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One Purpose

July 30, at pm. Yesutor Gumenu says:. May 10, at am.

Thank You for Serving with the Joy of Jesus

Alan Fraser says:. July 1, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Email Updates from TorT. The gift involve a giving, a serving, a help that is above and beyond the expected. It is funny and sad at the same time that Christians serve so tirelessly their boss, or their families, but never the people in their own church! It is an epidemic of apathy towards the local church — to the family of God that the Lord has placed a believer into. You are the unsung heroes of this church!

You are the people who are willing to work behind the scenes at those necessary but unglamorous tasks.

A heart to serve serving the gift ministry of god

Thank you for being willing and eager to take care of the needs of the precious people in this church. Thank you! And it all began with Jesus, who came to minister to your and my lost sinful soul! He wants to save you! Let Him! Craig Ledbetter. Prophecy — Speaking Up for God 2. Teaching — Instructing People 4. Exhorting — Urging and Encouraging Others 5. Giving — Sharing With Others 6. They are Motivational gifts — things that God has us doing to bless the people in our church 2. They encourage and motivate believers into stronger living for the Lord Jesus 3. Everyone is commanded by God to minister to each other — serve each other — edify each other Rom b.

In the tough times, it pulls us all together b. In the times of weakness, it drives men and women to reach under the arms of fallen soldiers and carries them forward c. I picks up the weaker brethren, the defeated, the discouraged, the empty Gal d. Because it the taking on of the role of a lowly servant — a supporter of the work of a church b.

A slave has no choice in the matter c. A servant chooses to serve, and serves out of a beating, pulsing drive from the heart to minister to others d. As a Servant, Jesus was misunderstood and rejected by those He was trying to bless e. As a Servant, Jesus was an example for others to become servants also g. Matthew b. You see and earnestly desire to meet practical needs Philp 2. You disregard Weariness 3.

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You make things special for people 5. You are driven by short-range and immediate needs — you find it hard to make long term plans 6. You enjoy putting extra touches on the jobs you do 7. You can get lonely, being unnoticed by people — can turn into resentment 2. You will often find yourself neglecting your own home as you minister to others so much 3. We will emphasize excellence in music but present Jesus Christ as the center of our focus.

We will teach children that praising the Lord is fun and an exciting way of life. The Usher Ministry provides an excellent opportunity to participate in our weekly worship celebration and other special events at the church. This ministry will allow you to meet and greet other church members and attendees.

We strive to make them feel comfortable and welcome to our services. As an usher you will get to know more about the activities and the people involved in the Sunday worship services. The door usher makes sure an adequate supply of bulletins, handouts and pencils are available for his station. He greets attendees, answers questions about where various classes and activities are taking place, passes out bulletin, and helps people get seated.

A heart to serve serving the gift ministry of god

He assists people that need help and assures aisles are clear and safe. He also helps with the offering and counting the attendance. Many people do not realize how practical the bible is to their lives. Often the drama will effectively communicate more than the sermon can.

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Drama is especially important because it can overcome the language barriers, educational limitations, and it is generally a boredom buster. For our performers, we provide a fulfilling creative outlet, which uses and develops our God-given gifts and talents in a way that pleases and honours God. This ministry is documenting all of our activities thru pictures and video, to be used in our annual praise reports, face book and websites announcements and promotions. This ministry also provides the essential means of communication between our church, church members, the community and potentially new church members.

This ministry is providing announcement and information of our church activities and upcoming events through videos, dramas, flyers and all kinds of information dissimilation that they can to remind and invites church members and visitors to attend and or avail ministry activities and opportunities.

We love to eat and have fellowship with one another. So, whenever, there is an special Sunday events in our church Friends, Family, Students, Mothers, Fathers, Veterans Day or any occasions like Christmas, Church Anniversary, we always have a celebration party.

But then it is very hard to organize what foods we are going to prepare, etc. As the Internet becomes more prevalent in our society, it has become commonplace to turn to the Internet for shopping, finding directions, researching products, and even to find a church or seek answers to spiritual questions.

Gift-Based Ministries: First, Serve

When a new person moves into town one of the first things they do to find out where a business or even a church is, is to look on the web. Our church front is now not only a brick and mortar one but we have another church front that is waiting for them on the web. The difference is that a website is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and can draw seekers and future members. Our Church Banners and Signs ministry provides the essential means of communication between our church, church members, the community and potentially new church members.