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Large companies, such as Amazon or Barnes as well as Noble, tend to not carry these eBook your local library. Let me go, mother! Yield to my beseeching, Ah! You see my deep sorrow! I am crushed by grief. Together Azucena - You will run to your death! My blood Freezes with terror, Have pity on my sorrow. Stay, my son! Yield to my prayers. My son, I die, farewell! Weak as I am, Good Lord! I must leave Scene IV A cloister; trees are at the back. It is night. Count di Luna, Fernand, and some retainers enter cautiously, wrapped in their cloaks. Count - All is deserted, and the habitual song Is not yet heard.

I have come in time. Fernand - What is your plan, then? Count - To pluck up courage! And the beloved woman Shall be mine: I stand here waiting for her. My rival gone, my heart has regained hope, And burns with passion. In vain does she look for shelter behind the altar! Ah, no! Come to me, I love you With neverending passion' Her eyes, her sweet smile Intoxicate me, And in the air she breathes I breathe happiness. For these sighs that I heave for her May she spare me this torture! The anguish that torments me Gnaws at my heart! Hearing the bells chime What's this I hear!

Fernand - The moment of the vows has come. Count - Before she takes the veil, we'll carry her off! Fernand - Be careful! Count - Her love is all I desire! Hide yourselves in those shadowy alleys. Before long She'll be mine forever! Let's elude the jealous eyes, Let's earn the prize that we were promised! Master, our arms, our hearts are all for you. Count - Cruel impatience! Slowly-elapsing time, fly past! Go away, dangers, troubles! I see the heavens above me!

In vain a rigorous God Calls her to the altar. To lose you, my beloved, Would give me a mortal blow! Count - I am going to challenge a rigorous God, Her heart, her sweet eyes shall be mine! Yes, I shall be her husband, Let's go! We shall be happy! Choir of nuns from without - Exile is here on this earth! By a divine mystery, A salutary voice Calls you among us. Over this solitary place Shines a softer sun. Ebooks and Manuals

Let's elude The jealous eyes. Choir of nuns - In this pleasant dwelling, Inaccessible to evil, God, who speaks to the hearts, Heaps his favours, And his kindness Rewards our fervour. Come to pray, come among us. Let's go!

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Soon you shall be called A husband. We are losing a friend. Do not weep. For me, This life. Holds no more hope I devote myself to the Lord, Comforter Of the troubled of this world! I am going to enjoy the perfect peace That heaven grants his chosen ones On earth, Cry no more for me. Count coming forward - No! Upon my life, I break your bonds!

Count - You belong to me! All - Ah!!! It is he! He is alive! He is still alive! What merciful God sends you here? You, that I adore! A divine flame gleams within me! God answers my prayer Have you come down from heaven? Or am I in heaven with you? Count - The dead, then, Can raise from the dust of their tombs! Together Count - To harm me, hell spits out His prey and my victim. Count - Though of your hideous life No one sundered the strands, Upon my word! You shall leave this place, Yes, mysterious ghost!

Who guides me to this place. Heaven shows itself to me. This is a heavenly dream Sent to me at this moment! Thank you, my God! Make it come true, And bring my suffering to an end! Rapture of love! Sublime ecstasy! Restoring hope to my heart; Divine ray, your fire inflames me I surrender to your power! A sweet ray of hope goes up to heaven, To the heaven that shows its mercy on us. Restoring hope to my heart, Your divine fire inflames me I surrender to its power!

He it not a ghost, a vision Out of Hell taking shape at this moment! What storm is about to rage, That will cause me, alas! Much suffering! Count - What a nightmare Is taking shape for me at this moment! Rapture of love, sublime ecstasy, Shall I, then, lose all hope? Just as, alas! The fire seizes me He takes it away from my power, Just as the ecstasy of love takes hold of me Alas! I must never see her again! Fernand - Alas! Ah, what a storm is breaking out! Rapture of love, sublime ecstasy, Shall he, then, lose all hope? She is no more in his power, No more hope is left for him! Hope is restored to her heart, And God shows us His power.

Retainers - Fate, at this moment, Disappoints the dream of a tender lover; Alas, she is no more in his power! My friends! Ruiz Come! Count challenging - Audacious man! Count You, take her away from me? He brandishes his sword but is disarmed by Ruizs men. Fury rages within me! I fret! Yes, may your life be cursed! Count - Oh! Curse on all of you! Our undertaking has failed! Nuns - Ah! Fear stirs our souls! Retainers - Our efforts have failed!! The Count is pushed back. The frightened nuns take refuge in the cloister. Choeur de soldats, puis Fernand. Quelques autres - Nous faut-il attendre encor?

Fernand sortant de la tente du Comte - Chers compagnons! Votre vaillance N'attendra pas longtemps. Et marche sur nos pas, En avant, fiers soldats! Le Comte - Dans les bras d'un rival! Dans les bras d'un rival! Qu'il tremble!


Au lever de l'aurore Luira l'instant fatal Vers elle Un soldat court, et l'appelle Elle a fui Le Comte - L'a-t-on prise? Fernand - Oui, certes. Elle est sur ma trace, Le bruit se rapproche C'est elle Azucena - A l'aide! Plus de menaces! Quel est mon crime? Le Comte - Approche, Et tremble de mentir! Azucena - Parle. Azucena - Dieu le sait! Le Comte - Eh quoi! Le Comte - De Biscaye? Je suis seule et je mendie En cherchant, dans ma folie, Cet enfant Que j'aime tant! Azucena - Oui! Le Comte - Te souvient-il?

Azucena - Qui donc es-tu? Azucena - Ciel! Azucena - Mon Dieu! Fernand - C'est elle! Azucena - Silence! Azucena - Il ment! Le Choeur - Oui, c'est elle! Le Comte - La mort ici t'attend. Le Choeur - La mort t'attend!!! O toi mon fils! Viens, mon fils! A mon secours! A moi ton sang, tes jours! Fernand - Tremble! Azucena - Barbares! Laissez-vous toucher!

Au Comte Tremble! Le ciel m'exaucera! Le ciel un jour te punira! Ensemble Le Comte - Eh bien! Ah, redoute la vengeance! Azucena - Barbares, laissez-vous toucher, etc. A toi les gouffres de l'Enfer. Il rentre dans sa tente suivi de Fernand. Le bruit des armes! Quelle triste aurore a lui Sur notre hymen! O toi! Tes yeux par leur pouvoir Me rendront invincible.

L'espoir console mes adieux! Pour nous reste la tombe, J'irai t'attendre aux cieux! On entend l'orgue dans la chapelle voisine. Et que l'hymen unisse Nos deux coeurs unis par l'amour. Aloi mon seul amour! Ruiz accourt. Je suis Oui, pars, conduis nos gens, Va, va! Cours, va! L'horrible flamme Va grandissant. Funeste sort! Mieux vaut la mort. Ruiz et le Choeur accourant - Aux armes! Aux armes, compagnons! Tous - Courons! Aux armes! Scene I Sentries are everywhere; there are groups of soldiers, some amusing themselves, others polishing their swords, others strolling about, etc.

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Chorus of soldiers, then Fernand. I Group of Soldiers playing The dice hold a special charm for us, But soon we shall play a game of swords! II Group of Soldiers polishing their swords - Let's wipe off the blood from our swords. But tomorrow Neither peace nor rest! I Group of Soldiers - May the siege finally end! II Group of Soldiers - How long shall we still wait? All the Soldiers - May tomorrow be the day Of our attack on Castellor! Fernand coming out of the Count's tent - Dear comrades! Your bravery Will not have to be curbed much longer.

Your impatience shall be rewarded with A magnificent booty, and extraordinary deeds. Glory will crown your labours.

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Soldiers - Yes, tomorrow the dance will start! Chorus - Let the warlike trumpet Sound the call to battle! We shall see our enemies, armed, Take to the noble field. The signal to fight Calls us to the battlefield, Come on, soldiers! God, who guides us, Will grant us a good death, It is the most beautiful palm! And it walks in our footsteps, Forward, proud soldiers!

We joyfully follow the honourable call, Happy to die under a victorious banner. After the ballets, all go off following the gypsies; the scene remains empty for a few moments. Count - in the arms of my rival! Dreadful thought That tortures my oppressed soul! In my rival's arms!

He must tremble! At the break of dawn His fatal hour will strike Count - What is this noise?

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Fernand rushing in - Near our camp, Right under the sentry's eyes, A gypsy woman Was lurking A soldier dashed to her and called her, She fled Count - Have they caught her? Fernand - Yes. She'll be here presently. The noise gets closer Here she is Scene V The above, Azucena, with her hands bound and dragged in by some soldiers. Soldiers dragging Azucena - Come on! Get along! Azucena - For pity's sake! Stop tormenting me! What harm have I done? Count - Approach, And do not lie to me! Azucena - Speak. Count - Where are you bound to? Azucena - Only God knows!

Count - What! Azucena A poor gypsy wanders aimlessly, without a plan; Frightened, pursued, The sky is her shelter, the world her country. Count - Where have you come from? Azucena - Biscay, where the earth is barren, And denies life to the poor. Count - Biscay? Fernand aside - Ah! That name! Can it be? Azucena - I lived in poverty and without troubles, A humble gypsy woman, And my life was happy My son was my joy, But the ungrateful lad, alas! Forgot me. Never on this earth A mother's love Equalled my love! Fernand aside - That woman..

Azucena Yes, a long time! Count - Do you remember? Some twenty years ago, one day, A count's son was stolen from his crib, And abducted from the castle! Azucena - Who was it? Count - I am the brother Of that child. Azucena - Heaven! Fernand aside - It is she! Azucena - Have pity on my bitter sorrow, Be merciful! Heed my pleading! Set free this poor mother, Let her look for the child She loves so dearly! Fernand - Stop! Azucena - Oh God! Aloud Yes, here before our eyes is the criminal Count - Continue!

Fernand - It is she! Azucena - Be silent! Fernand - She is the one who burned the child! Azucena - He is lying! Chorus - Yes, it is she! Count - Death awaits you. Count - You will be punished! Azucena - Have mercy! Chorus - Death awaits you!!! Azucena - Defend your mother! Oh my son! Come, my son! Come to my rescue! Count - She is Manrique's mother! I shall have your blood, your life! Azucena - Cruel men! Soften your hearts! Have mercy on my suffering! I am torn by grief, I am overwhelmed with misery! Will nobody save me From their wicked madness? To the Count Tremble!

Heaven will hear me! One day heaven will punish you! Together Count - What! Your son, Infernal devil! Is that traitor! The two of you will be felled With a single blow.

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Sweet revenge, I can already taste you! Yes, my brother, your ashes Shall be avenged at last! Tremble now! We shall punish your crime, Expect no defence. Ah, fear his vengeance! You shall die, infernal devil! You and your son will be felled with one blow. Fernand - You shall die, Infernal Devil! Be swallowed up by Hell. Yes, you shall die by this sword, It will carry out my revenge, this sword will fall upon you. At a sign from the Count, the soldiers drag Azucena away.

He enters his tent, followed by Fernand. Scene VI A hall in the castle of Castellor; at the back there is a balcony with a window. A sound of arms! What sad light shall dawn On our wedding day!

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Oh, you! My only hope, Have no fear! Through the power of your eyes I shall be made me invincible. But if the inscrutable destiny Has in store that my sad life, In battle before your eyes, Come to an untimely end, Beloved, it my life Must come to an end, If I must die May hope comfort my last farewell! The grave is left for us, I shall await you in heaven, The nearby chapel organ is heard. May God bless The vows we exchange today!

And may this wedding join Our hearts, which love has joined. To you all of my love! Ruiz enters in great haste. Ruiz - Master! Ruiz - pointing The gypsy woman Look she is in chains, weeping. Ruiz - And the rogues Are already preparing her pyre. Mortal grief. It takes my breath away! Cruel madness! I feel I am dying Yes, leave, lead here our people, Go, go! Haste, go! M Heinous torture That awaits her! The horrid flames Are rising, roaring, Ready to consume her. Fearing nothing, I shall extinguish them With their blood! My poor mother! Oh, bitter sorrow! I trust in God, Overwhelming suffering!

My mother appeals To my faithful arm I come to save you Or to die with you!! I shall save my mother Or die! Day of woe! Fatal destiny! Worse than death itself. Let us haste! To arms, comrades! We shall defend you With courage, If it is necessary, we shall die! All - Let us haste! To arms! Ruiz sort, Non, plus d'effroi! Indiquant la bague qu'elle porte. On entend la cloche des morts. Help Contact Us Login. You do not have access to any existing collections.

You may create a new collection. MLA Franke, Matthew. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, APA Franke, M. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Chicago Franke, Matthew. Massenet's Italian reception demonstrates that opera's relationship to Italian identity politics in the late nineteenth century was far more complex than has been previously imagined. Massenet's operas, performed in Italian translation, occupied an ambiguous middle ground in Italian identity politics. Italian critics described Massenet's operas as purely French, as contributing to Italian musical culture, and as inherently cosmopolitan works.