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It can change your life. Times Bestselling Author and International Speaker.

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This book is your flashlight; it provides practical and insightful guidance to find your way without hitting your hip on the corner of the table. I commend Sean on distilling the lessons he has learned the hard way into rules even entrepreneurs would not want to break. This work will be a great benefit to anyone who is considering entrepreneurship. Tags: Amazon , cover design , design , digital nomat , eBook publishing , formatters , formatting , Glasow , goodlife , goodlife guide , goodlifeguide , goodlifeguide.

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What was most disappointing about Sean C. There is no solid thread connecting the eight rules, which seem a bit too obvious and easily explained to bother writing a book about. Who would you have cast as narrator instead of Anthony Gettig? A human being, any human being. I am not kidding when I say that I believe that "Anthony Gettig" is a piece of computer software. The unusual rhythm and pronunciation is robotic and jarring, making a bad book completely unlistenable. I would cut the narrator, because he hints at all of his entrepreneurial success, but annoyingly doesn't go into any details.

Any additional comments? I have never felt the need to return an audiobook until now, but there is a first time for everything. Watching a Jersey Shore marathon would be a better use of 4 hours. By: Sean C. Narrated by: Anthony Gettig.