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I may not be eloquent but I write with honesty. I write to share… and most of all to have people share back and interact with me. I am appreciative of all those who take the time to read what I have to say and having people respond is the best thing ever. Of course, I do work to get them to see me but also know I have to work to keep them coming, keep them interested. Thanks for the great post. Great post. Thank you so much not just for your story but for the important, inspiring lessons you find in it for the rest of us with our own struggles and our own contribution to make.

I will be sharing your excellent message with others. Let me wish you in the meantime continued health and continued success. With thanks. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel rejuvenated in my mothering and in my writing. I loved the change of viewpoint after the introduction. It was powerful. Thanks Jon I needed the inspiration and encouragement. I passed your post on to Dr. They also have a program called Partners in Policymaking. Jon, If every person who reads this post shows a little tolerance and acceptance to others who are different than they are, you will already have impacted many lives.

Thanks for this great and inspiring post Jon. All the best to you and your mom this holiday season. Both of you have reasons to be very proud of each other. It is an amazing story. She is amazing, my sister Pat. And you, Jon, are worth it all!!! Hearing your perspective on these experiences is very powerful. You truly inspire me! I love you!!! What an amazing story and such an inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. This definitely reminds me of what is truly important in life. I came across your post as an example of good design in an article on effective blogging, and I followed the link for that reason.

The synchronicity is overwhelming to me. I thank you for sharing your story and for reminding me that my mission has become living my life more fully in honor and in love for my niece. Thank you — it was a reminder that I needed. As the mother of a Special Needs Angel I understand your mother. Now I understand my son a bit better. WOW, Jon. Thanks for making me cry openly in front of a room full of onlookers, by the way! What a Mom! What a Man! What an Inspirational Life! This blog will travel far and wide to deeply touch so many lives! This is an amazing story, Jon.

Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us. Kudos to your mom for being so persistent. Happy Holidays! Very powerful and inspiring post Jon. Indeed, sometimes in order to be heard, one must really speak up his mind with persistence as the great moving virtue. Thanks for sharing this. This makes us all want to do something amazing someday. Thanks for writing this story and sharing it with us. It really is inspirational.

Movies With Life Lessons: 40 Great Films To Watch

So young and so much achieved. I wonder what the next 27 hold for you:. Wow, I needed this story this morning. Sometimes one tend to forget to be thankful for what you have. Jon you are a true inspiration for everyone. Your post really moved me and really puts life and bloggng in perspective. THe doctors orignally gave her a few months to live, she suffered through it for 3 terrble years. Her frustraston was agonizing to see. My mother always wanted to be an author and attempted unsuccessfully to publish her work.

I started my blog, taitegallery. The hardest part of blogging is the feeling that you are writing to a nonexistent audience. Thanks again for such a motivatng blog. Thank you, Jon, for sharing your story and lifting our spirits. You and your devoted mother have inspired me to find the strength to demand more of myself and my child. You are a living testament to the power of love, and I wish you and your family all the best for the New Year. Thanks for such a moving and inspiring article. We all need to keep the faith and fight for our ideas. You write beautifully… I hear your voice… Fay.

What a way to kick start the New Year and my budding writing career! You truly are an inspiration and I will look to you and your amazing mother as I venture forth. And technically speaking, writing was my first child…. So, thank you so very much for the reminder of just how much my work, my passion really mean to me. I hope that you and your mom have the most wonderful of holidays.

Inspiring blog. I can identify with a couple of the stories. At age seven months, my daughter Tiffany nearly died. As she lay hooked up to various drips and drains in the intensive care unit to consultant cataloged a number of deformities; one being a life-threatening cardiac malfunction. Knowing that this was a great possibility since her lungs has also been damaged, I vowed to give her the best life possible. I recall the morning she was taken by ambulance to the hospital. And coupled with her heart problem, it is unlikely that she will ever be able to breathe on her own again.

Tiffany died five days later. People say it was a short life, but to me, it was a happy and eventful life. Peace and joy to your mother at this holiday season. Goes for more than links in my world! Cousin Jon, You inspire me! I pray God gives us the wisdom and strength to follow our dreams for His glory, because He is able. And, you, with your capacity and well-spring of belief that you CAN to do all that you want to achieve, with the ability to express it with such elegance and grace, is truly inspiring for any person, whether they are writers or not.

Beautiful piece Jon. Once again the proof that the only true power in the universe is love. Heart trumps mind. Thank you for your courage and inspiration. As the mother of a profoundly handicapped child and a suffocating writer I found your story moving and encouraging. He is learning to read, about the solar system and under water creatures. He can do arithmetic. And although he cannot speak in the way most of us consider language, he is expressive.

He challenges those of us whose lives he has touched to find a deeper and more basic, yet profound means of communication. He has taught me about living in the moment, acceptance and the utter chaos that we call life. These lessons inform everything thing I do, every relationship I have, whether personal or professional.

I really love this article. It really inspired and motivate me to keep on fighting to achieve my goals. There a lot of consideration to think about if we have an idea to do something. So what? Whatever it is, you will face on rejection and so on. By reading this article, it makes me realize that we need to fight for anything that we want in our life. No matter what it takes, only me myself make a decision. It might sound selfish, but think again. Do you want someone to decide who you are? Or you yourself will decide it?

Thank you for sharing your life with us. Merry Christmas! What an inspiration you and your mother are! At the ripe old age of 49 I started my blog and found Copyblogger. I have been a fan for awhile now. The information I find on Copyblogger has improved my writing, and sparked the desire to start a new path at almost 50 years old.

Its power is immeasurable. A very inspiring story. Not only was this post important and great, and for all the reasons the comments before this one have stated, but because it leads by example. More than most, it reaches out and touches, yet it teaches. It uses an intimate peek into another life to get it done. And one of those actions might be an extra hug for mom, or just as valuable, an extra moment with our children.

And our blogs. My step brother has MS and is in hospital at the moment. My step dad has been fighting at every step to get help for him because much of the medical profession in England assume that not much can be done for him. A painful reminder, certainly, but hurtful implies that Jon is unsympathetic to those who have succumbed to SMA.

2. Rocky (1976)

His relentless fundraising activities to find a cure suggests otherwise. Your whole life took many years and incredible struggles that none of us had any idea about while they were happening, but in one brief moment, thousands and probably millions of people experienced your whole life with you and will change their life for good because you were able to package up 27 years into an incredible arrangement of text.

Thank you for this inspirational and moving post. Your mum is an amazing person and her positive energy and love for you and life lives on through you and the people you both inspire. Wow Jon. Just wow. I had goosebumps from start to finish. What a wonderful, wonderful expression of so many important things. And wow. Freaking wow. Hi Jon, This was inspirational and appreciated, especially at this time of the year.

Congratulations on continuing the fight. If we can ever help you with anything up here in Greensboro, let me know. Merry Christmas, Jon, and may God continue to bless us in ! Best, Greg. Just as limitations bring out the best of creativity, adversity brings out the best of human spirit.

I love this post. Thanks for the inspiration and insight. Thanks for the post Jon. Too often in day to day living one looses perspective in a real world sense. Its great to be enlightened by a post like this. And yes it really is amazing what pure words on a computer screen can do. Thanks again for such an uplifting story. Jonathan I am so proud of the man of faith and perservance you have become you are a testimony as is your Mom of faith, hope and love! Thanks Jon, You know, I was looking in the mirror yesterday. My eyes looked haggard from too much late night writing and designing.

Blessings this Christmas season. And very inspiring. Point well taken. I will share this with everyone I know. Please let your mom know how much I admire her devotion to creating the reality for all of us experience your gifts. It is an honor to read your words. Jonathan, what a wonderful testimony. You are truly an inspiration to all of us, as is your Mom. I am sure that your Mom is beyond words proud of you as she always is.

Have a blessed Christmas and a joyous New Year!!! Keep on being His Miracle!! Love, Carleen. What an emotional reaction, your writing is touching people, with honesty and sincerity, and casual candour. I am so touched, inspired, moved by this. Jonathan, I sincerely mean it when I say that this is the most inspiring blog post I have ever read. Thank you so much for sharing your story and that it sometimes takes you many hours to write something.

I MUST keep pushing forward with my photography and blogging in ! A single sentence… Just a single one, and it packs vivid images more explosive than megatons of TNT. Truly awesome, Jon. I am filled with positive emotion. Thank you and more power. Your post has raised the bar HIGH for anyone that dares to call themselves a writer.

Write big or go home! Your post inspired me so much that I finally went to Twitter and figured out how to tweet just so I could retweet your post. Imagine my newbie-horror when Twitter went down a minute later. I thought, crap, I broke Twitter. Then I realized that it was a sign from the writing gods that I should get my ass off Twitter and go write something. Have a great one! And happy holidays to you and all you love. May be his remedy is worth looking into.

Thanks a lot for sharing your story. This really is something which is very deep and have full spirit of life. So are all great mothers of this world. Wow you are also great example and role model to follow for everyone facing any type of adversity.

Instead of accepting the defeat you and your mother have fought like True Warriors. I Congrate both of you for inspiring the world with your actions and attitude. Wow, Jon Wow. Hats off to your mom and to you. No more pity parties for me. I am printing this out and pasting it on my wall. Thanks you have done a great favor to me today. Major Props!! This is a wonderful post.

Jon has given us a great holiday present that if we take it with us, will last through-out the year. Before you can believe in anything else in the world, you first must believe in yourself. Thank you Jonathan for writing the words I hope my non verbal, 8 year old, with Autism will say about me someday. I fight for this daily!!! Jon, Thank you for sharing your strength, inspiration, motivation, love… thank you for sharing your heart. Thank you for encouraging me to continue to fight the good fight even when I grow weary and heavy-hearted. Your inspiration has lit a new fire under me.

Thank you from the depths of my soul for sharing so transparently. May God continue to bless you mightily beyond anything you have ever imagined or seen. Thank you so much Jon! May be a banner year for you and your business. What a blessed kick in the pants… I came across a Vimeo video a few months ago about how to do online video. It was done by you. I was so impressed. Here you are with disabilities and doing not just average work but down-right amazing work.

I applaud your writing, your insights, and your honesty. Thank you for your courage and wisdom. You have inspired me. I wish you a very happy holiday and all the best in Deep gratitude Jon, allot of what you said jumped out and motivated me. Thank you for inspiring me! Your courage, honesty and joy for life ROCK! Looking forward to reading your posts in Hi Jon, Finding and reading your post on Christmas Eve is an unexpected gift, thank you!

Thank you for this powerful inspiration on Christmas Day! I was feeling a bit down about my writing today again. Best Wishes to you and your family! Thank you for sharing! Your story is such a powerful reminder of why we should keep going even when there seems to be no hope. So many things can seem too hard and giving up is so easy. But if you and your mother can push through such difficulties, it gives the rest of us hope!

Merry Christmas, and thank you again for giving us your story! As a mom with an autistic son, I can echo many of your moms fighting desires. Thank you for the kick in the ass and thanks to your mom for proving a mothers love and determination is enough. Thank you in truckloads for sharing! In this post, you have spelled out your personal courage and drive to live a worthwhile life.

You and your mother have worked for not only life but excellence and achievement. Yes, people judge others on first sight having no clue as to who or what inner intelligence, creativity, and passion burns within. Now one of your fans and followers in Tweetville. What a fantastic story. I spend most of my working days with injured people.

Some of them amaze me with their perseverence, the way you do, while others roll over and give up. Maybe the difference is having the example of a strong and determined mother. Your story is also a reminder about the importance of committed parenting. Your story is very inspiring and motivating thank you for sharing and thank to your mother for making a good example of how love can win the life fight. My son outlived every expectation of the doctors. One doctor said that it was because of me. Now I understand. It became very obvious by 6 months of age.

Tests were done. He was diagnosed correctly at 15 months of age. It was terminal. We had only a few years. Life took on a completely different persona. It changed the soul of everyone who came into contact with the family. I learned to get doors opened. What a great story. I have had a similar experience, but flipped degrees: My Mom was rendered blind, half paralyzed and unable to speak because of an aneurysm.

Her life completely changed in a single moment when I was 7 years old. The doctors told her she would never walk or talk again. Over the next 10 years, I saw her fight battle after battle. I saw people treat her like a vegetable. But she won. I admire and envy yours kill as a writer. All right. After months of monkeying around, starting and stopping, my extracurricular writing is back on. Holy smokes. Awesome, in the truest sense of the word. Your Spirit has triumphed over The Shell and we all benefit.

Thanks for the encouragement and the kick in the pants. Fantastic story of the triumph of the human will… your mom should be the one on stages talking about persistence and never quitting. I am speechless, with a huge lump in my throat. You have totally inspired me. Thank you for sharing this. Thanks for this motivating post. I also have been in some kind of fight for a long time, and I know I have to work more and more to win it. Sometimes it is difficult to motivate yourself, what drives me is that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

My FAV post from you ever and I enjoy a lot of your posts. This is very inspiring. You just inspired me to fight for my ideas and put them into words, no not just words but try to breathe some life in them. Thank you for this opportunity. Really, really liked reading this. What a great post — and how small it makes all my worries, hesitations and reservations now seem.

Motivation & Inspiration for Your Journey to the Top

Jon, you always have some surprises up your sleeve! Your post took my breath away, and put tears in my eyes. So many have commented on your writing, and your personal experience. You shared it in such a way, that many people have been uplifted and encouraged. It is amazing to see how many people can be reached through a well-written post, and lives changed for the better.

My life has certainly been enriched by having you in it. You have helped me become a better person. It is the hope and faith in my heart that has given me the strength to fight for you! As you lay dying in a hospital bed with pneumonia at 18 months, I heard God whisper you were going to make it. You would have thought I had just won the 10 million dollar sweepstakes, I was so happy!

Miracles can happen, and I have seen it come true in your life, and mine, more than once. I truly believe that you are just touching the surface of the impact you will have on the lives of millions. Congratulations to you and your achievements! I am excited for you as you move ahead in Thank you, too, Jonathan, for the amazing encouragement.

I find myself feeing ashamed — that I, with everything I have intact, have not risen to the greatness of opportunities in my own life. You are an inspiration — thank you — and Happy New Year! Hi, Jon. I rode in your car when we all went out for pizza. I am happy to know that you are doing well!

He is doing great now. I am always happy to learn about successful adults with SMA. It makes me proud. Hope to see you again soon. My best, Allyson Henkel. This is a truly moving story. It speaks to everyone fighting their own battle, trying to make their little voice be heard despite all the buzz. I thought about your post often after reading it and commenting earlier. I found that it moved me so much, I wrote a post about your post and how it made me feel.

You were right to push it and your mother was right to move mountains for you : you are a writer. You found the right words and rythm to deliver that story, and it does work more than well. I can only be touched by such courage and dedication. Thank you for reminding us that nothing comes easy, but that things come to place in the end if you put your heart and guts and mind and energy and rage and anger and strength and tears ans sweat. Thank you for sharing it. No words. Holy shit, Jon. But you are so right, we have to fight for everything because life is worth it.

Our goal is to give him the best life possible no matter what anyone tells us. You are a true inspiration. I will make sure Alex hears of your story. Your mom is a wonderful person. My niece, Brianna, is 6 years old, and she too, has SMA. This has devastated our family.

The Comeback Story - Motivational Video

Brianna is such a joyful child, depsite her problems. She has never taken the much taken for granted steps.. I give all the credit to God, and my sister…. I am so amazed at her courage.

+ Awesome Team Name Ideas (With Meanings) – Find Team Names

She is such a strong soul and I love her so much…I want to take away all her pain but there is nothing I can do, except pray that there will be a cure. I love Brianna and my sister so much.. Jon, My name is Jennifer and I am the mother of a 3. I was truly inspired by your article and your passion for life. I noticed you live in Charlotte. We live in Matthews and so enjoy meeting families who are on the same journey that we are. If you have any interest, my email and website are both included.

Was it here in Charlotte? Summary: Former champion boxer Travis Austin seeks to redeem himself both in the ring and outside of it after losing everything and going to prison. Rotten Tomatoes Consensus: " F ree Solo depicts athletic feats that many viewers will find beyond reason - and grounds the attempts in passions that are all but universal. Summary: Free soloist climber Alex Honnold attempts one of the most daring athletic feats in history by becoming the first person to scale El Capitan — the 3,foot vertical rock formation in Yosemite National Park — without a rope or protective gear.

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Twitter icon A stylized bird with an open mouth, tweeting. LinkedIn icon The word "in". Before you, all starting sharing suggestions, get to know each other better. What do you all have in common? Once you all feel comfortable with each other, you can begin sharing possible team names. For example, if you all love Star Trek, you can use a Star-Trek themed team name. Common themes include; movies, books, songs, fan-clubs, favorite sports teams, celebrities, athletes, famous organizations, etc.

Remember to keep your name simple. No one will remember it if it is too long or complicated. Word plays are great for coming up with fantastic team names, but in some cases, it makes sense to ensure your team name is easy to spell or pronounce. For example, for a quiz competition, you want a name that is easy to spell. For gaming and other fun contests, spelling might not be as important. Ideally, your name should have a meaning, but more importantly, your team name should convey a message.

Consider the people who make up your group — their religions, race, sex, and opinions — before voicing a suggestion. Offensive team names are fun, but you must know when to draw the line. If you are using offensive names, keep it to simple insults; avoid racist and other offensive team names.