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Knowledge management in ecommerce can help improve various business processes internally.

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On the other hand, knowledge management can also improve a business externally, providing better content to customers, making them become loyal, while at the same time attracting new customers by giving them quick information on demand. Here are some useful knowledge management tools you can implement in your ecommerce business and how they can benefit your organization. Knowledge base systems are unique knowledge management platforms, simply because they have an amazing ability to be used both externally and internally.

A knowledge base is basically a comprehensive platform where a business organization can store valuable information, access it, and use it whenever needed. This is an information hub which can be used by the customers of an ecommerce business, or by the people within its organization.

5 Ways to Enhance Your E-Commerce Business Using a Knowledge Base

When using it externally, the knowledge base is set up on the ecommerce website so that customers can see it and access it to find the information they need. Most knowledge base systems have a search engine that allows customers to find the information they need quickly. This is a valuable resource where customers can quickly get information that helps them make a buying decision. When used internally, employees can rely on it to get the information they pass on to clients or use it to collaborate or speed up business processes within the organization.

Customer support is one of the most important things for ecommerce organizations. Especially when you consider how many visitors a solid ecommerce website has per day. Potential customers can directly address live chat agents that represent your business and ask them any questions they might have.

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Live chat agents can instantly give them answers and help them find what they want. Additionally, a single live chat agent can communicate with up to 10 customers at a time. With quality customer support, an organization can create a better relationship with its customers, provide valuable help and develop a loyal customer base, given the fact that it can learn what troubles the customers the most and get valuable feedback.

Customer interaction in modern ecommerce business can happen through various different channels, including social media, live chat, emails, knowledge base, phone calls etc.

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Knowledge Base

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With light boxes, popups and tooltips, help content gets a completely new dimension. Information is easily searchable and the learning curve is far less steep when customers are introduced to new products and services. Fast and smooth onboarding of new customers is an important factor of customer retention rate.

In order to achieve it, the customer support team should be able to provide quick and accurate answers to questions about a product or service. Yes, I think you might know the solution — knowledge base. Instead of waiting for the question to pop and customer agent to address it, you can publish the answers of commonly asked questions in the form of an FAQ. Furthermore, by intelligently utilizing the context-sensitive tooltips, popups and lightboxes is helpful in creating guided tours of your product or service for the new customers.

And when it comes to onboarding of new employees, knowledge base has proven to be a highly effective and cost-efficient solution.

Primaseller Knowledge Base

When the knowledge base contains well-written and valuable content, it will attract more people. Articles stored in a knowledge base are usually created using specific keywords related to the subject.

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In many cases, valuable and well-written content in a knowledge base can be found among top search results, thus increasing the chance that your help desk will be visited by prospects. After they find the help they were looking for, there are strong chances that they may continue browsing the store and make a purchase. When you provide valuable help content, visitors will spend more time on your website. In a world where a higher number of e-commerce purchases are made via mobile devices, it is important to provide mobile-friendly help content.