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Longer Romantic Italian phrases and Italian love quotes

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Né con te né senza di te. Storia di una passione

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Ben chiari e tristi nel tuo dir presagi intendo! Ah, Lucia, ah, desisti. Quando, rapito in estasi, ecc. I shall keep watch nearby. She leaves. Edgardo enters. Before dawn whitens the morning sky I shall be far from my native land. I will offer him the hand of peace, and ask your hand in marriage to seal our pact. Ah, no Alisa esce. Edgardo entra.

Romantic Italian Phrases And Italian Love Quotes

The evil persecutor of my family is not satisfied with my misfortunes! He robbed me of my father, my ancestral heritage. Is that not enough? What more does he want, that bloodthirsty villain? My utter ruin? My life? How he hates me! Listen to me. Over the tomb where my betrayed father lies, in my rage, I swore to wage eternal war on your kin. Mi tolse il padre, il mio retaggio avito.

Che brama ancor quel cor feroce e rio? La mia perdita intera? Il sangue mio? Egli m'odia Sulla tomba che rinserra il tradito genitore al tuo sangue eterna guerra io giurai nel mio furore. But that vow is not broken, I could well fulfil it yet! Do you want me to die of fright?

LUCIA Banish all other feelings save love from your heart; a nobler, holier vow than any other is pure love, ah, only love, etc. Yield, yield to me, yield to love. I could well fulfil it yet! Ti placa.

Italian Love Quotes

Deh, ti frena. Non ti basta la mia pena? Vuoi ch'io mora di spavento? Cedi, cedi a me, cedi, cedi all'amor. Io potrei compirlo ancor. God hears us, God sees us; church and altar is a loving heart; solemnly placing a ring on Lucia's finger to your destiny I link mine I am your betrothed. We must part now. My heart goes with you. Separarci omai conviene. Il mio cor con te ne viene. LUCIA Ah, if sometimes you think of me and send me a letter, fresh hopes will fortify my fleeting life. On the breeze will come to you my ardent sighs, you will hear in the murmuring sea the echo of my laments.

When you think of me living on tears and grief, then shed a bitter tear on this ring, ah, on this ring, etc. On the breeze will come to you, etc. Verranno a te sull'aure i miei sospiri ardenti, udrai nel mar che mormora l'eco dei miei lamenti. Pensando ch'io di gemiti mi pasco e di dolor, spargi un'amara lagrima su questo pegno allor, ah, su questo pegno, ecc.

Verranno a te sull'aure, ecc. To honour our distinguished marriage, already in the castle have assembled my noble kinsmen; Arturo will be here soon And if she stubbornly dares to refuse? Give me the forged letter. Normanno hands him the letter. Now ride out to the highway leading to Scotland's royal city, and amid cheers and joyful shouts escort Arturo here. NORMANNO Non temer: la lunga assenza del tuo nemico, i fogli da noi rapiti, e la bugiarda nuova ch'egli s'accese d'altra fiamma, in core di Lucia spegneranno il cieco amore.

Il simulato foglio porgimi Normanno leaves. Lucia enters and lingers near the door; her pallor, the bewildered expression all point to her suffering and to the beginnings of a mental derangement. I hoped to see you happier today, this day when Hymen's torches are lit for you.

You look at me and say nothing? May God forgive you for your inhuman cruelty, may God forgive you, etc. I have cooled my anger, now cool your insane love, I have cooled my anger, etc. A noble husband Normanno esce. Lucia si arresta presso la soglia: la pallidezza del suo volto, lo sguardo smarrito, tutto annunzia in lei i patimenti che soffre ed i primi sintomi d'un'alienazione mentale. Mi guardi e taci?

LUCIA Il pallor funesto, orrendo, che ricopre il volto mio, ti rimprovera tacendo il mio strazio, il mio dolore. Perdonare ti possa Iddio l'inumano tuo rigor, perdonar ti possa Iddio, ecc. Nobil sposo Read it. LUCIA Lucia reads: surprise, then great anxiety are etched on her countenance, and a tremor shakes her from head to foot. My heart falters! Alas, a fatal bolt from the blue! I suffered in tears, I languished with grief, my hopes, my life, I pledged to one heart, the moment of death is upon me! He gave his faithless heart to another! The terrible moment has come for me, yes, he gave his fickle heart to another, etc.

He gave his fickle heart to another, etc.

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Festive music is heard in the distance. Sii ascoltano echeggiare in lontananza festivi suoni. William is dead - we shall see Mary upon the throne Oh, heaven! Oh, ciel! In your dreams you will see me, an angry, menacing spectre! That bloody axe will always be before your eyes, etc. LUCIA with tearful eyes, appealing to Heaven You who see my tears, you who read what is in my heart, if my grief is not ignored in Heaven, as it is on earth, Take, Eternal God, this hopeless life of mine, I am so wretched that death will be a boon for me, etc.

Nei tuoi sogni mi vedrai, ombra irata e minacciosa!

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Scene 2 The grand hall of the castle. The scene is ready for the reception of Arturo. Enrico, Arturo, Normanno, knights and ladies, relations of Ashton, pages, equerries, inhabitants of Lammermoor and servants CHORUS For you, all around we join in rousing jubilation, because of you, we see reborn the day of hope, here friendship guides you, here love leads you, Scena 2 Gran sala del castello Scena preparata per il ricevimento di Arturo. Give me your hand, Enrico, and accept my cordial greeting, I come to you as friend, brother and protector.

For you we join in jubilation, etc. La man mi porgi, Enrico, ti stringi a questo cor, a te ne vengo amico, fratello e difensor. CORO Ah! Per te d'immenso giubilo, ecc. Crushed and numb with grief, she mourns her dead mother. Rumour has it that Edgardo has rashly dared to look upon her Lucia enters despondently, supported by Alisa and Raimondo. Dal duolo oppressa e vinta, piange la madre estinta.

Lucia sostenuta da Raimondo ed Alisa, entra nel massimo abbattimento. Lucia shrinks from Arturo. Enrico whispers warningly to her. Be careful! Do you want to ruin me? He signs the contract and Enrico adds his own signature. Meanwhile Raimondo and Alisa lead the trembling Lucia to the table. What misery! Lucia fa un movimento come per retrocedere.

Enrico sommesso a Lucia: Incauta! Perdermi vuoi? Firma il contratto ed Enrico vi pone pure la sua firma. Intanto Riamondo ed Alisa conducono la tremante Lucia verso il tavolino. Me misera! Lucia signs the contract. I feel faint. A noise is heard at the door as if someone is trying to force his way in.

ALL What a commotion! Who is it? Edgardo enters wrapped in a cloak. ALL Edgardo! Day of terror! What a bolt from the blue! Lucia segna il contratto. Io manco. Chi giunge? Edgardo entra ravvolto in un mantello. Oh, terror! Oh, fulmine! Her grief, her terror, are the proof, are the proof of her remorse! But like a withered rose, she hovers between death and life! I surrender, I am touched, I love you, heartless girl, I love you still! I heard within me a plea for the unhappy girl! She is my kin!

I have betrayed her! She hovers between death and life! Ah, I cannot quell the remorse in my soul! I must live on in anguish! The veil fell from my eyes. I was betrayed by earth and Heaven! I would weep, but I cannot, even tears have forsaken me. I cannot find words to say! A dense cloud of terror seems to dim the sun's rays!

Il suo duolo, il suo spavento son la prova d'un rimorso! Ma, qual rosa inaridita, ella sta fra morte e vita! Io son vinto, son commosso, t'amo ingrata, t'amo ancor! Della misera in favore nel mio petto un grido sorse! L'ho tradita! Ella sta fra morte e vita! LUCIA a parte Io sperai che a me la vita tronca avesse il mio spavento, ma la morte non m'aita - vivo ancor per mio tormento!

Vorrei piangere e non posso, m'abbandona il pianto ancor. Densa nube di spavento par che copra i rai del sole! Like a withered rose, she hovers between death and life, whoever does not feel for her, has the heart of a tiger. I have betrayed her, etc.

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L'ho tradito, ecc. In His name I command you to lay down your anger and your swords. Peace, peace He abhors a murderer, and it is written: He who harms his brother by the sword, shall perish by the sword. They all put up their swords. Peace, peace. What brings you here? Lucia swore to marry me. CORO T'allontana, sciagurato In suo nome io vel comando, deponete l'ira e il brando. Pace, pace Tutti ripongono le spade. Pace, pace. In queste porte chi ti guida? Is this your hand? Answer me! In utmost confusion she returns the ring. Son tue cifre? A me rispondi! Nel massimo smarrimento rende l'anello.

Accursed be the moment, when I first fell in love with you, evil, abominable brood, I should have fled from you, abominable, accursed, I should have fled from you. Come, save yourself! Your own life, her well-being respect Vi disperda! CORO Insano ardir! Live on And the prayer of boundless grief that finds no hope on earth, is my heart's plea which will linger on my dying lips, is my heart's last plea, etc. The threshold bathed in my blood will be a sweet sight for the wench!

Over my bloodless corpse she will tread more gaily to the altar, over my bloodless corpse, etc. Go, the stain will be cleansed with your blood, so black a stain of outrage! Go, fly, my burning fury refrins one moment from striking. Before long, stronger and fiercer, it shall fall on the heads of thos is abhors.

Save yourself! Unhappy man! Flee, make haste! Esci, fuggi, il furor che mi accende solo un punto i suoi colpi sospende Ti salva! I tuoi giorni How often does one single torment become replaced by a thousand joys. Raimondo supports Lucia, whose grief is now extreme; Alisa and the ladies surround them.

The others pursue Edgardo to the door as the curtain falls. Quante volte ad un solo tormento mille gioie apprestate non ha. Gli altri incalzano Edgardo fin presso la soglia. Intanto si abbassa la tela. The sounds of merry dance music emanate from adjoining rooms. Pages and inhabitants of the Castle of Lammermoor fill the rear of the scene.

Nè con te nè senza di te Inizio

Still others, ladies and knights, join the happy throng which now launches into song. CHORUS Let us raise our voices in wild jubilation, to rouse Scotland from shore to shore and warn our perfidious enemies that fortune smiles on us again. We are happier and more fearsome, favoured by a powerful protector, and warn our perfidious enemies, etc.

Sopraggiungono molti gruppi di dame e cavalieri sfavillanti di gioia, si uniscono e cantano il seguente: CORO D'immenso giubilo s'innalzi un grido, corra la Scozia di lido in lido, e avverta i perfidi nostri nemici che a noi sorridono le stelle ancor. Stay, cease your revels! What has happened? I ran into the room. Oh, what a terrible calamity! Arturo was lying on the floor, mute, cold, covered with blood!

And Lucia was clutching a dagger which belonged to the murdered man! Deh, cessate quel contento!