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Condescending care. The church looks deeper. The first thing we say is that disabilities are not an accident. God makes disabilities. He is not embarrassed about them at all. Who makes him mute, or deaf, or seeing, or blind? People with disabilities are a gift. But the weak look at them with solidarity. They are a parable. They are not just people who need us to serve them—we need them to serve us.

Their very presence ministers to us.

Do not let your hearts be troubled: What does 'when I am weak, then I am strong' mean?

They give us the gift of sight. They are a physical reflection of the spiritual reality we all share. Their physical weakness or disability shows us our spiritual weakness or disability. Do you see yourself? They belong in the family. They are part of us.

They are not a separate group that we serve because we pity them. They serve us by their very presence.


They show us something profound about who we are. Their presence puts us more in touch with how weak we all really are. They have obvious needs, and our spiritual needs may sometimes be less obvious, but they are just as real. We are just as needy. Yes, people with disabilities need a lot of help a lot of the time. You need more help, more of the time.

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Pause to consider what you would be apart from grace. God constantly serves us. We need physical life and breath, and we also need spiritual strength. They may have a disability, but you have something much worse—you have complete inability. In fact, it was completely impossible for you to do anything to earn your salvation. Jesus said that we will not enter the kingdom unless we become like a weak, dependent child. As I have said before, in some ways spiritual maturity is the opposite of physical maturity.

Physical maturity moves from childhood to adulthood as you become less and less dependent upon your parents, but spiritual maturity means growing in your awareness of how dependent you are on your heavenly Father. In our thinking, we do not remain as children or immature.

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  8. It is immature thinking to think we are strong and not childlike. Why do disabilities make people even in the church uncomfortable? Because people cannot relate.

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    It is hard to accept the thought that we are as dependent upon God as those with the most severe disabilities are dependent upon their caretakers. Deep down we have a gag reflex to things we think are ugly or awkward or weak or abnormal. Because we are proud. The idea of helplessness does not settle well with our pride. It is a big pill to swallow, and sometimes it gets stuck in our spiritual throat. But that is exactly why we need people with disabilities among us. In fact, we are more disabled than the most disabled person you know. We are spiritual corpses before salvation.

    That is not just a disability—it is ultimate inability. With man this is impossible. Remember Ephesians 2? Do you want proof that grace is divine power? Paul says we have been saved by grace, which means the giving of life those who are spiritually dead. The grace that saves us is the same grace that sustains and works powerfully within us. Paul made the same point. He said the Spirit is at work in his ministry, but he knows better than to take credit for it.

    For the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. If you see beauty in the broken bread, then why would you deny that there could be beauty in our brokenness and weakness and dependence?

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    We also see love. He does not find lovely people and then love them. His love is not a reaction—it is a creation. We are loved because we are loved. God is ferociously free with his love. That means you can rest in all that Christ did for you rather than always wondering if you have done enough to be loved.

    In our brokenness, we celebrate the greater beauty of hope. It is the Last Supper in the old age as we look forward to the new age. We proclaim his death until he comes again. When he comes again and we eat and drink anew, the former things—things characterized by mourning, crying, and death—will be no more.

    Prayer Focus Pray for the gift of self-awareness when it comes to the absolute way we are dependent upon God.

    “When I Am Weak, Then Am I Strong”

    My Bethlehem Portal Login. Share Podcast Audio Download. The other interesting text I want to highlight briefly is John 5.

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    Conclusion In fact, we are more disabled than the most disabled person you know. Discussion Questions What words does Paul use to show that he prizes weakness, rather than merely putting up with it? Why does he value weakness so highly? Why is human weakness a prerequisite for the display of divine strength? In fact, sometimes we're at our strongest when we don't feel confident or strong or whole. Sometimes it's not about growing stronger but about knowing we're weak.

    When I Am Weak, Then I Am Strong

    In his second letter to the Corinthian church, Paul wrote about his mysterious "thorn in the flesh," which he begged God to remove from his life. Then he wrote this:. How has God redeemed your difficulties through his grace? How have these experiences made you a stronger leader? Sign up for our free WomenLeaders. June Read as Single Page Page 1 of 1. Read as Single Page Page: 1. Tags: Character Conflict Leadership Development. Posted: June 29, at AM. Paul only wanted people to see the power of God; Paul really did not care whether people respected him or not. So, Paul chose not to be the strong leader that people expected him to be.

    However, God was still working very powerfully through his life verse In other words, Paul loyally obeyed God in every situation. Paul was pleased to serve God when God worked powerfully through him.