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This, of course, was the Garden of Eden ; and Adam was designated to be the "manager" of it Gen. One ancient source, The Book of the Cave of Treasures , stated that, "in it the Garden of Eden dwelt the souls of the righteous. The souls of sinners dwelt in a deep place, outside Eden.

But, regardless of their authority on the earth, all of these fallen angels were still under the ultimate authority of that one man: Adam.

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Many of these terrestrial angels, since their fall, assumed a form which looked like any man around them; complete with the same hands, feet, and overall body shape of a human being. They lived on the earth just like everyone else, with just a couple of differences. They could have still maintained their "shining" appearance, as one might picture a typical angel to have.

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Unlike some of those other angels, who had dropped to earth and were able to take on a human-like form, Satan was purely a spiritual angel. He did not fall in the same way. If he was to make any change on the earth, he had to find a body to possess - to be able to act like a human being. And that's just what he did According to a variety of ancient sources, Satan was one of the angels most adamant about wanting Adam out of this position of power; and wanted to convince other fellow angels to attempt an overthrow.

The Serpent - one of these other fallen angels - volunteered his services. Their target?

The Legend of Lilith: Adam's First Wife

To seduce Eve. Together, Satan and the Serpent wanted to cause her to disobey that one and only law they had: not to eat of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil You were created before him If they collectively could make Adam and Eve sin, they felt they could get out of their new, subservient positions! As we see from the above, a deal seemed to be in the works. And why would this particular angel - the Serpent - want to help Satan? There seemed to be one more benefit: the serpent seemed interested in: maybe, with Adam overthrown, he could get one of the richest and most luscious "fruits" in the garden: Eve herself.

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  • Satan knew the serpent was now flesh and blood, and had thoughts and desires similar to a human being. There may have also been some curiosity about the sexual experience inside of this Serpent's mind, as well. We know, according to the Bible, that angels can make themselves appear to be human.

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    They can eat, sleep, and otherwise live like any other human being. They are no longer in the heavenly realm; why can't these fallen angels also contemplate this side of human existence? If this was the case, a good number of ancient sources tell us that Satan utilized these thoughts of the Serpent to his advantage.

    Through him, Satan whispered his lies to Eve; suggesting that she believe all of what he was saying. According to some accounts, Lilith is the Queen of Demons.

    Share Flipboard Email. Updated April 16, The Priestly account describes the creation of an androgyne — a creature that was both male and female Genesis Rabbah , Leviticus Rabbah This creature was then split into a man and a woman in the Yahwistic account. They then left her immediately. This is [the story of] Lilith who afflicts babies with disease.

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