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Only petty bureaucratic-type people could envisage a God who is a petty rule-book-waving bureaucrat.

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A far bigger issue for the Jew-ish than silly, pedantic food fad minutiae is, of course, Israel. This, we find supremely troubling. We refuse to support it uncritically. We hate some of the stuff Israel does. But we can't help feeling uncomfortable when people who aren't Jews criticise the country; it seems, if only very exceptionally, to be tinged with a little bit of old-fashioned Jew-hating.

The Z Word: What Zionism means to me, as a non-Jew

I have a possibly over-optimistic, glass half-full Jew-ish take on this. The reason Israel is singled out for hatred, I like to think, is positive; it's because the world expects better of Jews. The problem is that Israel isn't a monolithic entity; it contains all sorts of views on what that society should be.

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The things I as a Jew-ish leftie love yes, love about the place — its intellectualism, its remaining socialist ethic, the directness of its people and so on — are the very things other, more Jewish Jews, hate. The last time I visited a kibbutz, which used to be the epitome for both the Jew-ish and the rest of the west of the good Israel, there were no Jews under 70 living there. What's more, all the young volunteers were blond German and Danish idealists.

So has being merely Jew-ish rather than a proper Jew, marrying a woman who was half-Jewish, half-Methodist, and eating non-kosher food these five decades thwarted my children's option to be Jews, and by doing so played its part in the slow decline of Britain's Jewish population? In an odd way, it hasn't entirely. Our elder daughter was several months into her relationship with her long-term Cornish boyfriend when she and he discovered he was, through his mother's line, more Jewish than she is.

Their children, then, will be Jew-ish-ish, at least by birth. I continue to find it almost spooky that these two found each other. Our son a few weeks ago looked seriously into starting a website for the Jew-ish: working title, The Bacon Bagel. And our younger daughter has this last month been leading a campaign at Sussex University against a new campus ban on Israeli goods — theme of the campaign: it's all very well, but why Israel alone?

The last she heard from the union hierarchy on this score was that to ban American or Chinese products would be, get this, "inconvenient". She is more enraged than I have ever known her about this frank and alarming admission that campus anti-Zionism is, at least for the students who aren't actually Palestinian, a fashion accessory like those chainstore black-and-white keffiyeh scarves.

All this activity by our Jew-ish-ish children seems to suggest our particular Jew-ish line might limp on for a while yet, rather than collapse in an apathetic heap. The point is that in our own way, we Jew-ish people are actually proud of being Jews. That is an unbelievable honour, although the details could use a little updating, lads. But the thing I love best about being part — albeit a peripheral, out-of-step part — of this culture is that when this piece appears, there'll be uproar. The Jews who deny being Jews will say I'm a typical self-obsessed Jew. The antisemites will say I'm a just a typical bloody Jew.

And yet the amazing thing is, I won't be excommunicated or fatwa-ed by frum Jews. There's no mechanism for it, and not a lot of desire for it, even from the fundamentalists among us. The worst that might happen is I won't be invited to a couple of Passover suppers next year. More likely, I'll be asked on to platform debates to discuss whether the Jew-ish are really Jews.

And if I die tomorrow, my people will still bury me like a proper Jew — in the prayer shawl I got for my barmitzvah.

Oh no, there's been an error

He may not have been the most observant Jew, my friend will doubtless say. Cursing in sleep What about cursing in your sleep? That is a serious question. What should one do about it? Speaks to character When one has to resort to profanity to communicate, it is a sign of poor or weak character and an even weaker command of the language.

Cursing is offensive to some portion of your audience It is often the lazy person's discourse. Saying vulgar things in a profane way is never as much fun as saying the same thing using creative and unprofane language. It'sWhat You Are Saying My Dad taught me it is what you are saying more than the particular word being used, though we were not to use "those words" either. In other words one could cuss and swear, being just as guilty using "clean" words..

Reminds me of more things to repent of. Shalom and may you be written in the book of life. I bring this up because without clear definitions or a concurrent lack of prohibition, it would be easy to get carried away in defining a whole range of words as 'unholy' or 'disgusting' without concrete reasons for selecting certain words.

What differentiates one curse word from another? Are there words of lesser or greater intensity? Could language beyond curse words be construed as 'unholy', and if so, by whose interpretation of 'unholy' shall we go by as we create distinctions? An arbitrary system of defining words would ensue.

Curse Words To Anonymous. I am not a rabbi, but I don't believe you should refrain from prayer because you have spoken unclean words or even loshon hora. I believe that G-d wants us to identify our weaknesses and correct them, and in so doing become more refined. So, even if you feel bad about communicating with The Almighty with a "dirty utensil" don't become discouraged. Work on cleaning up the utensil, and accept that you may not be perfect at it.

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The Torah on Dirty Words

Popular Tools:. Shabbat Times. Email Subscriptions. More Sites Today is Wed. Jewish Practice. Question: Just curious, what is the Jewish stance on cursing and curse words? Separate from what? From vulgar language, for one.

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Leviticus Sifra ad loc. Ad loc. Talmud, Ketubot 8b. By Yisroel Cotlar. He is also a member of the Chabad. Sefira Ross is a freelance designer and illustrator whose original creations grace many Chabad. Residing in Seattle, Washington, her days are spent between multitasking illustrations and being a mom. You're a doll Send!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shalom with love, Marnie. That quilt is made from Schlahk. Also in in Dutch Jewish "slang" it means cutthroat, or pirate, fromliterearlly butcher or Shohet.

They sent a "shlocker" slaughterer after him. Anonymous , September 3, PM. By resurrecting not a Yiddish word the sounds and images conjunctive to the lost comedians of the Borscht circuit, M. W-C gifts us the gelt of our current generation. She is linguistically instructive yet never fails to entertain. Traveling through an article by Marnie is like riding a camel side-saddle Your email address is kept private.

Our editor needs it in case we have a question about your comment. Current Issues. Archaeology of the Holocaust. Torah Portion. Necessity is the Jewish Mother of Invention. Jewish Summer Camp Characters. Tisha B'Av. Building You 2. Aish Academy. The correct answer is no.

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