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ADHD Symptoms

Understanding ADHD: Information for Parents

Parents need to pay close attention to and respond positively to behaviors they want to encourage. And they need to avoid reacting emotionally to behaviors that are problematic. None of these things is easy if you have ADHD.

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But when parents get treatment for their own ADHD, research shows that their behavior management skills improve, leading to an increase in positive parent-child interactions and more effective direction for their children. Related: Choosing a Parent Training Program. Stein sees a shortage of professionals who are comfortable diagnosing and treating adults with ADHD.

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Then it became primary care, and now primary care doctors routinely screen for it. ADHD is very common, but seldom screened for in adults. Stein notes that physicians get much more training in diagnosing depression and prescribing antidepressants than they do diagnosing and treating ADHD. On top of that, they may be uncomfortable prescribing stimulant medications because they worry about potential abuse.

And organizations that treat children with ADHD are leery about including parents in their coverage. Join them.

What is ADHD?

Click image for complete breakdown. These are the actual figures taken from the IQVia Total Patient Tracker Database , the most credited source of pharmaceutical prescribing information available in the United States.

Treatment for mom or dad may be important for the kids, too

To see the breakdown of what drugs these children were prescribed click here. The psychiatric drugs prescribed to millions of children carry more than drug regulatory agency warnings. This is not to say that children cannot experience emotional or behavioral difficulties scroll down to the page to see alternative non-drug solutions , but these diagnosis of mental disorder are not the same as diagnosis of verifiable diseases or medical conditions.

Our stories shine a light on challenges and victories

There are more than international drug regulatory agency warnings on the psychiatric drugs being prescribed to millions of children. Click the image for more information. Parents are not given this information, but are simply told their child is mentally ill and more often than not, told to place their child on psychiatric drugs, including ADHD drugs which the U.

Drug Enforcement Administration categorizes in the same class of highly addictive substances as cocaine, morphine and opium. They are not being provided with non-harmful, non-drug solutions for problems of attention, mood or behavior. The purpose of this page is to give parents facts about mental disorders, psychiatric drug risks, and non-harmful medical alternatives to psychiatric labels and drugs.

Diagnosing ADHD

You have the right to know about these- and to ask your doctor about non-drug treatments. This is not true. If you feel your child may have ADHD or their school suggests the idea, make sure you have your child appropriately assessed by a professional who specializes in ADHD.

In the past schools would often diagnosis children with ADHD. Schools are no longer supposed to make this diagnosis. If they feel a child might have ADHD, they are supposed to have your child evaluated. Many parents take their child to their pediatrician, however, many pediatricians are not trained in diagnosing ADHD.

I would suggest having your child evaluated by a mental health clinician trained in working with children and in assessing for ADHD. As I stated above, if you are going to have your child evaluated for ADHD, make sure you take your child to a mental health clinician who specializes in children and in doing assessments. You do not need an expensive scan of your child's brian to diagnosis ADHD.

The DSM V, the diagnostic manual that mental health clinicians use, list the criteria needed for the diagnosis. Typically the diagnosis can be made by a clinician interviewing the parents, having a play session or two with the child and observing the child at school or consulting with the teachers.

What are the symptoms of ADHD?

However, remember if you are going to have your child evaluated for ADHD, you want a mental health clinician who specializes in treating children and assessing children for ADHD. Your child's pedestrian should be able to refer you to someone or if you call your insurance they will probably have referrals. Before you rush to have your child assessed, remember some basic facts. Most children between the ages of two to five are very active.

Parenting Tips for ADHD: Do’s and Don’ts

They also have very short attention spans. Sometimes you need to give a child some time to mature especially if you have a boy. Remember boys mature slower than girls and tend to be more active than girls.