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Take care. As a child it was the coolest thing to us. We loved the big rigs. Anyone know them and what they are doing now??? They were nice to all the kids on the block. Lorna: Yes, I remember Bliss Brothers when it just sold ice cream. I went there after every ballgame. I know Nolan's was on the corner of Maple and Pine.

They had the best hot chocolate. I know right across Nolan's, that building was always changing. Hi, Barbara! You are only a few years older than me. I started out at Tiffany School , too. I went there for the first grade. My teacher was Miss Daisy C. She was a great teacher. Miss Young was still the principal. I lived on Ottawa Street. I think you are related to Kathy Machado who married Tom Kelliher, correct? How are they doing? Richie, the Florida sun bakin' your brain?

Try a hat. President Kerry saw the baby killing with his own eyes. In he claimed to be among the war criminals and just this past Tuesday said that he stands by everything he said in What've you got in Florida? Please, a bunch of retired New Yorker's wearing minks in degree heat, and swamp water crackers picking their noses.

Up here in America we are represented by the best of the best. The treatment of the Kurds is an interesting and complicated issue, Lorna. But the facts in your last posting are still not accurate. Bush Sr. Here is what I found out about both major gassings at the website of the Kurdistan Regional Government www. This is only one of several bitter betrayals of the Kurds by various U.

A prime example: George H. Bush urged Iraqis to rise up in and then let Saddam slaughter them when they responded. But as John Adams said, "Facts are stubborn things. I learned a lot by researching it. To: "freemumia aol. Do you know something that we don't? Also, are you saying that you along with he are denouncing your fellow veterans as baby killers? Can we have your name in case you run for some office in the future, since the VVAW is now as defunct as a dead skunk. How can you turn your back on your country like that?

We all want babies fed. Ours and those in Iraq and elsewhere. We cannot afford to do it all so we try to help some countries create a better way of life for themselves instead of letting dictators take everything and let their people starve. Methinks you and your bretheren should study some world history. Socialist, Communist, Nazi bastards who kill their own at the drop of a hat.

And you call Nam vets baby killers? Think it over, man, think it over … and thank God you live in a country where you can spout the stuff you do and get away with your life. Owen, you are right, the first time genocide was performed against the Kurds, Reagan was in office. My son also pointed this out to me. George Sr. Remember Desert Storm? Does anyone remember the little building where Bliss Brothers sold ice cream before they built the restaurant?

Sounds like y'all could use a laugh, so here goes: Several years ago, when the IRS changed it's EIC to give more to families with more than one kid, my Dad and brother-in-law were discussing the tax break. My 5-year-old neice was listening in on the conversation and after a spell went running with tears streaming down her face to inform my sister of what she heard. She Iris says me and Mitchell are worth a bunch but she won't pay extra for Coley"! Can't tell ya how hard my sister and I laughed while trying to explain what was really going on to a 5-year-old who thought she was being sold off to the highest bidder!

Yes, I'm another one who started my education at Tiffany School; however, it looks like it was a long time before most of you that are sharing memories. I started in the first grade there in Young was the principal. Yes, some of us are still sitting upright and smiling at those memories. My family and friends' experiences with "Morsies" did not include the truck drivers. We lived on Dale Avenue in Attleboro, and our side of Morse Sand and Gravel was great little ponds to ice skate on and in summer the guys would skinny dip.

Tthere were actual ledges where they hung a rope and jumped down into the water. It is a wonder none of us broke out necks. Well, that's enough from the little old lady in California. Keep those memories coming - and I don't mind the political stuff. I work for the Department of Defense. Fun to see what people on that side of the country think. As usual, "attvet yahoo. So to "attvett yahoo.

Morse Sand and Gravel brings back a lot of memories. I know they were very helpful in keeping Nichol Avenue clear the winter of '' Mom was on bed rest with pregnancy number 9 and was rushed numerous times that winter to Sturdy due to complications. We also have another very vivid memory of MS and G. One day a bunch of us kids were playing out in our yard and the next thing we know a couple of kids with guns were being chased down Nichol Avenue from the playground by a small pick-up from Morse Sand and Gravel. I guess the kids had been shooting over there and got caught.

Anyway, the truck came barreling up Nichol Avenue and the kids with guns I'm guessing they were BB or pellet guns go running through about 12 kids that are playing in the yard back into the woods toward Thurber. The guys from MS and G were screaming and very angry. But the angriest person ended up being my mother who went through the roof when she realized what had happened. The truck chased the kids and I have no idea if they were ever caught.

At that time Thurber Ave was full of woods not many house lots, unlike today. The woods would not have been easy to get through with a pick-up. Boy oh boy, my mother let MS and G have it. I can remember to this day Glen Lawton yelling at the top of his lungs, Hey, everyone hit the deck. We all dropped to the ground and laugh about it to this day. Nancy, do you mean my sister Dana? She would have gone to Finberg Elementary. I see you live in Westerly now.

Small world isn't it? OK, a subject change. It was supposed to come right up Tampa Bay with a 15 to foot storm surge which would have put me and this computer about 5 feet under water. I know what some of you are thinking now, be kind. In doing so, it reduced the damage and death toll by missing Tampa Bay but devastated the good and decent folks an hour and a half to our south. Though less populated, etc. Fire stations and police stations and even supposedly safe shelters are no more.

Businesses are gone. Schools are closed. Electricity is only just creeping back on. Phone service is nil. Even cell phone use is scarce since towers are down. People are living in buildings deemed uninhabitable. Shelters are everywhere and volunteers and volunteer agencies and FEMA are doing their best to help these poor souls.

Lest we forget, "Charley" was not through after it came inland. It then cut a swath upstate through many counties, doing it's damage along the way. Thus, my niece and her family and my sister-in-law in the Punta Gorda area suffered damage, as did my year-ld aunt in assisted living in the Daytona area. All are well, thank God. All are in fine spirits and are moving on to help others as well as get themselves back on track.

If any of you have been near a Florida landfall hurricane, you will agree when I say those of you who have not should hope you never are. Having lived through hurricanes and hurricane threats in new England most of my life, I never have experienced what a warm water category 4 or 5 is capable of 'til now. It is no fun. It is horrible. It is hell on earth. We shall evacuate in short order without argument should this happen again. Please pray for the good folks who were affected and help in any way you can.

Thank you. I see that you are all still present and accounted for. One of my greatest memories about growing up in Wrentham was the Rev. It was with great fondness that I remembered him as I read that he went home to be with the Lord. He was Thinking back to things that he said and taught, I know that he planted seeds in my life that blossomed later. God put him in my life for a reason, and I thank Him for that. He was a great tennis player, and I was never good enough to play with him, but after the Resurrection, it will be nice to have a game with him on even footing.

He was a very special and unique man. His sermons still ring in my heart today. His voice was unique and booming. He spoke with incredible conviction! One time, we forgot to turn his microphone on, and nobody could tell! The first time I ever spoke in church, it was at his prompting. I was 10 years old. He had me do a reading. It was Romans Chapter 1. I remember because at 10 years old, it was very hard to say the words "sexual immorality"! He loved righteousness and hated iniquity.

He encouraged me to serve, and I am grateful for his influence in my life. Today, I am a pastor myself, although not in the Catholic church. He was part of the training in the way that I should go, and I am grateful to God for his influence in my life. God bless, Joe. Kerry can't escape the truth about his Swift Boat years …,oops, months, so he is claiming the Bush campaign is backing the ads put out by other Swift Boat veterans aimed at his lying and traitorous acts, deeds and testimony before Congress as a mouthpiece for Jane Fonda and the VVAW.

In short, he can't hide the truth anymore so it is Bush's fault. What a giganitc lowlife. Commander in Chief??? God help us all …. Did anyone besides Spit and I go to Tiffany School? My favorite teachers there were Ms. LaFontaine, Mrs. Combs and Ms. Does anyone know what happened to these teachers?

They were the best. Sad that Tiffany school is now apartment units. I have such wonderful memories of going to school there. OK all but first grad … that was the worst year, but that school only went up to 4th grade, so I had three excellent years. Field day at Capron Park was pretty excellent. Still have my blue ribbons for the egg run and potato sack race. The music concerts we did were the best, and Flag Day was so meaningful. Sad that my own kids don't have these wonderful songs sung in their schools anymore. I have taught them to my kids and hope they will pass them on to their own.

I didn't find any info at the library on this wonderful old school. If anyone knows where to find history on this old school, let me know. Thank God the greatest ice cream place I went to as a kid is still around! Bliss Brothers Dairy!! I took my children there and they loved it! The people there where wonderful and they still have the window where you can watch the ice cream being made.

I loved school trips there, you knew a free ice cream cone of whatever flavor was awaiting you at the end of the tour. Also, to K. I think I was in your sister's Dee Dee class. Tell her hi for me! Hey, Gilda, I remember Taunton well. We were from Attleboro but my mom's family was from Berkley. Every Christmas eve we'd go to my Polish grandparents for dinner and gifts and then on the way home Daddy would go through downtown Taunton.

They had such a beautiful Christmas display. Was in massachusetts in July showing my grandkids where I grew up and of course it included a trip to Taunton and Berkley where my sister lives on the old family farm. My grandson said, "Ninna, this looks like a good place to be a kid. New England is still the best place to be a kid!! Keep those great memories coming. We may not be certain of our future, but one thing for certain is that we sure have some great memories of our past!

Hi, Maryann! Glad to see your entry among the other unavoidable entries in here. What a great story about what a family means. Stand up for each other and help each other out when in time of need! They sure would fly around the corner on the bridge over the Ten Mile River. We lived right there on the corner. All day long - everyday - they would fly to and from! In the summer when our windows were open, mom would have to dust everyday because of the trucks!

My brother Steve and I would go shoot bottles with his BB gun down in back of the sand pits. Oh, what fun we had! My story doesn't come close to yours, Maryann … but it brought back memories. Is this Web site ever gonna go back to being the interesting spot it used to be with people sending out hellos to each other and chatting about the good old days? I mean if we wanted to hear all this political mud-slinging we could just turn on the 6 o'clock news. Where are the local stories? It used to be interesting, but not anymore. It really doesn't matter who gets elected; life goes on and not much will change.

To Rich, and any other Florida contributors to the Guestbook: hoping all fared well during Bonnie and Charlie. It was devistating to those people in Punta Gorda. We can only imagine. MaryAnn, enjoyed your piece on Morse Sand and Gravel. A nice change from all the other stuff on this site. Everyone, have a wonderful day! Bush should have gone after S. That is what it sounds like to me.

Please don't try to say you are NOT implying it either, that would be weak. Oh, I get it, you just want to point out how wrong all Republicans are and how wonderful the Clinton gang and all Democrats are. Hmmm, Democrats do something, it is all good, Republicans do something,all bad. Boy, your head is heavy … open up your mind. The bay did make it to my back door, stopped an inch from going in. TX Tue August There is an error in the Aug. A second major event took place after the Gulf War when George H. Bush was in office. John clearpoint. I am sure any president would count on them for guidance, before making any military decision.

Didn't mean to start any conflict in here. Let's let the people in here enjoy their memories.

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Texas Sat August I have a story to share about Morse Sand and Gravel, or maybe it's more about a brother standing up for his little siblings. It would have been about I was 7 and I had two younger sisters and two older brothers. The truck stopped and out jumped a 6'2", pound driver. He told Steven "I'll be back for you after work. The driver said ,"Yes sir," got back in his truck and drove very slowly down the road.

That driver never did go over 25 miles an hour 'round our corner again! I then heard my dad ask Steven, "Weren't you afraid he'd hurt you? Rich, I don't much care for your opinions but I have been hoping that you are OK down there in Florida. Tell us how y'all are fairing.

On another subject: We made it through the storm that was supposed to come straight up Tampa Bay and down our throats. Good for us it made that dramatic right turn which was only "called" by VIPER and ignored by most officials. Included in that group is my sister-in-law who is widowed and she rode it out in her home all alone. She said it was horrible but she felt her home was strong enough to take it.

We spoke to her yesterday but have not been able to contact her yet today. If any of you have lived through a hurricane threat in Florida, you will agree when I say it is no fun. When they predict an foot storm surge up Tampa Bay into the downtown area, that is some scary stuff. Anyhow, we are safe and will now try to contact my sister-in-law again.

Take care, all. I'm with Bill on this one. Nothing will change no matter who gets in! Politics have become a national soap opera for people like Rich and John to engage in never-ending pissing contests over. The fact is that the "system" is flawed no matter who is elected. Do you really think anything will change much no matter who gets elected? What big changes will take place for common people like us? Rich, talk about mincing words! How about if I say, "People who think like Rich Howard are complete idiots. I am not saying you are an idiot, after all.

If you actually read what I wrote, you will see that I did not in any way "mince words and lead people to believe I Rich said YOU spit on vets. You have been watching too much propaganda on Fox TV. I don't know where you got the idea that I had to respond to every one of your inane pronouncements either. Look, Rich, you're going to vote for Bush unless he gets caught in bed with Michael Jackson and even then you'll blame it on Clinton. You can ramble on all you want, but I agree with Jan from Taunton, this is getting boring.

Does anyone have any stories to share about "Moresy's sp? Morse Sand and Gravel during the '50s and '60s? It has been interesting to read all the arguments lately. I didn't know what that was until a couple of years ago when a former Marine told me. I saw my dad in a different light. He was the bravest man I ever knew. He cut his foot on a coral reef and nearly lost it, but because he wasn't "in battle" he refused his Purple Heart.

Wars are full of these kinds of incidents.

There are many more men out there who probably got Purple Hearts that for non-battle cuts and scratches who should have turned them down. Who are we to determine the measure of a man? A scratch to some is nothing to others. Fear is a powerful thing. It can overtake us in a heartbeat and we don't realize it until it is gone. I have no respect for John Kerry. He is two-faced. I have little respect for George Bush because of what he did to John McCain in the primary race before the last election.

Now, regarding Bill Clinton, the coward should have gone into Iraq when Saddam Hussein performed genocide against the Kurds. That is when we should have done something! Instead he let S. If you are angry at anyone, be angry at the coward who dodged the draft and became commander-in-chief! Only in America!!!! This site has become a real strain to read. I thought it was all about "Hey, how are ya?

Remember this and that? It's a pity! Okay, first of all, I never said John Owen spat on anyone. I said "people who think like John Owen. Also he is the one who made the Vietnam-Iraq comparison, not me. Also if our so-called allies had joined this fight with us before we went to Iraq, maybe this would all have been over with by now. So, John, you want it both ways. You are a vet lover who brought supplies but you want us to turn our back on everyone who needs us because it is G. Most importantly, you have tried to mince words and lead people to believe I said YOU spit on vets. I never said that and you know it.

Find a program, John, and get with it. Stop flopping around. Was there any truth in my last entry? You pick a spot and ZOOM. But then again you have always done just that. And please, John, say some of these things mano a mano. Like the rock thing for instance or the "cementhead" thing ….

Rich, you have a nasty habit of telling us what other people think and you make up things that they might say. I have always found that stupid and annoying, but when you put words in my mouth you are going way over the line. When you say people who think like me spit on returning Vietnam vets you reveal you own failing grip on reality and your willingness to lie and distort the truth to make a point. Did you not read that I brought supplies to the soldiers in Vietnam? Did you miss the point that most of them were munitions? Does that suggest to you that I was far from being a vet-hating peacenik?

I was from the economic group that sent its sons to Vietnam and many of my friends served there. I have always had the greatest respect for them. Time for you to crawl back under the rock. I agree with John Owen in that some Nam vets felt betrayed by the government and the way it ran that war. He failed to point out that they were betrayed by Democrat Lyndon Johnson.

Yes, the war was not fought to be won because it was run by President Johnson and Kennedy before him.

James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces fiction?

It was a long war and had "stages. It began with volunteers going over such as Special Forces and ended with regular G. It was a mess, a civilian mess. It has very little bearing on Iraq. The facts remain that S. John Owen does not think that entails mass destruction. No less than retired General Tommy Franks explains it just that way in recent interviews here in the Tampa area.

He is disgruntled that WMD has not been a "big find" but points out that when we do find sarin gas shells, the media glosses over it. Sarin gas is a WMD, folks. But again, John Owen, I guess, thinks just leave people like S. Of course, that was before the election came up. Now they all flop to become peaceniks on top of being socialists because G. And whatever G. Way to support the leadership, John …. To: "o nlybugsy sbc. Enlisted U. Army Aug. Entered basic training Oct. Basic and second 8 training Fort Dix, N. Shipped out to overseas replacement depot, Oakland Army Terminal, Calif.

Trained in P. Trained extensive jungle training and jungle survival training. Operated as insurgent enemy during one such exercise which was kinda cool. Dix, NJ. Ended up filling VietNam quotas from Dept. Seperated from active duty 12 Oct, with a permanent grade of SP5 E5 and transferred to Enlisted Reserve for next three years. Honorable Discharge Oct. Lost beloved brother-in-law in VietNam during Tet in Feb. My brother also served four years in U.

His sister served as woman Marine during war. My uncle served U. Army in WWII. Another brothe- in-law retired U. Several nieces and nephews all served tours in Marines and Air Force. I love how the author had the teacher read a story and then put questions for the reader to ask the child along the way. This book really takes a unique approach at addressing a difficult subject with children that they can relate to and allows them at the same time to discuss their feelings on the subject of divorce as well.

The illustrations are beautiful! As important as the theme is, it is the reaction of the characters that stands out. Each character brings a variety of emotions to the subject. Anxiety, fear, sadness are addressed. The story teaches empathy and understanding and caring for one another.

Because of the character development and the theme of a magical garden, it is attractive to children as the use of fantasy engages their attention. The use of both mental and visual imagery through rich illustrations, character development and descriptive vocabulary makes it appealing to several age groups whether they are being read to or reading the book themselves. The story creates a safe environment in which children and parents can explore difficult subjects. It is the Magic School Bus of emotional intelligence.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants a fun and playful way to learn how to deal with friends who use excluding as way to bully. First she proudly identified herself with the character who had parents living in two different tents. And, when we finished she asked if I could read it again! She gave the book her 2-thumbs up. This year's talent prize went to Charmaine Berdino from the Circus Arena. The award for this year's best act was given to Duo Solys from Zirkus Nemo.

Photo from the awards ceremony. Photo: Jacob Boas Leitisstein. The year's performances. Circus Arena. Rud Kofoed, journalist and for many years reviewer of theatre and circus performances for the leading Danish tabloid enthusiastically handed out five stars and wrote my translation :. Good idea - and not as demanding as it sounds. It's just going to Circus Arena, because they offer a trip with Captain Clemens as debuting run-in clown in the midst of a stressful life, where nobody has time for taking a break! Together with Patrick Berdino, 26, of course in the part as Crown Prince, to which he is born and raised, the adventure can start in all its fascination.

The point is that we must learn to be ourselves - and be content with it. He does it very good with his steady expression which against Patrick's hearty fellow-attitude is a great mix for a host couple - formerly known as ringmasters. They may not be the world's greatest actors, but they have the 'childlike' flair which means that you with pleasure want to join in. Give me a R. Give me an E.


Give me a N. Give me an A. Shall we go. To A-re-na. Yes we shall. The moon walkers come from this year's Monte-Carlo Circus Festival with several special prices in the bag for their silent stunts in the unsymmetrical spacecraft. Laszlo Simet and his crew at their prop which Simet calls a Giant Semaphor.

The year-old Laszlo Simet is a high wire and wheel of death artist. In and he was back in Tivoli. Many people remember when he on a motorbike drove on a wire from the roof of the concert hall to the Open Air Stage, while his wife at that time Olga did acrobatics on a trapeze under the motorcycle.

Also from the Monte-Carlo festival comes the Ukrainian Bingo Circus Theater, which this year got the jury's special award. In Arena they are sent back to the circus school - and they get the marks. The girls have such a surplus of breathtakingly energetic that at least this reviewer totally lost the breath. It's impressive what the girls can - both together and separately. And then they are as magnetic in the air as in the sawdust.

For 22 years, the Bingo show has run for full blow - and there's a win every time! The Bingo Troupe is a large troupe which sometimes is divided into smaller units. In , one of the units performed in Circus Dannebrog. This year, eight of the group's female members thrilled the audience in Circus Arena. Romanian Trio Angelis is sent out in Siberian cold to work themselves warm - and they did - with the woman at the center of the Russian bar on two men's shoulders. Twice, Mrs.

Angelis failed in doing a triple summersault and landed on her back. Ouch, you said, but not Mrs. She tried once again and succeeded to thundering applause. As the Clemens adventure tells: When you find the heat itself, you can give it to others who freeze! Trio Angelis. The spotlight on the world trip we meet in Mexico's volcanoes with the juggler Juan Pablo Martinez, who is an explosion of joy of life and uses every part of the ring in his dynamic number where it gets both hats, clubs and ping-pong balls to the closest possible a juggler can come to an volcanic eruption.


As written in the program: When the ground burns under your feet, you must have more than one ball in the air. We have seen her in Circusland in Slagelse and, for that matter, at the Orion Theatre in Stockholm, but she belongs to the Arena ring! She is one of Suzanne Berdino's triplets. When she enters the ring with her 'naked' wild horse and 'talks' to it, she gets almost ready for delivery of the lost tears the whole show is all about.

Namely the tear of joy. It's poetry - and so humble that it's breathtaking - while others are talking about the World Cup in dressage. Last year Charmaine presented her act in Circusland at Slagelse. If you sees everything upside down you see everything clearer, it sounds from India's tree top. So does the Spanish Alexander Lichner. He makes a trapeze act with difficulty levels which can give breathlessness.

It is not every day for everyone to be able to hang in his heels up high up under the circus dome. He is dazzlingly skilled and a clear top number in the show. Alexander Lichner. Fortunately, he uses safety lounge under his dangerous act. Down in the ring we find the Czech Jan Navratil, 43, who celebrates summer in Tyrol as foot juggler.

Agile and entertaining like the animal trainer the English Patrick Clarrison, who are used to well-prepared Hot Dogs with his funny, "crooked bastards". Jan Navratil's signature trick with the ball to end in the basket. Those who have seen the act before knows that it's not a real accident when the pole overturns during the first attempt to get the ball to the top. Many artists use this kind of fake accident to make sure that the audience is aware of the severity of the act. Patrick Clarrison with his hot dogs. An act he has taken over from his father Pete Harrison.

In , he presented the act in Circus Benneweis using his Christian surname Harrrison. He has also several time been part of Benny Schumann's performances. Arena's Italian House Clown Jimmy Folco, 47, is this season presented as a reporter who finds: Being a clown is not just fun. This year, among other things, as the film photographer who directs selected volunteers from the audiences in bizarre roles. Jimmy Folco with the well-known western film routine with audience volunteers.

It a matter of taste if you like Rudi Althoff as trainer, but it is a very nice act he presents this year with the African giants Jenny on 29, Lara and Djungla at Elephants which are in top form, quick, sensitive, fast and very well-trimmed. They are a pleasure to follow. All the forces used to ban animals in circus were probably better used to prevent poaching on the African savannah or battery hens the Jutland region.

The 3 Arena elephants, which a majority in the Danish Parliament now will ban from the circus. Click here to see more of Rud Kofoed's photos from the show. She was seriously injured and has probably got injuries of a permanent character and can hardly ever resume her career as an artist. Circus Arena closed the season on September 17 in Dianalund. As in previous years, the Circus Arena held the winter quarter in Aarslev open during the winter holidays, summer holidays and autumn holidays. Circusland, as it is called, offered sea lion show, pirate show, circus school for children, pony riding, playground, museum etc.

Among the performers during the summer holidays was the Wolf family, known by Danes from Circus Dannebrog and Circus Krone. Circus Arli. The Arlinis. The next act was a fine act in tissue with Jelena Vasiljeva from Latvia. This year he conjured pigeons out of a saucepan, a painting and a changer bag.

The pigeons were placed in a cage on a table. The cage was covered and thrown into the air. And then, both the cage and the pigeons were gone. Martin and one of his pigeons. It is not every year Circus Arli has animals in the performance. They demand high standards both of quality and of animal welfare. One of the circus world's best acts with cats.

He has performed in leading circus worldwide, most recently in the Cirque d'Hiver Bouglione's tented circus. He makes regularly minor changes in his act and you can clearly feel the close relationship between Vlad and his 6 cats. Vlad Olander and one of his cats.

Last year, we met Alexander and Francesco in a magnificent knockabout table act. This year we meet the in an equally wonderful act in Chinese pole. Normally these kinds of acts are elegant but grave. Alexander and Francesco. There are many hula-hoop acts. Maybe too many. But Jelena from Latvia presented an elegant version where she with the rings spinning round her arms, legs and waist was hoisted up under the circus dome.

So she's definitely not "just" another hula-hoop artist. Her act was the first act after the break. Jelena Vasiljeva. Then the charming Francesco again entered the stage, this time with a baby carriage with a screaming baby. It was a lot of fun when the baby could also eat, burp and break a wind,.

Francesco with his pram. A good bird in a net is always nice. And so it is in Circus Arli with Sarah Florees in a fishing net. She made elegant acrobatics and ended up using the net as a vertical rope. And of course, both children and adults wanted to see clowns. This year it was a ghost which disturbed them. Of course with Francesco under the sheet. A groom then acted as ghost. Dancing with a ghost. The last act in the performance was a handstand act with the strongly build Sergei Populans, who used a kind of giant penny-farthing as trinky and proved that he was a skilled handstand acrobat.

Sergei Populans. In the final, Martino took of the make-up from his face and returned to be Martin before presenting the artists of the year who received well-deserved standing ovation for the wonderful performance. Click here to see a lot of Rud Kofoed's photos from the show. Circus Arli closed the season on 22 August. As usually they spent the entire season on Zealand. Circus Baldoni. Circus Baldoni opened the season in Lyngby on 20 March in a brand new Cannobio-tent.

The tent can seat persons on 2 rows of ringside chairs and 5 rows of plastic bucket seats. This year, the illusionist Kim Kenneth has also joined the team and presented several great tricks, which he not before has presented in a Danish circus. Kim has also contributed to the staging the show and you could recognize his elegant fingerprints.

This year's performance was called Danish Dynamite , because there were more Danish star artists in the performance than in previous Baldoni performances. Who loves children - with sauce and potatoes! Danilo and Eddie with the box with Jessica and Leonardo. Then the house clown Danilo entered the stage and led everyone through Baldoni's welcome song "We shall be the best of friends, everyone come join us now.

Then there was a reunion with last year's Mombasa Boys. However, with a few adjustments: 2 of the 4 artists in the troupe were new. They did a funny act with a kind of formation juggling with hats. Mombasa Boys. Little Danilo. We have previously seen Eddie Janacek in Circus Baldoni with a fine rola bola act.

A nice way to present a good act. Baldoni's wonderboy Kaja Janacek. Kim conjured Jessica up from a prop in fire. He spirit her away in a box and then conjured both Jessica and then Maria up of the box. With the assistance of an approx. Fortunately, she turned up to be unharmed.

Kim Kenneth, Maria and Jessica. Then there was a reunion with Kim Kenneth's girlfriend Jessica Caveagna. But this time with her solo act: spectacular sword balance, where she ended up walking up on a ladder in fire - see photos. Jessica on the ladder. Photos: Ole Simonsen. Quite understandable the younger generation has not seen it as it is 42 years since Arne Berdino passed away.

It has been this version which has inspired the Baldoni clowns. However, the bee Eddie does not like Fumagalli spit water in the face of the spectators who are closest to the ring stage. It is not everyone who likes to have water in the face which has been in the mouth of another person. After the clowns, Kim Kenneth came again on the stage. Now with a trick he never before has presented in a Danish circus: A small locked chest is placed on the stage.

Kim turned his back to the audience and threw a rubber brick over his shoulder. The catcher should name a city where he wanted to see circus, what the tickets would cost and what means of transport he would use. Kim wrote all 3 things up on a flip chart and then asked the catcher to throw the brick to another spectator who should tell what he would buy in the kiosk and what the first act of the show should be.

Also, these answers were written on the flip chart. Then Kim unlocked the chest. It turned out to contain a paper roll with the words he had written on the flip chart! Kim offered after the show to sell the predictions of the coming week's lotto numbers! After Kim, Mombasa Boys was back on the stage. Got talent popular is on TV. An elderly gentleman volunteered and entered the stage after some discussion with his hysterical wife. The old gentleman was not a real circus visitor.

He proved that in a circus there is not just room for the young and pretty but also for the old and wise. This ended a very nice 2 hour long well-presented circus performance. Click here to see Rud Kofoed review of the show with lots of photos. The tent season, where they as usual toured Zealand and Lolland-Falster, ended on August 29 in Ulstrup, but was followed by a visit to the Faroe Islands with performances in arenas etc.

Circus Krone. With a new management: Frank Thierry had taken over the small circus after his mother Irene, who, however, was still in the show. Many friends and acquaintances met to celebrate the "new" Circus Krone after the change of ownership from Irene Thierry to her son Frank Thierry. The tent was somewhat smaller than the tent used last year, seating only persons.

The big top comes from the youth circus Flik Flak. The seating was quiet new. Interior in the tent with the ring, fence around the ring no track and seating. To the left drum set and keyboard. The "old" entrance tent is used as artist backstage and to the left of this is the audience entrance right next to the artist entrance! Hereby the entire middle section of the seating is unbroken. The performance sparkled in many directions: true circus with the craziness and madness of which Frank Thierry is a master. The clown Professor Trifolikom will only be with Krone part of the season.

His warm, naive and faithful clown is loved by adults and children. His interaction with Frank has been built through years of friendship and cooperation. He "puts his hat as the hat like it". He confuses children with the questions as: "How old do you live in first name". He fills his big mouth with tomatoes, so it sprays with tomato juice in all directions and his tongue falls down on his chest.

And he gives the role of dismissed rocker, which is a confused version of the Phantom and Batman. Tonny Trifolikom. Photo: Lise Kokholm. But it's not just hot air and gags. There are great artists. The juggler Kasparas Bujanauskas present a nice act with cigar boxes. He can keep 20 boxes together and the last one collected from the floor. Sofia Speratti is a handstand acrobat. She balances on her hand with big balls that almost adhere to her body and seem to disregard the nature laws. It is an aesthetic number with a high degree of difficulty.

Balance, power, grace and beauty in a total concentration. Sofia Speratti. Frank presents his rola bola act, where he climbs through a ring, assisted by a female from the audience. And while he does the act he has a lot of comments, jokes, comments and profound philosophical comments. To the female assistant: "You must look dangerous - and now you should let go unless you want to come with me home.

Irene shows up and presents a part of the show, just like in her time as owner of Circus Krone. And we get the familiar story about grandfather's pole. And there are several classic, stylish artist numbers. Alex and Vlad are acrobats who master both handstand and head stand. Alex og Vlad. Kasper juggles with balls, rings and clubs. Kasparas Bujanauskas. And Sofia Speratti dances with hula hoops. But in a humorous way. The "new" Circus Krone has found a niche where there is room for it. Not too big, but big enough. Old but at the same time youthful. With the CEO's words: "We want to go back to grandfather's time, where everything was small and good.

This is how Krone presents itself. Circus with the heart. Yes, and with warm-heartedness. Circus Krone had the season's last performance on August 26 in Skovby after touring in Jutland and on Funen and the small isle of Aeroe. In part of the season the task as clown was taken over by Don Carlos aka Mogens Koolmeyer.

The very hot summer meant that many of the campsites which Circus Krone by tradition traditionally visited had fewer guests than normal. Unfortunately, this also meant fewer visitors in Circus Krone. Circus Mascot. Circus Mascot opened the season in Roslev in the northern part of Jutland on 28 March. The show has two "foreign" artists - the Polish couple Waldemar and Pawel. In the first part of the performance they do parterre acrobatics on mat combined with knockabout acrobatics. In the second part of the performance they are trampoline jumpers.

It's a good number to have as the last act in the performance. And it confirms that a performance last act shall be a strong act - like a climax. Photo: Mr. Sputnik aka Per Krogh Petersen. The Clown Gulio has for many years been the house clown in Circus Mascot. But he always tries something new. He seems to mingle with his audience.

And he reaches out to the children, but also others with a childish mind smile when he shares out of his crooked clown universe. And after the two players have drunk, it ends in a hearty boxing match. Gulio's tools are simple - but that's exactly what characterizes a good clown. Daniel and Gulio. The beautiful Tetyana is aerial acrobat - in an aesthetic act with silks tissue. And then there are the animals! There were many who saw Marianne Deleuran in the Danish version of Got talent!

Her involvement in several broadcasts was a good publicity for circus - and proof that animals in circus are treated well. Nobody was in doubt that the animals were Marianne's pets. The dog number is - again this year - versatile, and with an innovation: two dogs drive round in a self-propelled mini-car.

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And there was a reunion with the reckon dog Bobby, who has not forgotten what it learned as a puppy. And of course, the pig Yrsa, who not always want to move in the right direction. But that's funny, especially when it finally finds the goal. Circus Mascot ponies were included - 4 pieces. And the goats were there. You can make a circus without animals. But the animal acts give a performance a lift and remind you of the fairy tales where animals act as if they had humanity and own will.

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Marianne Deleuran with dogs and pigs. Photos by courtesy of Circus Mascot. In July they were as the last three years as "free attraction" in the amusement park Sommerland Zealand. Zirkus Nemo. Where the other Danish circuses have many one-day cities, Zirkus Nemo staid at least 5 days in a city and had never performances Sunday and Monday. This make the work for both the artists and the tent crew less stressful than in the other Danish circuses. Zirkus Nemo is a combination of a circus and a comedy show owned by Danish actor and comedian Soren Ostergaard. Apart from the comedy part of the show, this year with Soren Ostergaard and Laura Kvist Poulsen, you met some very good artists in the show.

I quote from a review by Rud Kofoed, who gave the performance 5 out of 6 possible stars my translation :. We have said something like this 19 times earlier, but have to do it again, for the aesthetic and quality is that high that you hardly find it possible in a zirkus with room for slightly less than visitors. It's a Nemo specialty to have such a high artistic level. But it is possible. The little 'Fat Man' Russians are exciting in his struggle to become fitness-trimmed with a waistline that most of us would not dare to dream about. Mouraviev's enthusiastic German wheel runs straight to the edge of the stage.

Konstantin Mouraviev has been in Denmark before, but never as present as here! Duo Solys proves that body and love can go up in a higher artistic whole. During a trip to New Caledonia, Cuban Hector Yzquierdo, in the midst of his complicated handstand act caught eye contact with a beautiful girl from the audience.

He was struggling to concentrate, but managed to complete the performance. When he after his act looked for the girl she was gone - until he left the lot. She waited at the exit. Shortly after, Tatanias left her family and her office job and became a world-renowned circus artist. Today, the couple is married and has got a lot of awards at festivals etc. They are an acrobatic enjoyment. Duo Solys. Love makes strong.

On 22 August they got the Danish Circus Awards prize for the best act of the year. Against all that 'slow' sensuality, Mario Berousek is the world's fastest juggler. He is double-listed in the Guinness record, but also at the Monte-Carlo Circus Festival, where he won the Bronze clown last year.

Since , his Czech circus family has allegedly lived as artists. Mario learned the speed juggling during his upbringing, where his father gave him four to five hours of instruction daily. There is only to say that it has worked. He's outstanding. It's so fast that you cannot distinguish the clubs from each other.

The thought of meeting yet another beautiful young hopeful hula hoop artist may well give one a little tired feeling. That's how I felt when I heard about Geraldine Philadelphia. But I was wrong. I have rarely - if ever - seen a more fast-paced and perfect hula hoop act. It is so amazingly beautiful and perfect that you clearly recognizes her upbringing as the German 10th generation circus child - and juggler.

The now year-old Geraldine is by far the youngest artist in Nemo to date. She has developed her very own style that fully justifies it. German Geraldine Philadelphia, 22, is the youngest artist ever in Zirkus Nemo. Well, and so a bit of puppet theater, one could think. Error again! It is a volcanic eruption of a sense bombardment with masks and big bands music - a kind of spiritual savage dance. It started as a street theater in Montreal in Well it's here. It is overwhelming.

Click here to see more photos from the premiere show on 18 April. Zirkus Barnly offered 45 minutes of good and child-friendly entertainment. Before the performance, Captain Frodo acted as barker, just at the older generation remembers it from old days at fairs. A look into the tent, where there are some ring side chairs and 4 rows of benches around the little sawdust filled ring. The tent has previously belonged to the Danish clown and entertainer Tonny Trifolikom. Photo: Ole Simonsen. The first act in the performance was a honk horn concert with the one-man orchestra Henning Amstrup.

The two ring girls are to the left Line Vittrup and to the right Jennie Mikaelsson. In Zirkus Barnly he was a very entertaining and talking as a waterfall. A large part of the performance consists of Frodo's cozy magic for children with the use of among other things a magic change bag and the trick with the rope, cut into 3 pieces. He also got a lot of fun from the invisible egg and the lost shoe. He is not a stranger of magic: he is the son of the Norwegian magician The Great Santini. There were animals in the show! Here you can see Line Vittrup riding a bird.

Line was for many years partner in Steckel's well-known knockabout table act. The last act of the show were Frodo's famous act with buckets. The show ended with Frodo and the 3 others in parade leading the children to circus fun in front of the tent. Zirkus Barnly stayed in Copenhagen until 22 July. From 24 July to 12 August they visited Aarhus. Cirkus Trapez. Circus Trapez opened the season in Kolding on 12 April and toured during the season Jutland and Funen. Rud Kofoed gave this year's performance 4 out of 6 possible stars and wrote: my translation :. Nathalie Enoch. If you had somewhat shady expectations after last season's accidents with defection, problems with animal welfare activists and negative reviews you became ashamed when you saw the brand new performance in Vamdrup.

The th anniversary pervaded the performance which offered both elements of street circus, but also was also high up in the air and with nice animal acts. The Circus Trapez Troup gives all that they have Isabella and her spouse Bernard Kaselowsky started Circus Trapez on terms of the animals.

Now it's also with some members of the family as backers: Isabella's youngest son, David Sosman, is a full-time artist after his university education and graduation from an Italian circus school. He is both a gifted ringmaster and an excellent juggler, better than we - and for that matter the Pope - have ever seen him before. David Sosman. He is Nathalie's father, and it's him who has trained his daughter up to what she can today - and it's not so bad. We will certainly see more to her in the future. This is primarily what she is trained for - and you can clearly see it. All the holidays and breaks she has during her youth education been used for circus performance, so when she got her high-school certificate last summer she only had one wish for a job: Circus.

She is a pleasure to watch. Portuguese Erica Chaves, 22, makes a beautiful aerial act in tissue. She is a flying, fresh mermaid. Her big brother is almost also flying, but on a motorbike.