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Top Inventors 1. Paul Harris 2. Dee Christopher 3. Emran Riaz 4. Henry Harrius 5. Tobias Dostal 6. Richard Sanders 7. Rick Lax 8. Roberto Giobbi 9. Alex Linian David Stone Robert Smith Juan Pablo Mark Mason Juan Tamariz Nicolas Pierri Tori Noquez Max Maven Dan Harlan Nicholas Lawrence Jan Forster. I will never use it, but every mentalist should own it to know what is going on. It is a valuable reference, but do not use it.

Like a modern-day nightmare alley, it exposes the dark underbelly of the art. It should be in your library, but much feels immoral, and you must be hip to it. Treasure it, like a radioactive isotope, but keep your distance.

Intuition & Psychic Ability: Your Spiritual GPS by Jennifer O'Neill

This for sure is another tool I will have at my disposal when I can. Thanks Devin for releasing this. These are the same secrets he has used to fool other mentalists, psychics, and skeptics. These are new unique and clever methods that have never before been revealed in print.

These effects go far beyond anything that Robert Nelson ever envisioned or dreamed possible. Do the stuff described in this PDF and people will think you have real powers, if that is your goal. Imagine walking into a show in another town. You know nobody there except for the person that booked you.

You walk out on stage and immediately begin calling perfect strangers by their full name, telling them their astrological sign, the name of their spouse and even their age and birth-date as you go into a detailed reading. You give accurate information without having to fish for information! Imagine if I said you can do this with no clipboards, impression devices or anything written down at any time by the spectator, and with no one having a conversation with that person before the show. Well you can and without the aid of any secret assistants.

Yes, this is a one-man method. There are several additional methods described in this PDF, including a way to deliver more information from impression devices than the spectators wrote. Imagine onstage telling the person his birth-date, job, spouse's name, even though he never wrote it down. The method is described in the eBook.

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These additions can be added to any standard question answering act. This eBook also describes a clever ruse you can use to open a mentalism act. All of what has been mentioned above is amazing because the performer had no contact with people before the show, and these people never wrote their name or birth-date down, yet the performer reveals them. As a bonus, Devin reveals how phony faith healers walk out and call people by name, reveals their street address and then says he sees guardian angels surround a house he gives an accurate description of the house.

Finally, he tells the person what is ailing them. This is done without any secret receivers in the ear or on the body. Faith healers have wised up since the exposure of Peter Popoff by James Randi. If you are a psychic who does readings over the telephone, Devin shows you a way to up your game, by revealing birth-dates without fishing or anagrams. If you have an office in your home where you do readings, he shows you how to call the person by name, even though the person never wrote it down. The method is ingenious and revealed for the first time. NOTE: None of these methods involve the illegal method of going through people's coat pockets in the coat room that was advocated in some of the Robert Nelson books.

Learn a new secret for channelers and mediums. Imagine being able to channel a dead relative, without the person ever telling you the name. On some occasions, the medium may also hear the actual voice that the spirit had when they were living. This is usually not be considered a clairaudient experience because the sound was out loud, for all to hear with the physical ears.

Personally, I feel that clairaudience is the most interesting of all the extrasensory perceptions on our list of psychic abilities.

My favorite memory of clairaudience was when I was doing a reading for a client and distinctly heard the message, Say hi to Bobo! Turns out, Bobo was the family pet. Claircognizance is the ability to just know something without logic or facts. It may help to think of it as an inner knowing. These claircognizant feelings can be very strong.

They can also come in the form of intuitive thoughts that can pop into your head at random.

Who Has These Special Gifts?

For example, my husband who is not psychic was driving on the highway with some co-workers. Less than five minutes later, their vehicle was rear ended from behind by a car going 65 miles an hour. The seat my husband was sitting in broke in half. This is a great example of an intuitive thought coming through in the form of claircognizance.

But he could have received that intuitive message in another way. He could have had a vision of an accident. Same message, but received in a different manner. Did You Know? Clair is the prefix for the French word meaning clear. Clairalience is the ability to smell things outside the normal range of smell, such as the perfume of a loved one who has passed away.

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Sometimes a person in spirit will fill a room with a familiar smell so that their loved ones know they are around. My sister-in-law often smells cigar smoke which she associates with her father. Last on our list of psychic abilities is clairgustance.


Clairgustance is an inner tasting; that is, tasting without actually putting anything into your mouth. This form of extrasensory perception is sometimes experienced by mediums when they give a reading. The way it works is pretty simple. When a medium is communicating with a spirit, they may begin to develop a particular taste in their mouth. So, if a person in spirit used to love to eat chocolate cake, a medium who has this sense might taste chocolate cake.

The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability

I am an experienced reader. I have a high sensitivity of the spiritual world. When I read I send the questions to spirits an they show me the answers by cards. So I can give you only true and clear answers about love, business, career, any situations in your life. Enter My Free Chatroom. Greetings and well met!

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