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It is so tame that it will sit on my hand and eat hemp seeds. View all New York Times newsletters. My bunnies are always brown, but I once had a dear white rat with pink eyes.

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Not only do these letters give birth to the books as the source of their stories, but their character defines the books. Her stories were part of extended conversations with children, and the children, in some ways, were human counterparts of the animal creatures with whom Potter conversed. Many of her pictured animals are also young, but are dressed in fashions that invoke the countryside of an earlier era.

Despite this nostalgia, though, Potter was tough and strangely unsentimental.

Firefighters rescue 'nutty' squirrel from manhole cover

She was also rigorous in her business dealings, and, as we see here, determined to control the merchandising of her products, overseeing the manufacture of one stuffed Jemima Puddle-Duck toy on display, even mapping her fictional kingdom in a remarkable board game shown here, from By that time her royalties had enabled her to retreat to the rural world pictured in her books.

She became a sheep farmer in the Lake Country. She purchased unspoiled land and estates, married a rural solicitor, William Heelis, and lived out the fairy-tale future promised to her most deserving creatures. She also became a conservationist, dedicated to preserving the natural world, leaving 4, acres to the National Trust in Britain upon her death in Nature is her refuge and comfort.

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Firefighters rescue 'nutty' squirrel

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You agree to receive occasional updates and special offers for The New York Times's products and services. Thank you for subscribing. She has a wonderful love for animals and a deep respect for nature. One day, her rescue dog Cinnamon comes across a baby squirrel in the woods and so the story begins.

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Morgan gets support from the local veterinarian, Dr. Perkins , as well as an 11 year old girl in her neighborhood, Bree , with her animal rehabilitation adventures. The Mrs. Morgan Rescue series teaches adults and children alike that wild animals are just that, wild and have a place in nature, not as pets. It also provides great detail about animal care and the work involved in caring for animals, both day and night. Do you have a book you would like us to review? We would love to hear you!

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