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Dark Romanticism’s second wind in France

In his Latin thesis 21 , Georges Dumas wrote about Auguste Comte and his critiques of the psychology of his time. In Brazil, positivism has been an important success, greatly influencing the first generation of republicans after the proclamation of the republic, in The first is the French influence on Brazilian academic culture, which could be observed from north to south. Then some examples are given concerning the introduction of science in society with the multiplication of institutions of public education, higher learning centers, companies and societies devoted to the cult of science, literature and the arts, academies, colleges, libraries, schools, etc.

Brazil underwent an important development in many ways during this period. Educational institutions were highly valued, and science began to occupy a privileged place in society. At this time, psychology served as a tool for professionalization in various urban sectors in Brazil, and psychological instruments were used to expand knowledge on psychosocial characteristics of urban population Campos, The process of development is illustrated by the creation of research and higher learning institutions, as well as the participation of Europe, especially France, in this evolution.

That is exactly where we see the role of Georges Dumas in the development of psychology. Georges Dumas was ready to offer what the country aspired. He brought to Brazil the sciences that were considered important to improve and modernize the country. All of these ideas were consistently harmonious with positivism. Also, we remember that the Brazilian flag bears the words "Order and Progress. Based on our knowledge of Georges Dumas's role in Brazil, we can realize the nature of French participation in the development of Brazilian Psychology.

We have identified two distinguished periods: a moment where French academics went to Brazil to give lectures and, after that, an even more important presence of French professors teaching at the newly established Brazilian universities. The exchange between France and Brazil was a consequence of the desires of both countries. To better understand this context, we need to step out the scientific world to look at political and social issues. On the one hand, France wanted to increase its cultural influence in Latin America in order to preserve its intellectual and political leadership in Europe and the world.

On the other hand, Brazilian elites needed to modernize the country and to show its development to the world. The competition between certain countries in Europe favored the French presence. With the First World War this rivalry grew even bigger. Scientific exchanges were beyond the academic sphere. Medeiros e Albuquerque and his brother Mauricio de Medeiros were good examples of that, as they supported France in diplomatic issues.

Scientific exchanges were beneficial from the standpoint of the political context. Brazil welcomed French scholars to conferences in order to improve its higher education system. At the same time, France wanted to spread the influence of its language, science and culture. In addition, the wealth and the power of a country can be seen from its education and scientific research support system. In order to better understand the evolution of psychological studies in Brazil from the standpoint of Brazilian-French connections, many issues deserve to be further explored.

First of all, the analysis of the contents of the topics covered in French conferences and classes in Brazil can illuminate the characteristics taken by the field of psychology in the first decades of the twentieth century. Then, a second step could be taken, looking at these relationships in another sense, from the perspective of scientific circulation.

The French Revolution as a starting point

It means that movements in both directions should be observed: from France to Brazil and from Brazil to France. Other paths could open new ways to explore mutual influences in the field, and this panorama can be considered a beginning, without which bigger advances would not be possible. Also some psychological laboratories established in other regions received the help of foreign professionals, and their influence on the subsequent development of Brazilian psychology should be studied.

He wrote papers on psychology and attended Georges Dumas's courses at the Sorbonne Campos, Besides practicing, this laboratory produced knowledge that helped the development of Brazilian psychology. At the Sunday morning sessions, it was a veritable mass that crowded around, among which there were doctors, lawyers, clerics, writers, journalists, people of the world, and curious people attracted by his renown.

But it is above all to the personal gifts of Dumas that it [the audience] was due. Its actions complemented and supported the Groupement. Both institutions formed the base of the academic cooperation between France and Brazil. The idea was to unite the two countries and to expand knowledge of Latin America in France and of France in Latin America.

The sources in the MAE were an important part of our research.

South of Paris books – Reviews of books read in French,English or even German

In order to replace other names like Spanish America, New Spain or New Granada, aiming at legitimizing his intervention in that country. Despite the failure of this French mission, the term became popular in America. By adopting this name, American elites, who had rejected the political domination of Spain and Portugal, proclaimed their originality against their old colonialists and the expansion of U. We recommend two books as good examples of this kind of speech: Prado , as a Brazilian point of view, and Gaillard , as a French point of view.

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APAR status

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Aïe Aïe Aïe !

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Discovering Dark Romanticism in France

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Qu'ont fait les médias de la littérature ?

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Soiling on the side. Stamp or mark on the inside cover page. Seller Inventory PAE Condition: D'occasion - Comme Neuf. Seller Inventory TH 37 Seller Inventory RM 33 Seller Inventory RM 12 About this Item: Seller Inventory E Published by Editions de la Caisse nationale des monuments historiques et des sites. About this Item: Editions de la Caisse nationale des monuments historiques et des sites. Paris, Editions de la Caisse nationale des monuments historiques et des sites, Un atlas de Paris, par Bruno Fortier 8 pages.

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Interet des potentiels evoques corticaux dans l' etude de l' activite mentale, pr F.