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Lip Service. September 16, Book Release Party. July 15, I had a blast today with friends and family at my book release party. July 7, Walking upstairs can bec May 30, She's finally arrived!!! May 1, March 26, Recent Posts. Search By Tags. Featured Posts. February 1. September 1. July 2. May 2. Obsessed with a twelve year old girl, he manipulates his way into becoming her stepfather and has sexual relations with her. As this list will attest, Nabokov is no longer groundbreaking in writing a book about a pedophile, but what will solidify Humbert in the canon of bad fathers is the way that his psychology is laid bare.

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  1. A Citizen’s Guide to American Ideology: Conservatism and Liberalism in Contemporary Politics (Citizen Guides to Politics and Public Affairs)?
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Switch On Symbol. Reading Lists. In many ways, she was the woman behind American independence. She models the redemption in a culture full of sexual confusion — showing the world it is still possible to love and be loved. Kari was born in , when abortion was very popular in this nation. Though her adopted family was loving, Kari was assaulted in high school, leading to tragic decisions such as drugs, alcohol, and promiscuity.

She got pregnant and chose to be a single mother to her daughter, whom she prophetically named Grace. Today, Kari is passionate about restoring a respect for family in a culture where it is devalued. Indeed, Ruth, Abigail, and Kari have a lot in common. The devotion to family life has reverberating effects for generations. The list is by no means exhaustive; and many more women could be added to each category. But even a partial list is meant to inspire us to look up to these women and to honor their excellent achievements, which are too often ignored by the hijacked feminism of today.

These women fail to recognize the brilliant opportunities and blessings of America, and instead harbor bitterness, resentment, and a demand for government dependency.

In one sense, these women are right in that life is not always easy for all women. But the government is the worst place to turn to solve their problems. Women need better role models who understand the source and solution to adversity and who ultimately rely on the Lord. They need to hear examples of Concerned Women Through History, who changed their world for the better — without bitterness, violence, and faulty ideology.

Rather than walking out on the job, we hope women know their work matters and that they can make a real difference in our nation. Exodus 1: a is the story of Shiphrah and Puah, two remarkable women who stood up for the sanctity of life in Biblical times:. And the people multiplied and grew very strong. And because the midwives feared God, he gave them families.

This stirring account reveals the true bravery and shrewdness of the women. Imagine if they had given in to the male genocide of the time, as many succumb to the female genocide that exists today. But thankfully, many women have a maternal instinct that makes them especially suited to standing up for the unborn. It was an utter degradation of what might and should become a noble position for women.

Her passion for the issue comes from personal experience:. One of the most often repeated talking points of the pro-choice left, and even your average apolitical American, is that abortion must be legal because, if illegal, women will need abortion so badly they will resort to clothes hangers to self-induce abortion. This argument is fundamentally flawed and makes a good deal of unfounded assumptions. When abortion became legal, their practices continued as is with less threat from the law but no alteration in procedure.

Women — maybe just as many women — would still be getting abortions, even if they had to do them themselves. The law does serve as a natural deterrent on human behavior. This is illustrated by the example of Poland, where the total number of legal abortions was over , for several years under communism — and paid for when in the first trimester by the state. This includes women that we know of who have died from legal abortion, but that is a far underreported number one year, the whole U. Women also face increased risks of cancer, suicide, depression, and substance abuse because of abortion.

Were this to be examined more closely, these activists would have to decide whether abortion itself can be justified, which it is not because it is never safe for the unborn child that is ruthlessly destroyed. Abortions always result in deaths of children and risks to the mother — no matter how clean or unclean, legal or illegal. In reality, women have 13, local Federally Qualified Health Centers, in addition to thousands of local health centers, private practices, and pregnancy centers that can help them when they are in need.

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He admitted that all the figures about five or 10 thousand women dying from illegal abortions per year were made up statistics fabricated to support his talking point that abortion needed to be legalized in order to be made safe r. We advise reading this article away from others.

In most cases, the pictures are crass, vulgar, and an embarrassment to those who value civil discourse. In many places around the world, women and men can be jailed for expressing their beliefs. I am deeply glad that Americans have freedom of speech. I am deeply thankful for the First Amendment. I am looking forward to expressing my own pro-life beliefs at the March for Life this coming Friday. Their signs were some of the most vulgar displays I have ever seen.

Is that all that women are? How is wearing a vagina empowering women and respecting our bodies? How is self-degradation going to end societal degradation? Abortion disproportionately kills more unborn females than males, preying on vulnerable women for profit, and rejecting pregnancy and mothering as a unique power of the female body. These women claim to pro-choice, but are only fighting for one choice — abortion — while banning pro-life women from this march and supporting Planned Parenthood.

Finally, is disrespecting the President of the United States the right way to advocate for what you believe? It is for the very purpose of being an alternative voice in the public square that Concerned Women for America even exists. Beverly LaHaye started CWA because radical pro-abortion, anti-marriage feminists did not represent all American women. We give other women a voice, women who know that profanity, crude hats, sexual license, abortion, economic liberalism, and disrespecting the president are not ways to empower the women of America. The House recently voted to continue funding the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives, a wonderful victory for those who wish to expose the corrupt industry of abortion and enforce current law stating that aborted baby parts should not be sold for profit.

The violations of law are numerous :.

‘Outlander’ Boss Says the Fraser Family is Still a ‘Work in Progress’ – Variety

The panel has already been successful in taking a hard look at the industry of fetal tissue trafficking and the privacy and ethical concerns therein. The panel is also investigating the medical procedures used in an abortion for baby parts, which will most likely mean researching whether these procedures have been illegally or dangerously altered to obtain better specimens, including the use of partial-birth abortions. Additional official tasks of the panel include determining what happens with federal funding of abortion providers and what happens to medical care for born-alive infants.

The panel is prepared to recommend changes in laws and regulations. Experimenting with aborted baby parts — precisely because they are human parts — is not ethical at all, profit aside. The truth is the abortion industry will always do unethical things — because abortion itself will always be unethical. The exposition of the practice of fetal tissue procurement reveals the humanity of the unborn and the tragedy of all abortions. Sixty-five percent of these abortions are occurring when the woman is seven weeks pregnant or more.

The pro-life movement has successfully reduced the number of abortions, but they have not been able to end it. FACT: Not every state reports abortion by ethnicity, but those that do reveal that abortions to blacks and Hispanic women account for ACTION: Given the number of minority babies aborted, we need to expose abortion as a form of racism that may be targeting minority women for profit. This also creates a demographic disaster for minority populations.

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  • FACT: Sixty percent of women getting an abortion are in their 20s. ACTION: Women who obtain abortions are mostly young women in their 20s trying to forge their way through the responsibilities of adult life.

    Adventures in Odyssey Passages Volume 1: The Marus Manuscripts (Digital)

    They may be putting off childbearing until they feel more stable. Few draw the clear, direct connection between the collapse of the institution of marriage and the family and abortion. Churches and policies that support and encourage marriage and parenting will treat the underlying disease, not just abortion — the symptom of a larger problem. Sadly, women without supportive partners often feel like they are left with no choice but to abort the child. Only But for some reason, they feel like they cannot handle another child.

    This speaks to a failure in our culture to make children wanted and mothers supported. If moms feel so overwhelmed they kill their own unborn children, then what are we doing to help them feel less overwhelmed, less alone, and less financially strained? ACTION: Though self-identification may be a poor form of measuring religious engagements, these findings show that women getting an abortion are willing to be thought of as religious, but are also still willing to get an abortion.

    FACT: Poverty does drive women to abortion. Three out of four women having an abortion are low income and cluster near or below the poverty line. ACTION: The economic factor behind the abortion decision needs to be met with advocating for policies which reduce poverty and encourage upward mobility. An African-American woman named Maria is living in Baltimore. She is 23 years old and already has a young two-year-old named Michael. Maria is unmarried and living below the poverty line.

    The cost of childcare and nursing care will be heavy. At seven weeks pregnant, Maria goes to Planned Parenthood. So she faces it — like everything else in her life lately — alone. The crisis of girls with stories like this is not that they are particularly desirous of abortion through some ideological feeling of career advancement and reproductive rights and freedoms.

    And although they love children enough to often have already had one, how tragic it is to see that they cannot fathom another? Through strong charity support and the social safety net, girls like Maria need our support and understanding. They need the Church to see them, know them, and act to help them. Title X was a provision of the Public Health Service Act, originally enacted in and dedicated to funding family planning programs.

    If such a new rule is enacted, all the state and federal efforts to redirect funding to Community Health Centers would thus be rendered useless. But this HHS recommendation is littered with agenda-driven jargon that bulldozes state rights, disregards fair reporting, and invents unclear qualifications.

    Many of these points are outlined in a bipartisan letter authored by Joni Ernst and Diane Black, available here in its entirety. The HHS rule is available to read here. In Roe v.