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But who serves you as you live out your calling as a military wife? Buy the Kindle Version.

Saving a piece of history and sharing deployment stories.

Not a military wife yourself? An e-book written for military wives, Serving You blends solid biblical truths with relevant, personal military life stories giving the military wife confidence in her calling while strengthening her heart for the demands this lifestyle requires. We all must figure out how to make friends, fit into new communities, adapt to constant change, and fill roles well beyond that of wife and mom. We battle frequent seasons of loneliness, fear, separations, and feelings of missing out. So whether a military wife has just walked down the aisle or driven through her tenth base, whether her husband has deployed several times or not at all, Serving You will speak to each woman in emotional, spiritual, and practical ways.

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Did you know your story still matters? And that is why I am sharing deployment stories for the month of October, 31 Days of Deployment Stories. I hope they encourage and inspire you.

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And maybe you will learn something about yourself and those who have served our military and are still serving today. The day to day living deployed is often not exciting enough to make the news. I still remember him talking about how he was thankful for the atomic bombs because they were planning an invasion of Japan before they were dropped and he was certain he would not have survived. I think you will all enjoy hearing the stories.

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What stories can we tell that give people a peek into what being deployed is really like? I am so thankful to have had so many women share their stories. I know you will be inspired and amazed by what you learn. Women are serving our country all over the world. Thanks for joining me on the adventure.

Here is a quick overview of the plan for the month of October.