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In the last decade, youth sports have risen to new popularity. In days past, leagues never scheduled games on Sundays. Today, Sundays are a popular choice for tournaments, games, and competitions.

3 Things To Do When You Can’t Go To Church

As a result, families find themselves having to choose between church attendance and sports. For the spiritually immature or ambivalent, the choice is simple: sports. Youth sports are not the only new claim on Sunday mornings. It is safe to say, though, that family rhythms are shifting. If this is true, how is your church intentionally addressing this issue?

How can you engage a family in spiritual growth that is committed to youth sports? Indeed, the world has changed.

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But is your church adapting to the ever-changing issues? How healthy is your church? As you evaluate these 15 reasons why committed Christians do not attend church, consider which reasons you contribute to. Take a good look at your church and see whether you are an encouragement for church attendance or a hindrance, then allow the Spirit to guide you and your church leaders to make adjustments where necessary.

If you are in an established church and looking to make church planting part of your church vision and church-wide strategic plan for the future, contact us to schedule a call with a church vision consultant. You can get shot anywhere. School, movie theaters, music concerts, libraries, work places and churches are like shooting fish in a barrel for unhinged monsters. Churches do need to take safety more seriously.

That said, safety has not had a huge impact on people attending schools, movies, sporting events, etc. In our experience, safety is not a top reason why people do not attend—although it may be a factor, at times. Thanks for the comment, Amy! Our church has a security team in place along with policies to keep children and families safe.

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Unfortunately you can be shot anywhere. Does that keep us from going to work, shopping or anywhere else? I feel church is the safest place I can be. I would never let fears keep me from worshipping my Lord and Savior. The church I am a member of in Olympia has many programs and activities for children and oh so few programs and activities for single, divorced, and widowed members.

We are in pain, lonely, hungry for touch, hungry for kindness, and feel so forgotten. I am a widowed male and there is not any sort of resources out there for any of us. I just want to go and worship and have fellowship. I just want to carry out my faith around about me, day to day, quietly. I agree with you alot. I am very much an introvert and recently read a book about a place in the church for introverts…. There is constant expectation for me to act differently and I drain out real fast. I was brought up in a local Baptist church, in which my parents were involved and they kept my siblings and I involved.

My parents truly lived with what lines up with the bible. So I was very fortunate to have been taught how to be a kind person. It always bothered me for some reason to see the pastor living above the normal median lifestyle and I quickly saw the pastors and assistant pastors that truly were living for Gods plan. Meaning… Their actions lined up with the word of God. I was told by a dear friend who is assistant pastor.. I had felt in my heart to help a woman that needed to get home for her mothers funeral.

10 Reasons to Go to Church (Even When You Don't Feel Like It)

No alterior motive , another words, felt to take action from What God placed on my heart No help… But I did what I could and was hurt by the reaction from the church. So thus being said, just one reason I feel that a lot of people may not go to church. I also have found while I was involved in multiple churches and going to at least 3 bible studies a week, I started to really judge others unintentionally. I stepped back and was convicted that I was not bringing anyone closer to God.

I actually pushed my wife and kids away. So would be very careful deciding where you get your food meat- influence. Just follow your heart. And yes… The singles group or lack of is non existent. You also find out a lot about a church when you seek help for marital councel.. Found great energetic preachers, but no follow up. So as of now. I will chose to follow my heart if it lines up with Gods word. We are not alone!! I was able to relate with at least 5 reasons on the list. It feels old and blur.

I prayed more at home and felt more connected than assisting faithfully at service. I believe in the 7 th day Sabbath,,but not the seventh day Adventist doctrine. Churches just make me want to get back home to be alone with him. Lately, my strategy has been to skip the service and attend Sunday School, where they have single people roughly my age. But this is just a coping mechanism. Not sure what to do.

Can I be a good Christian and not go to church?

I feel he would have so much more to offer in the way of things he has witnessed in his life. You have so much to teach other.

I agree with most of these. We see this in Romans Those who are saved are saved so that Jesus would be the big brother of many brothers. God is in the business of making a family have a read of Romans 8. This can also be seen in the fact that most of the instructions for Christians are done in the plural, there are very few if any instructions to individuals. It is near impossible to live a Christian life alone, it runs counter to everything God has done for us.

It is true that you can be married without living together, and there may be extreme circumstances that you can think of where someone may get married and not live together if someone is on their death bed for example. But a real marriage involves relationship. So my advice for your sister-in-law is, if she can join a church near to her, she should do so. If there is nothing holding her back and there might be legitimate reasons she should go to church.

If there is some reason why she cannot get to or go to church then encourage her to meet regularly with other christians to read the bible and pray after all this is what the essence of church is. Home Does God Make Sense? Can you be a christian and not go to church? Similar questions Is it OK to attend more than one church?

What is the difference between being a Catholic and being a Christian?

Whats with all the different denominations of Christiananity? How do I fnd a church where I can fit in?