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Cyber Smart Kids Quiz

Our animal quiz will challenge your knowledge of cats, dogs, birds, tigers, snakes, fish, elephants, lions and more. You'll find questions about stars, planets, moons, astronauts, astronomy and more in this fun space quiz. Take the space challenge and see how many answers you know. Focus on the planets with this fun quiz for kids. Chemistry covers interesting topics such as atoms, elements, reactions, gases, acids and bases. Put your chemistry skills to the test with our fun quiz! Enjoy our fun biology quiz. Answer questions about evolution, cells, microbiology and more.

Find out just how much you've been paying attention during biology lessons at school. Learn some fun science trivia while enjoying our electricity quiz. How much do you know about electric currents, batteries and circuits? Take the challenge and find out! Take our physics quiz and answer questions on energy, motion, friction, light, magnets, gravity and more. Water is a vitally important resource that is essential to life.

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Find out what you know about water properties, oceans, rivers, ice and other related trivia with our water quiz. Technology covers interesting topics such as science innovations, the Internet, modern gadgets and computers. Put your knowledge to the test with our technology quiz. Learn more about what you eat by taking our food quiz. Food is a fun topic that covers fruit, cooking, vegetables, fast food and more. Enjoy the challenge that our questions offer. Third planet from the sun and the only place in the universe where life is known to exist, the earth is a unique and beautiful planet.

Take this fun earth quiz that's perfect for kids! Our general science quiz covers a wide range of science subjects with a combination of chemistry, biology, physics, animal, earth, human body and space questions. Local weather reports are not always as accurate as we would like. Improve your knowledge by taking our weather quiz. Learn more about rain, sunshine, storms and more. Put you knowledge of acids and bases to the test with this fun science quiz.

How much do you know about sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, litmus paper and pH levels? Enjoy our fun true or false science quiz. Test your general knowledge of subjects including biology, chemistry, physics, animals, space, Earth, the human body and more. Dogs are fascinating animals that make cute puppies, hard workers and loyal companions. Test how much you know about these popular pets with our fun dog quiz. Test your knowledge of chemical element symbols.

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Do you know the chemical symbols for elements such as carbon, iron and gold? Find out by taking our element symbols quiz. Learn more about the states of matter with this fun quiz. Challenge yourself by answering a variety of questions relating to properties of matter in solid, liquid or gas state. Challenge the mighty atom to a fun science quiz. A bullying email is a cruel or mean message sent by email.

A bullying Message is a cruel or mean text message sent to your mobile phone or email. A Credit Card can be used to buy things in shops and on the Internet. Cybersmart means being aware of the dangers that you could come across online. An Email is a message that can be sent and received over the internet. Evidence is the proof that something unsafe has been said or shown online so you can show your parents, your teacher or even the police.

When you forward an online video that you have seen you are sending it on to somebody else. A hoax e-mail is a message sent on the Internet that is meant to trick you. The Internet is a huge group of computers from all over the world that are connected. You are using it right now to play this game. Joining a website is sometimes required to use the site, but joining requires you to give the website personal information. When you minimise something, it is still open on your computer but it has been hidden from view. A nickname is a pretend name made up by you.

Online means when you are connected to the internet. An online game is a game that you can play on the internet. Personal Information means your personal details, like your full name, home address and phone number. Ring tones are sounds or music that can be sent to your phone from the Internet.

Sure, you know who they are now. But would you recognize their birth names?

If somebody were to steal your identity they would pretend to be you on a website on Internet. To Take Advantage means when someone uses you for their own benefit without caring about how you feel, often hurting you in the process. A computer virus can affect your computer and stop it from working properly. They can be sent in emails from strangers.

Tommy is a friend and was just emailing to say hi. This email could contain a virus — you should delete it, or ask a parent or teacher. This is really tempting to open — but it is a hoax email and could have a virus attached. Delete it. This is a bullying email. Keep it and show a parent or teacher. There are 11 questions to do. Each one is about being cybersmart. Click on each question mark to learn more. If you see a word in red click on it to find out what it means. This is where all the action happens! Each question will pop up in this window. Select the answer you think is correct.

You will find all quiz questions along this bar. Once you have answered a question correctly, you will see a tick. Each time you answer a question correctly your score will go up! There are 25 points for this quiz. It is always a good idea to ask your parents before joining anything online. Never give this personal information online:. Stop Play Close. Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin.

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Quiz: Can You Answer the Hardest Citizenship Test Questions?

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