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Teaching Regeneration

They will learn what the words 'natural' and 'man made' mean, how rivers are created as surface water runs to the sea, and why canals were built. They will learn to identify some of the major features of both by name. This lesson explores how the canals were built, the people who built them and the techniques involved in keeping them watertight.

What is Planaria?

For historical background on the role of navvies in canal building we also have a Navvies Information Sheet. PDF format. This lesson looks at the history of the Battlebridge Basin and its surroundings over the past years. It traces the changes patterns of land use in the area, from the time when Battlebridge was a village in open countryside, through the construction of the canal and period of rapid urbanisation to the regeneration of the 21st century.

This lesson tells the story of the construction of the Islington Tunnel on the Regent's Canal, from onwards. It describes some of the difficulties encountered, both physical and financial. It gives children an opportunity to calculate what some of the building costs were, and why the construction ran into financial difficulties.

Lessons on Regeneration

Includes an educational board game. KS2 History : Local history study 7 A study investigating how an aspect in the local area has changed over a long period of time, or how the locality was affected by a significant national or local event or development or by the work of a significant individual. Rivers and Canals Introduction Canals may be beautiful, but they are entirely artificial. Mapping the Changes at Battlebridge Basin Introduction This lesson looks at the history of the Battlebridge Basin and its surroundings over the past years.

The importance of planning to deliver health improvements in Britain: 1min 21sec : A short engaging film focussing on Britain. This resource gives a good overview of urbanisation, analyses a case study on China and summarises lessons learnt from Japan and Korea.

Planning, Peace and Reconciliation and how planning has contributed to a stable society on the Isle of Ireland.

Lesson materials

The report looks into demonstrating the effect of collaboration in border towns with a case study on the island of Ireland. The importance of planning in dealing with inclusive planning.

This resource gives a helpful overview of how vital it is to place emphasis on focussing priorities at the community level. If you are not a member, you can sign up for a free trial.

Ideas for Teachers

Planning Horizons : Research which looks to the future in order to create economically successful places, promoting healthy cities and making better decisions for places. Planning Aid England's resources : Provides more information on the planning system. Why sustainable transport planning is the answer. A blog piece explaining why sustainable transport planning is the answer to many problems facing the country.

The 'Planning the Future' lesson activities and resources are intended to be used by teachers to engage young people in the town planning process.

FAA CFI Teaching Lesson Plan on Traffic Patterns

The activities have been rigorously tested with young people between 11 — 18 years of age in youth group, school and engagement project settings. The resource pack was developed by students at the Newcastle University as part of their final year project and was shortlisted for the North East Awards for Planning Excellence in Download them here along with a guide to their use.

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My Green School is a collection of lesson materials developed by Open-City to give children aged 7 to 11 across the UK the opportunity to explore sustainability through the built environment. The Cardiff Case Studies initiative offers teachers and students case studies free of charge. The Royal Town Planning Institute. Lesson materials.

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