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He spoke confidently in an Eastern European accent, sitting back, one leg crossed over the other. He maintained direct eye contact with me as he lied about himself and spewed pseudo-psychological bunk. Two employees of the Harvard Medical School registrar confirmed to me that Sendler was never enrolled and never received a MD from the medical school.

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Sendler told me one of his mentors when he was at Harvard Medical School was Yi Zhang, a professor of genetics at the school. But, Sendler said, he met with Zhang in Boston just a month prior to our interview. You did what you felt was right Turns out, wow, you have way more power in research now than I do. He can sell.

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Sendler then worked as a full-time technician at a different lab at the Broad Institute from mid until the summer of But Sendler was not a Harvard student at the time, according to a Harvard spokesperson. Sendler and Zhang stand next to each other in the picture. Sendler last row, second from left during graduate studies at Harvard University and Harvard Medical School. Zhang said this photo shows him with his lab technicians, and that Sendler was not a student.

It upsets him that Sendler is using a photo of him on his website where he is lying about his credentials. Sendler was born in August He told me he graduated from high school in New York two years early and went to college at the age of Sendler was one of many authors of a mammary gland study that was conducted by the lab and published in the journal Genes and Development. Since then, Sendler has inflated that experience at Columbia. Soon after that he began spending a lot of time in Europe—mostly Poland—based on his Instagram account.

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In our initial interview, Sendler told me he received some education at the Medical University of Warsaw, but I could not verify that he attended this school. One of two medical departments of the university responded to my inquiry, telling me Sendler was not enrolled in that department. Mentions of these schools were scrubbed from his site in early Sendler confirmed to me in a follow-up call he attended both schools. Sendler seemed to have moved back to the U.

Two months later, Sendler finally became a Harvard student—sort of. But this is not an institution that can grant MDs or PhDs. A representative of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law told me Sendler was in their database as a student, but he is not listed as a member. But an APA representative asked me for his name and typed it into a computer, while I waited on the phone. When I told her his website had many proven inaccuracies and he did not actually have an MD in the U.

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I asked Sendler about this and he would not answer whether or not he is an elected member, and asked me to respect his privacy. The organization that oversees the award, Points of Light, told me Sendler is not listed as having won the award. Sendler would not provide me with any evidence that he has the award. Sendler claims he is the chief of sexology at the Felnett Health Research Foundation. I could not verify this and he would not show me proof—but regardless, it is not disclosed on his website.

The address that he lists for the foundation belongs to a condominium in Staten Island, New York. Sendler told me he receives money from European grants and private donors. The website suggests that he oversees 28 individuals who work in research, administrative, and editorial positions.

There is virtually no online trace of Dr. Maria Kruber, Dr. Susanna Ranikova, Dr. Marianna Edington-Brown, or any of the others. The only institution they seem to be associated with is the one Sendler created, where he is principal researcher. The only staff member who I know is real is listed as the administrative manager—Agatha Markiewicz. A search in the New York State Office of Professions database shows that Sendler is not licensed to provide mental health services as a psychologist, psychoanalyst, or mental health counselor. But Sendler told me he is actively seeing patients in New York.

Sendler specializes in the treatment of patients with psychological and psychiatric conditions, ranging from post-traumatic stress among military veterans, and extending all the way to complex forensic cases involving paraphilias.

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  5. Sendler also told me he was working with patients offline. When I met Sendler, he said he was about to leave for Chicago for a couple months to set up a new clinic.

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    And we try to very casually introduce them to a support system. A representative of Jackson Park Hospital told me no one at the hospital had ever heard of Sendler and he is not setting up a clinic associated with the hospital. In the last couple years, academic journals have published about a dozen of his research papers on topics like suicide, sexual assault, lethal erotic asphyxiation, and zoophilia.

    He was baffled by what he read, but one article stood out to him immediately. My God! Sendler told me how he comes up with his research topics. Ley told me the paraphilia communities that Sendler focuses on are often comprised of marginalized people who have trouble accessing effective support. Ley also called out a Sendler study on live-streamed suicides. That makes me very concerned. When Sendler told me about this study during our interview, he repeatedly used insensitive language that is strongly discouraged in the suicide prevention field, according to the National Institute of Mental Health and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

    So these are precisely the people that were included in this study—people that failed at suicide.

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    As he described the suicide attempt of one of his apparent subjects, he cracked a smile. June 05, New legislation would reduce health care bureaucracy and delays for patients. May 28, The new language changes the way physicians are asked to disclose impairments physical, mental , substance abuse, etc May 28, EMSA has proposed new regulations that would allow paramedics to triage and transport patients to locations other than News Newsroom News.

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    AMA Opioid Task Force calls on policymakers to do more to end epidemic June 10, The number and strength of opioids prescribed by physicians has fallen for the fifth year in a row,. New law requires sexual harassment prevention training for all employees June 10, Under the new law, employers with five or more employees must provide two hours of sexual harassment training to superv