that an item may have been shilled is when it gets relisted by the winning bidder or the original seller.

All About Nonprofit Fundraising - Guidelines and Resources

When sellers mis-spell their items, they can end up getting fewer bids because their items can be harder to find. Sellers often list items with a low starting price in the hope that it encourages bidders. Money Saving Expert has more advice on last minute bargains and buying from Ebay. Check your consumer rights when buying online.

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