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Our friend Carla Zaplana has just released her new book on Superfoods. If you would like to know more about fermentation and other healthy foods to supplement your detox diet check out her new book! Exprime el repollo. Combina el repollo y sal en un bol.

Yotam Ottolenghi; Sami Tamimi

Masajea y apreta el repollo con tus manos. Coloca el repollo en 2 tarros. Apreta el repollo hacia abajo con tu mano. Coloca una de las hojas exteriores del repollo que has guardado anteriormente sobre la superficie del repollo cortado. Nuestra amiga Carla Zaplana ha lanzado su nuevo libro Superfoods. Happiness in one bite! Wanting to share her favorite childhood dessert, Zelda, a pastry chef from the Alsace region of France joined up with friend Manuel to bring this classic French cake, traditionally known as a "Moelleux au chocolate", to Barcelona.

Although we do love to talk green here, we all can agree that a little sweet now and then is a well deserved necessity! After studying to become a pastry chef in France and later moving to Barcelona, I wanted to open a bakery here. Manuel and I met in and he had a background as a cook working in well-known restaurants. When I was growing up, the Moulleux au chocolate was always the main dessert at my birthday party, and every year, there was never one piece left afterwards because everyone loved it!

In the summer we'll also start serving our ice-cream. We also do catering or entire cakes to order. When we were originally thinking of a name, we wanted to have one that had to do with magic since so many people had told me that the cakes had something magical about them. One time a friend of ours was telling us about the first female magician in history from Australia, Moi-Yo Miller who was born in And we were starting our business in , years later!

So she was our inspiration for the name. The blend we use is a mix of all three. We use this blend because it's the type of chocolate and flavor that I most prefer when making the traditional moelleux. All of the cacao we use is ecological. One time, a guest of ours came to buy a cake for her friend who was in the hospital. When they tried the cake, the couple looked at each other and both said "one day we are going to get married and this will be our wedding cake". Well this past week we got a call from them saying that they are engaged and want us to make their wedding cake! Simply to enjoy and to share.

We love for people to try our cake and enjoy it. Our hashtag is FelizEnUnBocado or "happiness in one bite". Nosotros usamos una mezcla de los tres. Usamos esta mezcla porque es el tipo de chocolate y sabor que yo prefiero cuando hago el tradicional moelleux. Una vez, una clienta vino a compar una tarta para su amigo que estaba en el hospital. Simplemente disfrutar y compartir. Nos encanta cuando la gente prueba nuestros pasteles y las disfrutan.

Nuestro hashtag es FelicidadEnUnBocado. A favourite supermarket in up town Barcelona for organic food and products, OBBIO , has had a significant influence since opening, especially with the recent trend towards a more health-conscious mind set in the city. Elena talks candidly to us about their friendly store, which will turn 3 this September, in this week's edition of Healthy Food Places in Barcelona. It sort of came about by chance.

Both Irina and I had spent many years consuming organic products and thanks to our respective jobs, we travelled often to places like Holland, Denmark, Switzerland, the U. The organic stores in these cities were well-kept and gave you the feeling that you could buy everything in one place. Before meeting each other, Irina and I were the inside informers about healthy topics amongst our own friends.

When one of them would have a problem they would call saying "my child is sick, what should I give him"? My cousin eventually told me that she had a friend who was also interested in organic products and health topics and she thought we should meet. So Irina and I met and we realized that we shared a passion for the same things and our business ideals were very much aligned. We both wanted to open a space in Barcelona where people could find organic and healthy products and from an angle that was fresh, friendly and easy.

At OBBIO we want to connect with people who are sensitive to topics of healthy eating, or with those who believe that eating well is important, and offer them an array of products they can use day-to-day to take care of themselves. Part of our philosophy from the beginning has been to participate in the lives and dietary changes that people make by giving them information.

That's why on Thursdays we always have a workshop or conference as well as a book section to accompany people throughout the process because we know it can be a slow one. Dietary changes can sometimes be difficult so we've created a space that gives people all the tools they'll need. For us it's also important to have nutritionists always available if our clients have any doubts or questions. It has always been part of our business to provide a variety of products, almost 8, now, from various countries.

Usually in Spain we find basic products that aren't very appealing. We wanted the packaging and the products to be appealing to the consumer. So we've made a selection of products based not only on quality but also on how they look. Lastly, we want the customer to have a very positive experience at the point of sale. From the moment they enter, we want them to feel good.

Product details

It's a space of discovery. I think it's changed a lot in recent years. We are seeing that there is a growing propensity towards the second segment. But these people also need to be accompanied because it's not always easy and they need to know how to make the changes. But I think there is a big change overall and that people are really becoming more aware. It's evident that they are much more receptive to all of this. The truth is a lot of funny things have happened, or at least now we see them as funny. When we were in our early stages, it wasn't always easy to find staff who were sensitive or used to this culture.

When we were training them, we would feed them healthy vegetarian meals for lunch but would find that many of them would later go to the bathroom to eat their chorizo sandwiches! And another nice thing that I love now is that every day, an older woman comes, our most frequent client, to buy oats and rice. Every day!

Fundamentally we think we're different in regards to the experience of the client at the point of sale. Above all, we want to signify something different, signify that eating organic can be normal. We also differentiate ourselves by the wide assortment of different products we offer from places worldwide. Oftentimes a vendor tells us that we're the first retailer of their product in Spain. And we go to many fairs to find various products from small manufacturers. We think the idea of joining our cafeteria with the store differentiates us as well.

Customers sometimes tell us they don't know how to cook tofu or how to prepare vegetable proteins for example, so we give them the opportunity to easily try these things through the meals we prepare.

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And by offering a variety of food like our brown rice sushi or pre-packaged meals for a quick and healthy lunch or dinner. For us there's the part of really dedicating ourselves to the food but also of maintaining a well-kept and appealing space. I honestly love food from everywhere because I'm curious. When I go to other countries, I try things from those cities. For example, I don't normally consume lactose but if I'm in a mountain town in Switzerland and there is cheese, I'm going to try it because I see it as something from their culture and life.

And in my own home, there is always a great variety of vegetables. In Spain it's common to just think of green beans and potatoes, but I love chicory, brussel sprouts, celery, etc. I'm very conscious now about what foods make me feel good. I try to listen to my body. I'm absolutely sure that healthy alimentation is something that's very important! Website I Facebook I. Fue una cosa bastante casual y curiosa.

Finalmente, queremos que el cliente tenga una experiencia en el punto de venta muy agradable. En el momento que entra que se sienta muy bien. Es un espacio de descubrimiento. La verdad es que muchas cosas divertidas han pasado, o por lo menos ahora los vemos divertidos. Pues fundamentalmente nosotros pensamos que somos diferentes por la experiencia que tiene el cliente en el punto de venta. Entonces les damos la oportunidad de realmente probar estas cosas en los platos que preparamos.

La verdad es que me encanta la comida de todos los lugares como soy muy curiosa. Y en mi propia casa siempre hay mucha verdura variada. Ahora estoy muy consciente en las cosas que me hacen bien. Intento escuchar a mi cuerpo. Our favourite supplier of organic produce in Barcelona is Doctor Veg. This month we have teamed up with this local agri-social company to create our own detox box for our Winter Detox Juice!

You can just order the Detox Box by Mandy Keillor and they will deliver to your home or office enough ingredients to make your Winter Detox Juice for 7 days! How convenient is that?!!! We recommend that you do not eat or drink coffee for 30 minutes after you have your juice to allow the vitamins and minerals contained in the juice to be absorbed into your body to let the healing process to begin.

Drinking a green juice each morning will give you energy, kick start your digestion, hydrate and restore balance to your body and help to rebuild damaged cells. Doctor Veg describe themselves as an ecological and social project. They started growing and delivering organic food to homes and businesses in Catalunya 6 years ago. They have their own nurseries in Girona and Montseny and collaborate with other like-minded local producers to supply high quality organic, seasonal produce to their customers.

As a company Doctor Veg's social integrity goes way beyond just caring for the environment and helping us to care for our health. This project encourages and supports the employment of people who are intellectually challenged. At this moment 11 of the 14 people employed by Doctor Veg have disabilities. One of the best things about ordering with Doctor Veg is you have choice!

You can customise your baskets, buy in bulk or just let them choose the best produce available for each of your orders - but even then they give you the option to choose the items you really want for your menus that week! To have your produce delivered by Doctor Veg you can subscribe here. Este mes estamos colaborando con esta empresa agrosocial para crear nuestra propia Cesta Detox para nuestro Zumo Detox de Invierno. Este proyecto fomenta y apoya el empleo de personas con discapacidad intelectual. Puedes personalizar tu cesta, comprar en grandes cantidades o dejar que ellos elijan los mejores productos para tu pedido.

When we change, the world changes. All three discovered their personal paths towards a nutritional lifestyle at different moments in their lives, but their passion for clean living is what eventually brought them together. Their goal is to share and normalize healthy eating to all types of people via their workshops, courses, events, pop-ups and the media. To help people revive the best versions of themselves through nutrition. Their kitchen and their food is based on ingredients that are free of long cooking times, dairy, toxins, gluten, animal products and refined sugar and all without losing taste or depriving special treats!

There were people from all over Spain and from abroad as well, but it was love at first sight and the three of us connected so well. After the course, we found we were all living in Barcelona and starting our own projects so we saw that we could join forces to do something together. From this stance, we are working to find different "loudspeakers", whether through workshops, or pop-ups, or through the press to spread the word to as many people as we can.

We want people to internalise these new healthy habits. Has the public been receiving your concepts of nutrition well? Very interested! And now if you eat differently, people ask you questions, they want to know more. The seed needed to fall at the right moment. People need space and to be able to breathe. So that people can return to their true nature. There is still a culture of immediacy. Perhaps we're missing a bit of experimentation in our lives and that's why we want to teach people other options. When you have a family with particular schedules, you end up falling into routines.

Cheap Aceite Oliva, find Aceite Oliva deals on line at

The idea is to include in these routines 1, 2, or 3 healthy days a week until it starts to become automatic. We want to open a window of possibilities and let each person see how they can personally adapt different ways of healthy eating into their lives. There are people who say "I can't take hours working with a dehydrator to make crackers, but I can do this juice idea instead of coffee Little by little. We want to help people get off of autopilot. Instead of buying habitually, buy something locally grown for example.

Our courses and information pave the way to make it easier and to teach people that the change doesn't have to be expensive or complicated, and that healthy food recipes aren't that strange. There are even many of providers nowadays who will deliver healthy to your house! What are some basic recommendations you can give to people looking to change their lifestyles for the first time?

A first step you can take is to start drinking green juices and smoothies because they are easy to make and delicious. You can incorporate them easily. People don't have to make big changes, they just have to include a little something extra. Also, sometimes people can become overwhelmed because they see it as too radical or expensive or inaccessible. Or they identify themselves with labels. They think "now I have to give something up and become raw, or vegan, or whatever label. Instead of using a label, people should simply see it as recovering their vitality and returning to a simpler, less processed lifestyle.

The next step is to have our own permanent space where we can create many more activities like on going training, making products for stores and restaurants, teaching chefs from restaurants in Barcelona who more and more need to have options on their menus. And the possibility of creating more complete courses. At the moment we go to various places, for example centres like the Espai Boisa , schools, or restaurants with a set topic planned.

Others we plan ourselves when we find an idea that we like. For example, coming up we're going to do a "healthy Tupperware" to take to work at Mother. We try to see the common needs of people like the idea of bringing your lunch to work from home or healthy recipes for kids. We want to be the link towards day-to-day application. Personal development through nutrition. And spreading this message is what has fulfilled us the most out of all of the experiences we've had. Within that what we most like is the physical contact with people, the sharing.

Face-to-face communication is what nourishes us the most and has soul. Seeing and hearing comments from those who have taken a class or workshop really fulfils us! We don't think that everything is based on just nutrition. It's one part but there are many pillars and being a human being is complex. Nutrition is our personal speciality, but it's just one of the doors towards a healthier path.

Cuando nosotros cambiamos, el mundo cambia. Se trata de recuperar lo que realmente ya llevamos dentro, pero de forma sencilla y divertida. Ahora, en el interior de las personas hay algo que nota que lo estamos consumiendo no es bueno. Ahora, si comes diferente, la gente te hace preguntas. La semilla tiene que caer en el momento adecuado. No se trata de convertir ni de convencer a nadie. Es el momento detox. La gente necesita espacio y poder respirar. Para que la gente pueda volver a su verdadera naturaleza. Cuando tienes familia con unos ciertos horarios, caes en la rutinas.

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  4. Poquito a poquito. Queremos ayudar a salir del automatismo. A veces, la gente se puede agobiar porque lo ven como algo demasiado radical, caro o no accesible. O se identifican a si mismos con etiquetas. Y hay un freno con esta actitud. De momento, estamos yendo a varios lugares, como por ejemplo el centro Espai Boisa , escuelas o restaurantes que nos piden temas concretos. Otras veces somos nosotras las que programamos temas que nos gustan. Es una parte, pero hay muchos otros pilares.

    El ser humano es un ser es muy complejo. When they opened Mother in April , Gemma Ponsa and Lili Figel were not only introducing the first cold-pressed juice to Spain but they were also one of a small group of people kick starting the healthy food movement in Barcelona. Since then, the city has seen a rapid trend towards this healthier mindset thanks to well being aficionados and educators like Gemma and Lili. We were very excited to meet with Gemma and learn how her time spent living in the USA ignited her passion for cold-pressed juices, clean living and nutrition, all of which eventually led her to a partnership with Lili and the opening of Mother.

    She also told us about her inspiring mentor Alice Waters , who has been called the "mother of American food" and was at the forefront of the organic food movement over 40 years ago. The inspiration came from when I was living in California. My lifestyle there was really very health conscious. I was traveling back and forth between LA and Barcelona and I saw there was nothing like this concept of cold-pressed juice here. So I started to consider the idea that if I permanently moved back to Spain, I would create this type of business. I took the opportunity while living in LA to research the brands that were doing cold-pressed juices and it happened that someone in my close circle of friends there opened a very successful juice company.

    This really spurred me on to bring the concept to Barcelona. My business partner and friend, Lili, who is a pastry chef, was also living in the states at the time. When she moved back to Barcelona I said to her that we had to do something together. Lili created the formulas and she is now in charge of all the production and baked goods. It's the idea of nurturing. Mother Earth. And nobody takes better care of you than your mother! Along with your various options of cold-pressed juices, what other things can people find on your menu? It's going very well! They offer two daily bowls for our customers, the Raw Vegan Bowl and the Vegan Bowl as well as two types of soups every day.

    People can combine any of these dishes to create a lunch menu. We also make our own kale chips, granola, desserts, nut butters for the smoothies and vegetable milks almond, cashew, poppy seed, hemp, oat, chocolate and gold milk. We just started offering hemp tahini too which is delicious and almost tastes like a smoothie. Most of our products are certified organic and if not, come directly from farmers who we know and trust. We'd rather have vendors who we like than just have a stamp certified from France or wherever else. Yes, we will soon be offering three different juice cleanses for detoxing.

    We have implemented one already and the other two will be coming as soon as our online shop is up and running. The packages are made up of set juices but if someone doesn't like one of the flavors, they can swap it for another. Being the first cold-pressed in Spain, did you find it difficult to integrate this concept here? It did take some time at first. Nobody had ever spoken about green juice or detoxing so it was a lot of education and explaining. But when they tried it they liked it! The juices we make are pleasant, not too sweet but balanced.

    People notice how their bodies feel better after drinking a cold-pressed juice. We did a year and a half of research in terms of machines, legal issues, processing, etc. We also started talking about green juice before opening in order to start getting the word out around the community. My friends thought I was a crazy juice lady! I said, "I'm going to make vegetable juice, not just with apple or pineapple, but with actual vegetables. Do you think Barcelona is now becoming more health conscious and open to a greener mindset? Now yes. I think of all places in Spain, Barcelona is the most open to these concepts in terms of food, health and sports.

    I think if anywhere, it's easier here than other places in Spain. I always thought Barcelona was more like LA in that way! Alice Waters has been one of your greatest mentors and sources of inspiration for leading a healthy lifestyle. In what ways did she inspire you? Yes I knew her from when I lived in California. She pioneered the concept of healthy, sustainable food and has been an inspirational mentor and great influence.

    I was already living a healthy lifestyle, but what later motivated me the most to open Mother was not only to do something healthy but also sustainable. That's the part I got from Alice. The educational part, the sustainability part, the part of dealing with and interacting with the farmers who produce for you. Thinking beyond yourself and creating a larger awareness and community. For me the word "community" was the concept I wanted to focus on when starting Mother.

    It was the top of the list. I wanted to create awareness. That's why we only use biodegradable packaging and try to collaborate with other sustainable companies and vendors. One of these next big collaborations for you is with the new hotel, Casa Bonay. What is the idea behind this project? We are excited to open our next location inside Casa Bonay and collaborate with this original idea. Up until now, nothing like this concept existed in Barcelona, or really in Europe for that matter.

    The idea is to create a collaborative environment where the restaurants and hotel share products amongst each other. For example, we will be sharing a space with Satan's Coffee Corner and we will provide them with our juices for breakfast and they will give us coffee to make some of our smoothies. It's going to be a destination where you can find lots of things together all in a collaborative and sharing space. You can go get juice, coffee, breakfast, lunch or a cocktail afterwards.

    The hotel will also have an urban garden rooftop! Stay tuned for the opening this month. Doing something good. Doing the best we can - the best juices, the best service, educating people so they know the feeling that they're doing something good for themselves. And getting them to eat more vegetables…or, drink more vegetables! Website Facebook Twitter Instagram. Sus platos se basan en el concepto de los "alimentos vivos" e incluyen productos vegetarianos, verduras verdes, frutas, semillas germinadas y superalimentos.

    Preferimos tener proveedores que nos gustan que tener un sello certificado de Francia o cualquier otra parte. Hacemos todo nosotras mismas. Los zumos que hacemos son agradables, no demasiado dulces, sino equilibrados. La conozco desde cuando estaba viviendo en California. La parte educativa, la parte sostenible, la parte de interactuar y relacionarse con los agricultores que producen para ti.

    Encabezaba la lista. Vamos a abrir este mes. Hacer algo bueno. Ebooks and Manuals

    Heads up, I think these guys make the best and most delicious juice in Barcelona! My favorite is Alma! Green, full of kale, alkaline rich and packed with vitamins! Ask us for an order form! Mandy x. On the other hand your skin is also an organ that absorbs toxins into the body. It was a huge wake up call.

    So what should you look for when you are searching for natural skincare products? Here's what our friends at MooGoo recommend: Ingredient Philosophy Everyone has personal preferences for ingredients they like and dislike. We love Hops, although sometimes you can smell Hops. Sodium Laureth Sulphate or harsh cleansers. Would you like to win a box of MooGoo products? We have a pack to give away! Good luck! M x Conditions: Products will be sent to the winner without the box. By entering this competition you are agreeing to subscribe to our database.

    Products will be sent to the winner via normal mail on the 23rd of May. No responsibility will be taken by us for issues that might occur due to customs.

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    5. El cuidado de la piel natural durante tu detox - MooGoo. A nosotros nos encantan los aceites vegetales y extractos naturales. Aceite mineral. Conservantes como los parabenos, fenoxietanol y formaldehido. Sulfato de sodio Laureth o limpiadores agresivos. Al participar en este sorteo, aceptas que tus datos pasen a formar parte de nuestra base de datos.

      No nos hacemos responsables de posibles problemas debidos a las normas de aduanas. Day 2 of the Raw Food Cleanse. How you all feeling? You're half way through this cleanse now so keep up the good work. Our cells need water to work at their optimum. Then they can get on with the job of healing and repairing. I like to sip on ginger tea while I'm on a detox….

      Then you can just keep filling the teapot! It's the perfect way to get your 2 to 3 litres of water every day. Es la manera perfecta para conseguir el consumo de 2 - 3 litros de agua diario. What led you to start leading a raw and vegan lifestyle? Was it a challenge to make such a big dietary change?

      Why did you eventually decide to open a raw and vegan restaurant in Barcelona? What is the significance behind the name Petit Brot? What is your philosophy? What can your guests order at Petit Brot? Has Petit Brot been well received by the community? Lunch menus: Starter course Main course Dessert 15,95 euros Starter course Main course 12,95 euros Main course dessert 12,50 euros Open Monday - Saturday from 11am - 7pm and Sunday from 12pm - 5pm.

      Dou, 10, Barcelona. Lugares de comida sana en Barcelona Petit Brot. It's that time of year again Looking forward to seeing you all there! You'll always find them at kids parties! Not to say they don't have calories, so be careful if you are watching your waistline. Your kids will love to make them and eat them! Organic Honey Joys. On a medium heat, melt the coconut oil in a saucepan. Add the coconut sugar and honey. Stir the mixture well while increasing the heat until just before boiling point - be very careful not to boil. Add the mixture to the cornflakes and work quickly to mix together.

      Spoon the mixture onto the oven tray and work into cookie shapes. If you are using patty pans you will make around 20 - my mixture made 10 biscuits. Place in the oven for 10 minutes. Check after 5 minutes to avoid toasting them too much. Remove from the oven and allow to cool. De mi masa salieron 10 galletas. Pero comprueba que no se tuesten demasiado, pasados 5 minutos. Autumn has arrived in Barcelona today!

      It's time to make soup! Autumn is the perfect season for root veggies and pumpkins. I don't even peel my butternut, sweet potato and beetroot, onions or garlic when I roast them! Beta-Carotene and your health This antioxidant has very good anti-cancer properties. Benefits: 1. Foods that are dark orange, green, red or yellow are generally rich in beta-carotene. Vegetables like: Dandelion greens, carrots, collard greens, kale, sweet potatoes, yams, parsley, spinach, turnips, mustard greens, chives, yellow squashes, mangos, sweet peppers, cantaloupe, papayas, broccoli, green onions, and romaine lettuce.

      Apart from soup another way to fill up on these foods is to juice them! Scrub your vegetables and peel them if you want to. Place all the ingredients in an oven tray and coat with a good splash of olive oil. Season with sea salt, ground black pepper, 5. Roast in the oven for around 45 minutes on a medium heat. Warm to serve. Garnish with a few toasted pumpkin seeds! Los beneficios: 1. Sazona con sal marina y pimienta negra molida. Asa en el horno durante 45 minutos a fuego medio. Sirve caliente. Day Global Community Detox Congratulations to those of you who will today finish your detox journey.

      Now the challenge begins How to come off your detox: It's very easy to slip back into your old habits if you are not conscious of how to come of the detox. Two good reasons you should want to take it easy are: 1. Take a moment to reflect on the parts of the detox that you want to keep in your lifestyle. You have changed your life. Don't look back. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me! Has cambiado tu vida. Right now your body is really starting to detox! How are you feeling? El Pot El Pot is the perfect lunch spot especially if you are on the run.

      El Cafe Blueproject One of the first raw organic restaurants in Barcelona. Vacka Known for their vegan burgers, Vacka is a great place for a healthy lunch and offers both cooked and raw food. Mother The first place to bring cold pressed juices to Spain! Slow Mov The perfect place for a meeting, and once you are off your detox, the perfect coffee! Where do your products come from? Can you tell us about your history? Who first showed you how to work on the farm? Did you have to adapt to a new type of customer in Barcelona?

      Is everything in your store organic? What other products to you sell at the store? Can people order their produce online? Only one week to go! Every time I make this soup Natalia goes crazy for it! It only takes about 30 minutes to prepare and make and is vegan, gluten free and raw! The perfect detox lunch or dinner. Place all the ingredients for the broth in a blender and process until smooth. Can't get more simple than that! Serves 2. Tan solo se tarda 30 minutos en prepararla, y es vegana, raw y sin gluten. Es la comida o cena perfecta durante tu detox.

      Coloca todos los ingredientes para el caldo en una batidora y mezcla hasta que quede suave. Para 2 raciones. Use naturally brewed Tamari soy sauce and organically grown miso for your detox recipes. How to make sauerkraut! Makes about 1 liter Ingredients 1 medium head green cabbage 1 heaped tablespoon sea salt Storage 2 x ml glass jars — cleaned with hot soapy water, rinse and dried very well.

      Calico clothe for covering the jars.


      Rubber band or twine for securing the cloth. Instructions 1. Something of interest for our Spanish speakers! Instrucciones 1. To bring happiness to someone's day. That is our mission. How do you see the healthy food scene changing in Barcelona? What's your favourite food place in the world? Here's the recipe for you! If you find the juice a little savoury for your liking just add more apple! So who is Doctor Veg? Zumo Detox de Invierno de Mandy Keillor. Do you think that people are deterred by the thought of changing their habits?

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