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Tavares , literatura. From his music career, which put kuduro on the global music map, Kalaf has transitioned into writing, becoming a prominent essayist and cultural critic in the Portuguese speaking world. This double-whammy has allowed him to cultivate the broad influence he enjoys in Portugal today, stretching from young club-goers to middle-aged newspaper readers. Issue 02 features contributions from members of the Afro-Portuguese community eg. Como os feminismos se articulam enquanto ativismo no cerne do sistema de arte? Assim, espero que a conversa se alargue a todos os que estiverem presentes.

The Challenge of Deep Cognitive Justice. Justice against Epistemicide. The World Social Forum and Beyond. Londres: Zed Books, Aulas Vol I. Vol II. Coimbra: Almedina, Satricanius P. Hor atia , in exedra 10 ID Aristippus, possibly from threshold or orthostate ID bis. Ruf us consul, in niche 25 ID ; M. Aurelius M. Scaurus q[uaestor], lost, possibly threshold of niche ID bis. These statues obvious from the broad variety in the inscriptional habit Payne, only 6.

No clear hierarchy is recogniz- in the entire city. While the all. Finally, the most lavish which do not allow for a precise definition of the relation- pavements were laid in honorific complexes of civilians ID ship between honorand and honorers. By contrast, the honorific prac- interventions in legal matters. In both cases, niche and statue were obviously considered to be a unit and were financed by the same group. The possible reasons for the lack of Roman-Italian family monu- ments in Delos cannot be discussed in detail here.

The 27 statues include only three of civilians, and alone 10 of magistrates that were set up after 69 BC. Because of the fragmentary evidence in comparison to what would have been possible in pub- and lack of comprehensive studies of honorific statues in lic space. But even tion of this building. This is suggested at a decoration and furniture. They also managed and operated minimum by the remarkably multiethnic composition of the building and set rules for its use and constructional the dedicators of honorific statues who all must have had changes, including the dedication of honorific statues Thus it is unknown whether the honorific prac- public.

Conceding a wide were set up next to the statues The ini- least a much wider public than the Italian community. Abbildungsnachweis Fig. Ajootian, Praxiteles and fourth-Century Athenian portraiture, in: P. Aleshire, The Athenian Asklepieion. The People, their dedications, and the inventories Amster- dam Alexandridis A. Andermahr, Totus in praediis. I Neapel Audiat J. Audiat, Le Gymnase, avec appendices de Chr.

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JdI Himmelmann N. Himmelmann, Rez.

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