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The Slavic name "Bogomil", is not other that a simple one I tread from the Greek "teophylos", that is "loved from God" that is "beloved to God".

The meeting with the teacher Deunov

A modern study modern declared, as example, that the bogomilism has been "the first European link" of a millenarian chain, that began with foretells of Hands in Mesopotamia in III the century in order to reach until the Crusade of the Albigesis in southern France in century XIII. This Instruction, inspired to the Principles transmitted in Gospels from Jesus and therefore to the initiatic Tradition of Melchizedec "the great Priest producer of peace and justice" of which the sacred witnesses speak made initiatic science with simple words accessible to all and added new methods to you in order to realize in life characterizes the spiritual values more elevates to you.

All the great Masters who have carried civilization and light to several the people in the course of the centuries to come, according to the Tradition, from the order of Melchizedec. This Instruction was manifested at first in Bulgaria with Deunov , then was developed with the work.

Deunov supported that it began during the Aquarius age Aquarius herald of the Golden Age , the age represented symbolically from an old Test that pours water that is to say: a new wisdom, a new vital sap for humanity; during this age the Third Testament Feuerstein would have been revealed to humanity " You are gods"- Collection Synopsis.

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The mission of Deunov had to be the one to help the birth of a new spiritual cycle within which the lasting truths, those of Gospels and all the great Sacred Witnesses would have been finally concretely understood and realized owing to the diffused knowledge and the constant application of the methods given from initiatic science. It was, instead, to be task of Aivanhov, to deepen and to express completely the new spiritual direction and to incarnate such purpose, extremely concrete and at the same time elevated: his Instruction will be characterized, in fact, either on the ground of language, particularly simple and accessible also in dealing with the higher truth, either on the ground of countless initiatic methods to meet with various subjective features of single individuals A NEW EARTH -Prayers, Methods, Exercises, Formulas.

They, and particularly Bulgaria, will contribute a good deal to the elevation of humankind. Return to Bulgaria, there is a powerful spiritual movement in Bulgaria, headed by a great spiritual Initiated. C'est aussi cela l'amour fraternel.

Nous contacter

Apprentissages V. Dans la symphonie universelle VIII. Frantsia, la France X. Aucune prison ne peut retenir l'esprit XI. Je suis un fils du soleil XIII. Entre parole et silence XIV. A man who offered simple but infinitely effective methods to deal with most difficulties of everyday life.

His methods respond to our own deep-felt need to love better, to know more, to live healthy lives as members of that great human family which he wanted truly fraternal. It is this, no doubt, that explains the recognition he has gained throughout the world. Every year, hundreds of thousands of readers from every cultural background — agnostic, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, oriental — discover his published talks.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov : Learning to master one's actions

When we reached the last page of this book we were so sad! We didn't want it to end!

Bulgarian emigrants to France

The Cygnus Review. This book is the bearer of great hope, and great power. It inspires in readers a desire to surpass themselves and shows them that all is possible. Pierre Lassalle, Terra Lucida. Revue Solaria.

Attentive to the events around him, he explains to young people how to transform themselves before attempting to transform a society that deceives them. He did not forget his own youth filled with overflowing energies and passionate research. As Peter Deunov told him one day, he is the greatest demolisher of old ideas but at the same time, he recognizes the importance of orienting the youth energy toward life and not toward violence and death.

The Mystery of Light by Georg Feuerstein - Editions Prosveta société coopérative

One day, he made a comment regarding some liberation movements organised in the United States such as the Hippies - who had chosen for symbol a gesture of peace and love — he stated that they had intuitively sought universal brotherhood and that they were manifestations of the Aquarian Age. However, if he understands youth, he does not make life any easier for them. Rather, he gives them the means to channel their energies and to manifest their aspirations.

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  6. Once you understand that evil is not absolute, that it is relative in fact, it will be much easier for you to put up with it, and you will see that you begin to be unaffected by things that used to make you suffer. You will even feel that heaven has set you free. This has been the experience of so many initiates: they came to realize that all they had lost and all the trials they had endured had simply been the means of their liberation You must adopt this philosophy, otherwise, when you should be singing canticles of praise and thanksgiving to the lord, you will always find some excuse to be miserable.


    Acquiring willpower is equally lengthy and difficult. But anyone can express love easily and instantly, because love is right there inside you, and it is only up to you to find it. Wherever you go, whoever you meet, you will always have love in your heart and the possibility of expressing it. It is not a matter of loving this or that person in particular, but of feeling love as a spring ready to bubble up, a radiant energy, brimming over and pouring out into infinity.

    Featured Teacher: Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

    Only disinterested love for all creatures will allow you to find the true poetry you so need. Whatever you are busy doing, try to become one with the love that will bring harmony to your features, and you will become a beneficial presence for everyone. First Name:. Last Name:.