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A Pitch For Justice is a former 1 ranked novel in baseball and sports psychology on Amazon's paid store for and There had been bad blood between the two teams since I began to fear for Utley and the genesis for my novel soon followed. What would happen in today's society if a manager ordered his pitcher to intentionally try to disable an opposing batter with a pitch? What if the pitch turned into a lethal bean ball? Would the victim's family or the press demand a criminal investigation? If so, what would be the appropriate charge? If there were criminal charges, what impact would that have for the way the game of baseball is played?

Would pitchers be fearful of throwing high and inside pitches? Would they fear that a prosecutor would be watching over their shoulder?

A Pitch for Justice

I spent my adolescent years in Philadelphia where I became a Phillies fan and saw my first game with my dad at the age of six. That green infield has mesmerized me ever since. I got my B. I prosecuted thousands of criminal cases including 25 homicide trials for Camden County.

A Pitch for Justice by Harold Kasselman

One of my cases, which was one of the first trials in the country for the attempted use of HIV-infected blood as a weapon, was covered on Court TV. I understand and appreciate the roles of both the prosecution and the defense in the legal process. I decided to write my novel after I watched a Phillies and Mets game in and saw the Mets reaction to a take-out slide by Chase Utley of the Phillies towards Rueben Tejada the Mets shortstop.

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Would baseball fans believe it was just part of the game or would the public see the bean ball as retaliation and no different from the motive in any criminal case? These questions are debated and vetted in my novel A Pitch for Justice. I live in Sarasota, Florida, as well as Voorhees N. The novel combines my passions for baseball and the law.

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  • Unlike my book, Hallways in the Night, in which I take some artistic license with some of the rules of criminal procedure, Kasselman's book is "pitch perfect" on the law and procedure. Everything from the grand jury setting, one of the best and most informative descriptions I have read, through hearsay exceptions, such as "excited utterances," you can learn some practical lessons about being an attorney.

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    For example, even though I'm a law school graduate, I had no idea a grand jury can vote to bring a more severe charge than the prosecutor is seeking or how much of the proceeding is actually a conversation with those sitting on the grand jury. Throughout the book, Kasselman offers some very interesting facts about baseball history, as well as some interesting facts about the speed and reaction times needed to hit a major league fastball.

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    Like most legal thrillers, Pitch for Justice ends with a trial. I enjoyed Pitch for Justice and the fact it made me continually think throughout the story. It forces readers to face a dilemma in which I'm not sure there is a black and white answer.

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    Law professors could probably use the premise as a good basis for a legal practice course using the facts as a set-up for a case that students are forced to try. I think it would be a great "case" to use because I bet jury verdicts would be different based upon the performance and effectiveness of those arguing the case, as well as some of the decisions of the Judge. Extra props for the on-location shooting and the frequent, integral use of streetcars. This one rightfully has a place next to the 90s classics. Soderbergh can make dry paint entertaining, but with Brockovich he had real material.

    Her story fills in an important piece of the American legal system—the confidence, sometimes misguided but what the hell, that a passionate layman can roll up his or her sleeves and solve a complicated legal case through sheer moxie. A few states remain where laymen can practice law. Brockovich feels like something of a timepiece, if only because so many of the people involved were massive and defining stars of a now almost bygone Hollywood era. Finally, a movie about and structured around depositions. But mostly depositions. A deposition is a peculiar thing—a marathon session in which attorneys try out various strategies for locking a party into an inconvenient or downright calamitous version of events.

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    • Depositions alternate between between periods of tedium, aggressive verbal duels, and more tedium. Even the most gifted minds can crack under the pressure. They can be incredibly revealing events. The Social Network may not take place in the courtroom, but this is a legal thriller of the highest order.

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      Also, the legal world is captured perfectly. Advertisers: Contact Us. Contrary to what you may have heard, the courtroom drama is alive and well. Article continues after advertisement. Next Article The Name of the Dog. Find CrimeReads on Facebook.