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The scene is agreeable but somehow fainthearted. If we are to believe rural Missouri is so full of degenerates, we ought at least to say the same about Alabama, Maine, Saskatchewan and, Lord knows, the Hamptons. Those Trump voters are, to be sure, rather harder to portray. The suspense Allen builds through pages never lets up—except at the end of the novel, when one of the crazed evangelicals gets Elsie alone and threatens her with, well, God knows.

Elsie stabs him in the eye with a sharp pencil, and the world probably divides here, between those who cheer for this sort of melodrama and those who think the scene contrived and silly.

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It undercuts and devalues the preceding narrative. That narrative, with its assured portrait of life in the courtroom, legal maneuvers, and negotiations among participants, is awfully well-done. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

This was before the Lindbergh case, and the entire event garnered huge attention. Part One of the strange and riveting story of Baby Lloyd Keet, which involved one of the wildest trips around the Ozarks to save a baby in one of the first major American kidnappings. Ozarks Mysteries investigates the history of Springfield's oldest bar: Lindberg's Tavern.

This bar started shortly after the Civil War, and was a major seller of Anheuser Busch's products, and the magnificent bar may have been a gift from the company. Hear the story of this unique place sheds light on another Ozarks' Mystery. This week's Ozarks Mysteries focuses on the documentary film made by Dave Hoekstra about the great music of the Ozarks. The inspiration was Lou Whitney, and so we talk about Lou, Ozarks music and the things that make it unique, and his love for Springfield. He left a musical legacy, but more important, he was a fine human being.

Dale, Cecelia and Stevie discuss Lou, with stories from Er In the frontier times in Springfield, a famous women's suffrage advocate, Emma Molloy, moved to town. She had lived throughout the midwest, and she moved to town at the behest of a convicted horse thief, George Graham.

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Graham was a busy man. He not only had his eyes on his wife whom he married twice but also Mrs. Molloy, as well as her foster We investigate the murder case that brought the attention of the national media on the Ozarks. Join Cecelia, Dale and Stevie for more information on a more recent case. Her second sight stories became the stuff of legends.

She also may have been related to Braveheart.

We talk about the backwoods energy drink guy, Nellie Olsen, and music imagine that. Ozarks Mysteries rocks out with the legend of Ronnie Self, one of the fiercest, and as Stevie says, fantastic, of the Ozarkian musicians. From the stories to the songs, we explore this unique and largely unknown hero. Dale tells his Neil Young story about Ronnie.

Stories from other Ozarks legends are told. Dewey Short was a congressman. His brother Charlie was a boxer, The Galena Gigger, and his other brother "Shock" was an out and out bank robber. The combination leaves us with plenty of Ozarks Mysteries Cecelia, Dale and Stevie hold court on the issue.

Cook worked a whole lot of mayhem into his 23 years, but his history shows that his own background was tragic and filled with shame. Cecelia, Stevie and Dale answer a few questions from KOLR 10, say a few bad words and give a little idea of what is coming on this Friday's episode of Ozarks Mysteries hint: it includes and farm filled with Albeenos. We then return to talking about t Steve Soutee was a larger than life lawyer, skirt chaser, horse racer and all around interesting character.

I write this with tears in my eyes, but such a shining example of goodness can only be remembered, in the end, with joy. A writer learns many things from a dog. A dog allows us to set free emotions we might not express in front of another human. A dog can show us qualities we may not find in another human.

Reviews of Ozarks books and museums by John Mort

Dogs teach us wisdom that feeds into our creative work, not only when we write about animals, but when we write about life. They teach us sorrow, they teach us hope, they teach us utter joy and blissful contentment. They teach us unconditional love and deep forgiveness. In the end, they teach us pain and they teach us acceptance.

I say thank you to each and every one of them, the easy and the challenging.

A Killing at the Creek (Ozarks Mystery, book 2) by Nancy Allen

But especially to you, Zen. You sure lived up to the name I gave you. While enjoying her website, I learned this new-to-me author has written twenty novels for adults and young adults as well as a collection of short fiction. Her works of historical fantasy have been published around the world, and have won numerous awards. When not writing, Juliet is kept busy by her small tribe of elderly rescue dogs. Eight years ago, a two-pound kitten named Buddy adopted us.

Nancy Allen

He was on his own for the first 12 weeks of his life, and the memory of his feral days resurface whenever we go to the vet clinic. That vet deserves a medal or at least a lifetime supply of Betadine and Band-Aids. By humans, that is. Once, he landed in a yard owned by a pit bull. Is it any wonder we call him Buddy The Wonder Cat? We no longer let him watch any shows with lions, though, after he imitated their habit of dragging off their kill.

The strings are the only things that routinely turn up—in his food dish and water bowls. Blog magazine for lovers of health, food, books, music, humour and life in general. Share this: Twitter Facebook Pinterest.

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Like this: Like Loading Photo courtesy of the Kentucky Digital Library. Photo courtesy of Library of Congress. This slideshow requires JavaScript. Andrea Bacle Photography Documenting your crazy life Waterside Kennels Mysteries Dogs, writing, and tales from the Ozarks.

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