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In addition to presence and absence of sea ice, ice sheets are also observed in three dimensions, so that measurements of how the sheets are changing from above and below, as well as side-to-side, can be made.

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In addition to seasonal changes in the extent of the ice, are there other patterns of change to be seen? For example, are there differences in ice coverage in the same location between one day of the year e. April 29, and the same day of other years April 29, ; April 29, ; and so on…? Consider comparing changes in ice sheets and sea ice over time and space with atmospheric and ocean conditions in the two regions. Menu Space Apps Challenge Change Booklet Subset to Both sides 7.

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Description: This strategy helps students analyze and evaluate characters in a text by rating them on a variety of dimensions along a three-, five-, or seven-point continuum. For the polar opposite of Isabelle, look no further than whoever scrawled slogans of hate on a new Sikh temple.

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The former Liverpool manager appears to be the polar opposite of the type of candidate Lee Charnley, the club's chief executive, is looking for. We, as Blues fans, are tired of being angry so we want this to be the polar opposite.

Singing the Blues! It's Carson the stage show.

The Lowland is centered around two brothers born just fifteen months apart, who in the s are drawn to polar opposite movements. The Lowland.