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There is a well-established collaboration between the students and the business community.

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For instance you may choose to do a project in practice , providing you with a unique experience and a good network. Furthermore, many graduates have successfully pursued a career in research in Denmark or in other countries.

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Master's programmes. Profile and Career The MSc programme in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics is a social science programme where you study economics, the environment and natural resources in both a national and global context.

Competence Description After having graduated from the MSc programme in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, you will — among other things — be able to: Assess issues in respect of environmental and natural resources and economics and propose solutions based on theory on economic, political, social and ethical interrelations — based on a solid understanding of basic natural science which is often crucial for sound management of environmental and natural resource problems.

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Profile and Career - MSc in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics – University of Copenhagen

Unsustainable practices are often entrenched in corporate or government systems, or rooted in the daily habits of millions. Corporations are taking major strides to mitigate environmental impact across their operations. Whether conserving energy, reducing packaging, increasing recycling, or sourcing sustainable components, most forward-thinking corporations today recognizes that sustainability can save money, attract customers, and ensure the longevity of their business and industry as a whole.

These ventures build sustainability into their very business model — and sometimes even their legal structures. Government is a huge employer, offering opportunities to research, set, and enforce environmental standards for companies and individual citizens. These firms assist with research, analysis, and strategy. Don't have an account?