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Political commentators point to lingering homophobia in a country that only legalized same-sex marriage last year. Ahead of a leadership vote on Dec 7, he paints himself as a man of values, skeptical of urban liberals and the global elite.

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Yet when it comes to home life, he is very much an outsider for many of the traditionalist voters he courts. He married his longtime partner in December , months after same-sex marriage was sanctioned by the German parliament. Despite growing concerns about the rise of the far right in German politics, the country is largely tolerant toward gay and trans people. The illustrations were appropriate and matched the tone of the plot.

Although the plot was limited and somewhat abrupt, this graphic novel could easily be partnered with other re-tellings of this time period. Reluctant readers, those who learn best in a visual format and those who are not ready to emotionally handle the events of this time will benefit from this work. Highly recommended, especially for those in grades For those readers interested in learning more about the Kindertransport, this graphic novel will definitely pique there interest to learn and read more on the topic, including me!

This story follows Marianne, a year-old jewish girl living in Berlin shortly after Kristallnacht. Things are changing quickly, and people she used to trust are no-longer interested in knowing any Jews. Marianne's mother struggles to keep her daughter safe and manage while Marianne's father is in hiding. Eventually, there is an opportunity for escape and Marianne must make a tough choice: leave her family behind, or stay in Berlin where her mother can no-longer keep her safe. This historical fi This story follows Marianne, a year-old jewish girl living in Berlin shortly after Kristallnacht.

This historical fiction is great for children who would like to read about the Holocaust in a different way and wish to see things from the perspective of a child their age.

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I will recommend this to my young readers who are looking for graphic novels or stories about WWII. A very touching story of a young Jewish girl growing up in Nazi Germany. After being expelled from school, Marianne struggles to deal with being hated by Aryans who used to be her friends, missing her father no one knows where he is, or if he's even alive and trying to hide her Jewish heritage.

But through it all her mother stands as a sort of shelter from the storm, and even though she doesn't want to, when her mother finds her a spot on a ship taking children to England, Marianne goes becaus A very touching story of a young Jewish girl growing up in Nazi Germany. But through it all her mother stands as a sort of shelter from the storm, and even though she doesn't want to, when her mother finds her a spot on a ship taking children to England, Marianne goes because she knows it is a sign of her mother's love.

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Despite the often covered territory of the plot, Watts does a beautiful job and the graphic novel format allow the pictures to imply emotions that would take far too long to write out. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

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Mother-Daughter Book Club selection for September Very easy and quick read. Cute story, but very heavy and sad topic. Made me cry thinking of the poor mother having to send her daughter away in order for her to be safe. I only hope I would have the strength to do the same, but I can't imagine how hard it would be! And I hate not knowing at the end what happens to their family and if they ever see each other again.

Still, I would highly recommend it. The first of a 3 book trilogy. Altho seated in fact, this is a fictional trilogy, per the author. Good-bye Marianne tells the story of a Jewish family at the beginning of the atrosities in Hitler's Germany. It is - before the war - as Jews were being beaten, imprisoned and losing all of their rights and securities as Hitler begins his persecution. Mariannes father is on the run, Marianne has been banned from her school, and her mother fears for their lives.

Apr 17, Miss Amanda rated it liked it Shelves: historical-fiction-gr , historical-fiction-overpgs.

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Her mother constantly reminds her not to draw attention to herself. Marianne misses her father and misses being able to play outside without fear. When space opens up on the kindertransporte, Marianne must decide should she go? A prequel to "Remeber Me" and it's companion "Finding Sophie". Apr 10, Anne rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-fiction , graphic-novels , Another compelling yet heart-breaking story about the Holocaust.

This one is about 11 year old Marianne who is forced to leave home due to the Nazi attempt to kill all the Jews. Marianne is forced to look at friendships and relationships in a new light during these rapidly changing, trying circumstances. Well written and well-illustrated - but the abrupt ending left me hanging and feeling like something important had been left out. Somebody got into the Children's Comic Book section!

This was a true three. It's lovely, it's well done, the text and the images are well-paired, and it's spooky in a real effortless way, but it doesn't pack an emotional punch. Which, it probably should, when you're sending your young child away from Nazi Germany, probably never to see her again. Also, So Long Marianne was in my head the whole time, and I think that was unintentional. What a sad and beautiful book. This is a wonderful way for a child my 8 year old to read about what it would have been like to grow up as a Jewish girl in Nazi Germany.

It is a very small story of one little girl and because it is small, it is powerful.

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My daughter could relate to Marianne and really get a sense of what happened to real people on a very personal level. There have been lots of discussions stemming from this book. Shelves: library-books. I picked this one up at the library to encourage my little readers. My oldest loves graphic novels and is also interested in Jewish people living in Nazi Germany.

I thought the story was really good, although it seems to have a few gaps, as graphic novels are inclined to do. It seemed to not have a point, but I suppose it really shouldn't since those times didn't. The ending left me wanting to know more. Although it was a graphic novel and being short, I enjoyed it and felt almost the same feeling as the main character. I think Marianne is a brave girl and even if the Nazis were basically everywhere, everywhere she went, Marianne had hid her fears and stood bravely at them. After reading, I realized what the title of the book really means. Jan 01, Kate Forsyth rated it liked it Shelves: autobiography-memoir , children-s-historical.

Marianne, like the author, escapes on the Kindertransport to Great Britain, leaving her family behind, so the book does not contain any great atrocity, making it a perfect read for a thoughtful and sensitive child. Feb 26, Yannick Serres rated it it was amazing. Nice faction story about a young girl being caught in the nazi propaganda. She will be one of the lucky in this conflict, but not as lucky as she would like. It is a nice short story, well told, well written. The cube team takes a look at Merkel's legacy and reactions in Germany after "Mutti" announced she would be stepping down.

Today's expert panel will discuss what spelt the end for German Chancellor Angela Merkel and who might be her replacement. The German Chancellor announced she would step down in following disappointing results for her CDU party in the Hesse state election. Merkel forces top spy chief out and then gives him 'promotion'.

Hans-Georg Maassen has been given a new job in interior ministry after criticising veracity of Chemnitz reports. As Germany grapples with divisions over migration, Bavaria takes action to stem the flow through the country's southern border.

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What's happening at the heart of the German government? Germany's leader needs to pull off a diplomatic master-stroke to secure her position and keep to her values. Here's why:.