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A body was made to last years. If you stop pressing the gas and they come to a halt. If you want a healthy marriage and a healthy body that last a lifetime, you MUST make the right decisions and keep feeding the engine that makes them go with the best stuff! Giving a little extra my friends.

I know we can do that! Put garbage in, get garbage out. My advice is always fall in love with yourself, fall in love with your spouse and fall in love with life…no matter what age you are.

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What is better than to experience decades of memories with the same man or woman and doing it a body that allows you to go places and do things that you always dreamt of…at any age. So if you want to live a full life of years and you want to do it with somebody you love, then use the life lessons you know will get you there. More marriages might survive if the partners realized that sometimes the better comes after the worse. It was a rough week in the Norrie house with 2 visits to the ER and a whole bunch of fear over a mysterious illness that overcame my wife Angelike.

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This week was definitely not the better in terms of those famous vows a couple takes, but it made us all the more grateful for the little things we take for granted. And we also recognized through this season that there are other couples we know out there going through a very rough season in life of their own, some minor, some major.

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One thing is for sure, a marriage will never be smooth sailing, it will always be tested. Thank you to those who prayed with us and for us and may God bless all of you who are in the midst of a battle. She has the pair of ideal size jeans to keep her fitness goals in mind.

He reads books on how to fix things and make powerful presentations. Men have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome while women have two copies of the X chromosome. Imagine that.

Kazuo - she knew better that the back of the shed was juciy

In fact, you might say we have a one-track mind. It can be downright primal at times. We follow the Noun-verb- adjective-Noun format, again from the Cro-Magnon days. I can be fairly sure that superlatives, antecedents and reciprocal pronouns were most likely invented by females.

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The disjunct, a type of adverbial adjunct that expresses information that is not considered essential to the sentence it appears in definitely was. D We can be unorganized, perhaps even lacking the attention to detail which you require to exist. We have to take some of the blame here guys. We invented plumbing centuries ago, but never thought to make pipes big enough for certain things?

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And it contains…you guessed it, soap. She claims to be aware of all things at all times. I guess this goes back to that DNA. But now I have to know how many slices of bread are left in the loaf on any given morning, if there is toilet paper on the rack or when the recycle truck comes? Seems a bit OCD to me. What gives? A big kale salad. Only this time, Pumpkin didn't come inside. They went to check on her and found her hiding underneath a shed.

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  5. The volunteers tried to tempt her out with treats, but she didn't move. Julie Baker, assistant manager at the shelter, quickly figured out the problem. She explained to Kingsport Times News :. We tried to maneuver her out, but the more we tried, the more we realized that she was lodged pretty good in there. They called the shelter's resident handyman, Joey Arnold, who rushed over. He at first tried to dig her out, but soon realized that wasn't going to work.

    The backup plan was to jack up the shed to allow the dog to crawl out on her own.

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    After an hour of being trapped, Pumpkin was finally free! The adorable canine was so relieved to be free, and she made sure to let her rescuers know she was grateful. The volunteers blocked off the bottom of the shed, so that nothing like this will happen again, but Pumpkin is healthy and has no injuries from her misadventure. She is up for adoption, and they're hoping to find her a forever home, so that she can give birth in a better environment. Her babies will most likely be brought back to the shelter to be put up for adoption themselves once they're done nursing.

    To get more information about the Hawkins County Humane Society and how to adopt Pumpkin, check out their Facebook page, here.